Help the Cursed Monk

Type Quest
Chapter Act 1
Location Grymforge
Reward ???

Help the Cursed Monk is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Help the Cursed Monk can be acquired during Act 1. Completing  Help the Cursed Monk will progress the story forward.


Help the Cursed Monk Objectives

  • Travel to Baldur's Gate: We found a cursed amulet possessed by a spirit. He wants to be returned to his granddaughter in Baldur's Gate.


Help the Cursed Monk Walkthrough


 How to unlock Help the Cursed Monk

  • Near the Adamantine Forge, there is an area filled with lava guarded by a Lava Elemental. To star the quest, head to the "isle" ahead, you can find an Adamantine Chest (X: -626, Y: 224. DC 25), that contains a Sentient Amulet. When you grab the Amulet, it will talk to you and grant you this quest.
  • You need to pass the checks to resist the urge to laugh. If you passed perception and religion checks you will find out the ghost trapped inside the amulet is a Lathander worshiper. (Shadowheart will suggest you leave the amulet)


Help the Cursed Monk Rewards

  • Rewards


Help the Cursed Monk Notes & Tips

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