Location Grymforge
Act Act 1
Quests Find Explosives

Philomeen is an NPC in Baldur's Gate 3. Philomeen can be found at Grymforge. She is a Deep Gnome that can cast Spells and is determined to free her people.


Philomeen Information:

  • Philomeen is a Deep Gnome and has escaped from the Duergar with a Runepowder Barrel. She is tired of the abuse of the Duergar to her people, and wants to change things up for them.


Where to find Philomeen

Can be found at:


Philomeen Quests


Philomeen Dialogue Options

During Find Explosives, you have to find Philomeen. Once you locate her, you can attempt to convince her to obtain the Runepowder Vial, or you can decide to attack her to take it by force. 

If you fail to convince her, you will end up fighting her.


Philomeen Notes and Tips

  • Notes & Tips


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    • Anonymous

      Just use Sleep on her from a 2nd character while in dialogue and you can take everything. If you time it right and do it before the last dialogue but after her script checks if the items are there she will leave without even realizing you took it. I have no idea if this has any consequences later in the story though. Maybe her knowing you took it makes it more difficult for her to do terrorist stuff?

      • Anonymous

        She wasn't paying attention to the rune barrel when I entered the room.

        Sneaked over to it, jumped over it, pickpocketed her for the vial, stole the barrel, cutscene starts bypassing most of the convo.

        By the end she complains she only has vial left, whoops it's gone haha.

        Calls me a rat and bails

        • Anonymous

          for me it's not just important to get the right "outcome"

          Without the character knowing what he's doing...sounds bit of mad.
          So I have the conversation where she is handing out the vial.
          And because of her crazy story about "making a point" I also take the barrel without her knowledge. (stealing it after she picked it up)

          My intention is to help the Gnomes. But rad ass crazies like Philomeen are are good reason why Gnomes should get extinct. They can live in their fancy fey world but obviously not in the real one.

          • Anonymous

            The best thing to do if you don't want to kill her is just start a conversation with her and stop her blowing up the powder, then get someone else to Misty Step behind her and take it while in stealth. Then she'll offer the vial which you can accept and she'll leave without acknowledging that you took the barrel.

            • Anonymous

              You got a few options here.
              1. Convince her to give you either barrel or vial, she won't be mad
              2. Hide and take the barrel, she won't be mad
              3. Hide and pickpocket the vial, she won't be mad
              4. Hide and pickpocket the vial then take the barrel, she will be mad but disappear anyway.
              5. Hide and take the barrel. Before the conversation end, switch to another character to pickpocket her. End the conversation. She will be gone without being mad and you got both items.

              • The DC to get the Runepowder Barrel is DC30 and the DC for the Runepowder Vial is 15. You either need to critical, or have at least +11 to modifiers to steal the barrel off her if you decide not to fight her for it.

                • Anonymous

                  Another way to get both the barrel and vial

                  She got the better of me once and wiped my party. On the redo I took the option to get the vial and as she was running past me, I entered turn based mode (gotta be quick) killed her, took the barrel off her corpse and then raised her as a zombie to join my ranks of undead.

                  You could also pickpocket it off her in turn based mode but the DC is 19

                  • Anonymous

                    I already killed Nere (has some powder on me) befor finding Philomeen hide and she was not in there. But now i realise that when i liberated Nere he blasted a famale gnome into the lava, i think that could have been her...

                    • Anonymous

                      Somehow I have a bad feeling about her leaving with the barrel.
                      Oppressed people wanting to prove a point by delivering a barrel of highly explosive powered into a City? The immediate thought I have is Anders in Dragon Age 2.

                      • Anonymous

                        If you want both the vial and barrel:
                        Put on your Sleight of Hand bonus gear if you need a boost. Sneak up as far on her left as you possibly can while observing her cone of vision. Quicksave when you get near (incase something goes wrong) and then use an invisibility potion or the Shadow of Menzoberranzan if you have it. Run behind her quickly and C to sneak and then left click her to pickpocket and steal the vial (should be an easy roll). Exit out of her inventory once you have the vial then right click and steal the barrel.

                        If you go for the barrel first she WILL pull you out of stealth or invisibility - so pickpocket the vial first!

                        • Anonymous

                          sneak on her left and simply move the barrel, you wont have to do the check this way but it does make the vial impossible unless you kill her on the way out

                          • Anonymous

                            You can go invis, take both the vial and barrel, choose to let her go for free, and she will run off without -45 attitude. In case she shows up later.

                            • Anonymous

                              you can accpt her offer, then when she start running away with the barrel you enter turn based mode and kill her, no boom boom easy 2500gold

                              • Anonymous

                                @ taking the whole barrrel - It seems that when you take the barrel and use it (hmm on a dragon patrol for example) you will have nothing to clear the "cave in" :(

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