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Entertainer is a Background in Baldur's Gate 3. Backgrounds are special traits or expertises that affect the starting Proficiencies the player has and also add two bonus background features. Backgrounds may also decide how your character be treated by certain NPCs, and how can they handle certain situations.

Entertainer Information

  • You live to sway and subvert your audience, engaging common crowds and high society alike.

Entertainer Skill Proficiencies

Entertainer Background Goals

  • When a character performs an action that's true to their Background, they will be Inspired. Earning +1 Inspiration Point and +25 Exp. Inspiration may be spent to reroll an Ability Check. Not only your character can become Inspired, but also your Companions.
  • You may hold up to 4 Inspiration points at once. Inspiration earned over the cap will become Experience Points.


Chaper One
Chapter Two

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The Price of Ink

Free Oskar the painter from the Zhentarim

Buy Oskar Fevras from Brem, during Free the Artist


The Art of Agony

Perform for Loviatar's pleasure in her ritual



Life of the Party

Take part in the goblin camp's toast



Made you Look

Earn Mattis' respect by taking his Ring

When interacting with Mattis at the Druid Grove, manage to recreate his ring trick, to earn his respect.


Enjoy a dance in camp with the Tieflings



Give them a Show

Get the Goblins on your side while duelling Crusher



Chicken Chase Extraordinaire

Win a match of Chicken Chase



A Bard's Muse

Inspire Alfira the bard

Help Alfira complete her song at the Druid Grove

Heart of the Creator

Perform in a play with Bernard the automaton

Interact with Bernard at the Arcane Tower by using one of the phrases from the plays found throughout the tower.


Feel the Beat

Successfully perform on the goblin war drum



A Story for the Ages

Turn someone to your side with a well-timed tale



The Price of Fame

Rescue Volo, Bard Extraordinaire, from the Goblin Camp





Entertainer Tips & Notes

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In Other Languages

  • Español (España): Animador


Acolyte  ♦  Charlatan  ♦  Criminal  ♦  Folk Hero  ♦  Guild Artisan  ♦  Haunted One  ♦  Hermit  ♦  Noble  ♦  Outlander  ♦  Sage  ♦  Sailor  ♦  Soldier  ♦  Urchin


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    • Anonymous

      As a Entertainer and Bard you'll get "A Very Tall Tale" Inspiration if you embellish the story to Volo. I can't say if you can get it without the [Bard] class.

      • Anonymous

        The Price of Fame doesn't seem to work. I rescued Volo and compeed his quest but no inspiration was awarded.

        • Anonymous

          Anyone else think its kinda dumb the Entertainer background doesn't give you musical instrument proficiency?

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