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Location The Risen Road
Act Act 1
Quests Hunt the Devil

Anders is an NPC in Baldur's Gate 3. Anders can be found at The Risen RoadAnders can be found inside a tollhouse, with the rest of his companions.


Anders Information:

  • Anders seems to be the leader of the group. They are taking refuge from the gnolls' attacks.
  • Despite his words Anders is not a follower of Tyr. If cleric of Tyr asks Anders about their deity, Tyr will show them vision of broken scales, exposing Anders as an oathbreaker.


Where to find Anders


Anders Quests


Anders Dialogue Options

When approached, Anders tells you that even if the gnolls hit them hard, the place is safe because it's under Tyr's protection.

  • Defeating a pack of gnolls if no mean feat. He tells you that they've lost two men fighting the gnolls, and they weren't even their target. He then asks for your help.
    • I'm listening. What do you need?. He proceeds to tell you they are paladins of Tyr. Tyr himself sent them to hunt a devil. He asks you to kill the devil for them, and he will reward you well.
      • If it's holy business, surely you should handle it yourselves?. Anders tells you that they are exhausted, and it doesn't matter who brings the devil justice, as long as it is done.
      • Fiends come in all forms. What am I looking for? Anders describes the devil as a Tiefling with a single horn, but emphasizes she is an infernal being, from the Nine Hells. He proceeds to tell you that this Tiefling has murdered a lot of refugees even a pregnant woman.
        • Where was the last place you saw her?
        • I'll kill the devil. He says that she led the army of gnolls who attacked them, so she can't be far. He will give you the Sword of Justice if you bring him her head.
        • I'm staying out of this.
      • It'd be easier to take your belongings after I kill you.
      • That's not the sort of work I do.
    • I'm brave enough to help myself to your belongings.
    • You'll have to find it elsewhere.
  • I don't need anyone's protection - I can fend for myself. Telling him this, Anders asks you if you have some courage because he could use the help of brave souls.
    • Courage and then some. What's goin on?
    • I'm brave enough to help myself to your belongings.
    • You'll have to find it elsewhere.
  • You're servants of Tyr?
  • The gnolls softened you up. I'll finish you off.



Anders Notes and Tips

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