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Location The Hollow
Act Act 1
Quests N/A

Rolan is an NPC in Baldur's Gate 3. Rolan can be found at The Hollow. Rolan is a Tiefling that can be found discussing with his companions about the current situation at the Druid Grove. There is a massive amount of NPCs in Baldur's Gate 3, and their ideals, needs and way of living are strictly related to the actions they perform during the course of the game. Their attitude towards you and your party may be affected by the deeds and decisions you and your party have taken on.


Rolan Information

  • Rolan is a Tiefling, living inside the Hollow, discussing with his adventurers' friends about what to do regarding the situation at the Druid Grove. He has been accepted for apprenticeship under Lorroakan.


Where to find Rolan

Can be found at:

  • Act 1
    • The Hollow
  • Act 2
    • Last Light Inn
  • Act 3
    • Ramazith's Tower


Rolan Quests

  • N/A


Rolan Dialogue Options

You will find Rolan in an argument with his two tiefling companions, Lia and Cal about what to do regarding the dangers drawing near at the Druid Grove. She wants to stay and fight, while Rolan states that they should flee while they can. Cal is not fully decided about a decision. At that moment the player steps into the conversation.

  1. Say nothing
  2. Get out while you can - the goblins will be back.
  3. [PERSUASION] You should all stay. A single blade could make a difference. 
  4. [DRAGONBORN] Clan is everything. You don't abandon those you swore to protect. 
  5. [RANGER] I'd choose the wilderness over the dangers of a city any day. Stay.
  6. [PALADIN] 'Where the weak have need, the strong have a duty'. Stay.
  7. Leave.
  • You can say nothing and see how the situation unfolds.
  • Warn them about the goblins, urging them to leave.
  • Passing a Persuasion check, you can ask them to stay. Convincing them that every blade is needed to fight. Rolan will continue to resist before eventually caving in. 

After he agrees to stay, you will be able to speak to him again. He will state that staying is a mistake.

  1. You're doing the right thing. The tieflings need help. 
  2. Why the rush to leave?
  3. Leave on your own. Why wait? 

You can hear more about what he has to say and respond with: 

  • You sound excited.
  • [BALDURIAN] Is this Lorroakan of Ramazith Tower?

After the conversation, he will walk away. 

 He is met once more in Act 2. After the attack on Last Light Inn, if the player successfully protects Isobel, he will leave a message saying he departed to Moonrise Towers in order to save his siblings. The player must rescue him before saving the Tieflings in Moonrise Towers.

In act 3, he is posted at Ramazith's Tower, as a shopkeeper.

Rolan Notes and Tips

  • If you have talked to him at the Act 2 inn while he was drunk, you will find him later south of the inn in a quest to find back his siblings. it is recommended to not stay around too long near the two deeper darkness passage on your way as he will be attacked by shadows once you get closer and will fight them himself. if too late, you will have to fight him as a shadowcursed undead. Note that he was at the inn after he was convinced to stay at the grove, unsure if the event occurs if they escaped earlier.
    • His location for Act 2 is X:-55, Y: -120
    • When you defeat the shadows before they can turn him, he will tell you he's going back to the Last Light Inn.
  • If you do not save him before rescuing the Tieflings in Moonrise Towers, Cal and Lia will not show up in Moonrise and will be considered dead.
    • Afterwards in act 3, if you choose to kill Lorroakan, he will side against you for letting his family die.
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    • Anonymous

      My tip for act 2 to make sure you save him go to the place where he spawns to fight the shadows. Ungroup your party and put them just outside the fogwall. Send one party member to last light and talk to him to start the event. Go back to the 3 members you left and watch him spawn there. Go in immediately and save his ass.

      • Anonymous

        Rescued him after the Tieflings in Moonrise. He was fine. I got no item, though. No idea what he's supposed to give you.

        • Anonymous

          I found his corpse in act 2 after I left Last Light Inn... I guess he tried to do it himself before I got a chance to?

          • Anonymous

            Watch out for aoe spells when fighting Lorrokan! Game bugs out and Rolan here takes damage, your damage after the fight and turns hostile!

            • Anonymous

              so wtf do you do when you save rolan and he immediatly walks into moonrise and dies to the fogwall after the convo...

              • Anonymous

                Does anyone know what happens if you ask him for allies vs ask him to protect the people of baldur's gate, in act 3, after killing the abusive wizard?

                • Anonymous

                  ACT 1: When you first meet Rolan, he will be arguing with his siblings. You may decide what they do.
                  After the Goblin Camp and before the invasion, you can find them squabbling again, near Dammon's forge. You may choose how they will fight.
                  ACT 2: Rolan is getting drunk at Last Light Inn. After you talk to him and then rest (you may need to trigger Marcus scene), he will move to an area south of the Tollhouse, before the bridge. There's a "Letter of Surrender." Turn south and follow the road.
                  If you do not save him at this point, when/if you meet the siblings they will quest you to go find his (zombie) self.

                  • Anonymous

                    Oh thank god that him leaving Last Light is a scripted thing. I was so worried he bugged himself into nonexistentence.
                    I met him at Last Light and heard Cal & Lia were captured, seeing him so depressed and drinking away his pain about that. Man, that hurt, especially knowing that I contributed to Cal & Lia’s audacity to stand their ground which led to them getting captured. Eventually, the assault on Last Light happened where they try to capture Isobel. My team successfully protected Isobel and even though Rolan was attacked a bit, he thankfully survived.
                    Where things got confusing for me was that, as a Druid, I wondered how His Majesty would act if he met another cat, so I cattified to find out. Turns out, he acts no differently to you. But while cattified, I did a Meow which drew the attention of everyone nearby, including Rolan since I was in the tavern where he is. He never returned to idle at the bar after investigating though, instead he just stayed by the fire pit. After leaving Last Light, I returned to find him gone completely and he never appeared no matter how often I’d re-enter Last Light. I didn’t know he left a note, so I thought he just bugged out of my game.
                    Cue my relief (and concern) when I’m traipsing about near Reithwin Tollhouse and find him out in the Shadow Lands surrounded by shadows and trying to fight them off. Thankfully, I saved him, and though he was sour about being saved by me, he acquiesced that he’d go back to Last Light and leave saving Cal & Lia to me. I don’t even necessarily like Rolan, but I heard his idle banter with Cal & Lia so much while I was chatting with Dammon in the grove that I NEED them to have a happy ending. Especially when I found out that they’re all siblings. So whew, long-winded, but just a heads-up that he IS scripted to leave Last Light and him not appearing post-Isobel battle is not a bug.

                    • Anonymous

                      The info is wrong. You can actually save him after you save the tieflings (including his family) from the moonrise towers. The family does not die if you save him first.

                      • Anonymous

                        Had a presumable bug in Act 2 where I was walking through the area near the toll bridge, got into a fight with the shadows and my companion says "is that Rolan?" without being able to see him anywhere at all. I reloaded the save a few times and tried entering the area from both sides; the shadows/Rolan text would trigger every time, but Rolan remains nowhere to be seen.

                        • Anonymous

                          "south of the inn", while it is straight south from the inn, here is a more straightforward way of saying it - turn left just before the stone bridge leading to the Tollhouse. There will be two shadows, so no need to overthing things before coming closer to him.

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