Location Goblin Camp
Shattered Sanctum
Act Act 1
Quests Rescue Volo

Volo is an NPC in Baldur's Gate 3. Volo can be found at Goblin Camp. Volothamp Geddarm, most famously known as Volo is a renowned traveler and storyteller within the world of Baldur’s Gate.


Volo Information:

  • Volo is the author of many guide books and illustrator of many maps of Faerun.  He is one of the most famous characters of the franchise.


Where to find Volo

Can be found at:


Volo Quests


Volo Dialogue Options

When first arriving at the Goblin Camp, Volo is being forced to perform by the goblins. After listening to his performance you can:

  • Give him your rapt attention.
  • Accuse him of inventing words during the performance. Doing so will make Volo nervous and start a meaningless ramble. This will cause the goblin to take Volo to his cage.
  • Cheer him with a Bravo!
  • Say nothing.
  • Leave.

After Volo is returned to his cage, you can find him once you enter Shattered Sanctum, guarded by Gribbo. If you kill her, you can free Volo. Volo speaks of how the story of your rescue will live on for eons. After doing so you can tell him the following:

  • Ask him how he will accomplish that.
  • Tell him you are not looking for that sort of attention.
  • Suggest him to get to safety as quick as he can.
  • Tell him hw owes you gold. After saying this, Volo will offer you knowledge instead of gold. You can:
    • Ask him how he got caught. Volo says he decided to go to the Goblin Camp and affirms that to learn about people the best way is to live among them.
    • Ask him how does he intend to slip the yoke.
    • Tell him you are not looking for extra company now.
    • Tell him to wait you at your camp. Eagerly, he drinks a potion of invisibility and vanishes.
    • Leave.

After rescuing Volo, he appears at the Camp. You can ask him how did he find the camp. He tells you that finding is his job. If there's anything in the world worth knowing, he knows it.

  • You can ask him 'What do you know about Mind Flayers?'. Volo's answer is quite vague. He says that they have tentacles and that the druid Halsin has a replica of a mind flayer specimen in a jar.
    • You can tell him you fought a Mind Flayer. After saying this, Volo doesn't believe you.
      • You can tell him, that you even killed one. Again, Volo says it can't be.
        • Tell him you were captured by Mind Flayers before.
        • Tell him you killed a Mind Flayer aboard a Nautiloid. He starts to believe you and asks you if you have noticed some residual psionic malaise after the encounter.
          • Tell him you have. And the mind flayer also infected you with a parasite. Volo states that's impossible because you would have turned into a Mind Flayer already.
            • Ceremorphosis? tell me more. He explains the process of transformation, and since Volo doesn't see any tentacles sprouting from your head, he assumes you aren't infected.
            • If only your disbelief could alter facts. Saying this, Volo states that it's ridiculous to think you are infected.
              • Ask him to examine you.
              • Agree with him, saying it's utterly ridiculous.
              • Tell him to keep a safe distance from you. He says it'd be irresponsible not to debunk such a claim.
                • You can tell him to relent. Doing so, Volo examines you and realize you are telling the truth.
                  • Tell him you want to get rid of the parasite by any means necessary. Volo says that if you give him a little time he will look into this.
                  • Ask him if he can help you.
                  • Leave
                • Tell him you don't want him poking inside your head.
              • Leave
            • Never mind.
          • Tell him that is more like a psychic transference?
          • Tell him you haven't experienced anything like that.
        • Tell him you have also been infected with one of their parasites
      • Tell him that a mind flayer planted one of their larva in your brain.
    • You can ask him if knows anything about their parasites


Volo Notes and Tips

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    • Anonymous

      Weird thing happened on my last playthrough:
      I stealth killed the guards in his cell and as soon as I freed him, he drank his invisibility potion and screamed "Thief" and "Murderer" to the gobbo camp -- had every goblin aggro me at that point :P

      • Anonymous

        After a while in your camp he'll ask you if he can try someyhing, he'll then try to extract the worm by pushing an icepick through your eye, if you agree until the end, you'll lose an eye, he'll then give you a fake one (no effect for the moment), and you'll get a permanent malus on your detection and will be unable to perform any critical hit, that's like the worst permanent effect in the whole game at the moment, but the whole thing is quite fun

        He'll also leave your camp (to find something to help you maybe, idk), and your companions will disapprove

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