Rescue the Grand Duke

Type Quest
Act 1
Location The Risen Road
Reward __reward__

Rescue the Grand Duke is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Rescue the Grand Duke can be acquired during Act 1. Completing  Rescue the Grand Duke will progress the story forward.


Rescue the Grand Duke Objectives

  • Find the Grand Duke in the burning tavern.


Rescue the Grand Duke Walkthrough

  • Help the flaming fists to open the gate (Strength 9).
  • Alternately, climb the rocks outside the walls to the left of the gate, and jump up onto the roof. From there you can walk across and jump down into the tavern.
  • Get inside the burning building, break down any broken doors blocking your way.
  • Avoid the working door on the second floor. You'll be able to get at the chests inside from the doors ahead.
  • There's a trapped man named Benryn inside the building. (quest Rescue the Trapped Man) He's behind the broken door nearest to the stairs.
  • The other broken door on the second floor leads to the Counsellor, who you must speak to if you wish to advance the quest.
  • From a goblin in their camp, you learn that the Grand Duke has been taken to Moonrise Towers.


 How to unlock Rescue the Grand Duke


Rescue the Grand Duke Rewards

  • Rewards


Rescue the Grand Duke Notes & Tips

  • If you do this in turn-based mode, keep in mind that speaking to Benryn or the Counsellor will shift the game back into real time.
  • There are water barrels in the kitchen area to the right of the entrance, these can be extremely useful.
  • Dipping your weapons in fire will make breaking down the doors significantly easier and will save you time.




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    • Anonymous

      09 Apr 2021 18:14  

      You CAN also target and break the door they're pushing if you fail the Strength check, by just right clicking and choosing attack. Then they'll rush in.
      Also you can use Speak With Dead to talk to one of the goblin corpses outside and they'll also tell you about Moonrise Towers.

      • Anonymous

        27 Oct 2020 14:57  

        Kill all the Fists, then proceed to throw the Counsellor until you can actually get her to fresh air. Then the Quest will update!

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