Folk Hero

Background Features
Animal Handling Proficiency
Survival Proficiency

Folk Hero is a Background in Baldur's Gate 3. Backgrounds are special traits or expertises that affect the starting Proficiencies the player has and also add two bonus background features. Backgrounds may also decide how your character be treated by certain NPCs, and how can they handle certain situations.


Folk Hero Information

  • You're a champion of the common people, challenging tyrants and monsters to protect the helpless. Saving innocents in imminent danger will make your legend grow.
  • Wyll, the Warlock that may join you at the Druid Grove, has this Background.


Folk Hero Proficiencies


Folk Hero Background Features.


Folk Hero Background Goals

When a character performs an action that's true to their Background, they will be Inspired. Earning +1 Inspiration Point and +25 Exp. Inspiration may be spent to reroll an Ability Check. Not only your character can become Inspired, but also your Companions.

You may hold up to 4 Inspiration points at once. Inspiration earned over the cap will become Experience Points.


Chaper One
Chapter Two

 Click Details to learn how to complete the selected Background Goal

Unmasking the Truth

Free one of the Hag's masked Thralls



A Timely Rescue

Save Findal from Goblins who kidnapped him

Rescue Findal at the Underground Passage


The Most Unfortunate Gnome

Rescue the gnome from his fate at the windmill

Rescue Barcus Wroot at the Windmill in Blighted Village


Rescued From the Flames

Save whoever you can from Waukeen's Rest




Liberate the enthralled fishermen from the Mind Flayer

Break the mind control the Mind Flayer is exerting over the fishermen at the crashed Nautiloid

The Bard with Nine Lives

Rescue Volo from the Goblin Camp

At the Goblin Camp, convince his captor to free Volo


Saved by a Thread

Save Smythin from his lethal fall

At the Shattered Sanctum, save him from falling to the Spiders' Pit.


Fate Worse than Death

Save Liam from his Goblin torturers

Found on the Shattered Sanctum, free him from his captors.


Guardian of the Forgotten

Save the Tieflings from the Goblin assault

Complete Save the Refugees by defeating the three goblin leaders ( True Soul Gut, Minthara and Dror Ragzlin). Then return to the Druid Grove and talk to Zevlor

A Lethal Endeavor

Escort Baelen out of the field of bibberbangs

In the Underdark, help Baelen leave the field successfully.


Snake Whisperer

Protect Arabella from Kagha and her serpent

Avoid  Arabella from being killed at the Druid Grove


Protector of the Small

Save Mirkon from the Harpies

Save Mirkon and defeat the Harpies at the Secluded Cove


Soul Warden

Save Nadira from the Bugbear Assassin

Kill the Assassin before he gets to her




Folk Hero Tips & Notes

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In Other Languages

  • Español (España): Héroe del pueblo


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