Baelen Bonecloak

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Location Underdark
Act Act 1
Quests Find the Mushroom Picker

Baelen Bonecloak is an NPC in Baldur's Gate 3. Baelen Bonecloak can be found in the Underdark. Baelen Bonecloak is the husband of Derryth Bonecloak. There is a massive amount of NPCs in Baldur's Gate 3, and their ideals, needs and way of living are strictly related to the actions they perform during the course of the game. Their attitude towards you and your party may be affected by the deeds and decisions you and your party have taken on.


Where to find Baelen Bonecloak

Can be found at:

  • Act 1
  • Underdark


Baelen Bonecloak Quests


Baelen Bonecloak Dialogue Options

Baelin is trapped in the northwest corner of Underdark, surrounded by Bibberbang. If you met his wife, Derryth Bonecloak, she will tell you about him and the journal updates for Find the Mushroom Picker will begin then.

The plants in the area exhale poisons and explode when they sense vibrations. (You can give him Misty Step scroll to save him.)When you enter the line of sight of the dwarf he will open a dialog to explain the danger, but will express that he needs his bag.

  1. Hold tight, I'll find your bag.
  2. Hold up a scroll of Misty Step
  3. This is your mess - figure it out yourself. 

You may then show a Misty Step scroll if your party has one. If you are near the dwarf, you can hand it to him. If you are farther away, you can pass a strength roll (10) to throw it successfully to him. This will save him.

Turn-based mode in concert with Dash is an easy solution for navigating this area, because you can run right past the mushrooms without triggering them, and as long as you end each turn far enough away from the mushrooms, you won't set them off. There is also a series of elevated cliffs on the left side that can be used to get past most (but not all) of the mushrooms. There's a noblestalk plant on the right side. If you trigger the Bibberbangs without extinguishing the torch in the back however, it will be destroyed.

The dwarf requests that you get his backpack to him (or, you can give him a misty step scroll, and get the backpack later). The backpack contains a spell to make his escape easy. (You can use Mage Hand to get it, which won't trigger the Bibberbang)

Once you saved the dwarf, he tells you that he must hurry, gives you a Scroll of Invisibility then leaves.


Baelen Bonecloak Notes and Tips

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    • Anonymous

      This was a bit of a dumb quest. We REALLY should be able to make an insight check/cast Detect Thoughts to figure out that neither one of them are very good people, and then be able to choose which one to help (or do nothing).

      The dialogue with Derryth after you give Baelen the mushroom implies that she takes some avantage of him (you can say that its her fault that she is in this situation beacuse she uses him). That seems to be the case, since she sends a mentally ill man to risk his life for profit.

      I still think Baelen is the shittier of the two by a lot, but yeah, we should be able to get the full picture before choosing.

      • Anonymous

        He is a divination wizard who foreseen his wifes poisoning, turning him into an enslaved dimwit so he preemptively punished her.

        You can either give the Noblestalk him, where he will regain his sanity and be free from the verbal and physical abuse or give it to his wife where she will keep it hidden from him, continuing to profit from him.

        • Anonymous

          Weird... Usually when people lose their minds, they become angrier (speaking from direct experience with family, and talking with others having similar problems). Story didn't make any sense to me. Also he is way forward about implying he wants to beat the **** out of her. Feels totally out of place when considering how all the other npcs in this world act. Feels more like a writer letting out some angst to me.

          • Anonymous

            The writing is way too on the nose with this couple. Which is especially misleading, because abuse is typically subtle.... And many abusers are well trained at putting on a positive front. I hope no one takes this writing seriously, and still looks out for real signs of abuse.

            • Anonymous

              if you have sovereign glut in your party he can walk around the explosive mushrooms without triggering them at all, you're free to look everything/save the trash npc if you want to/ etc to your leisure

              • Anonymous

                There is a magic ring (+1 nature/+1 survival) on a skeleton if you jump along the lefthand side (skeleton is on one of the outcrops behind Baelen).

                • Anonymous

                  Baelen is not a good person, disregard the previous comment. There is dialogue with his wife where she implies that he would beat/abuse her, and lie to other people to get them to like him. Others have mentioned that he is also just as bad to animals. Derryth shows fear when he is "cured" and Baelen makes threats to her as well as early as meeting in the Underdark.


                  SPOILER//ACT 3
                  In Act 3 (assuming you gave Derryth noblestalk, i'm currently unsure of different outcomes but it seems to be implied the stone would not be open if Baelen was in charge because of his drinking problem / if you did not give Derryth the noblestalk to keep the store open) when you go to their shop, she gives you a discount and you can buy up to three noblestalk for yourself around 137 coins each if you do not raise the attitude score.

                  This becomes useful because Noblestalk can restore your health to full, and remove all negative conditions. I've had issues giving it to Shadowheart, but apparently you can unlock "memories" with it according to some of my friends.

                  You can pry into the couples life when you meet up again. Derryth asks you to leave her past alone, but is still appreciative of what you've done for her. She mentions that even if Baelen can't really do anything on his own, she still takes care of him and puts him to housework instead of out in the field. You can easily sneak behind the counter to explore/steal/find a hatch and a secret entrance to Baelen's alchemy workshop. Or you can go upstairs and find some letters/diary stuff.

                  You will find a diary that his attitude and mental deterioration has been worsening. His violent tendencies ramp up again and she has thoughts of slipping poison in his food, especially if she gets hit again. You can find letters where Derryth admits she chose the wrong man, his abuse was unknown to her when she was younger and regrets it and wishes she got with a different man. In the basement of the shop you can find a journal from Baelen trying to figure out some potions for the shop. He notes that he wants to kick her out and fend for herself on the street, this is before the brain was in it's current condition.

                  • Anonymous

                    The best outcome dealing with him is to get the nobelstalk in the back of the cave with misty step, get out of there, and then shooting a fire arrow into the mushrooms. This guy is the worst and tbh you're doing him a favor lol

                    • Anonymous

                      Some spoilers on the story of him and his wife:
                      -Originally they came to Underdark to look for mushrooms and herbs for their alchemy shop in Baldur's Gate. Especially noblestalk as it is a very rare and potent alchemical ingredient. Later on when we meet them in their shop and sniff around in the underground below their shop we find a note regarding Baelen and his condition. He is slow because he is suffering from a degenerative brain disease that can be cured by a potion made form noblestalk. There is also a potion of psychic resistance suggesting they are trying methods to slow down the disease. In my playthrough I didnt manage to pick up the noblestalk before it exploded leaving baelen to suffer and not recover. In another playthrough he recovered and seems a pretty good person. Only one of the few people I really felt sorry for in the whole game.

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