Find the Mushroom Picker

Type Quest
Act 1
Location Underdark

Find the Mushroom Picker is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Find the Mushroom Picker can be acquired during Act 1. Completing  Find the Mushroom Picker will progress the story forward.


Find the Mushroom Picker Objectives

  • Save the dwarf
  • Speak with Derryth


Find the Mushroom Picker Walkthrough

  • There's a dwarf trapped in the northwest corner of Underdark, surrounded by Bibberbang. These plants exhale poisons and explode when they sense vibrations. (You can give him misty step scroll to save him)
  • There's a noblestalk plant in this area, however to get it, you must not trigger the Bibberbangs. 
  • The dwarf requests that you get his backpack to him (or, you can give him a misty step scroll, and get the backpack later). The backpack contains a spell to make his escape easy. (You can use Mage Hand to get it, which won't trigger the Bibberbang)
  • Once you saved the dwarf, he asks you to speak with Derryth.
  • you can keep the Noblestalk for yourself, or give it to Baelen or Derryth. Given to Derryth and she will keep it and welcome you at her shop at Baldur's Gate. If you give it to Baelen, he regains his memory. 
  • You can extort Derryth for an additional reward for the Noblestalk through an intimidation check even though she says she has nothing to give. She awards you a non-magic wedding ring that sells for about 115gp and then seems to not like you afterwards. You also have an option to keep both the ring and the Noblestalk.

 How to unlock Find the Mushroom Picker

  • Derryth
  • Northwest area of Underdark


Find the Mushroom Picker Rewards

  • Rewards


Find the Mushroom Picker Notes & Tips

  • An easy way to reach the backpack is to use the spell Misty Step to teleport to it. After that right click the backpack and throw it to the dwarf, being careful not to damage him.
  • A strong character like Lae'zel can jump from safe spot to safe spot and reach both the backpack and Baelen without triggering the Bibberbang mushrooms.
  • An imp (summoned by Wyll) can move the backpack and the torch that will set the poison fumes alight without triggering the Bibberbang mushrooms. 
  • The backpack contains several items beside two scrolls of Misty Step, so it pays to empy the backpack and then provide Baelen with a scroll of Misty Step - or just throw him a scroll the first time he speaks with you, and get the backpack for yourself. 




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    • I did not expect what occurred in the scenario where I took the Noblestalk back to Baelen (at the Myconid camp, not in the Bibberbang patch) and got him to eat it. I remember the words "You don't know what you've done" and "you don't know what he's capable of" coming out of Derryth's mouth. It seems (as of this patch, at least) that the options for this quest are:

      1. Kill Baelen (either accidentally or on purpose)
      2. Rescue Baelen, but keep the Noblestalk for yourself. (Unknown how valuable this mushroom truly is until the game fully releases)
      3. Rescue Baelen and give the Noblestalk to Derryth, who says she plans to sell it back in Baldur's Gate, but my suspicion is that she intends to dilute it and dose it out to Baelen so that he retains some mental clarity, but doesn't return to his former self. Derryth asks you to come see them in Baldur's Gate.
      4. Rescue Baelen and then give the Noblestalk to Baelen to eat, which will cure him of his mental ailment and make him a jerk. He asks you to come see them in Baldur's Gate.

      • Anonymous

        "There's a noblestalk plant in this area, however to get it, you must not trigger the Bibberbangs."

        Is there another noblestalk somewhere if you already blew this **** up 14 hours play time ago or is this quest just boned now?

        • Anonymous

          Mage Hand won't trigger the Bibberbang, makes for an easy quest. You can pick up the Noblestalk and give it to the dwarf to cure himself of his illness, surprises await!

          • Anonymous

            after playing around with room a lot if realized you can use the small leges to get to his pack and toss it to him then go back up to reach the glowing blue noble stalk plants on other side of the cave on the right also several loth candles are in a alcove on right as well - after he's gone if your relay bored lol cna shoot mushrooms out oen at time BUT remember to get the torch form the upper left of room first or whole rooms explodes and you loose the blue nobles stalk as well --its the torch fire that ignites the gas in the room mages hand also works for tossing bag but for some reason unless you toss it to him the mages hand toss doesn't work ---i tride

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