Location Camp
Act Act 1
Quests Removing the parasite

Raphael is an NPC in Baldur's Gate 3. Raphael can be found at Camp. Raphael is a devil that disguises himself as a man when first introduced.


Raphael Information:

  • Raphael appears at the camp and introduces himself to the player. Immediately, teleports you to a fancy dinning room.


Where to find Raphael

Can be found at:

  • Act 1
  • Camp


Raphael Quests


Raphael Dialogue Options

  • After introducing himself, Raphael teleports you to a fancy dinning room. Always talking in riddles, he tells you to enjoy the food warning that it might be your last meal. After asking Raphael where is he going with his statements, he reveals his true form as a devil.

Here you can.

  • Draw your weapon.
  • Ask Raphael why does he think you need to be saved.

Ask him why would he help you. Asking Raphael this, he says he is a compassionate being and knows of your situation with the tadpole inside your head, stating that for him it would be extremely easy to fix.

  • You can tell him you would do anything to get rid of the tadpole. Raphael tells you he expected a more difficult negotiation, gloating in how much he loves to see his victims try to find a solution to a problem fruitlessly and in the end, always come looking for him.
  • You can ask him how to find him if you want to do said deal.
  • Tell him you'll have the last laugh in the end. Raphael just mocks you and your eventual transformation into a Mind Flayer, telling you that sooner or later your luck will run out. After this, he transports you back to the camp.
  • Ask him to take you back and to never appear again.
  • Threaten him.
  • Tell him you need to think it over.
  • Tell him you won't make a deal with a devil.
  • Threaten him to kill him if he doesn't fix it.
  • Simply say you don't care what he is, but what he offers.


Raphael Notes and Tips

  • Telling Raphael you will not take his deal earns you approval from all companions.


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