Sleight of Hand

Main Attribute Dexterity

Sleight of Hand is a Skill in Baldur's Gate 3. Sleight of Hand is a Dexterity skill. Skills represent a specific aspect of an ability score, and an individual’s proficiency in a skill demonstrates a focus on that aspect.


Sleight of Hand Information

Sleight of Hand is a Dexterity Skill. Whenever you attempt an act of legerdemain or manual trickery, such as planting something on someone else or concealing an object on your person, make a Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) check


How to Increase Sleight of Hand

The following classes can select Sleight of Hand as a proficiency:

The following equipment provide bonuses to Sleight of Hand:

The following spells provide bonuses to Sleight of Hand:


Sleight of Hand Tips & Notes

  • The pickpocketing interface is confusing, which is not helped by the tooltips being wrong in multiple ways (as of v 4.1.1). The important thing to know is that the "Target" value shown on screen is what you have to ROLL on the d20 (plus any other dice you add to your checks) to succeed on the Sleight of Hand check. The game pre-calculates your fixed bonuses to Sleight of Hand before displaying that number, and then displays only the result of the d20 when you actually pickpocket the item. The combat log displays the full result of the Sleight of Hand check, including the actual DC of the check, and every bonus you received.
  • The maximum DC of a pickpocket attempt is 30, so if you build up your Sleight of Hand bonuses high enough, it's possible to make even the most difficult pickpocket attempts always succeed. To do this, get your Sleight of Hand bonus to +8 from Expertise (character level 9+), +6 from Dexterity (using Auntie Ethel's Hair, The Graceful Cloth, and the Mirror of Loss to reach 22 Dex), and +4 from Unlucky Thief's Gloves and Smuggler's Ring. This gives a total bonus of +18 displayed in the character sheet, which makes the target roll in the pickpocket interface max out at 12 (DC 30 - 18 = 12) (Astarion's Happy condition can further reduce this to 11). Then add +2d4 from Guidance and Shapeshifter's Boon Ring, and be a level 11 Rogue with Reliable Talent, so you can't roll below 10. You now cannot fail to roll at least 12, as you're guaranteed to get 10 plus at least 2 from the d4s.


In Other Languages

  • Deutsch (Deutschland): Fingerfertigkeit
  • Español (España): Juego de manos / Prestidigitación
  • Polish (Polski): Zwinne dłonie


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    • Anonymous

      The Happy condition gives Astarion the highest Sleight of Hand modifier in the game (afaik). At level 11, Astarion's minimum Sleight of Hand roll is 28, which means you auto-succeed on almost all thefts*, e.g., stealing spell scrolls from the vendors in Sorcerous Sundries** (and no longer have to worry about rolling two nat 1s with the advantage from Cat's Grace).

      Base 10 from Reliable Talent
      +6 from Dex (with the +2 ability score buff from the Mirror of Loss***)
      +6 from Expertise
      +1 from Happy
      +3 Sleight of Hand modifier
      +1d4 from Guidance
      +1d4 from Shapeshifter's Boon ring

      In Act I, DO NOT KILL THE WEIRD COW. You can get the Gloves of Power (+1 SoH; goblin encounter outside Druid Grove), the Silver Pendant (casts Guidance; on a skeleton near the Harper Cache), and the Smuggler's Ring (+2 SoH/+2 Stealth; on a skeleton in a bush on the river bank under the Risen Road). Later in Act I, you can get the Graceful Cloth (+2 Dex/Adv on Dex checks) from Lady Esther in the Mountain Pass on the way to Rosymorn Monastery Trail.

      In Act II, you can get the Shapeshifter's Boon ring from the weird cow (aka ooze), which gives you +1d4 to skill checks.

      In Act III, all party members (don't know about hirelings) can get a +2 bonus to a stat of your choice by interacting with the Mirror Loss in the House of Grief on the far-West side of Baldur's Gate. This also raises the chosen stat's maximum from 20 to 24.

      *Even without the Mirror of Loss buff, a minimum SoH check of 27 (+5 Dex instead of +6) is going to guartrantee auto-successes on stealing the overwhelming majority of items. In my last Tactician playthrough, 27 SoH auto-succeeded on stealing scrolls from Sorcerous Sundries vendors.
      **Sorcerous Sundries is the best source of consumable wealth/power in the game.
      ***Getting the MoL buff requires a bit of RNG. You can bypass this easily with save scumming on Tactician and easier difficulties, but that option isn't available in Honour Mode.

      • Anonymous

        Got really tired of Astarion. Turns out, if you multiclass into Rogue, the first level will give you Sleight of Hand Proiciency and 2 Expertise Skills. Get that on any High-Dex Character and you are good to go without Astarion.

        • Anonymous

          At level 1 the Ranger can also get Sleight of Hand proficiency by choosing the Urban Tracker option from the Natural Explorer's.

          • Anonymous

            Biggest gripe with skills is that you can't have +5 on a specific class. I want to have a fighter with +5 slight of hand but game won't allow it even if you max out dex. This is so frustrating. Custom character is limited by the rules of the game even if you follow those very rules.

            • Anonymous

              Does this skill work different from the lock picking skill from nwn? Back then any class could invest in it but only rogues could actually lock pick.

              • Anonymous

                Urban tracker hunters can have sleight of hand too, and also the Urchin background, in case you don't want to play with a rogue in the party.

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