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Constitution influences your max numbers of Hit Points - the amount of damage you can take.

Constitution is an Ability in Baldur's Gate 3. Each ability affects a broad range of capabilities, including skills or Spells that a character or a monster can be proficient in. 


Constitution Information

  • Constitution influences you max numbers of Hit Points - the amount of damage you can take.



Constitution Checks

Constitution checks are uncommon, and no Skills apply to Constitution checks, because the endurance this ability represents is largely passive rather than involving a specific effort on the part of a character or monster. A Constitution check can model your attempt to push beyond normal limits, however. Some Constitution Check examples:

  • Hold your breath
  • March or labor for hours without rest
  • Go without sleep
  • Survive without food or water
  • Quaff an entire stein of ale in one go


Hit Points

Your Constitution modifier contributes to your hit points. Typically, you add your Constitution modifier to each Hit Dice you roll for your hit points

If your Constitution modifier changes, your hit point maximum changes as well, as though you had the new modifier from 1st level. For example, if you raise your Constitution score when you reach 4th level and your Constitution modifier increases from +1 to +2, you adjust your hit point maximum as though the modifier had always been +2. So you add 3 hit points for your first three levels, and then roll your hit points for 4th level using your new modifier. Or if you are level 7 and some effect lowers your Constitution score so as to reduce your Constitution modifier by 1, your hit point maximum is reduced by 7.


Hit Points and Hit Dice

Your character’s hit points define how tough your character is in combat and other dangerous situations. Your hit points are determined by your Hit Die (short for Hit Point Dice)

At 1st level, your character has 1 Hit Die, and the dice type is determined by your class. You start with hit points equal to the highest roll of that die, as indicated in your class description. (You also add your Constitution modifier, which you’ll determine in step 3.) This is also your hit point maximum.



Constitution Tips & Notes

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In Other Languages

  • Español (España): Constitución


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