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Soldier is a Background in Baldur's Gate 3. Backgrounds are special traits or expertises that affect the starting Proficiencies the player has and also add two bonus background features. Backgrounds may also decide how your character be treated by certain NPCs, and how can they handle certain situations.

Soldier Information

  • You are trained in battlefield tactics and combat, having served in a militia, mercenary company,
    or officer corps. Show smart tactics and bravery on the battlefield to enhance your prowess.
  • Lae'zel has this background.

Soldier Background Features

Soldier Background Goals

  • When a character performs an action that's true to their Background, they will be Inspired. Earning +1 Inspiration Point and +25 Exp. Inspiration may be spent to reroll an Ability Check. Not only your character can become Inspired, but also your Companions.
  • You may hold up to 4 Inspiration points at once. Inspiration earned over the cap will become Experience Points.


Chaper One
Chapter Two

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Kill 5 Enemies in a single turn



Stalwart Heart

Persuade Rolan to stay and protect the grove

No longer available in v4.1.1.3624901


Chain of Command

Follow Flaming Fist orders at the burning inn



Conquer of Conquerors

Defeat the Githyanki raiding squad


Crown Crusher

Kill every leader in the Goblin Camp

No longer available in v4.1.1.3624901


Warrior of the Hells

Kill the cultist leader seeking Karlach



Start then Young

Inspire the Tiefling children to train harder

No longer available in v4.1.1.3624901


Drowned in the Dark

Defeat the Duergar patrolling on the Ebonlake


No One Left Behind

Ensure all of the Grove's defenders survive the first goblin assault




Destroy a powerful foe in one strike



One for the Ages

Survive a fight in which you kill ten or more Enemies



To Arms!

Help Guex learn how to fight.

Within Emerald Grove, speak to a tiefling named Guex training his swordsmanship in this location (X:206 Y:553), this will also inspire Lae'zel.




Soldier Tips & Notes

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  • ??




Acolyte  ♦  Charlatan  ♦  Criminal  ♦  Entertainer  ♦  Folk Hero  ♦  Guild Artisan  ♦  Haunted One  ♦  Hermit  ♦  Noble  ♦  Outlander  ♦  Sage  ♦  Sailor  ♦  Urchin


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    • Anonymous

      I had a pleasant surprise when i battled Mother Spider in cave. Enemy spawned eggs and hatched those nasty little spiders, so the next turn i used Shatter and killed all hatchlings at once, very easy targets.

      • Anonymous

        Inspiration - Strategist; this one can be achieved... surprisingly easily. Well, I say easily, but you do have to work for it. When you get to the Underdark, and get into the fight with the Bulette, eventually. Instead of killing it, knock it out. Head back to camp, then return. Use your Soldier or Lae'zel to attack the KO'd Bulette, thus triggering the Inspiration. I'd guess this works on anything classified as a "Boss", including the Phase Spider Queen. That would need confirmation though. This involves... some serious, and I mean SERIOUS effort in attempting to NOT cheese the fight, pushing it(Bulette) off the ledge.

        • Anonymous

          One for the Ages is easily completed just prior to the getting to Last Light Inn, just prior to the bridge area, you will come across a dead crow. Interacting with it, will summon 10 or 11, 1HP Crows. Simply have your party go on the defensive, while your Soldier, probably Lae'zel, goes around smacking the birds down one by one. They inflict minimal damage. Alternatively, if one is particularly Murder Hobo-ey. You can attack the goblins in the Blighted Village, specifically kiting them so you aggro the one's at the front gate, and the one's in front of the Windmill with the gnome. Those are the two easiest points in which to obtain One for the Ages. Killing civilians while they are Temporarily Hostile does NOT trigger it. So, no wholesale slaughter out the gate at the Druid's Grove, and additionally, it has to be one combat initiative count. I recommend going the Bird route, and downing Alchohol to net yourself an achievement for killing a certain amount of enemies in an adventuring day drunk. It also has no implications narrative wise immediately, or down the road whether one chooses the Absolute or to be a "Hero".

          • Anonymous

            Stalwart Heart is either bugged or removed. I've triggered the effect with the Custom and Lae'zel herself for the conversation to keep Rolan from bugging out, and in both cases regardless of Persuasion, Githyanki, Barbarian and a slew of other options. It does pop up as completed. I noticed a similar effect with Pentacrush and One for the Ages. Very, VERY specifically, it has to be the character with the Soldier Background to do the killing. It cannot be someone else. Otherwise the Inspiration will not update. This is either a bug, or intentional. I am unsure as of this moment, but it is very... aggravating, to say the least. Tested with three characters in the Blighted Village with Feez (10+ Enemies), and outside of the Druids Grove (8 Enemies). Custom killed 10 in Blighted, no dice for Lae'zel, but popped for the Soldier Custom. Wyll killed 10, neither Soldier or Lae'zel popped. Lae killed 10, popped for Lae, not for Custom. Also worth noting, you interestingly can't get both Penta and One for the Ages from the same fight. One of the two pops, not both; though that may be unintended.

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