True Soul Nere

True Soul of the Absolute

Level 5

Location Grymforge
Act Act 1
Quests Free True Soul Nere
Deliver Nere's Head

True Soul Nere is a NPC and potential Boss in Baldur's Gate 3. True Soul Nere can be found at the Grymforge. Bosses in BG3 are powerful enemies that have increased health and pose a bigger challenge for players.


Where to find True Soul Nere


True Soul Nere Quests


True Soul Nere Dialogue Options

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True Soul Nere Boss Guide

True Soul Nere Boss Tips

True Soul Nere is trapped under the rubble once you reach the dig site at the Grymforge. If you interact with him, he will tell you to hurry in freeing him.

If you don't do as he says, and decide to take your time exploring the rest of the Grymforge, True Soul Nere will be dead by the time you return to the dig site. Taking more than two long rests will trigger this situation. (Don't worry, you can still find all his loot even if you don't fight him)

To prevent him from dying is to don't interact with the rubble and explore the rest of the Location at your own pace.

This is a long fight, and Nere won't be fighting alone, there are many Duergar that join the fight. You can decide to side with Nere against Brithvar and his rebel forces, or you can instead decide to fight alongside Brithvar and face boh Nere and Sargeant Thrinn and her forces.

True Soul Nere General Information

race_icon_baldurs_gate_3_wiki_guideRace: Lolth-Sworn Drow
hp_icon_baldurs_gate_3_wiki_guideHealth: 74
armorp_icon_baldurs_gate_3_wiki_guideAC: 12
movement_speed_icon_baldurs_gate_3_wiki_guideBase speed: 9m
size_icon_baldurs_gate_3_wiki_guideSize: Medium
weight_icon_baldurs_gate_3_wiki_guideWeight: 50kg
attitude_icon_baldurs_gate_3_wiki_guideAttitude: 0

True Soul Nere Passive Features

attack_of_opportunity_reaction_bg3_wiki_guide_45pxAttack of Opportunity:

  • Automatically attack an enemy moving out of your reach. This uses a Reaction. 

Sunlight Sensitivity:

  • While in sunlight, this creature has Disadvantage on attack rolls and Perception checks that rely on sight. 

Fey Ancestry:

  • The Feywild casts a veil over your mind. You have Advantage on Savintg Throws against being Charmed, and magic can't put you to sleep.


True Soul Nere Abilities

strength_ability_baldursgate3_wiki_guide_75pxStrength: 17
dexterity_ability_baldursgate3_wiki_guide_75pxDexterity: 15
constitution_ability_baldursgate3_wiki_guide_75pxConstitution: 15 
intelligence_ability_baldursgate3_wiki_guide_75pxIntelligence: 18
wisdom_ability_baldursgate3_wiki_guide_75pxWisdom: 13
charisma_ability_baldursgate3_wiki_guide_75pxCharisma: 18

  • Proficiency Bonus: +2
  • Initiative: -

Attacks & Spells

  • attack1
  • attack2
  • spell1
  • spell2

True Soul Nere Resistances

slashing_icon_baldurs_gate_3_wiki_guideSlashing: Normal
piercing_icon_baldurs_gate_3_wiki_guidePiercing: Normal
bludgeoning_icon_baldurs_gate_3_wiki_guideBludgeoning: Normal
fire_res_icon_baldurs_gate_3_wiki_guideFire: Normal
cold_res_icon_baldurs_gate_3_wiki_guideCold: Normal
poison_res_icon_baldurs_gate_3_wiki_guidePoison: Normal
psychic_res_icon_baldurs_gate_3_wiki_guide_48pxPsychic: Resistant

True Soul Nere Rewards


Notes and Tips

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