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Location Sunlit Wetlands
Act Act 1
Related Quests The Pale Elf

Gandrel is an NPC and Merchant in Baldur's Gate 3. Gandrel can be found near Auntie Ethel's house, in the Sunlit Wetlands. Gandrel is a Gur, a monster hunter that is looking for Astarion. There is a massive amount of NPCs in Baldur's Gate 3, and their ideals, needs and way of living are strictly related to the actions they perform during the course of the game. Their attitude towards you and your party may be affected by the deeds and decisions you and your party taken on.


Where to find Gandrel

Can be found at:

Act 1


Gandrel Related Quests


Gandrel Dialogue Options

Gandrel is a Gur, a monster hunter that is looking to make a deal with Auntie Ethel, in order to find Astarion. Apparently, someone in Baldur's Gate, wants Astarion back alive. 

If Gandrel is left alive, he might track Astarion to your camp, depending if you said that you know about Astarion, but you did not reveal where he was.

Players can decide to leave him be in his search for Astarion, or even reveal Astarion if he is in your party. Note that if players don't reveal Astarion during this conversation, you won't be able to do it later on.

Players can trade with Gandrel: he sells Arrow of Fire, Arrow of Acid, Potion of Healing and, obviously, Garlic.



Gandrel Stats

Gandrel General Information

race icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideRace: Human
hp icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideHealth: 73
armorp icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideAC: 15
movement speed icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideBase speed: 9m
size icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideSize: Medium
weight icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideWeight: 60kg
attitude icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideAttitude: 0

Gandrel stats

strength ability baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxStrength: 16
dexterity ability baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxDexterity: 18
constitution ability baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxConstitution: 16
intelligence ability baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxIntelligence: 12
wisdom ability baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxWisdom: 16
charisma ability baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxCharisma: 10

Proficiency Bonus: +3

Initiative: +4

Gandrel Passive Features

attack of opportunity reaction bg3 wiki guide 45pxAttack of Opportunity:

  • Automatically attack an enemy moving out of your reach. This uses a Reaction.

Hunter's Mark:

  • When you attack your quarry, you deal an additional 1d6 Piercing Damage.

Extra Attack:

  • Can make an additional free attack after making a Main Hand Attack.


damage slashing icon bg3 wiki guideSlashing: Normal
damage piercing icon bg3 wiki guidePiercing: Normal
damage blunt icoin bg3 wiki guideBludgeoning: Normal
damage fire icon bg3 wiki guideFire: Normal
damage lightning icon bg3 wiki guideLightning: Normal
damage psychic icon bg3 wiki guidePsychic: Normal
damage poison icon bg3 wiki guidePoison: Normal

Gandrel Notable Loot


Gandrel Notes and Tips

  • Notes & Tips


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    • Anonymous

      I was able to find Gandrel in the sewers (X -90 Y 782) after freeing the prisoners in the Cazador quest. He is talking to Chessa and Kas, his now vampire spawn children.

      • Anonymous

        Foolproof method to get his crossbow without killing him for later on. Step 1: Disguise Self, Step 2: Fear, Step 3: Nab the Crossbow, Step 4: Book it. - If the Fear spell does not take, reload. Keep running till you're out of combat, Step 5: Drop Disguise Self, Step 6: Walk right on back up to Gandrel, and say hello. (Gotta love how broken Disguise Self is.) Works with every NPC btw, the Fear spell makes them TEMPORARILY Hostile, unless you attack them, which is a crime. Fear does not do damage though, and bypasses the conversation element. Want that unique Scrap Sword off the one Gnoll outside of the cave in Risen? Fear or Disarming Maneuver. Worrying about killing the thing? Fear. The ultimate passive run spell.

        • Anonymous

          Note that Gandrel doesn't drop a standard Heavy Crossbow, he drops Gandrel's Aspiration, a +1 Heavy Crossbow that gives you advantage against Monstrosity enemies, like minotaurs or owlbears.

          • Anonymous

            I killed Astarion when I first met him, I never had him join my party either. So you can imagine my confusion when he was brought up and the only dialogue options had me talk about him like he was alive or with my party at camp. I wish I could break the news to the guy.

            • Anonymous

              I love talking to this guy because I get to insult Astarion to his face and he has to just stand there and take it while pretending he's totally not the guy he's looking for.

              • Anonymous

                Weird bug atm, if Astarion is already dead the tail end of the conversation with both Gandrel and your party members in act 1 will act as if he is still alive, in both protecting and giving up Asterion. Been having a lot of fun with this game but companion related dialogue seems to be very spaghetti code, lot of people referencing things that haven't happened, forgetting things that have happened, and conversations being out of order.

                • Anonymous

                  So I gave Astarion to him in Act 1. In Act 3, Gandrel appeared again in the Gur Camp (x100 y12) outside of Rivington. He's hostile, so I had no choice but to kill him. He's surrounded by a camp full of dead Gur. Only one of them, Ulma, appears to be useful with Speak with Dead. She provides information about Cazador, who has reclaimed Astarion from them.

                  • Anonymous

                    Well, I brought out a party member who wasn't part of the fight to use Speak with the dead and asked him why he was hunting Astarian. He said "Our children... he knows.. where they are."
                    oh no...

                    • Anonymous

                      Almost all of this has changed since this was last updated. Gandrel no longer reveals that Astarion is a vampire, and Astarion can full on kill him by stabbing this guy IN THE EYE in conversation.

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