Auntie Ethel

Sister of the Seeing Pearl

Level 5

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Location Druid Grove
Sunlit Wetlands
Act Act 1
Quests Remove the Parasite
Save Mayrina

Auntie Ethel is an Npc, Merchant and potential Boss in Baldur's Gate 3. Auntie Ethel is a Hag and a powerful Fey creature. Bosses in BG3 are powerful enemies that have increased health and pose a bigger challenge for players.


Where to find Auntie Ethel

Act 1


Auntie Ethel Quests


Auntie Ethel Dialogue Options

Druid Grove

You meet Auntie Ethel looking as an adorable elderly woman at the Druid Grove. The moment she sets eyes on you, she notices something is not right. If you talk to her about it, she tells you she can help you with your tadpole problem.

  • Certain Classes, such as Warlock or Sorcerer, can sense something strange about the old woman, but she will shrug it off by stating that she is only an old healer that knows about potions and lotions. She tells you that if you go meet her at her teahouse, she can probably remove the tadpole.

At the Druid Grove, you can also trade with Auntie Ethel, this is what she has at her disposal:


Sunlit Wetlands

You meet Auntie Ethel again at the entrance of the Sunlit Wetlands. This time, she is being threatened by two young men, who accuse her of being responsible for the disappearance of their sister Mayrina. As you enter the scene, you can:

  • Side with the Brothers: If you do this, Auntie Ethel will vanish and head into her teahouse, you can talk to the brothers who, if offered help, will refuse it and proceed to search for their sister on their own. This leads to their death.
  • If you side with Auntie Ethel, the brothers will attack you immediately.

Once you reach the teahouse, no matter your choice, you will find Auntie Ethel once more. She has Mayrina captive, and is forcing her to finish her food, because the young girl is pregnant. As you enter her house, depending on how was your last interaction with the old woman, she will greet you differently.

  • You can ask her about Mayrina. This won't be tolerated by Auntie Ethel who will threaten you to stay out of her business. If you insist or tell Mayrina that her brothers are dead, Auntie Ethel will teleport her and then transform herself into her real form, to then disappear behind the furnace, leading to her secret lair. The next time you find her, will be for the last time.
  • If you stay out of Mayrina, and ask about the tadpole-removal procedure. She will offer you a deal for one of your eyes. All your Companions will disagree to this. If you pay no mind to their warnings and decide to accept the procedure, you will lose your eye, but the parasite won't be removed. Auntie Ethel states that the parasite has been tampered with, and it reeks of filthy magic, so she won't touch it. She, however, states that her part of the deal was kept, so your eye is hers. You earn the Paid the Price debuff. 

When she transforms into a Hag for the first time, and attempts to flee, if your party is well-prepared and does enough burst damage, you can take her down before she manages to do so. This change some things that occur inside her lair. For example, poison clouds, disappear. The four people with the masks on are no longer aggressive, and can be talked to. You can even save one of them. 

If you get her health low enough in her lair, she will offer you a deal. In which you can decide what to do, she offers a permament + 1 to any of your stats. In return, you can't kill her and she gets to leave with Mayrina. But with a high enough skill check, you can get the stat boost and even save the girl too. 

Auntie Ethel Boss Guide

Auntie Ethel Boss Tips

When you fight Auntie Ethel on her lair, she casts three copies of herself. Only one is real, the other three are illusions. You can dispel them by hitting them with any attack. Keep in mind, that while active, these illusions can damage you.

Magic Missile is a good spell to attack many copies at the same time. Using Witch Bolt is also extremely useful before she creates the clones. It allows you to stay "connected" to the real hag.

Auntie Ethel General Information

race icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideRace: Fey
hp icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideHealth: 112
armorp icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideAC: 15
movement speed icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideBase speed: 9m
size icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideSize: Medium
weight icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideWeight: 50kg
attitude icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideAttitude: 0

Auntie Ethel Passive Features

Fey Life:

  • Makes it easier for the wearer to succeed on Death Saving Throws.

attack of opportunity reaction bg3 wiki guide 45pxAttack of Opportunity:

  • Automatically attack an enemy moving out of your reach. This uses a Reaction. 

darkvision spell baldursgate3 wiki guide 150px 2Darkvision:

  • You can see in the dark up to 12m.

Auntie Ethel Abilities

strength ability baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxStrength: 18
dexterity ability baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxDexterity: 14
constitution ability baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxConstitution: 16
intelligence ability baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxIntelligence: 13
wisdom ability baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxWisdom: 14
charisma ability baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxCharisma: 18

  • Proficiency Bonus: +3
  • Initiative: +2

Attacks & Spells

Auntie Ethel Resistances

damage slashing icon bg3 wiki guideSlashing: Normal
damage piercing icon bg3 wiki guidePiercing: Normal
damage blunt icoin bg3 wiki guideBludgeoning: Normal
damage fire icon bg3 wiki guideFire: Normal
damage lightning icon bg3 wiki guideLightning: Normal
damage psychic icon bg3 wiki guidePsychic: Normal
damage poison icon bg3 wiki guidePoison: Normal

Auntie Ethel Rewards


Notes and Tips

  • Notes and tips go here
  • You can cast Speak with Dead on her body, she will reveal a few interesting things.


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    • Anonymous

      After losing several times in a row because she was able to keep 3/4 of my party disabled with hold person at all times and the one party member I had left could barely hit her. So, I started the fight over and thunderwaved her into the pit. Plus 1 to a stat is nice, but it's not worth the frustration of praying to RNGesus until you can actually hurt her enough.

      • Anonymous

        I'm wondering if you're doing a playthrough where you accept the hag's deal, can you later try to get that Ersatz Eye from Volo to remove the Paid the Price condition? No critical hits is prettttty rough ngl

        • Anonymous

          The easiest way to beat her without cheese is to have Gale or someone else with magic missile. Each clone of her dies after a single hit, so just upcast magic missile using a level 2 spell slot and create 4 missiles, target all 4 of her and it will erase the 3 clones and leave the real one as the only one standing. Then just lay into her as much as possible.

          • Anonymous

            Warning. I used pass without trace to pass the Masked. I didn't want to spend to many resources fighting them when I didn't know how much further Ethel would be. I passed them and got to her only to have Ethel summon them during combat. It goes from a hard fight to hell mode.

            • Anonymous

              I played Baldur's Gate 3 again after the Paladin update and remembered her being very hard the last time. This time my Paladin shoved her into the pit and killed her on the first round because when she cloned herself she put her real self right next to my party

              • Anonymous

                The power she talks about is a piece of her hair. This is a consumable (much like Volos Ersatz Eye) that boosts a single stat of your choosing by 1.

                So for example, Laezel starts with a 17 in str. With this, you can get her to 18 (+4) and then use the ability score improvement at level 4 to either increase str to 20 (+5) or get Great Weapon Master.

                • Anonymous

                  make sure to toggle nonlethal attacks on (only works with melee attacks, not spells or ranged attacks) to get the hair guaranteed every time (if you want to)

                  • Anonymous

                    Pro tip - use witches bolt and tag her before she starts creating dupes. The bolt will stay connected to the real one.

                    • Anonymous

                      If you get her health low enough she offers you a deal. Plus 1 to one of your stats of choice. In return you can't kill her and she gets to leave with mayrina. But with a high enough skill check you can even save the girl to.(patch 6)

                      • Anonymous

                        The way she speaks about the baby, I think she is trying to use it to reincarnate so she does not die. Reminds me of Flemeth from Dragon Age.

                        • So i've killed the hag a few times, discovered that during combat, around 50% health(?), Hag will break the combat and start to talk, if Wyll the human warlock is in your group, she will suggest a deal to save her life. She will offer more power to the warlock to make him a hero with much power and flee with the girl, although when i wanted to try out WHAT kind of power she talked about when I didnt want to waste a solid save, I couldn't get her to talk anymore.

                          • Anonymous

                            On my current playthrough I was rushing through with a drow dual wielding fighter. I spoke with her and traded with her ( i think I haven't talked to her in the groove as a trader beforehand) After the trading was done i swarmed her with my party particularly basic stuff me playing drow dual wielding battlemaster fighter, shadowheart , gale and astarion as thief rogue dual wielding a +1 shortsword and a dagger. I popped bless on all and a potion of strength i bought from the hag herself and attacked her in her granny form which iniated a fight. She got feared from the battlemaster attack, I popped a haste potion and focused all my attacks on her, including guiding bolt and magic missiles level 2 spam on her. Through fear CC i killed her on the spot and then proceeded to kill the red caps.
                            Interesting things happen once she has died this way.
                            1. The lair effects such as poison clouds dissapeared.
                            2. The people with the masks I could talk to (maybe you could save them. I 'd have to replay to confirm)
                            3. A 2nd body of the hag appeared in the proper boss room area with the cage.
                            To which I could cast speak with dead and she reveals additional dialogue about her plans with the unborn child.
                            4. A new option popped up after getting Mayrina out of the cage. ( The plans the Hag had for the baby)
                            5. She gave me a necklace as a reward.
                            6. A new dialogue option occurred in the end area with the coffin of her husband.

                            • Anonymous

                              Hey, so if you go and kill her, you can speak to her corpse. She says some crazy stuff including the fact that she has prepared for her death, this leads me to believe she has a way of coming back.

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