Lump the Enlightened

Location Blighted Village
Act Act 1
Quests N/A

Lump the Enlightened is an NPC in Baldur's Gate 3. Lump the Enlightened can be found at Blighted Village. Lump the Enlightened is a massive ogre found inside a destroyed house talking with two ogre siblings, Chock and Fank


Lump the Enlightened Information:

  • Lump is an eloquent ogre found along two other ogres. He is much more talkative than an average ogre.


Where to find Lump the Enlightened

Can be found at:


Lump the Enlightened Quests

  • N/A


Lump the Enlightened Dialogue Options

Once you approach Lump the Enlightened, he asks you if you are friend or foe, and if you have, to show him the mark of The Absolute. You can choose one of the following options.

  • Tell him that he is quite eloquent for an ogre. He tells you that a robust diet makes him clever.
  • Tell him you bear no such mark.
  • Attempt a Deception check, telling him that you are one of the Absolute's chose disciples. If you succeed, you can add the following options:
    • Notice he doesn't bear a brand. After telling him this, Lump The Enlightened tells you that he doesn't follow The Absolute. He only follow greed and gluttony. The goblins have hired him as a mercenary. You can tell Lump to forget about the goblins and fight for your side.
      • You can offer him 500 Gold to call him into battle
      • You can offer him 1000 Gold after he fights for you.
      • Attempt  a Persuasion check to pay him with the flesh of the fallen. If failed, you can only offer him 500 gold or change your mind.
      • You can tell him you changed your mind.
    • If you are a Githyanki, tell him you know his kind, but he's one of the first you've seen. Doing so, Lump will tell you that he and his companions are mercenaries and follow the trace of gold throughout the land.
  • Attack him.


Lump the Enlightened Notes and Tips

  • Notes & Tips


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      13 Nov 2020 00:05  

      I recruit him, use the horn to help fight the OP Githyanki at the bridge and either loot the corpses after or turn on them after the battle, usually only 1 is left alive.

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