Enemies in Baldur's Gate 3 present a lineup of various hostile characters in the game. Enemies are presented in all shapes and sizes, from creatures, humanoids, mythical beings, and much more. Even though each enemy is unique with its own behavior, killing Enemies grants various drops that reward players with items they will need as they continue to progress through the game. This page covers a list of all the enemies encountered in the game which includes their location, attributes, item drops, and more on each individual page that is linked below.


Enemy Behavior

Enemy AI is smarter than ever because Enemies employ more tactical strategies and they possess some features available to player characters. For instance, if Enemies are unarmed and they see a Weapon lying around nearby, they’ll grab it and attack you with it. You can use this scenario to your advantage by disarming your target beforehand. This pushes them into a situation where they’ll need to utilize Action Points just to run towards and equip a Weapon in order to hit you.

Furthermore, enemy AIs are able to use their resources more efficiently. For example, they’ll carefully plan their next series of attacks so they can still have room to execute other actions like Dash or some Spells in the future. They can even use Throw to heal their party members from a distance by hurling Healing Potions at them, similar to how a player character would. Of course, these enhancements will be used by friendly NPCs as well.



Baldur's Gate 3 Enemies








Half Elf





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