Location Druids Chambers (Druid Grove)
Act Act 1
Quests Removing the parasite

Nettie is an NPC in Baldur's Gate 3. Nettie can be found at Druids Chambers. Nettie is a healer in the druid hierarchy.


Nettie Information:

  • You can find Nettie inside the Druid Chambers, tending a bird.


Where to find Nettie

Can be found at:

  • Act 1
  • Druids Chambers


Nettie Quests


Nettie Dialogue Options

When you find Nettie, she is tending a bird. She tells you to wait for your turn, implying that for her any living being that requires attention is equally important.

You tell her about your situation with the tadpole, and she looks at you. She then takes you to the Enclave Library, telling you about a Drow who had the same problem as you do. She asks you to give her your arm to help with a cure.

Hold out your arm. After doing so, Nettie confesses that she just poisoned you because of fear you'd turn into a Mind Flayer

  • You can ask for the antidote.
  • You can attempt a Persuasion check, telling her that the tadpole is dormant and you are not changing.
  • You can attempt an Intimidation check, threatening to destroy the whole place. If you succeed, Nettie says she understands how you feel, but is doing this to protect her people.
  • You can attempt another Intimidation check, threatening to destroy everything before dying. Succeeding leads to another check.
  • Another Intimidation check, telling her that you are their only hope they have against the goblin horde. Succeeding makes Nettie give you the antidote. She also hands you a vial of Wyvern Poison, and makes you swear you'll take it if you feel any symptoms. She tells you to seek Halsin.
  • A Persuasion check, telling her that you don't have any symptoms
  • A Deception check, saying that Kagha needs you.
  • You can attempt a Deception check, using Kagha's need of you as an excuse.

Attack Her.

Pull Back.


Nettie Notes and Tips

  • Notes & Tips


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