Find the Missing Shipment

Type Quest
Act 1
Location The Risen Road
Reward 75 exp

Find the Missing Shipment is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Find the Missing Shipment can be acquired during Act 1. Completing  Find the Missing Shipment will progress the story forward.


Find the Missing Shipment Objectives

  • Help the trapped survivors


Find the Missing Shipment Walkthrough

  • At the Rise Road, you found 2 people trapped inside a cave, surrounded by a horde of gnolls. (Note: you can reach them from another side of the cave, just neet to dodge the boulder and move the barrels.)
  • find the missing shipment bg3 wiki guide
    In order to defeat the gnolls. Place your characters on the nearby high grounds, you can also use the tadpole's psionic power to turn the gnoll warlord against the pack. (And force her to devour herself after the fight)
  • If you enter the cave from the other side, you can let caravanners let and fight the gnolls yourself.
  • The men you saved invited you to their hideout. If you lockpick the caravan strongbox, there's an item that you can open (Remove the stopper) which summons a Spectator.
  • The hideout is at Waukeen's Rest, in a wine cellar. To get in there, you need to persuade Salazon, or use the password given by caravaneers.
  • Enter the hideout, and use the wardrobe to find Zarys.


 How to unlock Find the Missing Shipment


Find the Missing Shipment Rewards

  • Give the unopened chest to Zarys in the Zhentarim Hideout to receive gold for your efforts and honesty.
  • If you pick the lock receive gold and an Iron Flask.


Find the Missing Shipment Notes & Tips

  • Notes & tips go here




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    • Anonymous

      When I got to the hideout with the unopened chest (although we did TRY to lockpick it) they let us in but were torturing the guy we met who told us to take it to them and said he stole from them. Persuading them to work with them just made them ask us to kill him so I ended up fighting them anyway and releasing him.
      Also don't forget about the artist that's there! If you free him (either buy buying him, persuading them, or killing them) he promises his patron's generosity after he gets back to Baldur's Gate.

      • Anonymous

        When I played, only Astarion could unlock the chest. IE: If you play as a rogue and don't pick Astarion up, you can't seem to unlock it. Maybe someone else can confirm.

        • Anonymous

          [SPOILERS] If you find the mark of the absolute before you encounter this, AND you have the mark, you can order the boss gnoll to kill the other gnolls ... then eat himself. Brutal.

          • Anonymous

            After killing the gnolls, their leader's tadpole escapes. One of my companions even warns me about it, but i can't do anything, cause the guys from the cave run out and starts a conversation. By the time we're done the tadpole is nowhere to be found. Is there a way to kill the little bugger? Preferably without using the illithid power to make them kill the people in the cave.

            • Anonymous

              You can also kill the two people protecting the chest and open it. Inside the chest is an item that you can open (Remove the stopper) which summons a Spectator.

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