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Urchin is a Background in Baldur's Gate 3. Backgrounds are special traits or expertises that affect the starting Proficiencies the player has and also add two bonus background features. Backgrounds may also decide how your character be treated by certain NPCs, and how can they handle certain situations.


Urchin Information

  • After surviving a childhood on the streets, you know how to make the most out of very little.
  • Shadowheart has this background.


Urchin Proficiencies


Urchin Background Features.


Urchin Background Goals

When a character performs an action that's true to their Background, they will be Inspired. Earning +1 Inspiration Point and +25 Exp. Inspiration may be spent to reroll an Ability Check. Not only your character can become Inspired, but also your Companions.

You may hold up to 4 Inspiration points at once. Inspiration earned over the cap will become Experience Points.


Chaper One
Chapter Two

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Pyramid Scheme

Convince the ogres to work for you without giving them gold. 



What Price Dignity?

Steal the toe ring from Crusher without getting caught.



Not on my Watch

Save Arabella from Kagha and her serpent.



Hunger Never Fades

Fill your plate at Raphael's House of Hope


Protect your Own

Protect the child who took the locket from Barth



Born Innocent

Save the Owlbear Cub fgrom Goblins




Get some coin out of the Zhentarim survivors



Slaying the Piper

Rescue Mirkon from the harpies


The Allure of Coin

Steal from a child charmed by harpies



Artful Dodger

Earn Mattis' respect by taking his Rings



Family Comes First

Encourage Meli to tell the truth about the Amulet




Help Mol steal the Idol of Silvanus






Urchin Tips & Notes

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Acolyte  ♦  Charlatan  ♦  Criminal  ♦  Entertainer  ♦  Folk Hero  ♦  Guild Artisan  ♦  Hermit  ♦  Noble  ♦  Outlander  ♦  Sage  ♦  Sailor  ♦  Soldier

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    • Anonymous

      There's another Urchin inspiration goal: Paying It Forward.

      1. Ask Mol why her crew is stealing.
      2. Offer some gold (40) to invest in her crew.

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