Help the Cursed Monk

Type Quest
Chapter Act 1 
Act 3
Location Grymforge
Reward Free Tasha's Hideous Laughter

Help the Cursed Monk is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Help the Cursed Monk can be acquired during Act 1. Completing  Help the Cursed Monk will progress the story forward.


Help the Cursed Monk Objectives

Find the lost amulet
  • We read the journal of a Dark Justiciar. He mentioned an amulet of great power that also made the wearer laugh. It was cast into lava.
Travel to Wyrm's Crossing
  • Travel to Baldur's Gate: We found a cursed amulet possessed by a spirit. He wants to be returned to his granddaughter in Baldur's Gate.
Find Shirra Clarwen
  • We reached the Open Harnd Temple. We should look for the spirit's granddaughter - Shirra Clarwen.
Bring the Spirit of the amulet to Shirra
  • We learned that Shirra Clarwen. passed away. She is buried in a crypt under the temple. 
  • The spirit passed Shirra's body. We agreed to take on the curse of his madness, allowing his spirit to pass on. 


Help the Cursed Monk Walkthrough


 How to unlock Help the Cursed Monk

  • Near the Adamantine Forge, there is an area filled with lava guarded by a Lava Elemental. To start the quest, head to the "isle" ahead, you can find an Adamantine Chest (X: -626, Y: 224. DC 25), that contains a Sentient Amulet. When you grab the Amulet, it will talk to you and grant you this quest.
  • You need to pass the checks to resist the urge to laugh. If you passed perception and religion checks you will find out the ghost trapped inside the amulet is a Lathander worshiper. (Shadowheart will suggest you leave the amulet)
  • When you reach Rivington in Act 3, you can return the amulet to Shirra in the Basement of Open Hand Temple. 
    temple of openhand underground final release bg3 wiki guide min
  • Once you return the amulet to Shirra, the ghost inside will possess her body, and ask you if you would take on his madness so he may pass on 
  • You can make an optional arcana check to see what the consequences of accepting his madness is.
  • If you agree to accept his madness you will have to make 2 saving throws or you will get a debuff called Monk's Madness which grants a -1 or -2 to your wisdom score depending on if you succeeded on the saving throws.
  • If you decline to take on his madness you will have to fight him. he will possess the 3 other bodies in the room and set them on you.
  • If you focus on Shirra the battle ends when her body dies. 


Help the Cursed Monk Rewards

  • Tasha's Hideous Laughter as an Action at the potential cost of wisdom


Help the Cursed Monk Notes & Tips

  • Upon picking up the amulet you will need to pass a medium DC wisdom saving throw or begin to laugh.
  • Barbarians have an advantage with the roll.


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    • Anonymous

      There's 4 coffins, one for each party member, and you can lay down in each of them.

      It has absolutely no value and doesn't unlock anything, but it's a good place and excuse to save and log off for the day, to stifle this addiction :P

      • Anonymous

        If you opened the tomb before the quest asks you to open it and you are unable to talk to the monk, the only way to "progress" the quest is to attack the monk's manifestation that is standing next to the tomb (I think he appears when you talk to the amulet while standing next to Shirra's tomb). The other corpses will rise and become hostile and you will get the exp for killing them and the quest log will mark the quest as complete saying you "refused to take on his madness". However, the amulet will not change and if you equip it and talk to the monk he will just say to take him to the tomb.

        • I have the quest from dark justiciar journal. Its telling me the quest marker is in auntie ethels lair. Behind a weird door that does nothing. Is it bugged or am i missing something

          • Anonymous

            I opened Shirra's sarcophagus before the quest and it got buged. The monk keeps saying to open her sarcophagus but it is already open.

            • Anonymous

              I just ran through this and I took some notes:
              - If you accept the Monk's madness in the crypt, Karlach will approve.
              - You can use your Illithid powers on one of the rolls to change the WIS save to DC 2 (but only one because "the power needs to rest" after the first use).
              - If you succeed both saving throws, Karlach and Astarion will approve.

              • Anonymous

                You have a choice between a Wisdom check, a Constitution check or an Illithid Wisdom check. I passed ***h Const checks and managed to not take any debuff

                • Anonymous

                  "You need to pass the checks to resist the urge to laugh." The Wiki is wrong again. Have a laugh. It's not like you're getting trapped in there yourself. (Nothing happens)

                  • Anonymous

                    Has anyone tried collecting all the pieces of the Clown before proceeding in this quest???
                    I wonder if a laughing mad monk would make a good re-pieced together clown?

                    • Anonymous

                      I tried to cast remove curse on the necklace, but I couldn't because it said that the "Target isn't Cursed."

                      • Anonymous

                        Declining to take tasha's hideous laughter results in a fight worth 110 exp for each killed zombie, and will result in a better (very rare) version of the amulet that restores ki points equal to martial arts die (8 at level 10, when you most likely will reach the conclusion of this quest) instead of just 2. You will also no longer need to worry about wisdom saving throws on the amulet.
                        This is the better option IMO, as accepting can lose you stats, the amulet loses its powers, provides only 200 exp, and a level 1 spell that is an action with concentration once per long rest. Nowhere near as good as restoring 8 ki points and having shatter once per long rest with no downsides (aside from perhaps an amulet slot while you're using it).

                        • Anonymous

                          if you put it on a hireling and then dismiss the hireline, then rehire the hireling to get it back, then the quest will never work again.

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