Search the Cellar

Type Quest
Act 1
Location Blighted Village 
Whispering Depth
Reward 20 exp
Speak with Dead

Search the Cellar is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Search the Cellar can be acquired during Act 1. Completing  Search the Cellar will progress the story forward.


Search the Cellar Objectives

  • Find the Necromancer's Book
  • (Optional) Destroy the ancient tome
  • (Optional) Unlock the ancient tome


Search the Cellar Walkthrough

blighted village bg3 wiki guide

Inside the doctor's basement, there is a hidden lever behind three chests. Move the chests, then pull it to reveal the hidden passage behind the bookshelf. 

There are some undead hidden in the coffins so be prepared, you can use cleric's skill to destroy them. (There's a scroll to summon Quasit, it will tell you more info about the place.)

blighted village3 bg3 wiki guide

To open this mirror, you need to make it believe you are an ally of its master. Tell it you despise Szass Tam (A legendary lich and leader of Red Wizard of Thay), the Balsam can be used for cleaning wounds, and you seek survival and power. If you give the wrong answer, this mirror will send an exploding construct to destroy you.

Behind this mirror, you find the necromancer's lab, read his note to start the quest. The book is placed on an altar behind a locked door (the key is on other side of the room). Infront the locked door there's hidden trap, another pressure sensitive trap is under the book, disarm them before you take the book. Otherwise the door will be locked again and two fireball traps will be activated. (Put some other object on the panel to deactivate the trap. Or, use mage's hand to get the book.)

Now you will need the Dark Amethyst to open the tome, it can be found in Whispering Depth. There are 2 ways to enter this area. Either by using the well in Blighted Village, or through the basement of the house on the right of the village front gate.

whispering depth2 bg3 wiki guide

(Break the wall to enter the Whispering Depth.)

You can use your rogue to sneak in and get the Dark Amethyst, or fight your way there. (Be very careful when you explore this area, there's a Phase Spider Matriarch near the waypoint. Defeat her and you can get Poisoner's Robe. You can use sleep spell on spiderlings. )

search the cellar bg3 wiki guide

Before you open the book (right-click and select to put on Dark Amethyst), save the game for better results. You will need to pass multiple Wisdom checks to finish reading. (Grants exp and Speak with Dead spell)

If you decide to destroy the tome, use spells with radiant damage type. (Guiding Bolt for example)



 How to unlock Search the Cellar

  • Research note


Search the Cellar Rewards


Search the Cellar Notes & Tips

  • whispering depth3 bg3 wiki guide
    Be careful when you exploring Whispering Depth, there's a Phase Spider Matriarch near the waypoint. Defeat her and you can get Poisoner's Robe (Uncommon clothing). 
  • Since Patch 7, Circlet of Fire can be in a gilded chest in the necromancers cellar.
  • With the Feather Fall spell, you can directly jump to Underdark from this Whispering Depth.




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    • Anonymous

      The key is on the other side of the room across from the gate. Enter the little room with the lever after the flight of stairs. On the right side when you enter, there are some shelves. Its on the bottom right shelf and hard to spot!

      • Anonymous

        "To open this mirror, you need to make it believe you are an ally of its master." in combat I used turn undead and that undead ran through and opened it for me. Until now I didn't even know there was a mirror.

        • Anonymous

          Choosing to close the book on the third check instead of reading on gives you a better save point if you’re having trouble beating the higher DC check.

          • Anonymous

            Save scummed for like an hour to get past all 3 checks (DC 10, 15, and 20! Wisdom) thinking that the reward must be worth it. Yeah, Larian really be trolling us with a measly amount of EXP and Speak with Dead... which everybody and their mother already got from that level 1 crypt. Why not something new and actually cool like a limited Animate Dead? Getting a free zombie or skelly minion for people who can't get familiars or animal companions would be sweet.

            God damn it, I am beyond salty.

            Just give unlock the book and feed it to Gale. Literally all it's good for.

            • Anonymous

              Destroying or giving the book to a companion rewards 50xp, reading it yourself is 50xp if you pass all 3 checks, but only 20 if you fail any of them.
              if you fail the third check you get a PERMENANT debuff called "baleful knowledge", disadvantage on all wis checks and saves.

              • Anonymous

                How the hell do you get divination to work for the saving throws? I've tried casting it before opening the book and also mid-dialog, but I'm not getting the bonus d4 dice on my wisdom checks.

                • Anonymous


                  I've gotten past the freezing dialog sceen.
                  First of, I used a mage hand to throw the book out of the caged room, and actually took the book with me to my camp as well as the amethyst.

                  Regardless.. you put the amethyst IN your bag. Then READ the book, you get the cut screen with the dialog. Get to the frozen part, hit space to advance,as mentioned below.
                  Now you have the option to interact with the amethyst in the dialog.

                  • Anonymous

                    If the trap is already going when you get to the book, just toss something onto the plate where it normally is. That will stop the traps from firing. If the cinematic cut scene gets stuck, just hit "space" to advance the dialogue.

                    • Anonymous

                      need to keep the undead that spawn from the caskets away from that last casket before the mirror. if they get to that one it starts the trap in the cell with the book.

                      • Anonymous

                        Failing the checks can get you a debuff that permanently reduces your wisdom save throws. Recommend adding “SAVE FIRST” before opening the book in the guide

                        • Anonymous

                          The Quest is very bugged, The tome is not on the stone tablet, but behind it in the spider web. The trap is already going.
                          You can throw something onto the table to disarm the trap and then grab the book but the cutscene is bugged and will just leave you stuck there staring.
                          I guess we will need a patch here.

                          • Anonymous

                            I must have broken this quest. When I walked up to the mirror , the fire trap was already set off (no book) Note did not start the quest either. :(

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