Free True Soul Nere

Type Quest
Chapter Act I
Location Grymforge
Reward ???

Free True Soul Nere is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Free True Soul Nere can be acquired during Chapter XX. Completing  Free True Soul Nere will progress the story forward.


Free True Soul Nere Objectives

  • Sergeant Thrinn said the True Soul leading them is trapped behind the cave-in. She wants to clear it.
  • True Soul Nere mind-melded with us. He's trapped behind a cave-in and needs us to clear the rubble.
  • We discovered several duergar who are plotting against Nere. They asked us to free him, and offered a cut of the prize if we help.
  • True Soul Nere warned us about the poisonous gas behind the cave-in. He'll die soon — we can't afford to rest.
  • We found some explosives. Let's see if it's enough to clear the cave-in.


Free True Soul Nere Walkthrough

Talk to Sergeant Thrinn to receive the Quest. She asks you to free Nere from the rubble behind her. In order to free him, you have to clear the rubble. There are some other Duergar that are plotting against True Soul Nere, and offered a cut of the prize if you help them.

You can interact witth the rubble, this allows you to communicate with Nere telepathically. He tells you he was trapped and not to trust the mercenaries. You see a blurred vision from his point of view.

At this moment you can attempt a Perception check to focus and see more through Nere's eyes. If you fail, you won't be able to make anything of the vision and lose the connection, while you sense Nere's frustration.

If  you take a Long Rest, True Soul Nere will communicate telepathically telling asking you to hurry because the poison is spreading.

Find Explosives

You need to find Smokepowder. Elder Brithvar mentioned that a deep gnome fled with some, ask her crew to know more. If you find the Hand-drawn Map in Grymforge (X:-538 Y:465) this quest objetive will update.  

You can find Philomeen at the coordinates X: -527 Y: 464 but it is adviced that you save the game before reaching this zone because any wrong decisions may wipe the entire party. Your conversation with Philomeen may be tricky, you should try to convince her not to blow the barrel. You can accept her Runepowder Vial instead of having the entire barrel, or you can confront her to battle and defeat her to be able to collect the barrel that is next to her. The barrel turns out to be not simply a smokepowder barrel, but a Runepowder Barrel instead. Interacting with it will lead to a Dexterity Check. (20). If you don't pass the check, the barrel explodes, killing your team. If you do pass it, you will be able to grab the barrel, so you may collect the barrel using the character of your party that has the highest dexterity modifier.

secret door explosives bg3 wiki guide

There are also explosives at (X: -587 Y: 390), behind a secret door.

Alternatively, you can use black powder bag from the windmill and hands grenades.

Clear the way

Once you get a Runepowder Vial, go back to the location where Nere is Locked. Throw the Runepowder Vial over the blocking stones. The duergar miners will run away before you ignite the vial. Blow it up and talk to Nere. 

Note that if you take too long to free True Soul Nere, the Duergar will eventually manage to clear the rubble without your help, and you will find him dead, among two Deep Gnomes' bodies.

On Nere's body you can find:

After a conflictive conversation between Nere and Brithvar, you will have to choose a side between them. Then a long battle will begin, where will be many characters involved in this combat, so the battle will require many turns.


 How to unlock Free True Soul Nere


Free True Soul Nere Rewards

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Free True Soul Nere Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      for anyone having trouble hitting the rocks without also hitting the gnomes, placing the bombs or vial down on the ground causes everyone to clear the rubble so that you can safely detonate the rocks

      • Anonymous

        I think you can use eldritch blast to clear the rubble if you want to save the rune powder for the fight or later

        • Anonymous

          Get the powder before killing Nere, even if you don't use it, Philodough disappears bugging the quest of not. Hide past the ochre jellies if you want, its easy. Don't use her powder if you don't want, but get it.

          • Anonymous

            I've tried every way I can to use the Smokepowder satchel to blow up the rocks. Sometimes it injures everyone in the area, sometimes nothing happens at all. But the rocks never get cleared, never take damage.

            • Anonymous

              Jumped around the back and killed him, then blew up the entrance, everybody is just stood there and i cant interact with them

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