Find The Missing Boots

Type Quest
Chapter 1
Location Underdark - Beach

Find The Missing Boots is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Find The Missing Boots can be acquired during Chapter 1. 


Find The Missing Boots Objectives

  • Find the deep gnome runaway.
  • Get the boots.


Find The Missing Boots Walkthrough

  • If you are not hostile with the duergars, you will meet one at the Underdark - beach. Who ask you to track down a runaway slave with a pair of boots that belong to the duergar's sergeant.
  • If you decide to obey his orders, you need to travel to the Myconid colony, the runaway slave Thulla is standing next to Spaw.
  • You can take away the Boots (Boots of Speed) and return to the duergar. (The quest ends here in EA)


 How to unlock Find The Missing Boots

  • Underdark - Beach


Find The Missing Boots Rewards

  • Rewards


Find The Missing Boots Notes & Tips

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