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Location Blighted Village
Act Act 1
Related Quests N/A

Grukkoh is an NPC and Enemies in Baldur's Gate 3. Grukkoh can be found at the Blighted Village. Grukkoh is a bugbear that is having relationships with Buthir, an ogre inside a barn. There is a massive amount of NPCs in Baldur's Gate 3, and their ideals, needs and way of living are strictly related to the actions they perform during the course of the game. Their attitude towards you and your party may be affected by the deeds and decisions you and your party taken on.


Where to find Grukkoh

Can be found at:

Act 1


Grukkoh Related Quests

  • N/A


Grukkoh Dialogue Options

Grukkoh can be found at the Blighted Village, inside a barn alongside Buthir. Players can interact with the doors and decide to open them or leave them be. If players enter, they will inexorably end up fighting you.

If Astarion is in your party, when you go to open the barn door, he will ask you to let him have the honor. Shadowheart will disapprove of you indulging him. After the fight, he will want to talk to you and ask you what you thought of it all

Bards can pass a Persuasion (DC 15) check to solve this situation peacefully.



Grukkoh Stats

Grukkoh General Information

race icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideRace: Bugbear (Humanoid)
hp icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideHealth: 27
armorp icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideAC: 14
movement speed icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideBase speed: 9m
size icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideSize: Medium
weight icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideWeight: 60kg
attitude icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideAttitude: 0

Grukkoh stats

strength ability baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxStrength: 15
dexterity ability baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxDexterity: 14
constitution ability baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxConstitution: 13
intelligence ability baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxIntelligence: 8
wisdom ability baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxWisdom: 11
charisma ability baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxCharisma: 9

Proficiency Bonus: +2

Initiative: +2

Grukkoh Passive Features

attack of opportunity reaction bg3 wiki guide 45pxAttack of Opportunity:

  • Automatically attack an enemy moving out of your reach. This uses a Reaction.

tenacity weapon ability bg3 wiki guide 35pxTenacity:

  • When you miss an Attack, deal 1 Bludgeoning damage anyway.

darkvision spell baldursgate3 wiki guide 35px 1Darkvision:

  • Can see in the dark up to 12m.


  • Deals an extra 1d8 when attacking with a melee weapon.


damage slashing icon bg3 wiki guideSlashing: Normal
damage piercing icon bg3 wiki guidePiercing: Normal
damage blunt icoin bg3 wiki guideBludgeoning: Normal
damage fire icon bg3 wiki guideFire: Normal
damage lightning icon bg3 wiki guideLightning: Normal
damage psychic icon bg3 wiki guidePsychic: Normal
damage poison icon bg3 wiki guidePoison: Normal

Grukkoh Notable Loot

  • 25 XP


Grukkoh Notes and Tips

  • Buthir hits hard but has a low AC; concentrate your attacks on her before dealing with the much weaker Grukkoh
  • There are a few small items scattered throughout the barn you find the lovers in, including some wine, gems, and a greatsword
  • If Astarion is in your party, when you go to open the barn door, he will ask you to let him have the honor. Shadowheart will disapprove of you indulging him.  After the fight, he will want to talk to you and ask you what you thought of it all


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      There is a different response as a Bard.
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        So I attack them because they are monsters in a blighted village in a barn full of human corpses and after the fight Shadowheart becomes upset with me and I don’t understand why.

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