Gnoll Warlord

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Location The Risen Road
Act Act 1
Quests Find the missing shipment

Flind is an NPC in Baldur's Gate 3. Flind can be found at The Risen Road. Flind is the leader of a pack of Gnolls along The Risen Road.


Flind Information

  • When first found, Flind and her pack are attacking a few men hiding in a cave.


Where to find Flind

Can be found at:


Flind Quests


Flind Dialogue Options

After finding Flind, she approaches you and you start communicating.

  • Search her mind for the source of the Voice.
  • Use your Illithid to make her obey the Voice; to brave the flames and fest on the meat in the cave. Doing so, she will obey your command. The whole pack goes into the cave and fights the humans inside.
  • Withdraw from her mind and prepare to strike.

After the gnolls feast on the humans inside the cave. Flind can be approached again. She tells you that the flesh of the survivors wasn't enough to satisfy her hunger.

  • Use your Illithid powers to command her to leave.
  • Use your Illithid power to dominate her mind and order her to feast on the other gnolls. This starts a battle against the whole pack of gnolls.
  • Sever the mental connection and prepare to fight.
  • If you are a Bard , You can attempt to tell a joke via telepathy. You must win a DC 18 Performance Check. Winning the Check gives all the Gnolls a Mirth-Wracked Status effect for 2 turns

 After you and Flind kill all the Gnolls. Flind can be approached again. She tells you that the flesh of her pack wasn't enough to satisfy her hunger.

  • Use your Illithid powers to command her to leave.
  • Use your Illithid power to dominate her mind and order her to feast on herself.. This roll must be succeeded at twice to convince. This causes her to die.
  • Sever the mental connection and prepare to fight.


Flind Notes and Tips

  • It is possible to turn Flind on her pack without attacking the survivors first.
  • She carries a magical mace. 


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    • Anonymous

      currently astarion seems bugged and can't use his illithid power to turn her against the gnolls, the narrator will say the usual line when the symbol glows but the dialogue option will not appear.

      • Anonymous

        Gale and Astarion approves of you turning her against the other Gnolls, you might want them in your team for the bonus points

        • Anonymous

          Using command: drop on flind is a waste of time, as she doesn't drop the weapon and still uses it to attack on the following turn. So use something else to try and CC her.
          Taking that flail would be crazy OP anyway, I suppose.

          • Anonymous

            If you mind control her, make sure you finish her before all enemies are dead. If you talk to her after the fight, the game sometimes cheats by having her heal to full, and she can still finish your entire party if you have taken a lot of damage.

            • Anonymous

              It should be noted that Flind is not her name. 'Flind' is more like a title or profession, you're essentially doing the equivalent of referring to Gale exclusively as 'Wizard'.

              • Anonymous

                In order to have Flind speak to you, you MUST get as close as being adjacent to her. Then, you must NOT attack, ending your turn, allowing Flind to engage in conversation. Yes, this very well means, it is possible to die for this inspiration point, and even for the scene to just outright fail and be forced into combat at a disadvantage after having taken a few hits. IF you or ANYONE attacks ANY of the Gnolls. Flind will NOT engage you in conversation. You MUST approach from the front of the cave, NOT the back. As the Zhent NPC's will get involved, which also force fails the approach. Man... this one is finnicky, and uber dangerous. Easiest resolution would have been to have the Zhent's hiding out in the back of the cave, with the Gnolls set to trigger a conversation while searching the cave for the Zhent's. Leaving the chance to find them via the back entrance, or going in through the front. As is, you gotta pray RNGesus loves you. Enough to NEXT to Flind, AND to get Flind next to you in Initiative, AND you succeed in the checks, AND you don't get killed by the OTHER Gnolls in the process, AND the Zhent's don't die for the extended portion of the related quest. This one is mean Larian. Super mean. Both, an impressive achievement in luck and a Charlatan Inspiration if you SUCCEED.

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