Auntie Ethel

Location The Hollow (Druid Grove)
Sunlit Wetlands
Act Act 1
Quests Removing the parasite
Save Mayrina

Auntie Ethel is an NPC in Baldur's Gate 3. Auntie Ethel can be found at The Hollow (Druid Grove). Auntie Ethel acts as a lovable elder that seems to care about you but hides a sinister side.


Auntie Ethel Information:

  • Auntie Ethel is an old woman, that first encounters you at the Druid Grove. Hoping that she can help with the tadpole, you speak with her.
  • At the moment she sees you, she notices something is not right about you.

She can also trade with you. She has:


Where to find Auntie Ethel

Can be found at:


Auntie Ethel Quests


Auntie Ethel Dialogue Options

  • At the start of the conversation Auntie Ethel begins to look for a potion to give you. You can choose the following options.
  • Tell her you are fine.
  • Let her fuss over you. She gives you a potion, even after drinking it, she still says you aren't alright. 
    • You can tell her about the tadpole. Doing so, she asks you to go to her house to see if she has something that can cure you of your condition.
      • If you are a Warlock, you can sense that there's something strange about Auntie Ethel, something devilish or fey-like. But she says you can only take teas and soups from her. She marks her house on your map and you receive a Potion of Greater Healing.
    • Tell her there's nothing wrong.
    • Tell her that it doesn't concern her.
  • Ask if she's an alchemist
  • Tell her you want to trade.

After encountering Ethel being  threatened by Johl and Demir, you meet Auntie Ethel again at her house in Sunlit Wetlands. Here, she is seen feeding Mayrina. Once Auntie Ethel notices you, she asks for an apology if you didn't back her up against Johl and Demir. You can:

  • Tell her you are sorry.
  • Tell her you won't apologize to her. Saying this, she tells you that she was planning to kick you out but decided not to because she thinks both of you can have some fun. Auntie Ethel focuses her attention on Mayrina again, telling her to eat.
    • Tell Mayrina you have some bad news for her.
    • Tell Auntie Ethel that Mayrina doesn't seem to be enjoying her dinner. Telling Ethel this, leads her to abruptly change the subject and talk about the tadpole in your head. This leads to 3 more options.
      • Ask her if she can remove it.
      • Tell her you are dealing with the tadpole on your own.
      • And if you are a Human, an option insisting about Mayrina. This irritates Auntie Ethel that for the last time says she will only talk to you about the tadpole. You can select the following.
        • Tell her you see Mayrina in trouble and want to help her. Insisting on the case, leads to Auntie Ethel teleporting Mayrina away, and revealing her true horrendous form as a hag and starts a fight with her.
        • Agree to her conditions, and ask her if she can remove the parasite.
        • State that you will find another way to deal with the parasite.
        • Leave.
    • Ask Auntie Ethel if she treats all her guests so poorly.
    • Ask Auntie Ethel if she has something to cure the parasite.
  • Tell her she must have mistaken you.
  • Attack her.


Auntie Ethel Notes and Tips

  • There's an Old hag lived in Sunlit Wetlands that claims can solve your problem. (Quest Save Mayrina) She offers to help you remove the parasite in exchange for one of your eyes. (Your companions will disapprove that.) However, if you really agree to do so, she will fail, Due to it been tainted by strange shadow magic. And you gain a permnant debuff.


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    • 02 Apr 2021 10:47  

      So i've killed the hag a few times, discovered that during combat, around 50% health(?), Hag will break the combat and start to talk, if Wyll the human warlock is in your group, she will suggest a deal to save her life. She will offer more power to the warlock to make him a hero with much power and flee with the girl, although when i wanted to try out WHAT kind of power she talked about when I didnt want to waste a solid save, I couldn't get her to talk anymore.

      • Anonymous

        21 Dec 2020 22:25  

        On my current playthrough I was rushing through with a drow dual wielding fighter. I spoke with her and traded with her ( i think I haven't talked to her in the groove as a trader beforehand) After the trading was done i swarmed her with my party particularly basic stuff me playing drow dual wielding battlemaster fighter, shadowheart , gale and astarion as thief rogue dual wielding a +1 shortsword and a dagger. I popped bless on all and a potion of strength i bought from the hag herself and attacked her in her granny form which iniated a fight. She got feared from the battlemaster attack, I popped a haste potion and focused all my attacks on her, including guiding bolt and magic missiles level 2 spam on her. Through fear CC i killed her on the spot and then proceeded to kill the red caps.
        Interesting things happen once she has died this way.
        1. The lair effects such as poison clouds dissapeared.
        2. The people with the masks I could talk to (maybe you could save them. I 'd have to replay to confirm)
        3. A 2nd body of the hag appeared in the proper boss room area with the cage.
        To which I could cast speak with dead and she reveals additional dialogue about her plans with the unborn child.
        4. A new option popped up after getting Mayrina out of the cage. ( The plans the Hag had for the baby)
        5. She gave me a necklace as a reward.
        6. A new dialogue option occurred in the end area with the coffin of her husband.

        • Anonymous

          14 Nov 2020 21:39  

          Hey, so if you go and kill her, you can speak to her corpse. She says some crazy stuff including the fact that she has prepared for her death, this leads me to believe she has a way of coming back.

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