Stranded Fisher

Stranded Fisher
Location Ravaged Beach
Act Act 1
Quests N/A

Stranded Fisher is an NPC in Baldur's Gate 3. Three Stranded Fishers can be found at Ravaged Beach. Upon the first encounter they are found trying to help Injured Mind Flayer

Stranded Fisher Information:

  • If the Player talks the Fishers out of helping the Mind Flayer, they will move to the South of the map. After they reach the shore, they can be interacted with again. However,  they will just say that they are building the raft and want to forget about the whole situation.


Where to find Stranded Fisher

Can be found at:

Stranded Fisher Quests

  • N/A


Stranded Fisher Dialogue Options

  • You can offer to help and the man will tell you that the monster is this daughter. also, you can try to use a persuasion roll to convince them the mind flayer is clouding their minds. 

Stranded Fisher Notes and Tips

  • If you manage to persuade the fishers to leave the Mind Flayer, you will gain approval by Shadowheart and a inspiration point if you are a Folk Hero. You can then follow them to the beach to the south and kill them to gain experience (10xp each) and loot without gaining disapproval or losing your inspiration point.


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    • Anonymous


      If you go back and cast speak with the dead on their corpses then you can ask two of them about their secrets. The halfling says "...White one..." and the human says "...number nine...". The dwarf can't be asked this question but he has a unique dialogue option where you ask if he was on the ship to which he says " our...yellow boat...".
      I have no clue what these lines are referring to. My only guess was that there might be something hidden or lootable near their shipwreck but I've yet to come across any yellow boats. Hopefully this will be expanded upon or made more apparent in further updates, but any other ideas? Am I missing something?

      • Anonymous

        If you go back and cast speak with dead on these three you can ask what two of them about their secrets. The halfling says ...White one... and the human says ...number nine...
        The dwarf has his own unique dialogue option where you ask if he was on the ship he replies, our...yellow boat...
        I cannot figure out what this is about. My only guess was that it was a reference to something left in their shipwreck but I can't find a yellow boat anywhere along the Ravaged Beach. Hopefully this gets expanded upon or more apparent with future updates but for now any ideas? Did I miss something?

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