Owlbear Cub

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Location Owlbear Nest
Goblin Camp
Act Act 1
Related Quests N/A

Owlbear Cub is an NPC, potential Enemy and camp companion in Baldur's Gate 3. Owlbear Cub can be first found at the Owlbear Nest. It is accompanied by a massive and powerful Owlbear. If you make the right choices in the game, there is a chance to invite the cub back to the Camp with you. There is a massive amount of NPCs in Baldur's Gate 3, and their ideals, needs and way of living are strictly related to the actions they perform during the course of the game. Their attitude towards you and your party may be affected by the deeds and decisions you and your party taken on.


Where to find Owlbear Cub

Can be found at:

Act 1


Owlbear Cub Related Quests

  • N/A


Owlbear Cub Dialogue Options

At the Owlbear Nest

Owlbear Cub can be first found with its mother, the Owlbear, at the Owlbear Nest. If players kill the mother, a choice will be presented on what to do with the cub. Killing it or sparing it. If you spare it, you will witness how the cub feeds on its dead mother.


At the Goblin Camp

If you have decided to spare the Cub, you will find it at the Goblin Camp, this time used as a chicken substitute for the game Chicken Run. Speak to Krolla to learn more about the game and find the cub. There will be a few ways to invite the cub to the camp. 

  • Call the sport cruel, then convince Krolla to give the cub to you as a gift. 
  • Convince the cub to attack Krolla and invite the cub to your camp. 
  • Kill the goblins in the area and invite the cub to the camp
  • Accept the challenge and win. 


If you choose the play and you can speak to the cub, you will have a few dialogue options

  1. [PERSUASION] The goblins are responsible for your pain. Kill them
  2. Leave. 

If you persuade the Owlbear to attack the goblins, Astarion will approve.  From here, you can tell him he's welcome at the camp. Shadowheart will approve of this gesture. 


At the Camp

At your Camp, the Owlbear Cub will appear, ask you for supplies to eat, and then disappear into the wilderness.

The Owlbear Cub can show up again, this time with a hurt paw. After helping the Owlbear with its paw, they will call you nice and make the camp its home.



Owlbear Cub Stats

Owlbear Cub General Information

race icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideRace: Beast
hp icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideHealth: 29
armorp icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideAC: 9
movement speed icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideBase speed: 9m
size icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideSize: Small
weight icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideWeight: 20kg
attitude icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideAttitude: 0

Owlbear Cub stats

strength ability baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxStrength: 12
dexterity ability baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxDexterity: 10
constitution ability baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxConstitution: 11
intelligence ability baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxIntelligence: 3
wisdom ability baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxWisdom: 10
charisma ability baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxCharisma: 7

Proficiency Bonus: +2

Initiative: -

Owlbear Cub Passive Features

attack of opportunity reaction bg3 wiki guide 45pxAttack of Opportunity:

  • Automatically attack an enemy moving out of your reach. This uses a Reaction.


  • Can see in the dark up to 12m.

Easily Frightened:

  • When this creature is hit and badly damaged, it will flee for 2 turns.


damage slashing icon bg3 wiki guideSlashing: Normal
damage piercing icon bg3 wiki guidePiercing: Normal
damage blunt icoin bg3 wiki guideBludgeoning: Normal
damage fire icon bg3 wiki guideFire: Normal
damage lightning icon bg3 wiki guideLightning: Normal
damage psychic icon bg3 wiki guidePsychic: Normal
damage poison icon bg3 wiki guidePoison: Normal

Owlbear Cub Notable Loot

  • 10 XP


Owlbear Cub Notes and Tips

  • It appears the trigger for the Cub to come to Camp may be bugged. Many players have reported varying amounts of time for it to appear in Camp, with some reporting it never appears at all.


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    • Anonymous

      So I killed the mom but spare the cub but the cub wasn't at the goblin camp. Did I miss my chance to get the cub?

      • Anonymous

        We should add more that he interacts with Scratch. I'm curious if he'll have more options or dialogue after act 1. Animal friendship opens up a lot of dialogue with them together

        • Anonymous

          For those who have already killed the goblin camp, but haven't gotten the cub, spoilers...

          I was able to trigger the owlbear cub scenes with the leaders and goblins outside the waypoint dead, but with some goblins still straggling around. Not sure if it work if every goblin has been exterminated.

          1) Go to Owlbear den to trigger first scene.
          2) Long rest.
          3) Return to den. Owlbear mother is now dead and cub missing.
          4) Many long rests.
          5) Cub feeding scene then runs away.
          6) Many long rests. ZZzz
          7) Cub injury scene,
          8) Many long rests. ZZzzzzz
          9) Profit

          You do need a lot of long rests to trigger the subsequent feeding and injury scenes. They do not automatically trigger on every long rest.

          • Anonymous

            In my run I killed the entire goblin camp before I even stepped foot into the owlbear cave, the cub doesn't appear in the goblin camp since there's no one there. Can I still get the cub to join me somehow? or did I mess this up?

            • Anonymous

              Going to sleep at the end of act 2, (cub was already on my team)
              made the owlbear cub hostile.
              IDK if this is a random event or what, but I can'tavoid to fight it even thow he IS a companion

              • Anonymous

                If you've got the speak with animals skill (I chose this as ranger cantrip), you can make a lot of coin by long-resting before doing the chicken chase, then betting 300 gold, telling the cub to go to the goal, and then talking to Krolla. Use the illitid/True Soul option to make you give you your winnings, all of her money, and the cub.

                • Anonymous

                  I failed three throws in a row to heal it's paw and it ran away. The cub didn't reappear in the next days, hope i'll meet him again. :C

                  • Anonymous

                    I got all of the scenes including the injured paw. I passed the skill check to treat the wound and got dialogue (with an animal speaking potion) of the owlbear saying it would get stronger. This seems to be the exact same dialogue from YouTube guides (and the comment below) that triggers it joining. However, it didn't join for me. This must be bugged and is very frustrating. Anyone else had this issue?

                    • Anonymous

                      @yep8058 on Youtube:
                      "Speak with Animals" spell is not required for all of these steps, it's just for flavor.

                      ALL STEPS
                      1. Killing the Owlbear mother in the cave DOES NOT ruin this for you, you can still get the Owlbear cub as long as you leave it alive after killing the mother in the cave (i.e whether you kill the mother or not doesn't matter, but keep the cub alive. So if you want extra exp and stuff, go ahead and kill her if you want).

                      2. The cub will later be caught by the Goblins and abused for their "chicken chase" game. When you arrive at the Goblin camp you can choose to participate in this game or not. If you do, make sure to gently tell the cub to run to the finishing line on it's own by using Animal Handling (or use the Speak with Animals spell), it will then run to the end of the course and you win without forcing the cub through it. You can also denounce the game and tell them to **** off, but approaching the cub beforehand is still required so that the cub has your smell and trust (make him smell your hand so he can find you later. This method works for a certain other animal in act 1 that you can also get for your camp!).
                      Make sure to always pick friendly and supportive dialogue lines, if you have to meet a check, save before rolling the dice.

                      3. Wipe out the Goblin camp completely. You are not going to find the owlbear anywhere after that as he flees the moment you start the fight, but don't worry he will come back to your camp later.

                      4. Now that the owlbear cub is free you can proceed to camp. You must use several long rests to get all the events and you must make sure to be kind to the owlbear cub at all times. Animal Handling and Speaking with Animals helps but is not required. However, skills in Medicine or Survival will be needed (either one of them) to meet the dice checks later.

                      5. Save. Spam long rests at the camp and go to bed until the owlbear cub appears. Save between each rest to be absolutely sure.
                      First encounter: Feed the cub (no dice checks). One of your companions will step in and shoo him off, that's scripted and is going to happen everytime.

                      Second encounter: Treat the wound (Nature, Medicine and Survival checks). I tested this, here what each check does...
                      Nature check: You only investigate the wound nothing else (does not complete the event. If you want extra dialogue use this first, but is not required!).
                      Medicine: Heals the owlbear. Completes the event immediately (you must succeed this check).
                      Survival: Cleans the wound. Same as Medicine, completes the event immediately (you must succeed this check).

                      After this successful second encounter of healing the wound, the cub will stay at the camp permanently (yellow hightlighted NPC if you have highlights turned on).

                      You can now talk to him with Animal Speak, he will just say "Home!" but you can pet him and he will never leave you from this point onwards!

                      Bug: there is a bug when petting the Owlbear at camp, where your screen stays black for like 10 seconds afterwards while still hearing audio. This bug has been in the game since EA and not been fixed yet. Just wait until your screen turns normal again (you don't need to restart).

                      • Anonymous

                        talked to the owlbear in goblin camp and told it to my camp, killed the goblins, cub was not seen again, nor killed in the fight and I didn't touch his mom...

                        • Anonymous

                          I healed it´s wound and everything. It told me that it will show me how strong it is and never showed up again. I wanted a cute cup and it only stole my food

                          • Anonymous

                            i think if you play the game with the chicken, before the owlbear is in the goblin camp, youll not have a chance to get it for your camp

                            • Anonymous

                              Well, why should I even kill the mother? I mean... it's like a bear in the nature with her cubs. You don't go there and just kill the mother. She's in the nature after all and the village above isn't even habited anymore. I just let them both.

                              • Anonymous

                                I wanted to complete the achievement to pet both the dog and the owlbear. Got the dog with ease. Everything fine. Went to the cave, I've let the cub live and then I moved on to the goblin camp. Since I'm playing tactician mode, there were a ton of goblins in the camp. I had to summon the 3 ogre using the horn to win the combat. I left the owlbear alone there, thinking to come later and get it, after looting the corpses. Then I noticed the 3 ogres killing the owlbear. I didn't care much at that time, also having the egg, I was sure that I will be able to hatch the egg and get the owlbear companion. Later on I used the egg to complete a quest with an old lady who wanted one of the kids, etc. Anyway, if you somehow kill the cub, it's bye bye achievement. Thanks Larion for having a single Owlbear in the entire game ... wtf ?! really ??? Now I'm waiting for some savegame editor to add the owlbear to my camp. I won't play again this game from the beginning just for an achievement.
                                Thanks for reading and keep in mind that there are many ways you can kill that owlbear. I used a save game to try to save it but it aggroed me from the AOE damage and there are so many goblins on tactician that it's impossible to avoid all the AOE damage. End of story. If you want to get the achievements, I advise you to play the story way - not tactician by any means.

                                • Anonymous

                                  The next scene after the cub comes for food and runs away, is that he comes back with a hurt paw. Once you take care of it he stays in your camp as a pet.
                                  The next scene after that is that you wake up during a night to some sounds. After investigating you see that Scratch and the cub are sleeping next to each other. The sound that woke you was the cub having a nightmare. Scratch consoles the cub and if you have Speak with Animals the owlbear cub says that Scratch reminds him of his older bother. When you question him about his older brother the cub says that he used have one, but tha was before their mom ate him.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I convinced the momma bear not to kill me, but killed her afterward and let the cub lived.
                                    The cub just keeps eating the corpse of the mom. No matter how many long rest I take the cub never show up at the goblin camp.
                                    I wonder if it's because I killed every goblins along the road to the goblin camp?
                                    There is a post on Steam (https://steamcommunity.com/app/1086940/discussions/0/3808408747683799470/) said that clearing the camp without the cub captured by the goblins. The cub will also show up with an event.
                                    Did any one else get the cub without the cub be captured by the goblin?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      So if you progress through the game enough where it's at the goblin camp and you forget to play the mini game you can head back and it'll be sitting around where it was prior. For me I didn't kill those at the gate, so came back and killed them and just knocked down the owl bear cub, fast traveled away, slept, came back and you can try befriending it like nothing went wrong. You just cannot let it die

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Interact with the Owlbear enough, and you can tame it and have as a pet in the camp. I just rested at the camp continually until no more cut scenes happen.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          to force the cub to come you have to use the owlbear egg. when theres no other bed scenes such as the party starting etc.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            The cub came to my camp in the middle of Act 2.
                                            It asked for food and then ran away screaming about being scared.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              You don't need to kill the owlbear mother. I talked to it, let it go, and when I came back to the cave later the goblins had killed it and taken the cub. It then appeared in the goblin camp, and talking to it during the chicken chase minigame allowed me to convince it to attack the goblins in revenge for killing its mother.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                if you save the owlbear cub after you beat the goblin camp, is he just not able to join your camp? he isnt at goblin camp now

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  There is a visual bug where after you pet him your screen will go black and the only way I found to fix it was to hit esc, switch to another monitor and then switch back. All things considered? Worth it.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Do you have to kill the adult Owlbear for the Owlbear Cub to show up at the Goblin Camp? I would like the cub for my camp, but i do not always feel like killing the mother owlbear.

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