Backgrounds in Baldur's Gate 3 affect starting Proficiencies the player has. Each Background also grants two Background features. Backgrounds are not limited to Races or Classes. Backgrounds affect how NPCS perceive the player and may change how events unfold.


Background Quests

Backgrounds not only provide you with skill bonuses now, they also grant you Quests that you can complete throughout the game. These Quests gives you Inspiration Points as well as Experience Points, and adds context to your character's background in the world of Baldur's Gate 3.

Inspiration Points

When a character performs an action that's true to their background, they will be Inspired. Inspiration may be spent to reroll an Ability Check. Note that you may hold four Inspiration points at once. Inspiration earned over the cap will become Experience Points.

Background Information

All Backgrounds
Backgounds Inspiration Goals


background acolyte iconAcolyte

You have spent your life in service to a temple, learning sacred rites and providing sacrifices to the god or gods you worship. Serving the gods and discovering their  sacred works will lead you to greatness.

Insight  Proficiency
Religion Proficiency


background charlatan icon Charlatan

You're an expert in manipulation, prone to exaggeration and more than happy to profit from it. Bending the truth and turning allies against each other will bring you success down the road.

Deception Proficiency
Sleight of Hand Proficiency


background criminal icon Criminal

You have a history of breaking the law and survive by leveraging less-than-legal connections. Profiting from criminal enterprise will lead to greater opportunities in the future.

Deception Proficiency
Stealth Proficiency


background entertainer icon Entertainer

You live to sway and subvert your audience, engaging common crowds and high society alike. 

Acrobatics Proficiency
Performance Proficiency


background folk hero icon Folk Hero

You're a champion of the common people, challenging tyrants and monsters to protect the helpless. Saving innocents in imminent danger will make your legend grow.

Animal Handling Proficiency
Survival Proficiency


background guild artisan icon Guild Artisan

Your skill in a particular craft has earned you membership in a mercantile guild, offering privileges and protection while engaging in your art. Repairing and discovering rare crafts will bring new inspiration.

Insight Proficiency
Persuasion Proficiency


background noble icon Noble

You were raised in a family among the social elite, accustomed to power and privilege. Accumulating renown, power, and loyalty will raise your status.

History Proficiency
Persuasion Proficiency


background outlander icon Outlander

You grew up in the wilds, learning to survive far from the comforts of civilization. Surviving unusual hazards of the wild will enhance your prowess and understanding.

Athletics Proficiency
Survival Proficiency



background sage icon Sage

You are curious and well-read, with an unending thirst for knowledge. Learning about rare lore of the world will inspire you to put this knowledge to greater purpose.

Arcana Proficiency
History Proficiency


background soldier icon Soldier

You are trained in battlefield tactics and combat, having served in a militia, mercenary company, or officer corps. Show smart tactics and bravery on the battlefield to enhance your prowess.

Athletics Proficiency
Intimidation Proficiency


background urchin icon Urchin

After surviving a childhood on the streets, you know how to make the most out of very little. Using your street smarts bolsters your spirit for the journey ahead.

Sleight of Hand Proficiency
Stealth Proficiency


background hauntedone icon Haunted One

A wicked moment, person, or thing that cannot be slain by sword or spell haunts your mind and flickers in your peripheral vision. You carry it wherever your adventure takes you - or perhaps it carries you.

Intimidation Proficiency
Medicine Proficiency

Removed Backgrounds

The following backgrounds existed in the EA version of the game, but were removed in the official release.

background hermit icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideHermit

You were once sworn to seclusion and continue to prefer solitude over the chaos of society.

background sailor icon baldurs gate 3 wiki guideSailor

You are familiar with the workings of ships and life at sea, having spent years weathering storms and battling creatures of the deep.




Background Inspiration Goals Comparison Table

When a character performs an action that's true to their Background, they will be Inspired. Earning +1 Inspiration Point and +25 Exp. Inspiration may be spent to reroll an Ability Check. Not only your character can become Inspired, but also your Companions.

You may hold up to 4 Inspiration points at once. Inspiration earned over the cap will become Experience Points.


You can search by Name, Background or Objective. Just type into the search box what you are looking for.

Quick Search of All Background Inspiration Goals 





Soldier Overcome the skeletons in Moonrise prison during the assault.


Destroy Last Light.


Defeat the Surgeon without being operated upon.


Complete the Harper ambush.


Complete the assault on Moonrise.


Kill all members of the Thorm family.


Defeat yourself in the Gauntlet of Shar's mirror trial.


Kill any of the bosses in and around the Shadow-Cursed Lands in a single round of combat.


Show off your prowess to the bugbear merchant.


Tell Arabella what happened to her parents.


Kill the orthon, returning him to Raphael.


Obtain Sel√Ľne's blessing from Isobel.


Give Nightsong to Ketheric. (or Allow Balthazar to transport Nightsong from the Shadowfell.)


Defeat a member of the Thorm family without drawing steel.


Expose the Flaming Fist deserter.


Kill Auntie Ethel... again...


Find the Helm of Balduran.


Escape the House of Hope.


Give your blood to Araj a second time.


Destroy a Steel Watcher.


Execute Orin.


Execute Gortash.


Report to Commander Lightfeather.


Donate to the refugees.


Commune with the Netherbrain.


Purchase a room at the Elfsong Tavern.


Kill 5 enemies in a single run

Stalwart Heart

Persuade Rolan to stay and protect the grove

Chain of Command

Follow Flaming Fist orders at the burning inn

Conquer the Conquerors

Defeat the Githyanki raiding squad

Crow Crusher

Kill every leader in the goblin camp

Warrior of the Hells

Kill the cultist leader seeking Karlach

Start Them Young

Inspire the tiefling children to train harder.

Drowned in the Dark

Defeat the duergar patrolling on the Ebonlake.

No One Left Behind

Ensure all of the Grove's defenders survive the first goblin assault.


Destroy a powerful foe in one strike.

One For The Ages

Survive a fight in which you kill ten or more enemies.

The Price of Ink

Entertainer Free Oskar the painter from the Zhentarim.

The Art of Agony

Perform for Loviatar's pleasure in her ritual.

Life of the Party

Take part in the goblin camp's toast.

Made You Look

Earn Mattis' respect by taking his ring.


Enjoy a dance in camp with the tieflings.

Give Them A Show

Get the goblins on your side while duelling Crusher.

Chicken Chase Extraordinaire

Win a match of chicken chase.

A Bard's Muse

Inspire Alfira the bard.

Heart of the Creator

Perform in a play with Bernard the automaton.

Feel the Beat

Successfully perform on the goblin war drum.

A Story for the Ages

Turn someone to your side with a well-timed tale.

A Story You Won't Believe

Pass all Performance checks when telling a tall tale to the brewer.

A Tale of Two Souls

Complete the saga of Art, Halsin and the spirit of the land.

Eclipse of the Heart

Recount Ketheric Thorm's past to him, shaking his resolve.

It Came From Shadows

Discover the source of the Shadow Curse.

Living Legend

Accept Jaheira's invitation to talk.

Memento Mori

Offer condolences to Harper Meygan.

Plucking the Lyre's Web

Play the Spider's Lyre to attract the drider.

Strings of Fate

Bring Art his lute.

Tales of Yore

Piece the scriptures together correctly and reveal the secret in the town square.

Town of Shadows

Find out the fate of each of the major characters in the town: the brewer, the surgeon, the toll collector and the mason.

Catchy Tune

Hear the orthon's contract.

Sea Memorial

Offer something during the Water Queen's funeral procession.

Making It Sing to Your Tune

Sabotage the printing press.

Threads of Fame

Obtain a piece of clothing from the famous Figaro.


Complete Lens' interview.

Explosive Artistry

Obtain the runepowder bomb from Wulbren.

Drama Sleuth

Take up Valeria's investigation.

Personal Invitation

Witness Gortash's coronation.

Nest Egg

Outlander Take an item from the Carrion Crawler nest.

Rock Steady

Survive the bandits' rolling boulder trap.

Mushroom Enthusiast

Destroy each kind of hazardous Underdark mushroom.

Clever Cuckoo

Steal from the giant bird's nest in the Underdark.

Abyss Jumper

Enter the Underdark through the bottomless well.

A Noble Endeavor

Effectively use a noblestalk mushroom.

Sticky Fingers

Secure the pouch from the spider crevice.

Cub Tamer

Successfully tame the owlbear cub.

Walking on Air

Successfully use a fairy ring

A Mother's Fury

Triumph over the mother Owlbear.


Discover the curse of Yeenoghu and destroy his hyenas.

Eyes of the Wild

See past the illusion covering the swamp.

The Floor Is Lava

Defeat the Lava Elemental in the lava lake.

Always a Step Ahead of the Darkness

Reach Nightsong without having been affected by the shadow curse.

Bumps in the Dark

Conquer three combat encounters in the Shadow-Cursed Lands.

Child's Play

Beat Oliver at hide and seek without alerting the shadow creatures.

Delving into the Deep

Enter the oubliette... for better or for worse.

Embracing the Environment

Survive two rounds of the shadow curse.

From Head to Toe

Explore all sections of the mind flayer colony.

Grove Keeper's Keeper

Protect Halsin's Portal while he saves the spirit of the land.

I've Had Worse

Successfully drink and resist the negative effects of the brewer's concoction.

Mutual Respect

Meet the tadpole-hunting cat.

Never Liked Stairs

Enter a restricted area in Moonrise Towers from the outside.

No Cursed Stone Left Unturned

Explore each key area of the Shadow-Cursed Lands.

Sleeping in the Dark

Take a full Long Rest in the Shadow-Cursed Lands.

Tools of the Trade

Obtain the orthon's crossbow.

Beneath the Gate

Enter the Undercellar.

Catastrophic Structural Failure

Blow up the Steel Watch Foundry.

Cat's Got Your Tongue?

Find the missing letters.

Down to the Depths Below

Enter the Iron Throne.

Enlisted Avian

Meet Commander Lightfeather.

For Once, a Warm Meal

Obtain room and board at the Elfsong Tavern.

Gifts of the Wilds

Give raw goods as a donation.

Horizon Walker

Travel through the House of Hope portal.

Macabre Hunt

Find all the pieces of Dribbles' body and return them to Lucretious.

Nature of the Beast

Discover the fate of the Githyanki egg.

Primary Needs

Tame the dilophosaurus, making it non-hostile.

Solemn Farewell

Witness the Gur funeral.

The Face of Evil

Reach the Temple of Bhaal.

Saving the Heretic

Acolyte Learn about Maglubiyet and safely free his priest.

Her Gift of Silver

Recover Selune's lost treasure through prayer.

Treefather's Sorrow

Unleash Silvanus' curse upon the grove.

A Kiss Without Mercy

Endure the ritual of Loviatar until Abdirak is pleased.

Silvanus' Solitude

Witness the ritual that seals off the grove from the world.

Last Rites of the Dark Dancer

Complete Eilistraee's ritual of sorrow and obtain her blessed blade.

A Unified Spirit

Pray with the Flaming Fists at Waukeen's Rest.

The Final Scribe's Boon

Discover Jergal's amulet in the chapel's hidden tomb.

Tipping the Scales

Earn the worship of the Kuo-Toa.

Fate Must Wait

Resurrect anyone in your party.

Justice Sees All

Discover why Anders betrayed Tyr.

Shatter the Moon

Destroy Selune's protection over the Underdark fort.

Divinity Undone

Unlock and read the Book of Dead Gods.

A Piece of Three

Piece together Ketheric's allegiances.

Blessed's Final Rest

Find the aasimar's journal.

Cerimonia Compedum

Execute the ritual to bring Nightsong to Ketheric yourself.

Did My Homework

Recite Shar's dogma to the surgeon.

Honing the Darkness

Pass all of Shar's tests in the middle of the cursed town.

Moonweaver's Prayer

Witness Isobel's ritual to keep up the protection of Last Light.

No Rest for the Wicked

Assist He Who Was in his task.

Sole Survivor

Discover the truth behind the numerous rats in the Gauntlet of Shar.

Those for Whom the Bell Tolled

Kill all of Balthazar's undead.

Tragic Love

Witness Jonas' funeral.

A Scorned Closed Heart

Side with the open-minded priest.

A Test of Faithfullness

Ask the Master of Love to test your bond.

Child Protection Agents

Find and rescue Lora's daughter, Vanra.

Forgotten, Bloodied, Halls

Discover the Temple of Bhaal.

Needs of the Many

Persuade the merchant to let the refugee squatters stay in his home.

Offering to the Waves

Make an offering for the dead waveservant.

Ordinary Practises in Extraordinary Times

Offer appropriate offerings to a deity in the Stormshore Tabernacle.

The Dismemberment of Dribbles

Find all the pieces of Dribbles' body and return them to Lucretious.

What Remains of the Dead

Guide Nina to acceptance or prowess.

Very Important Parasite

Charlatan Deceive any of the guards in the goblin camp.

Cheese Your Way Through 

Talk your way past the bandits and enter the chapel.


Manipulate the Flind into eating itself.

Silver Blades, Silver Tongue

Convince Kith'rak Voss to leave without violence.


Poison the beer in the goblin camp.

Mirror Master

Trick the magic mirror in the Thayan cellar.

Flexible Diplomacy

Betray the tieflings after convincing them to free Lae'zel.

Anything For A Profit

Steal the toe ring from Crusher without getting caught.

Devil's Advocate

Interrogate the dead mind flayer without drawing suspicion.

A Better Offer

Convince the pit spiders to attack the goblins.

The Importance of Networking

Talk your way into the Zhentarim hideout.

One of Us

Use the hag's mask to peacefully bypass her thralls.

Just Passing Through

Trick the goblins in Moonhaven.

A Friend to All

Gain access to Grymforge peacefully by lying to the raft patrol.


Cause Glut to stage a coup - then pick a side.

Clear Conscience

Successfully lie to Z'rell about the fate of the goblins.

Know Thy Clientele

Instigate Z'rell into showing off her gifts from the Absolute.

Not My First Time

Resist the truth serum when talking to Jaheira.

Not to Worry, I Have a Permit

Evade repercussions when speaking to the Moonrise prisoners.

Pied Piper

Successfully influence the gnolls, either to break free or continue being subservient.

Shuffling the Board

Rig the game of lanceboard.

Tadpole Solidarity

Go along with Marcus' plan.

Takes One to Know One

Expose the true form of the toll collector by removing all of her gold armour.

Tricks of the Trade

Successfully pretend to drink from the steins of ale.

Always Trust a Dishonest Person

Betray a recently forged alliance.

Cheating the Cheater

Find the source of the genie's trick and take it.

Friends in Low Places

Gain access to the Undercellar through Tusgront.

Grave Prospector

Retrieve the grave's gold from Bugthimble.

Never Trust an Honest Person

Lie to make your way into the big barn.

Not so Infallible After All

Evade being arrested by a Steel Watcher.

Nothing's Not For Sale

Convince the Flaming Fist quartermaster to trade with you.

Perks of the Trade

Obtain a rebate for your room at Elfsong Tavern.

Rock-Solid Alibi

Manage to convince the Flaming Fist to let you into Wyrm's Rock.

Saving a Fellow Tale-Spinner

Save Volo from an untimely death.

Seams of Lavender and Thyme

Deceive your way into the circus.

Silver-Tongue's Better Than Any Key

Gain access to Avery's workshop.

Stuffed Bears in the Closet

Blackmail the merchant.

The News of My Deeds Was Greatly Exaggerated

Rig the Baldur's Mouth printing press.

Woman of Her Word

Side with the Nine-Fingers against the Zhentarim.

Protector of the Duke

Noble Rescue Counsellor Florrick from the burning inn.

Lest Ye Be Judged

Learn Astarion's history as a magistrate.

Noblesse Oblige

Dismiss a companion for interrupting a conversation.

Soul For Sale

Acquire a Soul Coin for your personal collection.

Blueblood Solidarity

Learn Wyll's family history.

Bodyguards For Hire 

Recruit the ogres to protect you.

Eldritch Authority

Become a True Soul.

Fine By Me

Use your wealth to bribe a guard.

Dragon's Horde

Have at least 2000 gold among the party. 

A Man of Many Talents

Expand your retinue by bringing Volo to camp.

Penchant For Diplomacy

Reach a High level of approval with a companion. 

An Apocalyptic Deal

Accept an impossible deal.

Fine By Me

Use your wealth to bribe a guard.

Noblesse Oblige

Dismiss a companion for interrupting a conversation or Ignore the pleas or requests of a companion in dialogue.

Soul for Sale

Acquire a Soul Coin for your personal collection.

Blueblood Solidarity

Learn Wyll's family history.


Earn a title from your deeds.

Eldritch Authority

Become a True Soul.

A Velvet Glove

Spare the goblins.

An Iron Fist

Execute the goblins.

Can't Bribe 'Em All

Bribe Moonrise's warden.

Favour for a Favour

Wake Art for Counsellor Florrick and the Flaming Fist.

Ketheric's Loss

Learn Ketheric's past.

Noble Feline

Speak with the lordly cat at Last Light.

Patrician of the Grove

Recruit Halsin.

Taxes? Never Heard of 'Em

Don't give any gold to the toll collector.

Top of the Ladder

Meet Ketheric at the top of Moonrise.

Alms for the Unfortunate

Donate something to the refugees.

Defamed No More

Sabotage the printing press.

Exerting Judgment

End the squabbling between the merchant and the squatters.

Interrupted Communications

Discover where the missing letters went.

Newfound Subject

Feed a brain to the freshly turned mindflayer.

Procedures be Damned

Enter Wyrm's Rock without a pass.

The Right Oil for Any Situation

Gain access to the circus.

Titles for the Collection

Become the Unholy Assassin of Bhaal.

Underbelly Diplomat

Gain access to the Undercellar.

Wine Connoisseur

Warn Mrs Highberry of the poisoned wine.

A Natural Alliance

Sage Recognise the druid and Harper armour.

The Phases Unfold

Solve the moon puzzle sealing the door to the Underdark.

Secrets of the Matron

Read the obscure text by a drow matron.


Correctly follow Gale's instructions to resurrect him.

The Forbidden Arcane

Read Omeluum's notes on illithid magic.

Secrets of the Sussur Tree

Read the Treatise on Anti-Magic.

Secrets of the High Chieftain

Read Volo's Guide to Goblins.

Roots of the Grove

Learn local history from the druidic frescos.

Secrets of the Necromancer

Discover the strange nature of the Thayan tome.

All Knowledge Is Worth Having

Finish reading the Thayan tome of necromancy.

Secrets of the Shadow Druids

Discover and read Faldorn's Canticle.

A Solitary Spider

Read the arachnomancer's journals at the bottom of the well.

Secrets of the Sundering

Unlock and read the Book of Dead Gods.

A Little Too Familiar with the Grotesque...

Solve Balthazar's secret study puzzle without making a mistake.

A Natural Alliance

Recognize the druid and Harper armour.

Brain Blast!

Successfully complete the mind puzzle in the mind flayer colony.

Corrupted Beyond Recognition

Find and read the dead druid's journal about how the shadow curse came to be.

Emblem of the Moonmaiden

Discover the truth about the Nightsong.

Hippocratic No More

Find the surgeon's research notes.

Partaking in Local Customs

Perform the ritual in the Sharran Sanctuary.

Rat King

Discover the truth behind the numerous rats in the Gauntlet of Shar.

Secrets of The Necromancer

Solve Balthazar's secret study puzzle.

Snuffed Spark

Find the dead aasimar's journal.

Tenets of Loss

Open the way into the Sharran Sanctuary.

Theskan Tactician

Help Mol win the game of lanceboard.

They're in the Walls!

Discover what the 'meat sound' is.

Thorm Family Secrets

Discover the fate of Ketheric's family members.

Waking the Sleeper

Wake Art from his catatonic slumber.

A Foul and Awesome Display

Use Wulbren's runepowder bomb.

A Grand Prize!

Figure out Akabi's scheme and obtain the 'grand' prize.

An Exotic Charter

Obtain access to the House of Hope portal.

Assistant to the Extra-Planar Agent

Take up Valeria's serial killer investigation.

Blood of the Convenant

Find out how Araj's blood experiments are going.

Coronation of the Dreadmaster

Meet Gortash in Wyrm's Rock and witness his coronation.

Crossing's Namesake

Find the undying sentinel underneath Wyrm's Crossing.

Heavy is the Head

Find the Helm of Balduran.

Knowledge of the Heart

Get the best possible outcome from Zethino's relationship quiz.

Membership Admittance

Ask to join the Society of Brilliance.

New Normal

Let yourself be scanned by a Steel Watcher.

Stopping the Repetition of History

Defeat Lorroakan.

The Karsus of Our Times

Give Nightsong to Lorroakan.

The Returned Cap'n

Behold the true Captain Grisly in all her piratical glory.

Using the Proper Means

Find and use the Torch of Revocation.

What Price Dignity?

Urchin Steal the toe ring from Crusher without getting caught.

Protect Your Own

Protect the child who took the locket from Barth.

Born Innocent

Save the owlbear cub from the goblins.


Get some coin out of the Zhentarim survivors.

The Allure of Coin

Steal from a child charmed by harpies.

Pyramid Scheme

Convince the ogres to work for you without giving them gold.

Artful Dodger

Earn Mattis' respect by taking his ring.

Family Comes First

Encourage Meli to tell the truth about the amulet.

Not On My Watch

Save Arabella from Kagha and her serpent.

Hunger Never Fades

Fill your plate at Raphael's House of Hope.

Slaying the Piper

Rescue Mirkon from the harpies. 


Help Mol steal the Idol of Silvanus.

Alley Cats

Meet both the lordly cat and the tadpole-hunting cat.

Bugging Out

Help Wulbren escape Moonrise.

Child at Heart

Play both games of hide and seek with Oliver.

Gone Feral

Free the mind-controlled gnolls from their master.

Good Deed of the Day

Free Nightsong.

Newly Downtrodden

Spare the goblins from Ketheric's wrath.

No Peeking!

Block out True Soul Z'rell from reading your intentions.

Orphan Camaraderie

Help Mol win the game of lanceboard.

Rebellious Phase

Betray Balthazar.

Strength in Cowardice

Convince the orthon to spare you, for now...

Wary of Strangers

Refuse to drink the spiked wine.

Will Not Be Forgotten

Escape the Oubliette.

A Dish Served Cold

Destroy the Steel Watch Foundry.

Child Safety

Expose Arfur for his booby-trapped toys.

Cunning Code Crackers

Discover the secret passphrase and enter Avery's secret workshop.

Down with the Steel Oppressors!

Defeat a Steel Watcher.

Finders Keepers

Help the squatters keep their temporary abode.

Good Intentions

Help Nina with her ritual.

Home Sweet Home

Delve into the Undercellar of Baldur's Gate.

Never Trust Those Above You

Defeat Gortash without making a deal with him.

Part of Life

Convince the coffin maker to make an exception.

Proper Lodging, Finally

Obtain a room at the Elfsong Tavern.

Spare What You Can

Give a donation to the big barn.

Through Nooks and Crannies

Enter Wyrm's Rock without pass or invitation.

Finding Vanra

Find and free Lora's abducted child.

Estrangement of Ethel

Defeat Auntie Ethel permanently.

A Fine Fortune

Criminal Steal an item worth at least 1000 gold.

Friend of the Family

Become an ally of the Zhentarim.

Escape Artist

Escape from jail after being arrested.

Slaughter's Prize

Ally with Minthara to loot and slaughter the grove.

Finders Keepers

Refuse to return Barth's locket.

Serpent's Bounty

Take Zevlor's payment for killing Kagha.

Blood Price

Murder an innocent civilian.


Steal the Idol of Silvanus.

Open For A Surprise

Acquire the Iron Flask from the Zhentarim.

Swiftly Stolen

Steal the duergar boots from the gnome.


Smuggle Sazza out of the grove.

A Sound Investment

Give Mol money to found a guild in Baldur's Gate.

Culling the Crowd

Use poison to kill the drunk goblins in camp.

Lesser Evils

Rob the enthralled fishermen.

A Dark Edge

Take Shar's dagger from the ritual pedestal.

Always a Way Out

Help the Moonrise prisoners escape.

An Absolute Douceur

Accept the Absolute's promise of gifts.

Body Heist

Open and loot the mind flayer colony's vault.

Enter Nostalgia

Trespass into Ketheric and Isobel's respective rooms.

Escape Artisan

Give Wulbren his tools so the gnomes can escape.

Fickle Allegiances

Betray Balthazar after learning that Nightsong is not a simple relic.

Long-Awaited Reunion

Hand Isobel over to Ketheric.

Notes of an Amateur

Craft some Brewed-Up Bellyglummer.

Personal Payroll

Discover the Toll Collector's personal hoard.

Right Tool for the Job

Obtain all 4 variants of the nurses' tools.

Shiny Trinkets and Baubles

Take the drider's Moonlantern.

War Profiteer

Find Roah in Moonrise and trade with her.

What's Yours is Mine

Take Shar's gem without aiding or killing the orthon.

Donations means 'Free'

Steal donated goods from the big barn.

There's Always a Back Door

Gain access to the Open Hand Temple's hidden door.

In Working Order

Guild Artisan Repair the elevator in the Zhentarim hideout.

The Spider's Gift

Identify the drow armour near Waukeen's Rest.

Treasure & Tramp

Observe the effects of the Chest of the Mundane.

An Acquired Taste

Drink one of Auntie Ethel's unique potions.

The Apprentice Turns Master

Craft Nettie's antidote in the cauldron.

Valued Customer

Trade with someone who has High approval of you.

A New Vision

Reforge the broken spear.

An Artist in Need

Rescue Oskar the painter from the Zhentarim.

Mind Over Mushrooms

Gather ingredients for Omeluum's potion.

A Golden Masterpiece

Sell an item worth at least 1000 gold.

The Finest Ingredients

Create a masterwork item from Sussur Bark.


Restore power to the elevator in the Arcane Tower.

Blood, Sweat, and the Other Thing

Give your blood to Araj Oblodra.

Confiscated Works

Acquire a magical item from the toll collector's confiscation chest.

Dark Machinations

Fill all sockets with Sharran gems in the Gauntlet of Shar.

Hellish Armaments

Obtain a piece of infernal equipment from Dammon.

Inhuman Trials

Witness a horrid operation in the cursed house of healing.

Made of Shadows

Unlock and take the Spear of Rampant Night.

Mating Season

Discover the source of the displacer beast's infatuation.

Ruthless Craftsmanship

Take Shar's ceremonial dagger.

Simple Tools, Great Works

Return Wulbren's tools to him.

Special Iced Arsenic... Brew?

Craft some Brewed-Up Bellygummer.

Tragedy in Masonry

Discover the fate of the mason.

Trust and a Little Pixie Dust

Investigate the Moonlantern and find its power source.

Alternative Voices

Partake in the lurid services of Sharess' Caress

Dream Big

Describe your perfect weapon to Gyldro Angleiron.

Following Instructions

Return the Sentient Amulet to Shirra.

Immoral Ingenuity

Discover the booby-trapped toys.

Sour taste

Find a bottle of poisoned wine (can be aqquired at wine festival if you pass medicine check)

Unmasking the Truth

Folk Hero Free one of the Hag's masked thralls.

A Timely Rescue

Save Findal from the goblins who kidnapped him.

The Most Unfortunate Gnome

Rescue the gnome from his fate at the windmill.

Rescued From the Flames

Save whoever you can from Waukeen's Rest.


Liberate the enthralled fishermen from the mind flayer.

The Bard With Nine Lives

Rescue Volo from the goblin camp.

Saved By A Thread

Save Smythin from his lethal fall.

Fate Worse Than Death

Save Liam from his goblin torturers.

Guardian of the Forgotten

Save the tieflings from the goblin assault.

A Lethal Endeavor

Escort Baelen out of the field of bibberbangs.

Snake Whisperer

Protect Arabella from Kagha and her serpent.

Protector of the Small

Save Mirkon from the harpies.

Soul Warden

Save Nadira from the bugbear assassin.

A Smile Better Suits...

Offer a hopeful response to Alfira's inquiry.


Break out and save all of the Moonrise prisoners.

From One Hero To Another

Meet Jaheira and stay in her good books.

Greatness Thrust Upon Them

Find, save & bring Arabella to your camp.

Helping The Little Guy

Help Mol win the game of lanceboard.

Meeting of Fates

Side with either Isobel or Marcus during the confrontation in Last Light.

No Strings to Hold Them Back

Release the gnolls from their enslavement.

Not Another Soul

Keep all Harpers alive during the ambush with the Shadows.

Power Corrupts

Defeat a major figure in the corrupted town.

Saving the Prodigious

Save Rolan from the Shadow-Cursed Lands.

Uncommon Recognition

Relate your feats to the bugbear merchant.

A Bet Is a Bet

Meet with Lakrissa in Baldur's Gate.

Chained, Unfortunate Souls

Rescue the vampire spawns from Cazador's lair.

Diplomatic Rescue

Save Counsellor Florrick from Wyrm's Rock.

Empathy for the Fallen

Convince the coffin-maker to make an exception.

End of the Tribunal

Save Valeria and end the Murder Tribunal.

Freeing the Preyed

Free Hope from captivity.

Keeping Your Hands Clean

Refuse to cause collateral damage with Wulbren's plan.

In Need of a Hero

Successfully rescue all of the Gondians from the Steel Watch Foundry.

Innocence Lost

Expose the toy-maker's mischief.

Never To Be Chained Again

Defeat Lorroakan and let Nightsong execute her vengeance.

Painted Hero

Obtain your portrait from Oskar.

Safeguarding the Songbird

Meet the unflappable Alfira in Baldur's Gate.

Securing Hospitalities

Save the squatters from being kicked out.

Trusting Your Instincts

Take up Valeria's shoddily concluded investigation.

Truth Shines Through

Find the true culprit behind the serial murders.



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    • Anonymous

      I wish they'd done with Backgrounds what they did with Racial stat bonuses and let us just pick 2 proficiencies.

      Then added dialogue options for backgrounds so the choice was for RP purposes.

      Just imagine things like having banter with Lae'zel as a Noble because you both consider each other Servants. Hilarious back and forth with Volo as an Entertainer (Similar to some of the Bard options) or a Scholar (Who's read his books). Having different ways to interact with Mol as a Criminal, Outlander, Charlatan, Urchin or Guild Artisan. Etc.

      • Anonymous

        Wish they didn't abandon custom backgrounds like tabletop has. 4 skills for most characters at character creation in 5e was balanced around you can actually pick 2 custom ones from your background, and the other 2 come from class skills. Picking 2 for your background means there's 36 possibilities. We are down to 12 in BG3. Hope they actually update this.

        • Anonymous

          Can i change somehow background on my custom character? Like, f.e. - from soldier to sailor. Maybe cheats or whatever. Just don`t want to restart all 1st act but need lvl.5 important proficiency

          • Anonymous

            Soldier Background in Release Version found at Date 05.08.2023:
            Insted of "Start them Young" it is now "To Arms!" = Help Guex learn how to fightt.

            • Anonymous

              Hermit and Sailor backgrounds was retired in patch 5. Understandable based on how BG3 gives thematic Inspirations based upon your actions (hermit and sailor does not fit the game), but losing access to Sailor's Athletics and Perception, two of the strongest skills in BG3, is quite the loss.

              • Anonymous

                i wish to have the hilarious background from Arcanum:
                You were institutionalized at a young age and believed to be mentally handicapped. After several years, the institute lost funding and you were turned out onto the street with nothing more than the clothes on your back. You are brilliant with a keen grasp of numbers and mathematics, but you are barely able to talk. You gain a significant bonus to Intelligence (+6) and an exceptional bonus to your Gambling skill. However, years of being locked away makes you suffer physically and emotionally. You talk as if you had a much lower Intelligence and you suffer penalties to Strength (-1), Constitution (-1), Dexterity (-2), and Willpower (-2).

                • Anonymous

                  If you choose a class that already has a proficiency in a skill and you choose a background that also grants the same proficiency does the proficiency double or are you wasting potential?

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