Game Progress Route for Baldur's Gate 3 features a recommended step-by-step progression path for the main campaign of the game, its goal is to provide players with the important points of the game and to avoid any missing important aspects such as significant Locations, NPCs, Items, as well as involved boss encounters. For guides on quests, click here, if you want to check a detailed guide for each location, you may visit our Walkthrough page.


Baldur's Gate 3 Game Progress Route


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  1. Find a way off the Nautiloid
  2. Reach the Helm
  3. Connect the nerves of the transponder.


When you start the Prologue: Escape the Nautiloid, you'll begin with escaping your pod amidst the commotion. This will also serve as the "Tutorial" portion of the game. As you explore further, you'll see an unstable Nursery in the middle (X:51 Y:-422). Once you get close enough, a few dialogue options will appear, choose the Investigation, and then a prompt will pop up explaining how Skill Checks work. If you fail the skill check, you will be presented with the same options 1 and 3. Choosing the first option will cause the Nursery to explode. Now head to the second level, you'll find several cartilaginous chests (X:47 Y:-436) that contain some Potions and other misc items. When you navigate this region, you can use the jump Action to cross gaps and fires to loot bodies on the other side. If you get damaged by the fire, you can interact with the Restoration to recover your health. Now move on to the next area (X:28 Y:-424), upon opening the door to this area, the game will explain about the Map and show the different markers on the left side of the screen. In this next area, you will find more potions and scrolls on dead Imps. Now get on top of the platform in the middle (X:0 Y:-427) where you'll see one of the Neural Apparatus it will then lift you to reach the higher ground. You'll then notice a victim you can interact with named Myrnath (X:0 Y:-430). The first few dialogue options won't affect anything regardless of what you choose. Depending on your character, some dialogue options will turn out better than others. In this case, this character has a 2d20 Advantage when choosing the third dialogue option, which is attempting a cerebral extraction. An Advantage lets you roll two dice and take the higher result before adding modifiers. Once you've successfully met or succeeded the target number, you can choose to let it accompany you and aid you in your adventures by sparing the brain. If you choose to help the brain, you will have gained a follower.

As you progress forward, you'll then encounter Lae'zel (X:-39 Y:-430), a female Githyanki Fighter who can become one of your potential Companions. Now you'll need to engage in combat as you'll encounter several Imps ahead (X:-45 Y:-402). Once you've slain the Imps, you can move forward to the deck and climb the Arterial Mesh (X:-43 Y:-367) you'll see to proceed to the next area (X:-31 Y:-356). Upon reaching the next room, you'll find a control panel in the middle (X:-11 Y:-354). The various slates in the rooms that are above the buttons have their text hidden behind a DC 15 Arcana skill check. The three slates in the first room you go to read, in order from left to right: "Unleash - Aggression - Annihilate". The 'Unleash' button plays a short scene but ultimately does nothing. The middle button will cause the thralls to attack you, while the rightmost button will instantly kill them. On the left side of the room, you'll see another Mind Flayer Pod with someone inside the chamber (X:-3 Y:-347). You will also notice a control panel beside it. As you approach the pod, Shadowheart, a Shar priest and a potential Companion, tells you to get her out of there, Lae'zel insists that we leave her as we don't have much time. You will then have several dialogue interactions as to how you would want to deal with Shadowheart being inside the pod. You can choose to free her or leave her be. If you chose to set her free, interact with her, then you can choose to make her your companion if you let her accompany you to the helm. Now proceed to the next area, you can find a Gold Key on a corpse (X:28 Y:-354) just as you enter, you can use this to open an elaborate chest. North of the room, you'll see another corpse on the ground (X:61 Y:-353), she will have a Bronze Necklace and an Eldritch Rune that you can loot.

Now make your way to the Helm (X:-20 Y:-389) and once you reach the area, you will immediately engage in combat after the short cutscene. You can focus on defeating the imps while ignoring Commander Zhalk, as he'll focus on fighting the Mind Flayer. Once you reach the other side of the helm, more imps will appear. This battle will be a race against time as you will need to reach the Transponder before the Nautiloid crashes. You will see on the right side of the screen how many turns you have left before the Nautiloid crashes. Do note that you can also kill Commander Zhalk and loot the Everburn Blade from him (2d6 + 1d4 fire). However, once you kill him, the Mind Flayer will turn hostile and some Cambions will appear in the area and start to attack. Once you've cleared out the enemies and reached the transponder in time, the quest is completed.



Ravaged Beach

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  1. Find a way to remove the mind flayer parasite
  2. Find the healer Nettie
  3. Find Zorru


Upon your arrival at the Ravaged Beach, the first quest in Act 1, Find a Cure, will begin. Do note that this step-by-step progression will only focus on the main quest found within this location, and will not include any of the side quests that were present when exploring this location. Now continue forward and you'll find Shadowheart unconscious on the ground. You have the option to wake her up or reach for the artefact she's holding. If you chose to wake her up, you'll have a lengthy conversation about your current situation, then you can choose to let her accompany you or go your separate ways. If you choose to let her accompany you, she will thank you for freeing her from the pod back in Nautilod. You'll then get an approval up from her. Continue following the main path ahead and loot some items you can find on the ground. As you proceed, you'll find an Ancient Sigil Circle on the wall, just beside the Ancient Door in the Overgrown Ruins. When you interact with the Ancient Door, it won't open, Shadowheart will suggest looking for another entrance. Now head west and you'll encounter a couple of Intellect Devourers in the area. Try to keep your distance throughout the fight to make quick work of them, these are low-level enemies but can be dangerous once you're surrounded by a group of them. Once you've slain all the Intellect Devourers, explore the area and loot what you can then head west. Continue following the main path and you will come across the destroyed Nautiloid wreck, then slightly up a hill, you'll find Astarion, a High Elf vampire and a potential Companion, calling for help. Interact with him and you'll have several dialogue interactions with him. You can choose to let him tag along or go your separate ways. Now head northeast to the crash site, you'll notice footprints in the area, there are dead goblins on the ground and you can loot some items and supplies from their corpses. Continue following the path then head southwest, you'll encounter an injured mind flayer in the area, you'll have several dialogue interactions with this creature, but in the end, you can choose to kill it yourself, or let it die slowly. Now head north then climb the platform, and continue following the road uphill. As you move forward, you'll find Lae'zel trapped in a wooden cage and two Tieflings, Damays and Nymessa, discussing whether to kill her or leave her to the goblins. You will be able to communicate with Lae'zel even without actually speaking to each other via the monsters inside your head. You will be given several dialogue options to work with during this encounter, you can either choose to help her or leave her there. You can also deceive the tieflings and let them reveal about their camp. If you successfully deceived them, Damays will reveal that the camp is located northwest and once you make it there, look for Nettie.

If you chose to rescue Lae'zel and agreeing in joining her to look for a crèche, Shadowheart will disapprove of this decision and says that she trusts your judgement, but she doesn't trust Lae'zel yet. Lae'zel then explains that since the tieflings mentioned a camp, there's one tiefling named Zorru, who has seen githyanki. She suggests we ask Zorru where he has seen the other githyankis.

Now continue heading south, then head west, you'll see an unstable rune on the wall. Interact with it, you can then touch it or leave it be, an arm will then extend out of the portal, you can leave it be or help the man stuck inside the portal. After successfully pulling him out of the portal, he will introduce himself. This is Gale, a Human Wizard and a potential Companion. After the introduction, he says he remembers you from the Nautiloid. You'll then have several dialogue interactions and in the end you will have to choose to let him join you or abandon him there. If you choose to let him join you, he'll say he can join you later and meet you at your camp.

If you go to your Camp, a pop-up will appear on the screen giving you tips about the Camp. The camp is where you can take a Long Rest and fully heal your party. You can also manage your Companions at the Camp, and even advance relationships with some of them if you wish to do so, you can also store items, eventually change your character, and recruit more NPCs. Once you're done and satisfied with interacting with all your Companions, you can interact with the bed near the campfire to take a Long Rest. This will restore your Hit Points and Spell Slots, you will need to have the required amount of camp supplies to fully rest.

Now head southeast of Roadside Cliffs, and you'll reach the Chapel Entrance (X:272 Y319). At the southeast corner of the entrance, you'll find a dirt mound you can dig through (X:289 Y:314) if you successfully passed the survival check and if you're currently carrying a Shovel, it'll reveal a wooden chest with Scroll of Magic MissileScroll of Mage Armor, and Scroll of Expeditious Retreat inside. Now head north and enter the chapel ruins, you'll see a headless statue there, continue moving forward, and you'll encounter a Gnome (Gimblebock) arguing with a High Half-Elf (Taman) (X:286 Y:339). When you start approaching them, they'll end their conversation and make you stop. If you tell them that the ship's full of poisonous vapours, it will make the two leave, and Shadowheart will approve of this decision. If you head straight from where the crack is (where Gimblebock and Taman were previously standing), there's a locked door (X:286 Y:360). You'll then hear a muffled voice speaking through the door once you interact with it, thinking you're Gimblebock and asking if everything's alright. Choosing the fourth option will require you to pass a skill check with DC 10, successfully passing the skill check will fool the person inside and let you in. You'll then achieve Charlatan: Cheese Your Way Through and will inspire Astarion.

Now go through the door and you'll find yourself within the Refectory. Upon entering, you'll have to deal with the bandit that let you in. After slaying the bandit, you can loot the Bandit's KeyLeather Armour, and other misc items from its corpse. Now head outside, from where the two bandits left, you'll notice a crack in the ground and a giant rock hanging by a coiled rope above (X:288 Y: 345). You can shoot the coiled rope to drop the rock, making a giant hole in the ground. You can then drop down the hole and have access to the Refectory via a different entrance. Once inside, you can go through the door in front of you but be careful, as you will face five enemies in the area. Deal with them as you see fit then go to the door on the south side, will lead you to the library, and on the statue, you can loot the book named Chapel Records.

On the westmost corner of the Refectory, there's a door leading to the Dank Crypt (X:-189 Y:-322). Upon entering the crypt, you'll immediately two Opulent Chests, the one on the right side contains a Peridot Ring. Now you need to retrieve the Engraved Key located inside a sarcophagus. To open it, you have to solve a puzzle involving pressing switches. Now use the Engraved Key to open the Heavy Oak Doors (X:-294 Y:-286). Go through the door, and just ahead you'll come across an Entombed Scribe, you can loot a Scroll of Burning Hands and other items (X:-292 Y:-261). There's a door on the far right, inside you'll see the Book of Dead Gods (X:-321 Y:-270). Choosing any of the three options will require you to pass a skill check with DC 10, successfully doing so will release the lock and open the book. Then you can choose to examine the book more closely, doing this will require you to pass another skill check with DC 10, and successfully passing this will give you an approval up from Shadowheart, you will also achieve the Acolyte: Divinity Undone and will inspire Shadowheart as well.

Now go outside the door you came from, stick to the left side and you'll see another Entombed Scribe (X:-311 Y;-252), you can loot a Heavy Key, which can open the Ancient Door within the Dank Crypt. Now head up the stairs on the left side (X-298 Y-232) and you need to pass the Perception check to interact with the button on the wall to open a secret passage. A short cutscene will play and then you'll immediately engage in combat with Entombed enemies. Deal with them as you see fit. Once you've taken care of all the Entombed enemies, go inside the secret room, and open the Heavy Chest, you'll find The Amulet of Lost Voices (X:-292 Y:-235) and other loot. Now interact with the Richly Adorned Sarcophagus (X:-289 Y:-230) and Withers will arise from it. After your conversation with Withers, he will leave the ruins. Now head outside the secret room and make your way to the rightmost part, where you'll see a lever, pulling this lever will drop down a ladder (X:-248 Y:-270). Interacting with the ladder will get you back to the Chapel Entrance area, you'll also see a hatch where you just came from.


Emerald Grove

zevlor introduction emerald grove walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

  1. Battle at the Gates
  2. Get help from Auntie Ethel
  3. Finding Healer Nettie.


Before making your way inside Emerald Grove, you first need to go here (X:216 Y:411) to initiate a cutscene. The cutscene will show Aradin, alongside his companions Remira and Barth, arguing with Kanon to open the gate leading to Emerald Grove. Kanon does not budge as he says the gates must be kept shut as per Zevlor's orders. Aradin then tells Zevlor that they were fighting off a group of Goblins and now followed them there, Zevlor then orders Kanon to raise the gate, but it's too late. The group of goblins arrives and just as Kanon was raising the gate, he gets struck by multiple arrows. Although it may seem they are being overwhelmed, Wyll shows up at the scene to help. After that, you will immediately engage in combat. During this combat encounter, take advantage of your positioning as you are already at a high ground. Once you've slain all the enemies in the area, Zevlor will then order someone to open the gate. Before going through the gate, you can loot the corpses of fallen enemies for useful items. You can loot the Brass Locket out of Barth's corpse if he dies during the encounter. Now go through the gate, and you'll reach Emerald Grove (X:209 Y:454). As you move forward, you'll see Aradin and Zevlor arguing about what just happened. After your conversation with them, make your way up a hill (X:248 Y:444) and you'll encounter a Bugbear Assassin trying to kill off Nadira. Make quick work of him, loot some items off his corpse, then interact with Nadira. She says you have good timing as she would not have won that encounter. But she thinks you're not actually there to save her, and instead thinks you're after her Soul Coin. You'll have a few dialogue options that can lead you to acquire the Soul Coin.

Now head north to find Zevlor (X:206 Y:477) and interact with him. He thanks you for your assistance earlier during the goblin attack, then he starts introducing himself. He then warns you that visitors are no longer welcome in Emerald Grove and whatever your business is with this place, he wants to see to it quickly, since the druids are forcing everyone out and this attack will only strengthen their resolve. He also asks if you could persuade Kagha, even if it's not your business. He thinks you can persuade her since she owes you for saving this place. If tell him you'll talk to speak to Kagha, you will receive a disapproval from Astarion. Zevlor then says he owes you a great debt and asks that you talk some sense into the druids, before more lives are lost.

Make your way inside The Hollow (X:206 Y:496). There's a merchant named Arron located at (X:204 Y:512). You can interact with him to see his inventory, you can also engage in a conversation if you wish to do so. As you move forward, you'll notice a Haystack (X:214 Y:535), you need to pass a Perception check to interact with it and loot whatever item you find inside it.

Just up ahead at (X:212 Y:544), you'll see a couple of Tieflings, as well as Wyll training a young tiefling named Umi. Once your minds connect with each other, Wyll will reveal that the woman in her thoughts is named Karlach, an archdevil's soldier he swore on his good eye to kill. He said he tracked her down through the Hells to the mind flayer ship. But he was infected before he could kill her. He's worried about her being out in the open, preying on the innocent, and if he doesn't deal with her as soon as possible, she'll be leaving a trail of corpses. Lae'zel will also disapprove if you ask Wyll to join your party.

Now head north and you'll find Zorru (X:205 Y:568). Interacting with him will gain you Lae'zel's approval. He starts off being scared of Lae'zel, if you choose the DRAGONBORN option and give the Zorru a menacing stare, you'll gain the approval of AstarionLae'zel, and Shadowheart. You will gain another approval from Lae'zel if you let her make Zorru lower his head even further. After interrogating Zorru, an exclamation mark will then be seen on top of Lae'zel, interact with her to start a conversation. If tell Lae'zel she's being rough, you will gain Shadowheart's approval, but gain Lae'zel and Astarion's disapproval in the process.

Now move forward and you'll see a shabby door leading to the Makeshift Prison area (X:188 Y:592). As you go through the door, you'll see a goblin named Sazza imprisoned in a cage, and a tiefling named Arka aiming her crossbow at her. She thinks this goblin killed her brother, KanonMemnos then tries to stop her but she refuses to listen, so he just walks away. Sazza still continues provoking Arka to pull the trigger. If you stand between the crossbow and Sazza, you will gain Gale's approval. Telling Arka that vengeance eats people alive will gain you the approval of Shadowheart, but disapproval from Lae'zel. As the two tieflings walk away, you can engage in a conversation with Sazza. You can either choose to free her or let her rot in that cage.

Now exit through the door you just came in, on the northwest side, you'll meet Dammon, a smith within the grove. (X:180 Y:559). If you interact with him, you'll get to see what he has for sale. He's got a variety of weapons, armours, and shields among other items. Just a few steps ahead the northwest, you'll find Aradin (X:165 Y:546). You can make him give you the contract Stamped Handbill that made Halsin go with the other adventurers.

Also northeast at (X:193 Y:548), you'll see Auntie Ethel. She's a Merchant and will sell you a variety of Alchemical ingredients and consumables. If you leave her shop and speak to her again, you can bring up the fact that you've been infected with a mind flayer parasite. Astarion will approve of this, but Shadowheart will disapprove. She'll agree to help you with your parasite but mentions that none of the potions currently with her will be powerful enough. Auntie Ethel will then mark her house on your map, pointing you towards the Sunlit Wetlands.

At the north entrance of The Hollow (X:257 Y:451), you'll see a group of tieflings in a heated argument against the druids. Komira wishes to see her daughter, Arabella. But Jeorna claims Komira's daughter is a thief and will wait for Kagha's judgement. Komira threatens to rip Jeorna's throat out if she doesn't let them pass, but another druid begins to transform into a bear to make them back off. Talking to Komira and Locke will start the quest Save Arabella. If you choose to help them Astarion will disapprove of this decision. Now head down the stairs and you'll have reached the Sacred Pool (X:262 Y:535). You can talk to Jeorna, she'll eventually let you through to see Kagha. Now make your way to the Stone Door just northwest (X:228 Y:521). Go through the door and just down the stairs, you'll see Kagha trying to intimidate Arabella with her serpent. She wishes to imprison the young tiefling on account of theft. Rath tries to reason with Kagha but she sees the tiefling the same. You can interrupt them and choose to save Arabella, if you choose to take responsibility of her, you'll gain Gale and Shadowheart's approval, but also gain Lae'zel's disapproval.

Now go to the Druids' Chambers (X:-443 Y:-6) and you'll find Nettie trying to patch up an injured bird. Once you interact with her, she'll tell you to give her a moment. You'll go through a lot of dialogue interactions with her but in the end, she'll reveal that she's mislead you, and that she doesn't have a cure, only a way out. If you don't swear to take the Wyvern Poison at the moment you show symptoms, Nettie will turn hostile saying she has no choice and you will have to kill her. If you do swear to take the poison, you will gain Lae'zel's approval, but get Shadowheart's and Astarion's disapproval. Nettie hopes it doesn't have to come to that but she thanks you, then hands you the Wyvern Poison.

Now that you've attempted to remove the parasite from your brain and rest, at any point in time you can meet Raphael. He then introduces himself and says he's at your service. He will eventually transport you in his place called "Middle-of-somewhere", and while he asks you to fill your plate, he also says this might be your last. Raphael will tranform into a devil and offers you a quick solution to your problem.  you call him mad, AstarionLae'zel, and Shadowheart will approve. He's hoping you'd change your mind down the road. At the end, he will transport you back at the place where he showed up.



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  1. Speak to Andrick, Brynna, and Edowin


You will most likely come across the Forest after exploring the Emerald Grove. The Forest can be found west of the Emerald Grove Environs Waypoint at around (X:170, Y:416). You can also reach the Forest through the Underground Passage connecting the area to the Emerald Grove. Head north up the dirt path to (X:143, Y:440), and you'll find two people looking down on an injured dwarf. When you approach them, a cutscene will begin and you'll learn that the lady's name is Brynna, the man's name is Andrick, and the dying dwarf on the ground is Edowin.

When you first approach them, Brynna will be suspicious of you and you'll have four dialogue options to choose from:

  1. Freeze and hold up your hands
  2. What happened to your friend?
  3. [MEDICINE] His wounds look deep. I might be able to help.
  4. [ILLITHID] [WISDOM] I will go where where I wish.

If you attempt the Medicine Check, you'll have to pass a DC of 10. If you choose any of the first three options, even if you fail your Medicine Check, Edowin will speak up, recognising that you too have been infected by an Illithid parasite, and you will be met with another 3 options:

  1. Try to block him out.
  2. Hold his stare.
  3. Move away, reaching for your weapon.

If you choose the second option, Edowin will recognize you as a True Soul and get Andrick and Brynna to trust you. The two novices will offer their aid in anything you ask for, from information about Halsin to helping you defeat the Owlbear that injured Edowin. If you bring up the fact that you are a survivor of the Nautiloid crash, they will turn hostile and attack you.

You can freely choose any of the options without consequence to learn more about the topic you choose, except the second option where you say that you are not a True Soul. Be careful as well after choosing the fifth option, asking them what they are doing in the wilderness. If you tell them that you are a survivor of the crash afterward, they will turn hostile and force you into a fight. Andrick will drop a Chain Mail and a Longsword and Brynna will drop a Leather Armour and Mace. If you choose the sixth option and ask what happened to Edowin, you may get the option to order them to help you defeat the Owlbear in the Owlbear Nest later on.

Whether or not you fought Andrick and Brynna, you'll be able to loot Edowin's corpse. When you do, your character will be pulled towards the tadpole in Edowin. You have three options to choose from here:

  1. Let your body guide you - welcome the tadpole's influence.
  2. [STRENGTH] The tadpole is toying with you. Resist it.
  3. [WISDOM] Force your mind shut. You will not be influenced by an illithid parasite.

If you choose the first option or fail your checks when choosing the other options, you will get a tadpole that you can use to unlock a new Illithid Power. If you choose the third option, you will have to succeed in a DC 12 Wisdom Check to resist the tadpole. Succeed, and a small tadpole will scurry away from the body, to the west. If you are quick enough, you may be able to kill the parasite. This interaction with Edowin's corpse will be noted in your journal under the Find a Cure Main Quest.

Though not related to the Main Quest story, there are several other places of note to visit and explore. Southwest of Edowin is a Cave Mouth that turns out to be an Owlbear Nest. Within, you can find the Moondrop Pendant, and The Oakfather's Embrace. You'll also find an Owlbear within which, if you choose to fight and defeat it, will let you bring the Owlbear Cub to your Camp at a later time. In the northern part of the Forest at (X:79, Y:471), is Scratch, a dog that can be persuaded to join you at Camp if the right dialogue choices were made.

There are two large areas that connect to the Forest - the Sunlit Wetlands/Putrid Bog can be found in the south at (X:50, Y:314), while the Blighted Village can be accessed from a village entrance in the western part of the Forest at (X:65, Y:404).


Sunlit Wetlands/Putrid Bog

sunlit wetlands game progress route baldurs gate 3 wiki guide locations baldurs gate 3 wiki guide 300px

  1. Meet Auntie Ethel at the Sunlit Wetlands
  2. Find Auntie Ethel at the Riverside Teahouse


From the Forest, head southeast to (X:50, Y:314) to reach the Sunlit Wetlands. Just up ahead, you'll find two men arguing with an old lady. The old lady turns out to be Auntie Ethel from the Emerald Grove. The two men are Johl and Demir, and they demand to know where the old lady took their sister. You can choose to side with Auntie Ethel or the brothers during the argument, the choice doesn't matter much for the Main Quest. This conversation will end with Auntie Ethel leaving for her house and marks the beginning of the Side Quest Save Mayrina.

Auntie Ethel can then be found in the western part of the Sunlit Wetlands at the Gnarled Teahouse. Once you enter the teahouse, another cutscene will play as a part of Save Mayrina. You can be as hostile or as accommodating to Auntie Ethel as you want in this part, it won't affect whether or not she's willing to help you with your parasite problem. If you are hostile towards her, you will get one last chance to get her help near the end of the conversation where she offers to take care of the little bugger.

The game offers you multiple ways of getting rid of your parasite and you do not have to do this step to complete the Main Quest Find a Cure. However, if you accept Auntie Ethel's help, she will explain that in exchange, she wants one of your eyes. Agree to the terms, and she'll transform into her true form. Do note that agreeing with the terms of the deal gets disapproval from all your Companions. You will get the Paid the Price Condition after going through the procedure.

The Gnarled Teahouse and Save Mayrina quest encompasses most of the exploration you'll do in the Sunlit Wetlands/Putrid Bog. Some Items of note include the Whispering MaskThe Ever-Seeing EyeBitter Divorce, and the Staff of Crones. The first item can be found in the Overgrown Tunnel beneath the Gnarled Teahouse, while the latter three can all be found in the Acrid Workshop reached by heading into the depths of Auntie Ethel's home, or through a mushroom circle found south of the Gnarled Teahouse at (X:-72, Y:210). If you complete Save Mayrina and spare Auntie Ethel at the end, you may also get Auntie Ethel's Hair to increase on Ability Score of your choice.

There are a few other places of interest within the Sunlit Wetlands you might want to check out. In the southeast portion of the area is the Decrepit Sanctuary, Here, you'll find a large island with some hostile Wood Woad (that may drop the Wood Woad Shield) and Ancient Mud Mephit, but more importantly, the Wooden Chest here holds The Sparkle Hands, and the large log in the middle of the island contains the Letter to Kagha used for the Save the Refugees Quest.

Directly southwest of the Riverside Teahouse Waypoint, you'll find Gandrel, a Gur intent on finding and capturing the vampire spawn Astarion. Interacting with him gives you several opportunities to gain approval (or disapproval) from Astarion and learn more about how other NPCs see Astarion. If you end up in a fight with Gandrel, you can loot Gandrel's Aspiration from him afterward.



The entrance to the Blighted Village can be found on the west side of the Forest at (X:65, Y:404). There are no options to progress the main story here, but there are several Side Quests and Items of note that make exploring the place worthwhile. You can choose to fight through the entrance or peacefully talk it through the the goblins inhabiting the village. Up ahead and to the left will be the Blighted Village Waypoint. The house directly next to it has a substantial cellar that you may want to hold off exploring until you finish exploring the Whispering Depths. Opposite the Waypoint, you can lockpick a chest that contains the Haste Helm.

In the southwest part of the village, you'll find a worn-down house occupied by three ogres - FankChock, and Lump the Enlightened. If you manage to deceive them about being a disciple of the absolute, they will give you Lump War's Horn, an item used to summon the three to help you in combat. Otherwise, you'll have to fight them, after which Lump drops the Warped Headband of Intellect.

If you head to the northwest part of the village instead, you'll encounter some goblins by a windmill. When you approach them the Quest Rescue the Gnome begins. The gnome can be saved peacefully if you pass certain checks when speaking with the goblins. Fail the checks and you end up fighting the goblins, one of which drops the Very Heavy Greataxe. After saving the gnome, Barcus Wroot, he can later be encountered in the Grymforge again.

In the northern part of the Blighted Village is the blacksmith's house at (X:30, Y:425). You can find Highcliff's Journal in the small alcove next to the fireplace. Reading this book starts the Side Quest Finish the Masterwork Weapon. In the next room is some webbing that can be burned away to access the basement. The chests in the first room contain Highcliff's Blueprints, the Steelforged Sword, and a piece of Infernal Iron. The next room is a forge that leads into the Whispering Depths. The Whispering Depths can also be accessed by interacting with the well near the village waypoint.

This area is relatively small and consists of two main levels. On the ground level, keep an eye out for the Apprentice's Journal on a skeleton to start the Search the Cellar Quest, as well as a Heavy Chest with the Spiderstep Boots. On the upper level, you'll find the Phase Spider Matriarch, a Level 5 spider with the ability to teleport to and hatch any unbroken Phase Spider Eggs on the ground. You can pick up the Poisoner's Robe after defeating her. In addition to that, you'll be able to access the western side of the cavern and loot the Dark Amethyst required for Search the Cellar, and unlock the Whispering Depths Waypoint.

After completing the Whispering Depths, you can return to the house next to the Blighted Village Waypoint to complete the first part of Search the Cellar. Within the cellar, you'll find the Scroll of Summon QuasitBracers of Defence, and more importantly, The Necromancy of Thay. You will have three options when dealing with the tome, the first of which is to end the quest early by destroying the book with Radiant Damage. This tome can also be given to either Astarion or Gale to earn their approval. Alternatively, you can choose to read the tome yourself in order to gain the Necromancy of Thay effect and have the opportunity to unlock the tome's full potential later in the game.


The Risen Road

the risen road location bg3 wiki guide min

  1. Enter The Risen Road
  2. Speak with the Wannabe Paladins
  3. Locate Karlach
  4. Eliminate the Wannabe Paladins with Karlach
  5. Locate the Githyaki
  6. Speak with the Githyaki


To reach the map's northern part, take the Broken Bridge path from the south, specifically the Blighted Village. The bridge has some damage, but it's manageable to guide your team to jump across. Upon reaching the edge of the Broken Bridge, you'll be approximately at coordinates (X:-8, Y:494).

After crossing the bridge, you'll spot Mangled Corpse on the right (X:-1, Y:516). Approach the corpse and interact with the surviving Hyena. In a cutscene, the Hyena seems in pain, offering you various dialogue options:

  1. Try to comfort the Hyena.
  2. Step back to watch what happens.
  3. [Melee Attack] Strike while the beast is vulnerable.
  4. Leave.

Opting to comfort the Hyena will reveal a Newborn Gnoll emerging, leading to a Gnoll battle. After defeating them, you can loot the area, finding items from the fallen Gnolls. Amidst the looting, you'll notice a letter titled "To the Good Godly Folk of Faerun." Another letter rests atop a nearby mountain, labeled "An Open letter on oppression and Peacocks." A third letter lies to the right of the first one, titled "As per my last letter." Adjacent to this last letter, an important corpse holds the Quest Item "Shipment Orders," initiating the "Find the Missing Shipment" quest and updating your journal.

Starting from your present location (X:71 Y:633), head Southeast until you find a Toll Collector's Key Item at (X:98 Y:523). Upon obtaining the item, head North West to reach a new waypoint. Proceed left to a small village with deceased bodies. Inside a house, meet Anders and select these options:

  1. Who - or what - attacked you?
  2. What is this place?
  3. Rest easy. I'll only stay a short time.

Upon selecting the initial choice, Anders shares attack details, unveiling additional dialogue options:

  1. Where is this devil?
  2. It isn't like a devil to use their brawn instead of their brains.
  3. Let me help. I can hunt down this monster.
  4. I wish you and yours well, but I must be on my way soon.
  5. Now that she softened you up, I'll finish you off.

Choosing the second option, Anders agrees. Then, revert to the first choice, and he provides the Monster's location. He also offers the Sword of Justice as a reward for Monster defeat, but you can decline. Options for this are:

  1. Very Well, I'll bring you her head.
  2. I'll think about it.
  3. I have other things to deal with.
  4. The only head that will roll is yours.

This activates the "Hunt the Devil" quest. Proceed to the next room, converse with Cyrel, and trade using the first three options. Outside, talk to Trynn, mentioning the cellar. Opt for the second choice to inquire, and Trynn explains its history as a Tollhouse and potential gold inside. Ask about Tollhouses, and she mentions an unopened locked door in the cellar.

After speaking with all NPCs, proceed Southeast down the river until you reach (X:114 Y:507). There, encounter Karlach, the devil needing pursuit, as forewarned by Paladins. This updates the "Hunt the Devil" quest. Speak to Karlach and choose from these options:

  1. Are you all right?
  2. Devil! Face Me!
  3. Try to Douse the flames.
  4. She looks dangerous - watch her carefully
  5. These are no natural flames - prepare to fight.
  6. I know you - you're the monster the blade of frontiers is hunting.

Opt for the first choice, and she confirms her well-being. Karlach recognizes you, asking about the Paladins. Inquire about her flame control. As you converse, shared visions unfold. Explain the tadpole connection in your heads. Karlach briefly remarks on visions, introducing herself. Respond with:

  1. I'm (name)
  2. Karlach. I met someone named Wyll who was hunting you. He said you were a devil.
  3. I'm your key to curing that tadpole - eventually.
  4. I'm not interested in making friends.
  5. Here to take your head.

Choosing the second option, she rationalizes Wyll's misconception. She wants to prove herself and highlights prowess in demon slaying during the Blood War. Evil beings, masquerading as Paladins of Tyr, prompt her quest. Choose these:

  1. Let's send them back to where they came from.
  2. So you want me to kill the people hunting you?
  3. Why should I do your dirty work?
  4. I'm here to kill you, not send you back to Zariel.
  5. I have my own problems. I don't need yours.

Select the second option, and Karlach will lead while seeking your assistance. Astarion concurs sarcastically. Respond to Karlach:

  1. Let's do it.
  2. Why should I do your dirty work?
  3. I don't think so - you'll have to go it alone.

Ask her about task assignment's reason, eventually selecting option 1. This triggers three new journal entries and "Our Old Fiery Friend" quest activation, updating "The Blade of Frontiers" and "Hunt the Devil" quests.

Exit the attacked village to find another Waypoint at (X:-84 Y:577). Proceed South West along the Risen Road until the Mountain Pass at (X:103 Y:553). Speak to Ellyka, who cautions against being seen, and choose from these options:

  1. What's the issue?
  2. Who are you?
  3. I'd be concerned if I knew who they were.
  4. I didn't like that term you used. Watch your words.
  5. I'll leave.

Select the first choice, Ellyka reveals enemies below, suggesting an alternate route. Respond with:

  1. Who are you?
  2. Your survival instincts are good. Maybe you should join me.
  3. I'll leave.

Opt for the second choice, which Ellyka denies. Choose the first option, and she introduces herself as nobody. As you move your character, a cutscene unfolds, depicting enemies armed against each other. Gauntlet Dion mediates, but Sarth Baretha's group refuses. A dragon destroys Gauntlet Dion's bridge, siding with Sarth Baretha, and another dragon, Kith'rak Voss, arrives. He warns Sarth Baretha to focus on recovering weapons without failure. The scene shifts to your group, as Astarion warns against dangerous Githyanki. This update affects "Find the Githyanki Creche" quest in your journal.

Head toward Githyanki near (X:-136 Y:555). As you approach, a cutscene shows Lae'zel conversing with leader Kith'rak Voss. Lae'zel faces threats and is asked for her name. Respond with:

NOTE: Dialogue options depend on Race and Class. This playthrough uses Dragonborn Warlock.

  1. Nod to Lae'zel. Proceed.
  2. [DRAGONBORN] I shall speak for her, gith.

Choose the second option (Lae'zel approves), and she introduces herself to Kith'rak Voss. Voss introduces himself, recognized by Lae'zel. Voss describes a fallen ghaik vessel and stolen weapon by thieves. Shadowheart's anxiety grows, realizing her artefact matches. Voss instructs Lae'zel to assist and speak up. Respond:

  1. Signal Lae'zel silently: 'Truth'.
  2. [Persuasion] Signal Lae'zel silently: Play Along.
  3. Present the unusual artefact. Are you seeking this, I presume?
  4. I have my own agenda. Prepare to face defeat, gith.

Select option 2. With enough Charisma, Lae'zel plays along, gaining Voss's approval. (Shadowheart and Lae'zel approve.) Voss leaves, conversation with Lae'zel follows. She's relieved at your adept intervention with Kith'rak. She feared artefact possession exposure meant danger. Your quest journal updates "Find the Githyanki Creche" and "The Githyanki Warrior," marking quests around The Risen Road's completion.


Goblin Camp

14 goblin camp locations walkthrough bg3 wiki guide

  1. Find the Goblin Camp
  2. Infiltrate the camp
  3. Rescue Volo
  4. Free the Owlbear Cub
  5. Enter Shattered Sanctum


There are several ways to gain entry to Goblin Camp. In this guide, we will approach the guards, and speak with Sentinel Olak. You will have to convince him of one of the options presented to you or engage them in a battle. By engaging them in a battle, you will be able to gain the approval of Lae'zel and Astarion.

You will find yourself in a conversation with Sentinel Olak, together with his minions, wargs, and other goblins. Deceive him by telling him that their leader summoned you. As part of this act, you will get to choose an option later to "Wink, gather the dung, and fling it at all four guards." Take note that by doing this, a battle will commence and will also grant the approval of your companions.

If you attempt the Charisma Check, you'll have to pass a DC of 15. You still have 4 other options to proceed here and you can succumb to the Goblin's wishes, but risk the disapproval of your companions.

  1. [Illithid] WISDOM: Stand aside.
  2. [Intimidation] I'm a hired sword- employer's inside. Stand aside. Now.
  3. [Nature] Glossy coat on that animal. Does she belong to the Nordiland worgata family?
  4. [Deception] Your leader summoned me.
  5. [Detect Thoughts] Read the goblin's mind.

This fight should be an easy one with a well-balanced party, and this will grant you access to the Goblin Camp without alerting hordes of goblins. Approach the bridge that you see here, and at about (X:-103 Y:36), you will encounter a small group of goblins seated by a table, and you will engage in a conversation with Devout Wasp. You can ask him if he has seen the Flaming Fist, any survivors of the attack, and finally, about Moonrise. Devout Wasp will also point the way to enter Goblin Camp with one word: North. Before this, he acknowledges that there are survivors who have been taken into Moonrise.

When you reach coordinates (-X:103 Y:391), you will see a broken bridge. Continue following this path that will lead into the Goblin Camp. Finally, the mobs are no longer hostile here unless provoked. You will see Volo, the Bard performing as he struggles to entertain his audience. 

You will have 5 options here as you approach Volo. Be careful making any of these choices as this could put Volo's life in danger, unless of course, that applies to your roleplay. There are no DC checks to be made here, but the Goblin Gribbo will react to your presence, and Volo will continue to distract the goblins. 

  1. Give him your rapt attention.
  2. Fragulous? Galide? I don't know this language.
  3. Bravo!
  4. Boo! Get off the stage!
  5. Leave.

This interaction will update your journal, adding Volo to your objectives, as part of Save the Refugees. Inside the camp, you will find Grat the Trader, you can buy items from him as needed, as long as you have the gold to pay for the goods. The goblins inside aren't hostile so you are free to interact with them. As you look around, you will find a Waypoint at (X:-72 Y:-42). This is placed next to a bloodied platform where Crusher, a goblin, is telling a story of how he crushed humans. Approaching the goblin will give you 4 options:

  1. Lot of assumptions here. I don't think I'm better than anyone else.
  2. I don't just think so; it's a fact. You're nothing but dirt beneath my feet.
  3. Leave.
  4. [ILLITHID] WISDOM: I'm your superior. You'd better show some respect.

Crusher here will then command you to kiss his foot but Lae'zel immediately reacts to this. She refuses to see you grovel to the goblin, and if you do so, will risk her disapproval. After that quick interaction, you will have another 4 options:

  1. You can't be serious.
  2. I'd sooner spit in your face.
  3. [INTIMIDATION] How about you kiss my feet instead?
  4. Attack the goblin.

Take note that starting a fight with Crusher will cause the other goblins to join in and risk your party's life in danger. If you choose Intimidation, you will need to succeed a DC check of 15. If you succeed at this, you will get further options with Crusher:

  1. Not so high and mighty, after all.
  2. [INTIMIDATION] You better kiss my foot. Now.
  3. [ILLITHID] WISDOM: You will obey me. Kneel.
  4. [DETECT THOUGHTS] Scan his mind.
  5. Leave.

Depending on what you choose, you can provoke the goblin into a fight. The first one will further anger him and will commence a battle. However, a sneak attack can put this fight to an end immediately with the help of one of your companions. The rest of the goblins will watch on as Crusher bows down and kisses your feet. You are still free to explore the goblin camp, and no hordes will be triggered by doing this.

Explore the Goblin Camp to find more items, and you can climb the ladder behind the platform where Crusher was defeated. This will lead to a grassy area, at (X:-55 Y:456), you will find a bridge of stone reaching over to the other side. Be careful here as this area is ladled with traps. Astarion is skillful in navigating traps, and you can use his abilities to avoid them and reach the locked chest safely. Astarion can also pick the lock of this chest that will give you multiple items like a scroll and other camp items. Now, you can return to the camp where you will find the majority of the goblins gathered together. 

There's a shortcut here that will lead you to the upper area of the camp where Stimk is resting. He is awakened by the loud sound as your party jumps over. You can try Deception, which requires a Charisma DC check of 15. Failing this will result in a battle with Stimk. This could be a little dangerous if your party is not prepared, however, you can try to reach this area in another way by going around and avoiding making loud noises that will wake him up.

After this, you will approach the Gazebo located at (X:-96 Y:445) where Booyahg Piddle, a goblin is reading a book. Your goal here is to convince the goblin to hand over the book and gain Shadowheart's approval if you wish to do so. To do this you will have to choose Persuasion from the 5 options presented to you:

  1. [ILLITHID] WISDOM: You will give me the book.
  2. [INTIMIDATION] It'll be a very short lifetime if you don't hand me the manuscript.
  3. [PERSUASION] You should spend your time in prayer- not reading this nonsense.
  4. [DETECT THOUGHTS] Scan his mind.
  5. Leave.

To pass this, you will need to get a Charisma DC Check of 10 or higher, and successfully persuading Booyahg Piddle will cause him to give you the item: "On Goblins: My Life Among the Conquering Host" and the approval of Shadowheart. Next, you will want to go to the area below, where the rest of the goblins are gathered. You will find Krolla here again, who invites you to Chicken Chase. You can attempt to free the young Owlbear here by persuading it that the Goblins are responsible for its pain. It will then attack Krolla, but in order for the Owlbear to escape, you will have to help it by defeating the Goblin horde.

Further exploring the Goblin Camp will take you to the Shattered Sanctum. You will find the entrance to this area by approaching a troll called Guard Gurgon at (X:-104 Y:462). This character is not hostile and you can just walk inside the Shattered Sanctum. Once inside, Shadowheart will engage you in a conversation and informs you that being inside this area gives her an uneasy feeling, and she would like to leave as soon as you're done with what is needed in the area. She doesn't explain any further and ends the conversation there.

In this area, your goal is to locate Liam, one of the survivors who are being tortured by Goblins. You will be given 5 options on how to approach this encounter:

  1. Why are you torturing him?
  2. This looks interesting- let me put him through his paces.
  3. [ILLITHID] WISDOM: Leave, both of you.
  4. [DECEPTION] Go have yourselves a drink. Your boss sent me to relieve you.
  5. [PERFORMANCE] I'm taking over. Your sloppy handiwork is going to kill the prisoner too quickly.
  6. [DETECT THOUGHTS] Read the goblin's thoughts.

Choosing Perfomance will require you to succeed the Charisma with a 15 DC Check or higher, and you can make the goblin leave so you can talk to Liam freely. Liam has information about Halsin and the Druids to the west. With the features of Astarion, he can free Liam from his shackles and he will escape to warn the Druids of the danger coming to them. Before leaving, he tells you that he has last seen Halsin transforming into a bear, but that was the last time that he has seen him. Liam will vanish into the darkness, and you can return to the others again.


Shattered Sanctum

5 locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

  1. Rescue Liam
  2. Free Volo
  3. Find Loviatar
  4. Locate Halsin and free him from jail
  5. Kill the three leaders: Dror Ragzlin, Minthara, and True Soul Gut
  6. Return to Emerald Grove with Halsin


At the beginning of Shattered Sanctum, you will first speak to Liam after freeing him from his torturer. (See Goblin Camp on how to successfully infiltrate Shattered Sanctum peacefully). Your next interaction is to speak with Gribbo, the one in charge of Volo, the Bard that was seen performing upon entering the Goblin Camp. You will have a conversation with Gribbo here to attempt to set Volo free by any means.

If you attempt the Deception check, you will have to pass a DC of 10. Once you have convinced her, she'll hand you the cage key and you can now speak to Volo freely. Volo will then ask to unlock his cage so he can escape. You find out that he is inside the camp to jumpstart his career, but found it to be a failure. You can now look around the room and find the letter addressed to 'Dearest Elminister' on the table. Make sure to lock the door before you attempt to free Volo here. You'll engage in another conversation with Volo and you can invite him to camp as he suggests the use of an invisibility potion to escape the Goblins. You can either agree to accept Volo or not.

After freeing Volo, continue to explore the Shattered Sanctum and you will find Bloodied Shrine at (X:330 Y:-20) You will find Abdirak waiting outside a door, and with a Religion proficiency, additional information reveals that this man is a follower of Loviatar, goddess of pain. He reveals that he will be teaching the goblins how to inflict pain with a purpose. This same man recognizes the pain that your character is feeling and offers to alleviate the pain through the teachings of Loviatar. He claims that his work will grant peace and serenity. Lae'zel chimes in and states her interest to see what his 'skilled hand' can do. No DC checks here but your answer will have a bearing on the approval of Astarion and Shadowheart. You can decide for yourself if you want to proceed with the ritual.

As Abdirak hits you, Shadowheart and Astarion engage in quick exchanges as if savoring your suffering. Attempting the Performance check (Charisma) will require you to pass a DC of 10 for this section.

Abdirak proceeds with hitting you and he finally acknowledges you that he has served your penance. If you state that you have found the ritual to be interesting, he tells you that Loviatar would like to bless you. You will get Acolyte: A Kiss Without Mercy, an event that inspires Shadowheart. When the ritual is done, you can grab the Ritual Dagger and Ritual Axe on the table if you wish to do so. After the ritual, you will also get the condition: Loviatar's Love. You can leave this area or you can loot a Necrotic Mace from him if you kill him.

On to your next encounter, explore further the Shattered Sanctum at (X: 270 Y:13) you will find Brakkal, a follower of Maglubiyet, who, with your Religion proficiency, is recognized as a tyrannical deity who treats his followers as slaves. In a nearby area, you can interact with a Rat to get further information on the area by using Speak with Animals, or a relevant potion.

In the next area, still at Shattered Sanctum at (X:290 Y:34), you will find one of the leaders Dror Ragzlin performing a ritual on one of the corpses in front of his followers. Here, you can approach the corpse and get real close with it. As you study the corpse, Dror Ragzlin will claim that this creature had a weapon and they're looking for the killer, and thus, the weapon. He invites you to settle in. As a Dragonborn, the character here feels the anxiety of Shadowheart, who carries the weapon that they are looking for. 

After persuading Dror Ragzlin, he acknowledges that you're a True Soul and commands you to seek Minthara and join her on the attack on the grove. Agreeing here will get Shadowheart's approval. This event will also inspire Astarion 'Charalatan: Devil's Advocate.' As your party walks to the next destination, you will see a Scrying Eye, and Astarion points out not to do anything suspicious while it's watching. Inside Shattered Sanctum (X:333 Y:42), you will find Nightwarden Minthara holding a meeting with other goblins.

She recognizes you as a True Soul, and asks if you will be joining her hunt. Remember that Dror Ragzlin asked you to join her hunt but you can still decide here if you want to go on your own hunt. Here you can tell her that you are looking for Halsin, a druid, who is the same Druid that they're after. You are given a choice before she senses that you have been to the grove. You can confront Minthara here as she is left with very few goblins in this area.  If the Scrying Eye spots you in this area, make sure to destroy it too. Pick up the valuable items you can get from Minthara such as the Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen.

Continue exploring Shattered Sanctum to find the Roah Moonglow, a halfling at (X:274 Y:-29). An NPC who sells items within the sanctum. If she recognizes you as a friend of the family, then she will offer a discount, albeit, a small one.

Your next meeting here will happen at (X:296 Y:-25), where you will find True Soul Gut in the middle of a platform. She claims that she will brand you as well, just as The Absolute has done. She claims that it is protection and is embedded in magic. You can dive deeper into her mind here but be aware that she can also do the same to yours, allowing both of you to get further information about each other.

She claims that she can help you with anything and invites you into her chapel, away from the others. Note that agreeing to receive help from True Soul Gut will warrant the approval down of Astarion. Before the ritual begins, she asks the others to leave and then the interaction begins. You can choose if you will attack her here, fight the intrusion, or let her in your mind. Fight off her intrusion, and repel her attempts successfully to complete the quest. She claims now that she can't help you and ask The Absolute for help immediately, you can begin attacking her while she is away from the others. Retrieve the Rancid Note, Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen, and Priestess' Key from her belongings.


Your next destination is the Worg Pens (X:393 Y:-60) where you will find a caged bear that is being hurt by Brawler Birka. The bear asks for your help and you can decide to interfere with them and offer your assistance to the bear. Agreeing here will cause the bear to attack the gate and the battle begins. Your goal here is to not let any of the witnesses escape as you help the bear. After winning the battle, the bear transforms into Halsin, the Druid that you were looking for.

Seek his help to remove the parasite and he acknowledges that you are different from the others, and not bowing down to the powers of the True Absolute. He informs you of what he knows about the parasites and is aware that someone is using powerful magic to modify the tadpoles, he then explains that he can't cure you, but still offers to help. He tells you that these powers come from Moonrise Towers and that it's possible to find a cure there.

He claims that killing the three leaders will restore order. He asks for your help and offers to help you out after he is secure the safety of his grove. After this conversation, you will find a locked Grated Iron Doors at (X:410 Y:-32) and have Astarion unlock it for you. You will find a corpse of an elf on the wall. Attempting the Investigation check here will require a DC score of 5. Pulling out the body reveals a tunnel that can possibly lead to another area.

Continuing your journey in the Shatteref Sanctum, you will return to the mysterious hole that you found. When interacting with this, you find out that it is still blocked so you will attempt to clear this out. For now, you will return to Dror Ragzlin's throne where you first encountered him. This time, there are no rituals but he is seated on his throne. For a better chance of surviving this battle, you will want to take out the Narvass, the Novice of the Absolute who is alone above the throne behind Dror Ragzlin. 

An enemy will detect this, however, but you will have an advantage now that you were able to take out one of them. Be careful not to get anyone killed in your party, but if you end up having one of your allies dying, you can use Scroll of Revivify on them. When the battle is over, go to Dror Ragzlin's body and recover his key and the Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen. Your thoughts get interrupted as the dream visitor speaks to you in your mind. It commands you to absorb its potential which can enhance you. Rejecting the tadpole here will not gather any approval or approval down from the current party. 

However, if you decline, Astarion offers to at least let one of the party members try it than just let it sit in your pack. This will update your journal under Personal Quest if you prefer to Embrace your Potential by harvesting the parasite's memories. With the key that you recovered from Dror Ragzlin, you can unlock the Iron Gate right on the balcony behind his throne to get valuable items such as Amulet of Selune's Chosen, Infernal Iron, Springstep Boots, and other items.

Proceed to the locked Heavy Oak Doors at (X:310 Y:-25). Be careful as opening this door will launch enemies into attacking you and your party. This will be a long battle and you must be well prepared for it. After winning this, you should by now, have killed all of the leaders of the goblins. This is an event that will inspire Lae'zel.

Next, return to Halsin who has asked for your help in defeating the goblins to restore order and protect his grove. You will find him at (X394 Y:-31)., inform him that you have slain all three of the leaders. Now you can invite Halsin to join your party and help you on your quest to get to Moonrise Towers. After this area, return to Druid Grove by using the Waypoints that you have unlocked. The closest will be Emerald Grove Environs and you begin traveling from there to continue your quest with Halsin.



40 underdark locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

  1. Find entrance to Underdark from Shattered Sanctum
  2. Destroy the moonstone protecting the temple
  3. Interact with the Restless Myconid and the colony
  4. Help the poisoned gnome
  5. Defeat the Druergar
  6. Locate the Mushroom Picker
  7. Find information on The Adamantine Forge


On this walkthrough, we will guide you on how to travel to Underdark by discovering the hidden access located within Shattered Sanctum. To do this, you must first return to Goblin Camp, and defeat the remaining enemies. You may refer to the Goblin Camp page to see details on how to get there, or by using the Waypoint.

Once you made it to Shattered Sanctum, you will find that there are still remaining enemies here even after their leaders were killed. After taking out their leaders as part of rescuing Halsin, the goblins have become hostile towards you and your party. You will find Warrior Trinzas still located at the entrance together with a few other mobs where you will battle them.

Continuing to reach the Underdark, you will journey to Defiled Temple at (X:392 Y:27), where you will encounter Polma, the Bodyguard of the High Priestess. The dialog shows that a theft has been reported, and you are the only suspect. If you end up failing the check, you will have to battle this ogre.

The door to Underdark is hidden away. To unlock this, have one of your party members pick the lock. Attempting this Sleight of Hand (Dexterity) will require you to pass a DC of 15. Slowly after, your party can now enter through the newly opened door that will lead to the Selunite Outpost, then to the Underdark. Right as you reach the area, you will find locked doors which will require a Sleight of Hand (Dexterity) to open. You will need to pass a DC of 15 to open these doors and chests.

In the distance, you will see a statue holding up a Moonstone, that serves as Selune's protection in this sacred ground. You can destroy this by going up a flight of stairs at (X:145 Y:-227) and shooting it down from there. However, this will alert a Minotaur nearby causing it to attack the gate. You can quickly take it out as you will be standing in a high position to freely hit it.

In one of the rooms, go to (X:170 Y:-237 to discover a Waypoint, and then look around to discover a logbook and some items on the shelf. Now, you can return to where the Minotaur died and open the gate by interacting with the lever nearby. Finally, you will now arrive at the Underdark. In the distance, you will see a weapon buried in the ground, as you walk your way toward the path, at (X:137 Y:-203), you will be interrupted by a voice. Your party acknowledges that they can hear the voice as well, and the cryptic voice will stop.

At (X:116 Y:-192), you will find the drow blade. Interacting with it will give you 3 options. Attempting the Religion check (Intelligence) will require you to pass a DC of 15. When you are successful, it reveals that the blade was a warrior's sacrifice to Eilistraee and that it demands blood. After offering your blood to it, the blade will rise up in the air and you can claim the Phalar Aluve for yourself. This event called 'Last Rites of the Dark Dancer' will inspire Shadowheart. You can now continue exploring Underdark here and face another enemy at (X:119 Y:-186), your party will be fighting against Bulette, Predator of the Dark.

After taking out your enemy, move one of your party members to the edge of the ground and shoot down the Torchstalk closest to the character. This will cause a series of explosions among the nearby torchstalks. Continue doing the same for the rest of the torchstalk and once it's clear, the rest of your party can now cross to the other side. Continue exploring the Underdark and your subsequent interaction will happen at (X:115 Y-130), where you will find the Restless Myconic. This creature stands tall before you and your party and demands that you state your purpose after threatening you with a vision of your lifeless body.

Choosing the 2nd option will grant the approval of Shadowheart and Karlach. This interaction ends for now, peacefully. The sovereign acknowledges that they are expecting you and prompts you to follow them to the path behind them, to Ebonlake Grotto. You will also discover a waypoint at (X:100 Y-100). Shortly after, you see a gnome writhing in pain. You recognized the poison and were aware that she needs an antidote sooner than later.

You will get the option to attempt a Medicine check (Wisdom) which requires you to pass a DC of 15. You discover that the poison can be cured and giving her an antitoxin will grant the approval of Karlach. As you talk to Thulla, the poisoned gnome, she reveals that her kin needs her. As she is in a condition that cannot help anyone, she asks for your help instead. She tells you that her clan, the Ironhand has been taken by the Duergar to dig an old ruin across the lake. This event will inspire Karlach 'Outlander: A Noble Endeavour' which requires you to use a noblestalk mushroom effectively. She will also ask for your help and will give you a new quest: Save the Grymforge Gnomes.

Following the Restless Myconid that you spoke with earlier, you will find its kin at (X:79 Y:-101). You hear the melody again and a memory will be shown to you of Dark Dwarves and Duergar breaking their peace and killing their young. The Sovereign Spaw asks for your help to destroy these invaders that remain on their land. Agreeing to help the sovereign will show you a vision once more. One that shows a wall of vines parting to reveal glowing light. The sovereign then speaks, that when you cleanse the rot, you will earn the reward. After this interaction, you will look for Blurg and his Illithid friend, Omeluum. Blurg is a scholar and a trader who welcomes you to the Underdark Myconid. He asks what brought you to the Underdark. Telling him that a mind flayer has infected you with a tadpole will prompt him to call on his Illithid friend, who will offer to help you understand what's going on.

Omeluum is intrigued that no ceremorphosis has taken place yet despite being infected with a tadpole and asks if you are looking to have it extracted. If you choose the first option, he will ask you to open your mind to him. If you agree to this, Omeluum tells you that the larva is infused with strange magic, and is currently in stasis. Omeluum tells you as well that he will not be able to extract the tadpole as it appears to be shielded from physical and magical influences. He continues to explain that even without the shield, extracting the tadpole will result in severe cranial trauma, a process that would surely kill you. He then continues to assure you that he will examine you once more, should you transform.

Before the conversation ends, Omeluum comes up with the idea to bypass the stasis. He tells you that he needs a fresh Tongue of Madness and Timmask Spores, which are both dangerous mushrooms. You will be given an option here if you would accept Omeluum's help.

If you choose to accept his help, Blurg will tell you that you can find these mushrooms in the Underdark, but he warns you that finding these mushrooms are perilous. He points you to Lenore, a cleric who served Mystra who might be in possession of these mushrooms. Continue to explore Ebonlake Grotto and look for Derryth Bonecloak at (X:54 Y:-91). A merchant gold dwarf who will give you the task 'Find the Mushroom Picker'. Make sure to also check her wares and buy essential items from her such as equipment and potions. You will also speak with Sovereign Glut nearby who will ask you to tell him of home. You will get the following options in the picture below:

Within the Myconid Colony, you will find Glut, he will continue to tell you that Duergar destroyed his people, and left without a circle. He wishes to join you to help cleans the Duergar rot. He offers to raise the dead and you will have command of it. If you accept his help, then you will be given a new quest which is Avenge Glut's Circle.


In the Decrepit Village at (X:15 Y:-179) a Duergar will spot you and take you to Gekh Coal who is ready to fight after you get caught sneaking. Attempting the Persuasion (Charisma) will require you to pass a DC check of 15. If your attempt is successful he will let you live. He shares that a certain slave ran away and took Sergeant Thrinn's boots, which describes the same situation as Thulla did before. You can decide if you want to give the boots and tell him that you have it, or do it at a later time, or simply attack him here. If you have decided on how to proceed with this, make sure to walk towards (X:23 Y:-211) to discover a waypoint before moving on to the next interaction.

Following this walkthrough, we will keep our word to Sovereign Glut and Thulla. You can now return to the Myconid Colony and inform Glut that the Duergar has been taken care of. He demands to see the bodies, and you can walk back to the area to show him. However, as soon as Glut sees the body he's dissatisfied and wishes to take Spaw's circle. Glut is blinded by his hunger for power and wishes to devour the colony whole. If you take Spaw's side, you will gain Astarion's approval.

You can now return to the Myconid Colony and speak with Spaw to report to him what took place. 

If you choose the first one, you will gain the approval of Karlach. Spaw is pleased with this and tells you that you can now claim the promised rewards. However, he informs you that threat still remains in the Underdark and asks you to take care of a drow named Nere, lurking in the shadows. He will give you a new quest: 'Deliver Nere's Head'. After this, he will name you Peace-Bringer and then, Kin Spirit.

Enter the Sovereign's Refuge at (X:52 Y:-78) to claim your rewards. You find a body of a drow scholar, which you can investigate by the use of Speak with Dead. You find a book laid closely and pick it up. Attempting the Investigation/Nature will require passing a DC check of 15. The book reveals its secrets to forging adamantine and now, you can turn your attention to the body on the ground. The drow of the name Xargrim reveals that they're searching for The Adamantine Forge. You also learned that the forge is hidden deep within the Underdark, and would require a mould and mithral ore into each of their chambers to activate the lever.

Following your quest to Find a Cure, you will set out to look for the mushroom picker. Go towards Dread Hollow at (X:-5 Y:-115) where you will see Bibberbangs blocking the path pictured below. Make sure to hit these from a distance as they can erupt into poisonous fumes. In the area below, you will find more Bibberbangs blocking your path. These plants exhale poisons and expel them when they sense vibrations, which makes them incredibly dangerous.

In the distance, you will see a dwarf, Baelen Bonecloak surrounded by all the dangerous shrooms. You know that he needs a misty step, and you can decide how to help him. If you have the scroll, you may safely throw it to his direction, or fetch his bag first. Attempting the Strength check will require you to pass a DC of 10 to help the dwarf. You can tell him that you met Derryth and then he hands you an item to thank you, a Scroll of Invisibility. He runs away after this quick conversation. Don't leave the area yet, as there's a noblestalk plant in this area, however, to get it, you must not trigger the Bibberbangs.

One method is to just run back and grab it, triggering the Bibberbangs. As soon as you have it, turn on turn-based mode and the Bibberbangs will continue to explode. Once they finish and the mist goes away, use your turn to use Misty Step, heal, etc. You may refer to Find the Mushroom Picker page for more detailed guide on how to retrieve it. Now, you may now return to Derryth at Ebonlake Grotto who is currently talking to Baelen who has just arrived.

It appears that Baelen has forgotten the noblestalk that you picked up earlier. Derryth explains that they need it for their shop in Baldur's Gate, and will ask you to hand it over. You can decide her if you want to keep it for yourself or give it to her, or attempt extortion. If you hand her the noblestalk, she will reward you with Gloves of Uninhibited Kushigo and this will also mark your quest complete for Find the Mushroom Picker.

Continuing your journey in the Underdark, you will search for The Adamantine Forge, which was described in the journal of the dead drow in the Sovereign's refuge. During your journey make sure to stop by at (X:-50 Y:-142) to discover a waypoint in Sussur Tree. Walk further into the center of the tree and at (X:-18 Y:-144), you can pick up the Sussur Tree Bark, which is a quest item that you'll need to Finish the Masterwork Weapon.

Then, you will encounter a boss here, Filro the Forgotten, who is also aware of the existence of The Adamantine Forge. You will find him at Dread Hollow at (X:-43 Y:-166). Once he is dead, you can now use Speak with Dead to commune with it.You discover that the glowing tree stills the Weave and protects him from the others. He tells you that the Guardian is born from hellish heat designed to protect The Adamantine Forge. You discover that there's 3 of them looking for the forge, Xargrim, and Dhourn. Xargrim was the one found at the Sovereign Refuge, which leaves you to search for Dhourn

Continuing your search for the Adamantine Forge, you are now set to look for Dhourn, the 3rd member of the drow party aware of its existence. Deeper into the Underdark at (X:120 Y:-247) you will encounter a boss, Spectator. In this area, a cutscene will play showing stone statues resembling a party of dark drow. It casts the unpetrification on the Drow that will bring it back to life. This battle will go on allowing the Spectator to cast unpetrification on the rest of the Drow to help it in combat.

Upon defeating it, you can recover The Spectator Eyes from the boss and other valuable items from their party. With the protector out of the way, you can now use Speak with Dead to commune with Dhourn. You find out through him that the original members of their party turned against each other and ended up killing one another. Make sure to check his pack to recover the Memory Shard from Dhourn. Use the shard to see a vision of the Adamantine Forge, confirming its location in the bowels of the Underdark.

After exploring The Festering Cove, you will now return to the Underdark, where you will head first to (X:66 Y:-259). You will find a drow who seems to have fallen to its death, given the condition of the body, as your companion pointed out. To know more details about their death, you can use Speak with Dead or simply go through their belongings. You can get a Scroll of Slow and a Hide-Bound Journal from their body.

Next, you will head to (X:72 Y:-260) to recover a Sylvan Stone, that will help you to unlock a recipe: Essence of Sylvan Stone. To reach this place you have to jump upwards a series of mushrooms growing through the walls. You will see these mushrooms protruding from the wall.

When you reach the top, you will find more Sylvan Stones on the ground that you can recover. Make sure to explore the top area to go through a fake wall. By going through this area, you can recover more Sylvan Stones and you can see a Mushroom Circle glowing on the ground. If you interact with this, you will be teleported back to the ground where you first started jumping up. Now that you're back on the ground, you will continue your search for the Arcane Tower.

With all the information you have gathered, you can now take your journey to the Arcane Tower. This begins upon reaching (X:35 Y:-251) with a tall doorway. When you get here, it is ideal to switch to turn-based mode so you can take precise control of your characters. There are two Arcane Turrets protecting this area and if you come any closer, it will automatically attack you. To avoid these attacks, go to the right side, away from the watchful eye of these towers. These turrets are built strong and have Sturdy condition, you may only damage these if your attacks can deal at least 10 damage. You may also use Eldritch Blast on these cannons to deal massive damage to them.

Once the turrets have been temporarily disabled, you can now explore the area to read a letter addressed to Yrre from Lenore and then take items such as ingot dropped on the ground. You will also find a locked Heavy Chest here which contains a Skybreaker and silver ingot. To open this chest, you will need to pass a Dexterity DC 15. With the Arcane Turrets disabled, you will now move past the second turret on the stairway. Note that these turrets can come alive again after a certain period of time so make sure to watch out for that before it starts attacking your party. To permanently disable these turrets and activate the elevator to go up the tower, you will need to go to the lower area of this ground. Jump through the mushrooms pictured below until you reach the lower area.

When you reach this door at (X:-60 Y:-294) you can destroy this or use a lockpick skill. Attempting the Dexterity check will require you to pass a DC of 15. Once you enter you can immediately see the generator here which keeps the turrets powered. To disable this, simply add the Sussur Bloom to it. A short cutscene will play showing the turrets disabled and the Arcana Tower will be powered up. Make sure to take a look around the area as well and you will find chests that you can loot valuable items from. 

There's a tongue of madness at (X:-29 Y:-291) a quest item that you need in the quest Find a Cure, through the help of Omeluum. At exactly (X:-45 Y:-272) you will also find Timmask Spores, another item for Omeluum's quest. You can continue exploring the tower and you will discover that it is filled with chests and valuable items such as potions and other alchemy ingredients.

Once you have reached the top of the tower, you will be greeted by Bernard by replying the first stanza that you saw from the foot of the tower, Bernard will see you as its new lord and will address you as 'my liege'. If you choose the option to accept a hug from it, you discover that Bernard addresses you as 'Lenore' and he will now remain a friendly ally to you. You can continue having conversations with Bernard to further discover the truth about the Arcana Tower. If you choose the first option, Bernard will respond with: "If you do not your deepest secrets show? Reveal your truth, give what you wish to see."

Shortly after, he will walk towards the desk and will put an item on the table. Pick up the Guiding Light on the table. With the ring in your hand, interact with the elevator again. This ring will open up a new level in the Arcana Tower that will lead you to the basement. You can recover Basilisk Oil, more Tongue of Madness, The Sparkswall, and a Staff of Arcana Blessing in this level.

From your trip to the Arcana Tower, you were able to gather all of the items that Omeluum needed to help you in extracting the parasite. You can now return to Ebonlake Grotto to speak with him there. As soon as you hand him the mushrooms, he will begin to brew the potion. After choosing to drink the option, Omeluum tells you that you may find yourself acting irrationally, and will ask you to try and stay focused. With the potion starting to take effect,  the parasite surges even stronger, and then Omeluum suddenly exclaims, interrupting you. The parasite has calmed down and you notice that the parasite has actually grown stronger. Omeluum tells you that its power is unsettling and that he didn't expect this outcome. He then tells you that the tadpole is still inside your brain but he offers another temporary solution.

He tells you that he owns a Ring of Shielding, which prevents elder brains from noticing his presence. He continues to explain that it will not remove the parasite but it will limit the parasite's influence. He asks you if there is something that you could offer to him in return. If you choose the 4th one by telling him details of the ship, you will need to do either an Intelligence or Performance check that will require you to pass a DC of 15. By doing this, you will get the approval of Shadowheart. This event will mark the Help Omeluum Investigate the Parasite quest as completed. 




dig site grymforge bg3 wiki guide

  1. Reaching the Grymforge
  2. The Dig Site First Visit
  3. Find Explosives
  4. Return to the Dig Site
  5. Stonemason Kith
  6. Heading to the Adamantine Forge
  7. Fighting Grym


While exploring the Underdark, you'll encounter a charmed drow along with hooked horrors and petrified drows near a Spetator. Once you defeat them, you can learn that they're seeking Gryforge and its guardian's weakness. (You can also acquire the legendary weapon MOURNING FROST by combining three icy items.)

To reach this spot, use the boats in Decrepit Village at x: 19 Y: -208. A Duergar will greet you and ask about Gekh.

While heading to Grymforge, a Duergar boat might stop you. You can deceive them with the Absolute mark or succeed in persuasion checks. Otherwise, combat is necessary (be cautious as they can push you off the boat). Here are the dialogue choices:

  1. I seek the sergeant - I believe she's keen to get these boots back
  2. [Intimidation] In the name of the absolute - you will let me pass.
  3. [Deception] I'm afraid Gekh is dead - he fell fighting the myconids
  4. Reach out to the burger's parasite
  5. [Athletics] Push the duerger into the water

When you get to Grymforge by boat, you'll meet two Duergar there. You can fight them or tell them you're with the absolute. No need to pay them 100 gold. Close to you, find the Battered Note and a Grubby Map. Use stairs to find Underdark - Grymforge Waypoint (X: -465 Y: 385). Go up, take left stairs down to find a Duergar hurting a Drows. There's a small boat nearby to sail to the previous Underdark (X: -627 Y: 367). You'll see arguing spiders there. To know more, pass Wisdom check (10) or Speak with Animals spell. If you pass, you learn the big spider fights others. You can stop them, watch, or attack the nearest. (Religion/Persuasion checks let you make them leave Duergar alone.) Past the torturer, two Duergar throw Deep Gnome corpses in water (X: -610 Y: 409). Ask for loot, and if Perception check (10) passes, find valuables (like rare ring Fetish of Callarduran Smoothhands). Duergar want help or for you to leave.

You can find Sergeant Thrinn in a room with a Scrying Eye (X: -627, Y:319 ), she is working with a group of Deep Gnomes to free True Soul Nere, who is trapped under rubble. This will give you Free True Soul Nere. If you have the Boots of Speed from Thulla you can give them to her, to receive a reward. Here are the dialogue options for Sergeant Thrinn:

  1. Give her the gnome's boots.
  2. How did Nere get trapped?
  3. Clearing that rubble will be no easy feat. Any ideas?
  4. I'll take care of it
  5. I've got some explosive powder. That should do the trick.
  6. Sound like you have a tough job ahead of you. Better hurry.

Choose the third option to hear from the sergeant that she doesn't have any idea. Then, pick the second option to learn that the place is very old and previous occupants set up a trap. She explains that if you can rescue Nere, you'll earn Absolute's favor. An extra dialogue option appears: "What are you hoping to find at this dig?" The sergeant mentions it leads to an entrance to an ancient temple. This updates the "The Chosen of Shar" quest. Next, go for the first option, and she'll express gratitude and offer a bounty reward, finishing the "Find the Missing Boots" quest. Finally, choose the second option to conclude the conversation with the sergeant.

Just in front of the sergeant, Gnomes are trying to clear the rubble. You can talk to one named Barcus Wroot, who your character mentions needing rescue again. Barcus Wroot doubts your capability, and you can respond with these options:

  1. That sounds like a challenge. I'll handle your captors and get you out of here.
  2. I could, but I probably won't.
  3. Leave.

If you choose the first option, Barcus Wroot gets excited, updating the "Save the Grymforge Gnomes" quest. Next, you can listen to a conversation among the Gnomes. Options are:

  1. [Perception] Listen to the conversation.
  2. Clear your throat.
  3. Leave.

Opt for the first choice to learn that one Gnome wants to use smoke powder to clear the rubble, while another opposes it to protect someone named Phil. You can intervene with:

  1. I'm a friend - Thulla sent me.
  2. What's happening here?
  3. [Intimidation] About the smoke powder - give me details now.
  4. [Persuasion] Listen - I can help. Act frightened, or you'll draw attention.
  5. Leave.

If you select the first option, Laridda will be surprised. Lunkbug mentions their trapped friends in the cave and how he can help them escape, but Larrida tries to stop him due to her fear of Nere. You can reply with:

  1. That sounds like quite the drama. I can't wait to watch.
  2. Leave the True Soul to me. Now tell me what you know.
  3. A terrible situation. I'm sure you'll pay handsomely if I help.

Choose the first option, and Larrida will try to stop Lunkbug from talking. He insists and reveals information about someone named Philomeen who set the blasts. Lunkbug marks her hideout on your map. This updates quests "Save the Grymforge Gnomes" and "Find Explosives". Respond with:

  1. I'll do what I can.
  2. I have explosive powder. I can use it to free them.
  3. My hands are full. Ask someone else.
  4. Excellent. I can add Philomeen's head to my collection.

If you select the first option, Larrida will beg you not to harm Philomeen. Now, head North East until you reach 2 Duerger at (X:-626 Y:351) and listen to their conversation. They'll approach you, suspecting you're a True Soul, and demand repayment. Respond with:

  1. Why would you think I'm a True Soul?
  2. You want my gold? Fight me for it.
  3. I don't support those True Soul cultists.
  4. I want Nere out - you have a lead.
  5. Leave.

Select the third option, and Birthvar will threaten you for lying. Respond with:

  1. A stench? Absurd. I'm no True Soul.
  2. Go ahead, try. I'm ready for a fight.
  3. I overheard you. I want Nere out - you have a lead.
  4. Leave.

If you choose the first option, Brithvar remains suspicious. Respond with:

  1. Fine - I'm a True Soul. What's your plan?
  2. [Deception] You're mistaken. I'd never bow to the Absolute.
  3. [Deception] I was a True Soul, but the cult lied - seeking revenge now.
  4. [Detect Thoughts] Cast Detect Thoughts.
  5. Leave.

Opt for the second choice. With enough Charisma, convince him you're not a True Soul. He'll ask if you want to earn gold and join their plan against Nere once freed. Respond with:

  1. I'm in.
  2. Count me out.
  3. Good plan. Sergeant Thrinn should know.
  4. [Persuasion] Sounds good. I expect half the spoils.

If you choose the fourth option, he agrees, mentioning an orb-eye that needs knifing as it's used for cult surveillance. This triggers the "Blind the Absolute" quest. Attack the orb-eye to complete the quest.

Behind two Duergar throwing gnomes into the water, there is an enormous double iron door. You have to unlock it to enter. If you pass a Perception check at the end of the room, you will find a secret door, activate the button on its side, open it and take the set of stairs up. Before the stairs, you will find a chest on your right, you can loot an Arrow of Ice among other things, and head to your left. At the end of the hallway, there is another Perception check. Bypassing it, you will notice the loose stone. Head up and you will have to take another Perception check, if you pass it, you will notice that an ambush is incoming. Turn left and continue along the catwalk, when you reach the end, jump through the gap to the other side, and you will reach a locked intricate door. Unlock it (DC: 10) to reach the Contemplation Chamber. You can loot a Hand-drawn Map from a nearby backpack, to update the Quest Find the Explosives.

Move deeper into the chamber to find Philomeen (X: -539, Y: 468), standing near a smokepowder barrel. She threatens you as you get near because she doesn't trust you. There are a few options to attempt to convince her otherwise.

  1. Philomeen, I presume. What's going on here?
  2. Calm down. Let's talk this through.
  3. You wouldn't dare - you don't have the courage.
  4. Holy hells. Have you gone mad?

When you choose the first option, Philomeen remains doubtful. You must then select a dialogue option to persuade her:

  1. [Persuasion] Laridda sent me. The gnomes need your help.
  2. [Intimidation] If I was a true soul, you'd be dead. Stand down before you hurt yourself.
  3. [Persuasion] Smile sincerely and hold out your hand.
  4. [Persuasion] Are you sure about this? Once you're dead, that's it. It's over.
  5. [Detect Thoughts] Use Detect Thoughts.
  6. I don't care. Go ahead, blow us up.

Opt for the first choice, and Philomeen will still be cautious, but she won't trigger the explosion. She'll show vulnerability, and you can reply with:

  1. Calm down. Beldron's trapped in a cave-in, and I need the smokepowder.
  2. I'm not taking you anywhere. You're free to go.
  3. I'd rather have the pleasure of killing you with my own hands.

Choose the first option, and Philomeen will be shocked that you want to use runepowder for something else. She mentions that any true Ironhand would sacrifice their life for the powder. You can respond with:

  1. [History] Ironhand and Runepowder - Where have you heard these terms before?
  2. What use is a single vial?
  3. Deal.
  4. No deal.

If you choose the first option, the narrator explains the background of Runepowder. Your reply can be:

  1. Runepowder? I thought that was a children's story.
  2. What use is a single vial?
  3. Deal.
  4. No deal.

Select the first option, and Philomeen confirms that it's real, but she can only spare one vial for you. An additional dialogue option appears, "I'll need to know a little more about your so-called 'mission' before I let you go." Philomeen explains they're freedom fighters who need the powder to make a point. She mentions that one vial should be enough. Now decide if you accept the deal:

  1. Deal.
  2. No deal.

When you choose the first option, your quest "Find Explosives" updates in your journal. Philomeen gives you the vial and asks you to inform Larrida of her fate. You can reply with:

  1. You'd abandon your beloved? That's quite heartless.
  2. Where will you go now?
  3. I'll pass on the word - right after I kill you.
  4. [DRAGONBORN] So you'll just leave your clan behind?
  5. Leave.

Select the first option, and she asks you to leave. She plans to take the barrel to Baldur's Gate alone. If you fail to convince her, she will blow up the barrel dealing massive damage and probably wiping your entire party out. But if you manage to convince her, she offers you Runepowder Vial, or you can simply attack her to attempt to take the whole barrel. If you kill her, you have to pass a Dexterity check (DC:20) when you interact with the barrel. There's a skeleton over a stone bed that can be looted to obtain a Pitted Key. (X:-534 Y: 476). If you head all the way to the opposite direction of where Philomeen was, you can find a Chasm Creeper (X: -566 Y: 468)

There are other explosives at (X: -587 Y: 390), behind a secret door. Once you have the needed explosives. Return back to the two Duergar throwing gnomes corpses into the water. Past them, you can find a heavy chest that contains an Arrow of Darkness and an Arrow of Lightning. (X: -611 Y: 425). Return to where the Duergar Torturer is, but this time take the first stairs you find, to your left. You will find two Duergar annoying a Deep Gnome (X -607: Y: 380), and asking for a drink refill. He tells you he won't be working to free True Soul Nere, and if you want to do that, you can do it yourself. If you interact with the iron fence past the Duergar, the male will tell you that you won't last a second if you don't have one of Nere's Moonlanterns. You will choke almost immediately if you attempt to go without one of Nere's Moonlanterns. However, you can decide to don't pay attention to the warning and head through the door. The Mysterious Artefact will save you if you attempt to do so without the Moonlantern. If you decide to help the Deep Gnome, you can fight both these Duergar. You will earn a Wyvern Poison from the Gnome once you kill them. Return to the waypoint, and take the stairs up, on your right there is a chest that contains some gold and an Arrow of Ice. (X: -650 Y: 367). Past it, turn right on the next corner, and meet two duergar interacting with what seems to be some crumbled statue. (X: -660 Y: 366).

Once you have the Runepowder Vial you can return to the Dig Site to free Nere (Alternatively, you can use a black powder bag from the windmill and hands grenades) and this will complete the quest "Find Explosives". Throw the vial at the rubble and blow it off with a spell. Nere will come out and threaten the slaves. You can intervene, which leads to him doubting you and your reasons for doing that. Or you can encourage him to kill them. If you do, he will taunt Sergeant Thrinn, and proceed to kill her if you don't support her. Here are the Dialogue options:

  1. Stop! No more innocent will die today, Nere.
  2. Finish the Slaves, True Soul. For the Absolute.
  3. Say Nothing.

Select option 1 and Nere will be surprised that you care for the weak. You can respond with the following:

  1. I came on the myconid sovereign's behalf. It demands revenge.
  2. I act on orders of the Absolute.
  3. Of course, I care. I can't let these gnomes suffer.
  4. This isn't about them. I just can't stand your face.

Select option 1 and Nere will order Sergeant Thrinn to kill you. You can respond with the following:

  1. You wouldn't dare. I'm faithful to the Absolute.
  2. That's your cue, Brithvar. It's time you got paid.
  3. You so much as touch me, and I'll tear you from limb to limb
  4. Say nothing.
  5. [DRAGONBORN] This battle will make a good story. Come, then.

Select the 5th option and Nere will simply say that you chose a battle that you cannot win. Afterward, Brithvar will intervene and will ask Nere to pay up while threatening him with a dagger. He will reveal that he has a deal with you and continue to threaten Nere. Nere will ask you to put your faith in him and earn his trust again by striking down Brithvar. you can choose one of the following:

  1. Side with Nere.
  2. Side with Brithvar and the rebels.
  3. Do nothing.

Choose option 2 and the quest "Save the Grymforge Gnomes" will update in your quest journal. This will also start a battle. If you talked to Brithvar previously and made a deal with him, he will interrupt your conversation demanding to get paid. After this, True Soul Nere will ask you if you side with him or against him. 

Afterward, head to the corpse of Nere and remove his head. Before you do, loot his corpse first to obtain the Broken Moonlantern which will trigger a cutscene where you can inspect it. Choose from the following:

  1. [Investigation] Inspect the lantern in more detail
  2. [ARCANA] Examine the dust within the lantern
  3. Leave.

Select the 2nd option and you will come to the conclusion that the dust is pixie dust. Start looting again and you'll also find Disintegrating Night Walkers and Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen. Afterward, speak with Lunkbug and you'll see him excited to see that Beldron is okay. Beldron will notice you and will thank you for your actions. He will also question why you helped them despite being a True Soul. You can respond with:

  1. It would seem not.
  2. Are you always so suspicious of those who save you?
  3. The cult thinks it owns me. I beg to differ.
  4. You say you're grateful - but my coinpurse is still light,
  5. Thank Tulla - she's the one who set me on your trail.

Select the 5th option and Beldron will start to talk about Wulbren. You'll find out that Wulbren has been taken and the gnomes will wonder what he has gotten himself into now. This will also update a new quest called"Rescue Wulbren". You can respond with:

  1. Would this have anything to do with Runepowder?
  2. Spare the secrecy. Philomeen already escaped with the Runepowder
  3. Before you ask, no - I'm not going to stage a rescue
  4. Whatever the cult wants, I want the opposite. We need to free your friend.

Select the first one and Beldron will be surprised of your knowledge. You'll learn that Wulbren discovered the runepowder formula first and the Absolutists have taken him to interrogate his knowledge of it. If they manage to get the formula knowledge, Sword Coast may fall. you can reply with:

  1. Then we'll just have to free him first.
  2. How long do you think he can hold out?
  3. I don't plan on being anywhere nearby when they do.
  4. If it's truly that powerful, then we can't let the cult have it.

Select the 2nd option and Beldron will mention that there is not enough time. They have other arrangements to deal with. Barcus Wroot will violently react and accuse Beldron of being cruel for considering leaving Wulbren behind. you can reply with:

  1. Enough. Bickering won't save your friend.
  2. You're just abandoning your leader? That's cold.
  3. Run away then. I have my own business to be about
  4. If my path takes me to Moonrise, I'll see about freeing Wulbren myself.

Select the first option and this will mark the completion of the quest "Save the Grymforge Gnomes". Head back to the corpse of Nere and retrieve his head.

Stonemason Kith needs help. He asks what you see in the rocks, three choices linked to History (DC: 10), Investigation (DC: 10), Perception (DC: 10) checks. After passing all, report findings. Kith gives Infernal Iron, trades. Past Kith, find skeletons in dark armor. History check (DC: 10) reveals Shar worshippers. Turn left, up stairs, lone skeleton, left again, catwalk, locked chest behind archery targets (X: -666 Y: 401). Advance, find abandoned camp, go down rift, loot Chasm Creeper (X: -694 y: 410). Return to skeletons, turn left, 3 Duergar lashing beasts. Pass Charisma Check (DC: 15), Duergar mentions Adamantine. Fight Duergar and Deep Rothe or use explosive (Runepowder Vial + Fire Spell).

Past archway, find Metallic Mask (X:-672, Y: 459). Take stairs, more skeletons. Turn right, climb ladders. Broken bridge on left, trap, Orb of Darkvision. Misty Step to cross, beware of traps. Right, long corridor with fire traps, ladder midway, levers move platform, chest with gold. Move team with platform, find Longsword Mould (X:-629, Y: 407). Dark Justiciar Mask skeleton (X:-625, Y:352). Left, jump gap, big locked door to hall, loot Skeleton (X: -592; Y:395) for Harper Key and Undelivered Letter. Upstairs and right, locked door with Merregon Legionnaire and Hellsboar, defeat them, loot chest for Firestoker (X: -579 Y: 382). Altar at back with Rusted Key and Old Letter. Dark Justiciar Mail skeleton (X:-604 Y: 347), Map of Moonhaven nearby (X: -611 Y: 344). More stairs, Scimitar Mould skeleton (X: -607, Y: 322), levers move party forward. Jump to Mace Mould (x: -613, Y: 285), Waypoint nearby (X: -609, Y: 284). More skeletons, left to Splint Mould (X: -597, Y: 309). Fight 4 Animated Armor, loot Scale Mail Mould (X:-621, Y: 260), Dark Justiciar Helm skeleton (X: -622, Y: 258). Small path downward behind Animated Armor location, climb down, jump gap, enter Ancient Temple, attack Mithral Vein for Mithral Ore. Return to forge.

Defaced Shar statue at Dig site (X: -614, Y: 314), use Misty Step if available, leads to Forge. Waypoint nearby. Middle stairs, jump left, fight Magma Mephit, Mithral Vein. Forge area, circle on right, lava room, chest with Sentient Amulet (X: -626, Y: 224), talk to it, start Help the Cursed Monk quest. Pull lava valve, fight Grym, get Grymskull Helm, earn 500 XP. Return to Stonemason Kith, path behind him. Descend cliff, History check reveals Harper rune. Find chests, Toy Chest (X: -699 Y: 375), ambush by three Mimics.

Defeat Mimics, get Gold, Scroll of Evidence. Climb up Cragged rock, take stairs up next to you, past camp, reach large area.

Baldur's Gate 3 Act 2 Game Progress Route Quick Navigation

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Ruined Battlefield

ruined battlefield7 locations world baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

  1. Reach Moonrise Towers
  2. Find a Way to Protect Yourself from the Curse
  3. Reach Last Light Inn


After you head up the elevator within Grymforge, you’ll find yourself in a place that looks like the ruins of a part of Grymforge. The plaques here have some writings pertaining to the Shar, and moving straight ahead to the west brings you to a locked Absolutist Expedition Trunk with lockpicking DC of 10, containing some potions and/or elixirs. Heading up the stairs and following the path around will have you bump into Elminster Aumar. He’ll call you over to ask about Gale. If you don't have him in your party, you'll get automatically transported to camp where you'll talk to him to hear a message Mystra herself charged him to deliver. It seems Gale will be forgiven for whatever wrong he did to Mystra, provided he put an end to all your problems by finding the Heart of the Absolute, and blowing it up with the orb he has inside, along with himself.

Exit the camp to find yourself back at the castle ruins. Past where Elminster was is an Absolutist Expedition Key, in case you aren’t able to pick the lock of the previous chest. Head to the west to a hall filled with overgrown roots. On the broken pillar to your right is a Broken Moonlantern. The corpse on your left should have some scrolls as well as Orders. It seems this particular adept was killed by her own explosives. Head further west to the end of the hall to finally enter the Shadow-Cursed Lands, specifically the Ruined Battlefields.

After the short scene, follow the path to the south. You’ll eventually have to cross some shadow-cursed ground, which will cause you to be afflicted with the Shadow Curse as well. Use a Torch or cast anything that can light your way in order to prevent yourself from being afflicted. Shadowheart seems to be immune to the curse, as a chosen of Shar. 

Head back north and then cross the bridge now to the southwest. The path up to the structure further south leads to a dead end and a skeleton you could loot for some jewelry and an Unsent Letter. Before you go down, you might want to light the brazier to give you a boost for later. Head down to the west to bump into the Harpers. Despite your best efforts at subterfuge, their leader Lassandra will spot you and ask who’s there. You’ll have the following choices to respond with:

    1. Lower your weapon first.
    2. My name is Tav. Who are you?
    3. A nightmare in the dark.
    4. Back away from them, palms up

Choosing the first and second choice will have them ask you to come forward with your hands up. You’ll roll a Perception check to see that it’s safe to do so. Unfortunately, one of them fails to move close enough with the torchers and gets taken by something in the dark. He emerges afterward, corrupted by the shadows. You’ll have the following dialogue options to choose from form here:

NOTE: Some dialogue interactions will have additional options depending on the Race or Class of your character.

  1. Move. I’ll take care of this.
  2. Get ready to fight.
  3. [WARLOCK] His soul… consumed by darkness. Not a good sign.
  4. Run

Choosing any of these options aside from the last one will initiate a combat engagement. You’ll be up against seven Enemies - six Shadows, and a corrupted Yonas, and will have the help of the Harpers. They shouldn’t be too hard but just don’t forget that you’ll get afflicted with the curse if you aren’t near a source of light. Any ranged allies can safely fight from the lit brazier in the higher structure back to the south. There will be a Shadow there though, so they will still have to be careful. After the fight, Lassandra will show you where you can go that’s safe from the curse. You’ll have the following choices to reply with:

  1. ‘Safe place’? You mean somewhere the shadows can’t penetrate?
  2. I’ll follow in a moment.
  3. Thanks, but I’m heading to Moonrise Towers.

Choosing the first will have her explain that the place she mentioned is an inn that’s magically protected. It also seems like traveling deeper in won’t be safe anymore with just torches and light Spells.

Follow the path to the southwest to move further along. You’ll eventually spot a raven on the ground. Your party will roll Arcana checks to see that the raven has been claimed by the shadows. Interacting with it will start a combat engagement against twelve Shadow-Cursed Ravens. They shouldn’t be too hard to get through but you will have the added handicap of being Surprised. After the fight, you can loot the original raven’s body for a note marked “HELP!” There should be a locked Traveler’s Chest atop the roof of the nearby dilapidated house with a lockpicking DC of 10 if you’d like to jump up and get it. Otherwise, continue southwest.

You’ll eventually get to an intersection. The path on your right to the northwest will lead to the Last Light Inn that the Harpers pointed you toward. In fact, you’ll find them at the entrance to the place so move toward them for a cutscene.



Last Light Inn

last light inn5 locations world baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

  1. Reach Moonrise Towers
  2. Talk to Jaheira
  3. Get Help from the Cleric Isobel
  4. Find Protection from the Shadow Curse


They’ll allow you in and you’ll be able to meet Jaheira for the first time. She’ll use some nature magic to root you in place, to which you have the following options to respond with:

  1. Just this once, I wish people would simply say hello.
  2. Jaheira, is it? I’m Tav, and I assure you none of this is necessary.
  3. You have to the count of five to let me go.

Choosing the second option will just make them push further. You’ll have the following options to respond with next:

  1. Easy. Give me a chance to earn your trust.
  2. I saved your soldiers and this is the thanks I get?
  3. Could you at least explain to me why you’re doing this?
  4. Back off. Now.

It seems she is mainly suspicious of you because she has a captured tadpole reacting to the tadpole in your brain, which makes them think you’re a True Soul. You’ll have the following options to respond with:

  1. I am not… a True Soul…
  2. Look to the Harpers you saved.
  3. Accept your fate.
  4. [STRENGTH] Rage against the vines.
  5. [WARLOCK] Beseech your patron to help you.

If you choose the fifth option, Mol will intervene and vouch for you. Jaheira will then question how you could have a tadpole but not be a thrall. You’ll have the following choices to answer the question:

  1. Because of this artefact. (Show Jaheira)
  2. I work in mysterious ways.
  3. You’ll just have to take my word for it.
  4. Attack

Karlach will approve of the first option. The tadpole she has will react negatively to the artefact as you take it out. Jaheira will question what exactly you are showing her, to which you’ll have the following choices to respond with:

  1. Tell Jaheira everything you know about the artefact.
  2. So far it’s been a life-saver. Here’s hoping you agree.
  3. Your guess is as good as mine.

If you choose the first option, they’ll finally ease up on you and ask why you’re there. You’ll have the following options to reply with:

  1. To destroy the Absolute in its lair: Moonrise Towers.
  2. I just want a cure for the parasite in my head. Moonrise Towers is my only lead.
  3. I’m here on holiday.
  4. My intentions are my own.

Choosing the second option will finally have them let you off to your own devices, before inviting you for a drink in the inn. Afterward, move forward and examine the runes on your right to activate the Waypoint for the Last Light Inn. Head down the path further in to the opening at (X:51, Y:143) that leads to the actual inn. There will be a realistic bear statue on your left as you enter. Your character will do a Nature check as you enter to ascertain what it actually is. Head inside and find Jaheira at (X:67, Y:139) and talk to her. She’ll propose a toast to your health. You’ll have the following options to choose from in response, if you have Karlach with you:

  1. To your very good health.
  2. [MEDICINE] Smell the wine first.
  3. You’ll have to pardon my friend Karlach. She’s very excited to meet you.
  4. I’m not thirsty.

If you choose the second option and pass the Medicine check, you’ll discover that she’s laced the drink with an herb that acts like a truth serum. You’ll have the option to express your trust wavering as a result afterward, but then you’ll still have to choose whether you’ll drink it or not. Drinking it will gain disapproval from Astarion and Shadowheart, but will gain approval from fangirl Karlach, if you’ve brought any of them with you. Jaheira will then ask if the parasite is affecting you or not. You’ll have the following choices to answer the question with:

  1. I see now why you’ve spiked my wine.
  2. Yes. The parasite is giving me powers I never had before. It’s changing me for the better.
  3. It’s trying to change me, trying to win me over, but I’m resisting its temptations.
  4. [SAVING THROW] Despite knowing you’re under the effects of a drug, try to deny the tadpole has any influence over you.

The first option will just have her press you for a different answer. Choosing the fourth choice and being successful will have her be satisfied with your answer, but explain why she has to be cautious. She will say that tracking the parasites led her to someone who should’ve been dead for over a century. If you ask who it is, she’ll reveal it to be General Ketheric Thorn, the leader of the Absolutist cult. It seems that not only is he not dead, he’s also currently unkillable. They had an encounter with him as he and his army were marching to Baldur’s Gate. Suffice it to say, he defeated them and had them chased all the way to this inn. However, she seems to have some hope in you. You can respond to this with the following choices:

  1. What do you have in mind?
  2. You think I can kill him?
  3. I don’t think so.

Her plan is to have you infiltrate his base as a True Soul and find out how to deactivate his invincibility. You’ll have the following options to reply with:

  1. Ketheric’s days are numbered. I’ll make sure of it.
  2. You want to make use of my infection - I want to be cured of it.
  3. Seems like I’ll be doing most of the heavy lifting.
  4. I’m not doing this.

Choosing the second option will have her explain that you’ll probably find a means to cure yourself in the Moonrise Towers anyway. You can then ask her how to get there past the debilitating shadows. She’ll explain that Isobel, a Cleric of Selune, protects the inn with her light, and will be the key that’ll let you protect against the darkness. She bids you go upstairs to talk to the Cleric, at her recommendation.

Head up the stairs at (X:71, Y:134) to get to the second floor. Isobel can be found on a balcony to the north, which you can reach through a door at (X:64, Y:168). You’ll see the shielding spell take its toll on her before she notices you. Choosing the first choice will have her express that she’s full glad to have you as their little miracle against the darkness. She’ll proceed to enchant you and your party with the same shield she’s cast around the inn but will warn you that it won’t be enough to protect you when you reach the depths of the Shadow-Cursed Lands, though it should be enough to reach Moonrise Towers.

As she gives you advice on how to best Ketheric, you get interrupted by Flaming Fist Marcus, a former brave ally of theirs, now turned by the Enemy in exchange for a pair of wings. You’ll have the following options to react with:

  1. What are you?
  2. Isobel, do you know this man?
  3. I say we follow the winged freak.

After she introduces him to you, he’ll reveal himself as a True Soul and try to telepathically order you to take Isobel back to their home base. You’ll have the following options to respond with:

  1. [WISDOM] Probe his thoughts for more information.
  2. What does he want with her?
  3. Sounds like fun - I’m with you.
  4. I’m not like you - I don’t take orders from the Absolute’s cronies.
  5. Touch her and I’ll kill you.

Choosing the first option and passing the Wisdom check will allow you to see Ketheric give the order to Marcus. Isobel will question your telepathic interaction, to which you’ll have the following options to respond with:

    1. Marcus is trying to kidnap you, Isobel. We’re going to need to fight our way out of this one.
    2. Say nothing.
    3. You’re going to meet Ketheric - face-to-face.

Choosing the first option will result in a combat engagement, signaled by 

Marcus will let out a roar to call out more minions, and you’ll enter a combat engagement. For this fight, you’ll have to attempt to defeat Flaming Fist Marcus and six Winged Horrors. All of them are going to do their best to go straight of Isobel. Your best bet for a small chance of winning here is to use a protection spell on Isobel, while you dish out as much damage as you can on Marcus before he knocks Isobel out. Chances are, however, you’ll lose this fight due to Marcus’ sheer bulk and power. After he knocks out Isobel, all hell will break loose in the inn, resulting in the death of most of its inhabitants. The shields will disappear, allowing the shadows to enter the inn and turn some into Enemies, while the others die to the turned.

Outside, Jaheira will see the shields melt and ask you what happened. Choosing the first choice will have her restate your mission to figure out Ketheric’s invincibility. Before you get out of here to do that though, you’ll have to clear the area of allies turned to foes. This won’t be difficult by any means, other than the fact that they used to be innocents. There’ll be another group waiting for you on the bridge to the southeast, which is also going to bring in some Creepers. After the fight, proceed to the bridge at (X:-11, Y: 120) to head back to the Ruined Battlefield.


Ruined Battlefield

ruined battlefield11 locations world baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

  1. Reach Moonrise Towers
  2. Find Stronger Protection from the Shadow Curse
  3. Take the Drider's Moonlantern


After crossing the bridge back from Last Light Inn, head straight ahead to the path at (X:11, Y:9), toward the southeast. When the path splits three ways, head to the southwest first, to your right. You’ll come across the bodies of cultists and refugees alike. Loot as necessary. This must be where the ambush happened.  The path splits three ways here again, so head first to the path going up to the west. You’ll notice some standing torches. A successful Arcana check will tell you they’re continual flames that can’t be put out. Follow the path out of this small camp to the southwest. You’ll come across a dilapidated storehouse right after an arch formed by a tree. Passing a Perception check here apprises you of a movable brick by the storehouse’s entrance. If you look closely inside, however, there are invisible meazals waiting to ambush you. Deal with the meazals however you see fit. If you brought Karlach along, she’ll gain inspiration from being attacked by invisible foes lying in wait. Loot as necessary as you explore the storehouse. Head back to the entrance and jump on a ledge to the left of the storehouse to then get to the roof. Cross the roof to the far end of the storehouse, where there’s a locked Potter’s Chest with a lockpicking DC of 14 containing a pair of Luminous Gloves.

Head back to the entrance of the storehouse and head up the stairs to the southeast. You should see some wooden stairs on your left as you go so head up there head into the ruined house. A cutscene will ensue as you watch some cultist pass by, led by the drider Kar’niss. One of them will notice you in the shadows who yells at you to reveal yourself. You’ll have the following options to react:

  1. Clear your throat to make yourself known.
  2. Stay hidden, keep watching.
  3. Attack!

If you choose to stay hidden, there’ll be an internal squabble, resulting in Kar’niss slaughtering the goblin that noticed you, so you’ll have one less to kill. After that, you can either clear your throat and reveal yourself, or do a Stealth check to wait for them to pass. Choosing the first option will have the drider recognize you as a True Soul and ask how you’ve survived the shadows without protection. As per your current objective of finding the answer to the same question, you can ask him in return how he has survived thus far. He’ll reveal that the lantern he carries is the key. You’ll then have the following courses of action to choose from:

  1. [INTIMIDATION] The Absolute has asked me to carry the lantern. Hand it over.
  2. Thank you - let’s go.
  3. Or I could kill you and take that light.

Naturally, choosing the third option will result in a fight, but there’s no telling if he’ll give the lantern over anyway. Kar’niss will likely start the fight with Sanctuary. If anyone in your party has Counterspell as a reaction, you can stop this. Otherwise, it’s not a bad thing to let it happen as might want to take care of the Enemies with lower health points anyway. Thanks to your antics, you’ll have to clear out the drider, two goblins, and two Half-Orcs. Kar’niss has a massive amount of health, but you should be able to whittle him down easily especially once he’s alone.

Looting him afterward will net you his Moonlantern and the Cruel Sting longsword. Taking the Moonlantern will reveal a pixie trapped inside that’s responsible for the light that protects against even the deeper shadows. A successful Intelligence check will tell you that they can be playful and even malicious. Dolly Dolly Dolly, the pixie will claim that she’s in constant pain inside the lantern as it’s the only way to get the light shining constantly. You’ll have the following options to respond with:

  1. Who are you?
  2. You’re fuel for the lantern? How does that work?
  3. What’s this mechanism at the base of the lantern?
  4. Release the pixie.
  5. Ignore the pixie. You’ll be needing this lamp.

Choosing the first option will have the pixie formally introduce itself as Dolly Dolly Dolly, and ask you to free her. Afterward, the first option will be replaced by a proposal to help you travel through the shadows in exchange for freeing her. If you choose that option, it’ll seem to wholeheartedly agree to it. Asking about the mechanism will have it claim that it’s dangerous for her to even talk about it. If you choose to release it, you’ll gain approval from Astarion and Karlach if you brought them along. She’ll then ask how she can repay you, and you’ll have the following options to answer with:

  1. I need to get through this shadow curse. Can you help?
  2. What’s on offer?
  3. Nothing - my help doesn’t come with strings attached.

Choosing the first option will have her toy with you for a bit but ultimately give you a magic bell, called the Filigreed Feywild Bell, that you can ring for the protection you asked for. Continue looting as necessary. One of the goblins will have some Thermoarcanic Gloves you can cop. Note that the pixie already has you blessed so there’s no need to actually use the bell yet. There’s a locked chest on the southwest side of the house that you can lockpick, or you can get the key for it on the roof, which you can get to with the ladder. You can now safely travel anywhere across the Shadow-Cursed Lands.

Depending on whether or not you’ve got Wyll in your party if you rest at camp now, Mizora will come for a visit. She’ll tell you that one of Zariel’s devils has been captured by the cultists and brought to Moonrise Towers. Wyll’s next task, as per their pact, is to free this devil. If you ask why you have to save the devil, she’ll do her usual referencing of their contract. Before she leaves, you’ll do a Perception check here to see if she’s hiding anything behind her usual attitude, and blurry appearance.

If you did choose to take a long rest, you’ll be visited by your Dream Visitor again as you sleep. They’ll comment on how strong the Absolute’s influence is where you are, and then commend you for saving the refugees at the grove. You can respond with the following options:

  1. It wasn’t even a choice. They needed my help.
  2. It doesn’t seem like my help did them much good. The cultists caught up with them.
  3. It was a waste of time. I regret it now.
  4. I didn’t do it for them. The goblins were in my way, so I killed them.

Choosing the first option will have them say it’s not a choice just anyone could make, before wincing in pain. A successful Perception check will tell you that they’re hiding their struggle to protect you. You’ll have the following options to react with:

  1. What is it?
  2. Are you all right?
  3. Focus! Don’t you dare drop my protection.
  4. Say nothing.

A successful Insight check this time will tell you that despite her disciplined, strong demeanor, they also need some comfort. You'll have the option to give them a hug here. They’ll appreciate the gesture if you choose to hold them and mention that it’s been quite a while since they’ve been held by someone. If you ask them who it was that used to hold them, they’ll reveal the name Belynne who they were very close to. They’ll tell you how the Absolute’s mental attacks to transform you have been relentless, but they’ll reaffirm her resolve to protect you for as long as they can.

Before leaving camp, you can talk to Wyll who’ll be quite pissed at his new task. You can ask him if this task violates their contract, as he was supposed to be killing devils, not rescuing them. Knowing how Mizora thinks, however, he confirms that the contract doesn’t say anything about saving a devil so the task still stands. You can continue the conversation which will end with the resolution to complete the task so he doesn’t get turned into a lemure.

Back to the ruined house where you fought the drider, head to the southeast, and turn left at (X:31, Y:-13). You’ll pass by another house with a chest containing a book and some valuables. If you look out on the cliff toward the north, you’ll see the Waypoint for the Ruined Battlefield below you. Get to it by heading back toward the southwest and then turning right at the fork.

From the Waypoint, follow the path west all the way to the end. You should find yourself back at the ruined storehouse where you fought some meazals. Enter the building and then turn left at the end this time, toward the south, at (X:-50, Y:3). As you follow the path, there should be a ruined tower on your left. Be careful going in, as a successful Perception check will reveal an explosive trap at the entrance. Inside, there should be a locked Traveler’s Chest under the shelf among the pots, with a lockpicking DC of 10, containing a Ring of Twilight. If you head to the west there’ll be a short, messy wooden bridge leading to some stairs with a thick layer of shadows. This is the entrance to the Reithwin Mason’s Guild.


Reithwin Masons' Guild

reithwin town 3 locations world baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

  1. Reach Moonrise Towers
  2. Investigate the Thorm Mausoleum


Coming from the eastern entrance, from the Ruined Battlefield, head north along the walls first. In the end, you should be able to find a ladder that will let you climb up and reach a Heavy Chest at (X:-112, Y:0), which contains some potions and valuables. Climb back down and head back toward where you came from, but turn right to enter the paved area at (X:-114, Y:-12). Head inside the door here to a building that has some statues lined up. The table to your immediate right should have a Barkskin Recipe for you to read. If you move forward, there’ll be a pile of bones on top of some concrete. Investigating the plaque below it will inspire you if you have picked the Guild Artisan Background. Head through the door past it to the north and then head to the west side to find an Ornate Wooden Hatch. Enter it to enter the Masons' Guild.

Down here, head up the stairs to the left to circle around the room. At the end of the room, a successful Perception check will reveal a Keyholed Herald on the wall. You can either lockpick the keyhole or use a Tower-Shaped key to open a path in the wall. Follow the path to a Reinforced Gilded Chest. Another successful Perception check will reveal that it’s trapped, but don’t bother ‘cause it’s empty. Move forward and go through the wooden doors to a large chamber with a dining table. Exploring this area will put you in a combat engagement against five Shadows led by a Wraith. The fight shouldn’t be too hard, but be wary of the Wraith. At the southern end of the hall is another Gilded Chest that’s trapped. Its disarming DC is 21, and its lockpicking DC is 14. It should contain the Helmet of Arcane Acuity. On the east side of the chamber on the upper level is a button you can only find by passing the Perception check. Clicking it will reveal another hidden room behind the wall. Inside will be two Armored Chests with some scrolls and potions.

Head all the way back to where you landed upon entering the hatch. Interact with the stone slab connected to the elevator to head up. Up here, cross the bridge of vines to head to the west to a small graveyard. Turn to the left and open the gate. If you were able to save Arabella at the grove, you’ll see a cutscene with her if you talk to her here. It seems touching the idol back then gave her some power over nature. If you ask her where her parents are, she’ll recount how they got separated by the cultist ambush. Afterward, if you tell her you’ll find her parents, you’ll gain approval from Karlach and ShadowheartShadowheart will also approve of allowing her to stay at your camp. Move forward to the northeast for a Perception check. If you pass it, you’ll find the True Love’s Caress among the pile of bones nearby. There are Grated Iron Doors to the north that you can lockpick with 10 DC. Inside is a sarcophagus hiding the Boots of Apparent Death.

There’s another chamber to the north with two sarcophagi inside, containing the Icebite Robe and some minor items. If you head out and continue your journey to the west from here, you’ll find the door to the House of Healing. If you ignore the door and head north you’ll come across some Dark Justiciar corpses. Continue along the path to eventually find Raphael. He’ll start you off with a warning in the form of a rhyme, to which you can call out his worry over you. Afterward, you can ask him what dangers he’s warning you about. If you ask him for specifics, he’ll explain that there’s an ancient demon ahead lost to time, and approaching them risks awakening their plague onto the world if you don’t manage to kill it. If you want him to be more specific, you can try to pass a Persuasion check. Afterward, you can do an Insight check to see if he’s hiding anything else from you. Upon further probing, you’ll learn that it’s an Orthon you’re after. Telling him that he’s afraid of this target will have him warn you not to underestimate it. Finally, he’ll assure you that he hasn’t forgotten his end of the bargain about translating the scars on Astarion’s back. Behind him, to the southwest is the entrance to the Grand Mausoleum.



Grand Mausoleum

grand mausoleum2 locations world baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

  1. Investigate the Thorm Mausoleum


After entering, when you go through the iron fence, you’ll hear a talking skull telling you to beat it, but it won’t do anything else if you interact with it. A part of Ketheric Thorm’s diary sits near his diseased wife’s coffin. Other parts as scattered around this area if you want to look into his past. In the eastern area of this first area, you can find a locked Traveller’s Chest at (X:-259, Y:-882). It has a lockpicking DC of 14 and contains the Vivacious Cloak, some alchemy materials, some valuables, and possibly a potion or two.

Loot the rest of the area as much as you’d like, and then head over to the northern section. The plaque here reveals that Isobel is Ketheric’s daughter and that the tomb here belonged to her. Successful Perception checks here will reveal traps on the vents and various tiles on the floor, as well as gargoyle heads on the walls, all around the room. To move forward from here, you’ll have to press the buttons below the three paintings around the room in the right order. Start with the button below the Moonrise Towers painting first, and then the Grief painting beside it, before finally pressing the last button under Ketheric Thorm’s painting. Getting the order correctly will open up the walls beside the last painting and allow you to pass through. Interact with the Traversal Gem here to travel down and get to the Gauntlet of Shar.


Gauntlet of Shar

nightsong prison entrance gauntlet of shar walkthrough bg3 wiki guide

  1. Reach Gauntlet of Shar by Hidden Room in Grand Mausoleum
  2. Meeting Balthazar
  3. Sharran Trials
  4. Silent Library
  5. Inner Sanctum
  6. Nightsong's Prison


To reach the Gauntlet of Shar, you have to be within the Reithwin Graveyard in Grand Mausoleum. Successful Perception checks here will reveal traps on the vents and various tiles on the floor, as well as gargoyle heads on the walls, all around the room. In order to reveal the path, you need to press the buttons under the 3 paintings in the following order: Start with the button below the Moonrise Towers (X:-248 Y:-848) painting first, and then the Grief (X:-278 Y:-842) painting beside it, before finally pressing the last button under Ketheric Thorm’s (X:-280 Y:-830) painting. After pressing the corresponding buttons, the walls beside the last painting will open up and allow you to pass through. You'll find a platform there with a Traversal Gem, interact with it to travel down the Gauntlet of Shar. There are 4 Umbral Gems in Gauntlet of Shar, you need to collect all of them in order to progress Shadowheart's personal quest, Daughter of DarknessThe Chosen of Shar.

Continue heading north and go through the first Stone Door to enter the first chamber. In this area, there is a small statue holding an orb. You'll get pushed back if you attempt to approach it. In order to solve this puzzle, you need to explore the side rooms and pull the levers to lower all the lanterns. Do note that all rooms with levers will have traps. Once you've pulled all the levers, interact with the lowered lanterns to extinguish the light. When the room is completely shrouded in darkness, you'll see the pattern on the floor. Use only one character to crouch-walk and avoid the glowing lines to prevent your character from being blasted away. Once you touch the orb, you will open the door leading to the next area. For an easy way to reach the orb in the middle of the forcefield, you can use any sort of teleportation and simply teleport directly next to the orb and then click the Umbral Gem.

Now continue heading west and on the left side of the room (X:-775 Y:-853), you can jump across the platforms that'll lead you to the next area. All of your characters should be able to make the jump as the platforms are relatively close to each other. You can then go down through the cragged rock (X:-801 Y:-850). As you move forward, you'll see a Cloaker in the area. If you pass the perception check, you'll notice you're going through an area that's perfect for an ambush, then you'll initiate combat. The Cloaker can summon Phantasms which are basically clones of itself. It is recommended that you aim for the main body, as killing the Cloaker will make the Phantasms disappear. There's a chest at (X:-824 Y:-866), you can loot its treasure.

Now head north and go down the stairs. You'll see a giant locked door. You can lockpick or attack it until it breaks down. Now head to the room located east and interact with the Altar to Shar (X:-807 Y:-816). You can then either pray to the altar or leave. If you choose to pray, you'll need to pass an Intelligence check in Religion with DC 14. If you successfully passed the skill check, you will gain Nightsinger's Favour, you will be resistant to any type of necrotic damage until your next long rest. In the room located west, there's a traveler's chest and a Key on a Skeleton you can loot (X:-839 Y:-813). Now go to the middle and pull the lever on the left side to open the door ahead. As you enter the room, you will find three undead skeletons. As you approach them, the one in the middle asks if you are a friend, a foe, or a thief. Then it will say you're a friend, but you were uninvited as he did not request help. If you don't attack them, they will not turn hostile and even help you during the combat encounter you'll face ahead. After your conversation, a portal opens up next to you and a Justiciar Avenger comes out. You'll then initiate combat after the cutscene. This can be a difficult combat encounter as the Umbral Tremors can keep appearing throughout the battle.

Once you've slain all the Justiciar enemies, go inside the room located west and you'll meet Balthazar (X:-851 Y:-786). Once you interact with him, you will be presented with several dialogue options. If want you are curious to learn more about him, engage in conversation and he will introduce himself as Balthazar, the Chief Advisor to General Thorm. He reveals that he's here because he was entrusted with an important mission to retrieve a certain relic for General Thorm. He also wants to make use of you since you've proven yourself in battle just recently by slaying some Justiciar enemies. You will then be presented with several options, if you choose to persuade him and you successfully pass the skill check, he will assign someone to aid you as you clear the way. He'll offer you the bell that can summon his brother. You will gain Astarion and Shadowheart's approval, as well as the Summon Golem Bell item. This item will summon Balthazar's brother and can only be used in combat while in the Gauntlet of Shar. After your conversation with Balthazar, you will advance the quest Infiltrate Moonrise Towers. Alternatively, if you wish to kill Balthazar here right now, you will achieve the Acolyte: Those for Whom the Bell Tolled if you successfully slay him and his cronies.

Once you exit the room, head north and you'll see a locked Vault Door. You need to lockpick the door with DC 30, successfully opening the door will reveal three Opulent Chests inside. All the chests will contain valuable loot but the most notable loot is inside the chest in the middle, this one has the Scroll of Seeming which is a very rare scroll. It's a single-use item that lets you disguise up to 4 members of your party. Exit the vault and continue heading east, at this location (X:-752 Y:-789) you'll find a waypoint that lets you fast-travel to this location at any time. Now continue heading north and once you reach this location (X:-652 Y:-776), you'll need to pass a perception skill check to reveal the invisible enemies in the area. If you get too close or fail the perception check, you'll immediately engage in combat. Once you've cleared all the enemies within the area, you'll complete the Kill Raphael's Old Enemy quest. We recommend checking the enemies' corpses as you may find some valuable scrolls and weapons, there's an enemy there named Yurgir that has a very rare weapon called the Hellfire Hand Crossbow.

Once you end the day, Raphael will show up. Astarion will then make a remark that Raphael needs to hold his end of the deal as his devil Yurgir has been dispatched. If you want to learn more about Astarion's back story, tell Raphael to stop stalling and he'll reveal the contract that was made by Astarion's former master, Cazador Szarr, with the archdevil Mephistopheles. Once Raphael finishes the story, he will vanish. Astarion will then ask you if you can help him take the fight to Cazador. If you choose to help him, you will gain his approval and he will thank you.

To find the remaining Umbral Gems, you need to complete Sharran Trials. The Soft-step Trial can be found here (X:-761 Y:-755), just northwest of the Gauntlet of Shar Waypoint. You'll see a Bulky Door as its entrance. Go inside and interact with the Sacrificial Bowl, Shadowheart will then interrupt and say this is one of Lady Shar's trials. You can then let her do as she wishes or tell her to stand down. If you choose to let her do as she pleases, you will gain her approval. She then wounds herself and offers her blood on the bowl, the gates will then open after. Now you need to skulk to the end of the maze without being spotted by the shadows and if you are spotted, you'll immediately be transported to where the Sacrificial Bowl is. Using an invisibility spell and turn base mode works well. But be careful of the traps. You need to find Soft-Step Key (on the table of a hidden room) or use lockpick to open the final gate. Alternatively, you can use Dimension Door spell to bypass this trial. Once you've made it inside the gate, retrieve the Umbral Gem to complete the trial. You can then interact with the Umbral Transporter to transport you back to where the Sacrifical Bowl is and exit the room.

Continue heading north and you'll find the Self-Same Trial here (X:-763 Y:-733). This trial forces you to fight a clone of your parties. If you wish to make the combat encounter easier for you, get naked and remove your armor and weapons before you offer your blood to the Sacrificial Bowl. You can just re-equip them before you enter the room. The clone team has the ability to dip in and out of the shadows. For this trial, you would also need to take note of the Cheater's Folly condition, if any member of your party attacks the enemy team that's not their own clone, all their Ability Scores will be reduced by 1 and this effect can stack. So it's recommended that you only attack your own clown if possible so you won't get stacked with debuffs. If you ever get the Cheater's Folly inflicted on one of your party members, simply killing the clone will remove that debuff. Once you've slain the enemy team you can loot the Umbral Gem from the last clone you killed. You will also find a very rare ring called the Killer's Sweetheart. Just like before, you can use the Umbral Transporter to transport you back to where you came from to exit the area.

The last and final trial, the Faith-Leap Trial can be located downstairs (X:-744 Y:-728). For this trial, the room will be plunged into darkness after you offered the blood, and you need to remember the location of the platforms to reach the Umbral Gem. However, you can use the Daylight spell to light the entire room, or use Fly or Dimension Door spell to reach the final platform. Once you reach the final platform, retrieve the Umbral Gem and transport yourself to where you started and exit the area.

Once you've completed the trials, continue heading south and at this location (X:-756 Y:-753) is the Silent Library. You'll notice there's a white barrier at the entrance, you can go through but you will be Silenced and you'll be unable to cast any spells. There will be several Justiciar enemies in the area, if you want to avoid combat, you can try to sneak attack them with ranged attacks. They don't seem to get triggered by getting damaged, which will make this section easier. Once you've slain all the enemies in the area, press the button on the far right corner of the room (X:-778 Y:-751) to unlock the gate to the Treasure Room. Once you enter the room, disarm all of the traps first, then look for the book called Teachings of Loss: The Nightsinger, then interact with the plinth and place the book. After placing the book, the door to Treasure Room will be opened. Inside you'll find the Dark Justiciar HelmetDark Justiciar Half-Plate, and the weapon to kill the Nightsong - Spear of Night. Once you retrieve the weapons, loot whatever you can inside and exit the room. While exploring the area, you find lots of Rats. Try talking to them and you can find they are not natural. Use the Cragged Rock between the 2nd and 3rd trials to reach the feet of the giant Shar Statue. Here you can find a Broken Effigy and a book, read the book and talk to the rat to learn his story - another victim of Raphael and the last remaining Dark Justiciar. The rat will also reveal the location of Sharrn Provisions if you agree to spare him. If you want to side with Yurgir, you can kill the rats and the last Justiciar. Doing so can avoid a fight with Yurgir. And later easier to get his help when you sneak into Raphael's House of Hope and confront the archdevil. Yurgir is also a potential ally in Gather Your Allies. But you can still persuade Yurgir to join you even if you killed him here. Alternatively, if you chose to help the Orthon break his contract, you learn more about the trickery of Raphael after killing the rat swarm at this location.

Now make your way back to the Pedestal of Reckoning at this location (X:-717 Y:-776). Interact with the pedestal and you will have a short conversation with Shadowheart. After your conversation, get on top of the platform and interact with the Traversal Gem to reach the Inner Sanctum. Once you've been transported down, interact with the Ancient Altar and place three Umbral Gems you've collected to unlock the door ahead. If anyone in your party has a background of Guild Artisan, they will be inspired and you will also achieve Guild Artisan: Dark Machinations. head down the stairs and you'll discover the Verge of the Shadows waypoint at this location (X:-717 Y:-842). Interact with the Shadowfell Entrance pool to trigger a dialogue with Shadowheart. She says she needs to pray, and tells you that everyone made it this far because of Lady Shar's grace. If you try to peer into her mind while she's praying, she will disapprove of this action. You can gain an approval back from her after she says that Lady Shar only demands one sacrifice and you choose the option "All right. Fine. Let's move on." A prompt will then appear on the screen asking you if you want to proceed, depending on your choices, the state of the region could change and some active quests may become unavailable. If you choose yes, your character will step into the pool, you will be transported to Nightson's Prison.

Once you've been transported to the area, continue heading northwest, you'll need to make multiple jumps to reach the objective area. You don't need to worry about fall damage as the gravity in this plane is adjusted. You'll also notice Justiciar Soulhunters along the way, as long as you don't attack them, they won't turn hostile. Once you reach this location (X:-606 Y:-1435), you'll find Nightsong. If you are able to convince Shadowheart to spare Nightsong, you will gain an approval from Karlach and receive the Moonlight Glaive weapon.



Moonrise Towers

entering moonrise towers locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

  1. Infiltrate Moonrise Towers, play along as a loyal soldier to Ketheric Thorm
  2. Explore the Main Floor
  3. Explore the First Floor
  4. Reach the Moonrise Towers Prison
  5. Kill the Warden
  6. Free the Prisoners
  7. Return to Gauntlet of Shar
  8. Free the Nightsong (Nightsong's Prison)
  9. Attack Moonrise Towers
  10. Fight Ketheric Thorm


NOTE: There are 2 versions of this walkthrough that will affect the outcome of your relationship with one of the companions. We recommend following the version indicated here, but you may view the alternate version in the Moonrise Towers guide. The first guide will feature infiltrating the Moonrise Towers and playing along as a faithful warrior to The Absolute, only to betray them once you discover that Nightsong is the relic that Ketheric Thorm was referring to. Shadowheart will abandon her duty to Lady Shar by freeing the Nightsong, instead of killing her.


The Path to Moonrise Towers

In order to reach the Moonrise Towers, you will be traveling in the Shadow Cursed Lands where you will meet different characters of different races. At exactly (X:-156 Y:-97) you will see a bridge with glowing lights coming from the ground underneath. There's also a Waypoint that you can unlock here. Walk towards the bridge where 2 guards will stop you at the foot of the stairs. The other one, named Zealot Malik will recognize you as "True Soul" and will begin to act more friendly towards you. 

Given their friendly nature, it's recommended to avoid combat unless necessary here and thus, choosing the first option will prompt them to give you information on what's going on inside. The other guard, Adept Merim. tells you that Z'rell is waiting in the audience chamber, whom she thinks, will be wanting to hear from you. There are ghouls patrolling on the sides of the entrance but they are not hostile and you can just walk up the stairs to enter the tower.

Interact with the Heavy Oak Doors, and continue to walk towards the center of the tower, where you will be welcomed by Zealot Brinn. You will notice that there's a Scrying Eye roaming in this area, so be careful not to do anything suspicious that will raise their alarms. Explore the Main Floor and go to exactly (X:-128 Y:-193), you will find a trader named Araj Oblodra who will also notice Astarion, and refer to him as a pale companion. She continues to tell you that she trades blood and creates potions out of them. She will brew a potent potion for you and then she will keep the rest. She goes on to tell you that, the potion will be unique to you, one that contains your blood essence and The Absolute's blessing intertwined. 

You find out that she keeps the blood for 'research' and does a little bit of experimentation with it. Next, you can decide if you want to go on with brewing a potion. If you agree, she will extract blood from you, and then as she collects it, she will turn her attention to one of your companions, Astarion to be specific. She mentions that he's a vampire and by this, Astarion responds that he won't bite, as they are all friends under The Absolute. However, Araj Oblodra will respond with, "Oh I prefer if you did." and then asks you a question, "I assume he belongs to you?"

  1. Excuse me? He's his own person.
  2. We travel together- that's all.
  3. He does what I tell him, if that's what you mean.
  4. Yes. All mine.

Choosing the first option here will gain Astarion and Karlach's approvals. Then, Araj will turn her attention to Astarion and she tells him that she has always dreamed of being bitten by a vampire. She offers to give you a potion that will increase your strength permanently if you let Astarion bite her. However, Astarion will refuse her and will instead ask for your help to decide on this matter. You will have 3 options:

  1. He said no. There's nothing more to discuss.
  2. I am surprised, Astarion. I thought you'd jump at a chance like this.
  3. Just bite her- the potion sounds useful.

If you force Astarion to do this, he will disapprove of this, however, you will gain 2 potions. One is unique to your character, during our playthrough, we got the Elixir of Dragonborn Prowess: Fire.  Then, for the other potion, Potion of Everlasting Vigour, which increases your Strength by 2 permanently. You may also interact with Araj Oblodra again, to check her wares. She's also a trader dealing in Moonrise Towers.


Exploring the Main Floor of Moonrise Towers

After you encounter the trader in blood, you can continue to explore the Main Floor of the Moonrise Towers and head to (X:-152 Y:-200) where you will find Ketheric Thorm sitting on his throne and his audience. The lives of Fezzerk and his group are being decided upon by Z'rell. Allow things to unfold before you so Ketheric Thorm will turn his attention to you and will ask for your judgment. Then, tell him to be kind to these soldiers.

If you choose the first one, Ketheric Thorm will disagree, saying that he can't afford more mistakes. He will order the goblins to be killed, but one of the unbelievers, the one unaffected by the parasite, will throw a spear into Thorm's chest, in an attempt to kill him. However, it seems that Thorm is unaffected by this and kills the goblin swiftly. Fezzerk's fate will be handed over to you, and you are free to decide on how you want to deal with them.

If you show mercy on the goblins, Astarion will disapprove of this. Continue to go around the Main Floor of Moonrise Towers and you will find Lann Tarv, who will have a dialogue with Karlach. An old friend of hers, named Flo, wishes to hand over three Soul Coins to her. These soul coins can come in handy, but you also consider that it's dangerous to accept any offers from a Cambion. If you reject this, Karlach will give you a disapproval. After that, you may also check Lann Tarv's wares, who is also a trader. Also, Roah Moonglow, another trader is also stationed here. 

You will come across Mig, a troll who tells you about meat sounds. She suspects that it's as big as the whole tower and can be heard loudest from the kitchen. With this, you head to the Kitchen located at (X:-112 Y:-197). You will find Linsella among gnolls that seem tame enough to listen to her. As you talk to her, you will find out that she was able to control them with the power of The Absolute granted to her, putting the beasts under her control. As she demonstrates her power, the gnoll will try to break free from her. Your character will get an option to intervene or not.

As Linsella tries to demonstrate how she can control the gnoll that she calls Barnabus, he will be free from her control and attacks her as. Now, in the face of a gnoll, use the Persuasion check on it so that the gnoll will not attack you if you are successful. This event called "Pied Piper" will inspire Astarion, where you will successfully influence gnolls, either to break free or continue being subservient. Following the meat sounds that the troll mentioned earlier, you will arrive at (X:-127 Y:-175) You will find some sort of mucus blocking a doorway. Given its current state, your party won't be able to enter and investigate from here. 


Exploring The First Floor

At (X:144 Y:-210), you will find yourselves on a landing that will take you to the First Floor of Moonrise Towers. There's a bigger journey awaiting your party here and the first thing that you will witness here is Z'rell and Radija in a conversation, that no one is allowed to disturb the prayers of Thorm. She will turn her attention to you and ask about how you handled the goblins.

Given that you let the goblins walk free in this walkthrough, she will discover the act that you have done after reading your mind. Redeem yourself by any means without provoking her into a fight and if successful, she will go through again your mind to discover your wants and hopes. This, however, has a bigger reason for why she's doing it, as she's questioning your faith. Choosing any of the checks will require you to pass a DC of 14, when successful, she shares her story of how the Absolute gave her everything she wanted which is freedom.

She gives you a mission and then you hear the voice of the dream visitor inside your head. They urge you to play along so you can get closer to the general, and so you'll be able to find the answers you seek. She tells you that General Thorm needs a relic that is currently located at the mausoleum beneath the tower. She asks you to make contact with Disciple Balthazar and retrieve the relic.

To reach Balthazar's room, you will head to the first floor where you will see Glourik standing watch by the door at (X:-133 Y:-187). With Balthazar's room key, you can explore his room and pick up the Moon Lantern, which you will be needing as you explore the Mausoleum later on. You will notice that there's a locked Metal Door within his room, and attempting to unlock this will require passing a Dexterity check DC of 30. 

Inside the room, you will find an undead hound guarding the area. You can attempt an Animal Handling, Performance, or Intimidation check that will require you to pass a DC of 18. Once successful, you can now freely roam the area without fighting the hound.  There are more chests that you can unlock in this area as well and pick up valuable items such as elixirs and scrolls. 

There's another locked door here, that will lead to a different room. Unlocking this door will require you to pass a DC of 15. Inside this room, you will find more chests to loot and letters to discover. The unique chest can be found at the foot of the bed where it transforms into a Mimic the moment you get near it. When you're done killing it, you can loot its items.


Heading to the Moonrise Towers Prison

NOTE: It is important to finish the quests in the Moonrise Towers Prison before attacking Moonrise Towers because you will risk some of the quests becoming unavailable.

When you're done exploring the Main Floor and First Floor, you can now go to the Prison located beneath the tower. You will find a stair leading to this area at (X:-175 Y:-193). Interact with the stairs here and this will take you to the Moonrise Towers Prison. If you still have a good relationship with the cultists or haven't started a fight with them, the guards will let you in without a fight. Make sure to explore each room here if you want to stock up on scrolls and elixirs. You will also find barrels and chests that you can open. As you head into the prison rooms, you will find a Scrying Eye guarding. With this sentinel, you have to make sure not to do anything suspicious while it watches in that area.

You will find the Tiefling Lia standing at the prison cell with who you can engage in a conversation, this however, will be put to a stop by one of the guards watching, forbidding you from speaking to them. Use the Persuasion or Deception check on the guards so that you can freely speak with the prisoners. Attempting the Persuasion check will require you to pass a DC of 14. You can continue talking to Lia and she tells you that the gnomes are up to something and they're working together. Urging you to find these gnomes to talk to them. Continue to go around the cells and you will find Wulbren, who is curious about how you were able to order the guard successfully. He wants to know what is your business with them. You can offer to help him for free or for a fee.

When successful, Wulbren will tell you about his plan which involves looking for tools. He will ask for you to hand them anything that can break rocks and also make sure that no one will see you helping them. He also tells you that the Warden robbed them of their tools, and you can start looking from there. Locating the Tieflings and Wulbren will update the quests for these characters in your journal. 

You will find the Warden in their room at (X:572 Y:-655), and ask her questions about confiscated items to reveal that she is hiding these in the office above. You may also attempt the Intelligence check which will require you to pass a DC of 13, this will reveal that levers behind her desk can open the doors of the cells, and the larger lever is used to trigger the alarm.

With her back turned against you, you can sneak to go up the ladder. However, there is a Scrying Eye in this area so it's not advisable to steal the tools under its watchful eyes. The moment you get spotted, she will confront you to explain yourself or the other option is to fight The Warden since this area is unseen from the area outside. Make sure to destroy the Scrying Eye in this area so that the others will not be alerted. After this, you can now search the office where items are being stored. Make sure to loot the Warden's body to retrieve the Spellcrux Amulet and the Moonrise Guard's Key from her. 

The chests above are locked but you can unlock them by doing a Dexterity check which requires you to pass a DC of 14-16, which varies on the difficulty of the chests. With The Warden gone, you can free the tieflings and Wulbreg by interacting with the levers behind the desk. However, there are still guards nearby so this will commence a battle between them and your party. It is best to take care of the nearby guards before handing them the tools so that they can escape through the tunnels.

Follow them through the tunnels by using the walls that they have broken through. You will find a boat docked at (X:572 Y:-577) and their party will take their leave. This will complete your quests Rescue Wulbren and Rescue the Tieflings. Now that the prisoners have escaped Moonrise Towers, you can continue investigating the prison. You will find traces of the red mucus that you found in the kitchen at (X:507 Y:-617), there is a cragged rock that you can interact with that will take you to the Oubliette.

This event of reaching the bottom will inspire Karlach on Delving into the Deep. Hook Horrors are roaming about in this area and these monsters are immediately hostile as soon as they see you. There's not much to do here but continue on the quest given by Z'rell, which is to aid Balthazar in looking for the relic. You will see some enemies gathered at a lower level of Oubliette, but this area is still blocked and you will need to go back up to the towers and look for another entrance.


To Gauntlet of Shar

NOTE:  This is our recommended guide that will lead Shadowheart to forsake her duty to Lady Shar and free Nightsong from her prison. Visit Moonrise Towers to see the alternate guide.

In order to defeat Ketheric Thorm, you now realize that there's a power that makes him invulnerable. Your investigation will lead you to travel to Gauntlet of Shar where you will continue to aid Balthazar at the request of Disciple Z'rell. At the Verge of the Shadows at (X:-718 Y:-845) you will find a body of water that serves as the entrance to Shadowfell, the domain of Lady Shar. You will get a warning that the state of the region can change depending on your decisions, such as quests becoming unavailable. If you proceed to do so, we recommend following our guide to get your desired outcome. 

As you step forward into the statue and through the body of water, you will feel your body struggle as you fight back the sensation. Your character will get knocked out, together with your party. Once you come back to your senses, you will find yourselves in Shadowfell, and Shadowheart immediately recognizes the presence of Lady Shar. However, you will be interrupted as Balthazar flies in to tell you to hurry along and become a witness to his work. Shadowheart defies him and quickly tells him that he does not belong in the Dark Lady's domain. You will now get the following options to respond:

  1. I was hoping for something more substantial than 'thanks'.
  2. How did you get here?
  3. What is this place?
  4. I cleared the way to this place, not you. Why shouldn't I just kill you instead of letting you interfere?
  5. Lead on, then.
  6. Attack.

In this area, Balthazar has no desire to fight even if you choose the 4th one. He will ask that you follow him as he leads the way into Nightsong's Prison. Your party will be doing a series of jumps until you make it to the bottom of Shadowfell. The pattern shouldn't be difficult and each member is guaranteed to survive the jumps as long as it's near the ledge, and not falling off the rocks. Once you finally catch up with Balthazar, you realize that the relic that Discipe Z'rell was referring to was the Nightsong, which is in fact, a humanoid. She invites you to "heap more sins upon your head. My retribution will be all the sweeter for them." Nightsong continues to reveal, that she supplies Ketheric Thorm's immortality with her own soul. Balthazar calls her "Aylin" and commands you to keep back to secure her for a journey. You will now get the following options to respond:

  1. Wait- the Nightsong is a person?
  2. What are you going to do to her?
  3. I can't let you take her, Balthazar.
  4. Attack him.

If you choose the first one, Balthazar tells you that she is more than that. He shares that she possesses immortal strength and lends it to General Throm through his work. After realizing that she is the key to Ketheric Thorm's immortality, you will now have the option to save her or let Balthazar do his job. 

  1. If she's the reason Ketheric Thorm is invulnerable, you're not taking her. Leave, or you're a dead man.
  2. Go on, then. Take the Nightsong to Ketheric. Get it over with.
  3. Attack him.

If you choose the first option, Karlach will give you her approval and you will begin to fight Balthazar right after. Take note that this area is surrounded by Balthazar's minions and they will have the advantage as they are in a higher position. Plan well so you can survive this assault. With Balthazar out of the picture, the Nightsong addresses Shadowheart. She possesses the power to free her or kill her. Shadowheart will turn to you and tells you that "Her fate is mine to seal. Let me handle this." but the Nightsong tells her that the only fate she's sealing is her own and that to become a Dark Justiciar, she will know no love, no joy, but only servitude.

Shadowheart is conflicted about what she wants to achieve and you will be given the option to help her out:

  1. Trust Shadowheart- do not interfere.
  2. Do as you must.
  3. Is this truly what you want?
  4. Choose your own way, Shadoeheart. You cannot allow your goddess to control you.
  5. Please, Shadowheart. Don't do this.

 If you choose the 3rd option, you will sense hesitance in her voice. You will get another chance to talk to her, or sway her with the next choices:

  1. Trust Shadowheart- do not interfere.
  2. Do as you must.
  3. Choose your own way, Shadoeheart. You cannot allow your goddess to control you.
  4. Please, Shadowheart. Don't do this.

Choose the 4th option which will then lead you to the next choices:

  1. All right. You have my support.
  2. This is wrong... but I can't afford to lose you. Do what you must.
  3. You want to fight? Fine.

Next, choose the 2nd option so Nightsong will once again, interrupt your conversation with Shadowheart. Nightsong reveals that she knows of the only memory that Shadowheart has. The memory of her being hunted by wolves, and yet, Shadowheart still can't remember what she has lost. Shadowheart still believes that she is meant to become the Lady Justiciar, and you will get the next choices here:

  1. Kill her. Let's finish this ritual.
  2. [PERSUASION] Don't do it, Shadowheart. Don't kill her, you'll regret it.
  3. She knows something about you. Spare her, and see what she has to say.
  4. Say nothing.

If you attempt the Persuasion check, you will need to pass a DC of 21, choosing the 3rd option will also get the same results and grant the approval of Karlach. When successful, she will procure the spear of Lady Shar and grips it tightly as if she's ready for anything that was to come, and yet, she throws away the spear, abandoning her lifelong quest. Shadowheart now fears that she will be disowned, and she fears what will happen next to her. Nightsong tells her that her fate is not fixed and to lay a friendly hand on her, to fight the battle that has been awaiting her, the one that will take your party to Ketheric Thorm, back to Moonrise Towers. 

Upon doing so, she calls out to Moonmaiden Selune as power surges through her arm. She declares that the Nightsong is no more, and she transforms into an armored Dame Aylin. She spreads out her wings and swings her mighty sword. She addresses Shadowheart once again and urges that she was able to spurn her Dark Lady, and may start to feel a stirring of the truth after what she has done. Dame Aylin that there is a battle yet to be fought after being freed from her century-long prison. She will now ask Shadowheart, "Are you ready?"

  1. Ready for what?
  2. Dark Lady be merciful... What have I done?
  3. To get out of this place? Absolutely.
  4. For my weapon? Naturally. 

If you choose the first one, she responds with "To kill Ketheric Thorm" and she will fly away to lead the assault in Moonrise Towers against Thorm's army. Shadowheart asks that you leave Shadowfell already after what she has done, and she doesn't want to be in her domain when her rage falls upon her. Freeing the Nightsong will grant you Selune's blessing and a Moonlight Glaive. As you travel through the portal, Shadowheart goes out for a moment. She tells you that she heard Lady Shar's voice after she defied her. She has been abandoned by her goddess and allies. Powerless, she will now seek answers from Dame Aylin. Afterward, you now get the option to respond to Shadowheart as you please if you want to progress your romance with her. 


Return and Infiltrate Moonrise Towers

With Dame Aylin leading the fight against Ketheric Thorm's army, she will fly across the Shadow Cursed Lands and make her way to Moonrise Towers. As for your party, your travel will begin at the bridge of Moonrise Towers where Jaheira awaits at the foot of the stairs. She tells you that she is the last one standing, and asks if you will take the final steps together, with her.

If you choose to have Jaheira on your side, Karlach will give you her approval. You will be leading the assault on Moonrise Towers and you will find Thorm's army waiting for you at the Main Floor. You will battle Disciple Z'rell, Barnabus, and the others. Make sure to plan ahead so you come out victorious in this battle. You will have temporary companions in this area, like Jaheira, and you can take full control of her temporarily.

After clearing the Main Floor, Jaheira offers to stay behind as you go up the tower with your party and assist Dame Aylin. She wants to make sure that no one will be able to cross and assist the battle against Thorm. She tells you that the final audience with Ketheric Thorm awaits you. There are still enemies awaiting on the First Floor that you must defeat on your way to reach Thorm. Fight the disciples and eliminate them to find Thorm. 

As you open the Ornate Door, this will lead you to Moonrise Towers Rooftop, where a weakened Ketheric Thorm stands before you. He demands to know what you have done to him and you can try to reason, persuade, or intimidate Ketheric Thorm. If you attempt the Persuasion check, you will need to pass a DC of 10. Balthazar responds that there is no redemption for him. He acknowledges that he has died a long time ago and he only intends to bring Isobel back. After this, you get another set of options to understand how Ketheric Thorm came to be.

Thorm will refuse to believe that he can still redeem himself because the Moonmaiden failed to intervene when his life was dismantled. He acknowledges that a true soul like you has defeated him, but the gods beat him first. Offering to help Ketheric or by choosing the first option will get Karlach's approval but Aylin will interrupt your conversation and demands that Thorm fight. You can try to tell Aylin that he has surrendered, but Aylin refuses to believe your word and will continue the battle against him. Thorm now realizes that he needs to use his power that can't be hidden anymore.  He offers you one last chance to bow, or he will destroy both you and Dame Aylin. 

He commands you to bow but it will be revealed that you have The Prism with you. This angers Ketheric Thorm and the battle will now begin against Ketheric Thorm. Your party will raise their weapons against Thorm and what's left of his army on the rooftop. There's still quite a handful of them here and they are surrounding the area. Make sure to plan accordingly and focus on defeating Thorm first. Once you get Thorm's HP to 0, he will not be downed, but instead, he stands up once more and tells you that his Lord beckons him. Dame Aylin will fly away and swoop down as if ready to end it all, however, Thorm has been keeping his trump card all this time. 

A colossal tentacle swings upwards from the foot of the tower and attacks Dame Aylin, she vanishes right before your eyes together with Thorm who was able to escape his fate, for now. There are still enemies left behind by Thorm, make sure to eliminate them to focus on the task at hand. When you're done fighting, make sure to search the chest atop the throne where Ketheric Thorm was seated. You will find Jaheira has followed you to the rooftop.  She tells you that she fears that the Nightsong has been captured again and that their next step is to follow it beneath the tower to find them. You will get the following options to respond:

  1. Don't you want to see how this ends?
  2. I can handle this- don't worry. 

For the next dialogue, you will get an option if you want Jaheira to follow you in battle. If not, she will stay behind and be on guard with her harpers. After Thorm's escape, the one way to reach them is to drop down the chasm created by the colossal tentacle. You can camp just before you begin the next battle so you can replenish your health and spell slots of your party.



Mind Flayer Colony

38 mind flayer colony location baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

  1. Jump down the Hollow Tower
  2. Free Us
  3. Explore Necrotic Laboratory and get Resonance Stone
  4. Solve the Mind Flayer Colony Puzzle
  5. Help Zevlor
  6. Free Mizora
  7. Defeat Ketheric Thorm

NOTE: This walkthrough will feature an alternate version wherein one of your companions, Gale, gets an opportunity to end the control of the absolute as part of The Wizard of Waterdeep quest. When he gets close enough to the elder brain, he can cause himself to explode killing everything else around him. We recommend following our initial guide here but we will still indicate the alternate version below.

Once your party has rested, you can now interact with the Hollow Tower. Once you do so, you will get a prompt that will ask you if you will leap after Ketheric Thorm and the tentacle that drew him underground with the Nightsong. If you agree, your character will look down on the chasm as Shadowheart asks if you intend to jump down. Seemingly as if your character didn't hear anything, you will jump down the chasm and upon reaching the ground, you see the walls around you are covered with the same red mucus that you found inside the tower, from where the suspicious sounds came from. The mucus is far thicker indicating that you are closer to the source. 

You and your party have finally reached the Mind Flayer Colony and your Dream Visitor speaks to you that you are closer to the source of the parasites, the ones that were used to infect your party. Interact with the membrane that's blocking the path to destroy it and reveal new sub-areas. These membranes are surfaces that your character can interact with. The dream visitor continues to speak again to remind you to be careful as you get closer to the source.

You will find Intellect Devourers in this area but they are not immediately hostile. You will find them roaming around and seem to be running away from you. Follow the passage down to your right to reach a Flesh-Wrought Door that will reveal the Morgue sub-area. You will see rotting bodies and cages dumped nearly anywhere and if you were able to reach Oubliette while you were exploring Moonrise Towers Prison, this was the area that can be seen from the central part.

On your right, you will find a brain that is contained inside it, if you did not destroy the brain in the Nautiloid Ship, they will show up here in the Morgue sub-area. They will ask for your help to have them freed because it claims that they are not like the others and that they will be destroyed. If you save them, they can accompany you in battle in the form of a summon. To reply, you will get the following options:

  1. I'll free you.
  2. Let me think about it.
  3. Not my concern.

There's also a console in the center of this area. When you interact with it, a corpse will fall through the hatch. Chop speaks out, that those are offering from Moonrise Towers. Next, you can speak with Chop, a creature with a hollow mind that has been enslaved by The Absolute. It seems that it is following orders but can't think much on its own. You will now get a chance to choose how to interact with Chop:

  1. [ILLITHID] Enter his thoughts.
  2. What is this place?
  3. What did you do to all these people?
  4. About that creature in the cage...
  5. I need to find your master- Ketheric.
  6. Leave.

You find out that Chop has been harvesting the brains of their captives, while The Absolute turns them into Intellect Devourers and eventually, they will become a part of the hivemind. It also tells you that the brain inside the cage is different from the others, and needs to be fixed. Now you'll get the option if you want to free it or let him do his work:

  1. What's wrong with it?
  2. [ILLITHID] Let it come with me. We sing the same song.
  3. [PERSUASION] I'll take the creature with me. It won't disrupt the hivemind anymore.
  4. [INTIMIDATION] Free the creature or I'll kill you and every one of your creations.
  5. Do as you will with it.

If you attempt the Persuasion check, you will need to pass a DC of 14. When you are successful, he will hand you the key to free it. Upon successfully freeing the brain, you will receive an item: "Summon Us", they tell you that they will remain with you until you call out to them. Continue looking around this area, and you will find helms on the table. Check your party's equipment and see if any of the items are fit for them.

Your next destination is the Necrotic Laboratory which you will find at (X:715 Y:-49), before entering this area, your party must be prepared for a battle against a horde of enemies. You will find Zombies, Winged Horrors, and a Death Shepherd commanding them. When you are done fighting them, you will have a pile of bodies to loot from. The area that they were standing from shows Profane Womb that can be attacked and destroyed. Behind the ritual zone, there is a secluded space behind it.

Jump over the ledge towards (X:695 Y:-110) to find Resonance Stone on the table. Next to the table, there's a Slack-Skinned Head that speaks in incomplete sentences that seems to be lending the voice to the elder lore. Next, go to the other side of the laboratory where you can locate another console. This one is in desperate need. You will get an option if you want to help this console or not. If you do, you can get a weapon from this and understand the Grand Design built by the Illithids.

The Mind Flayer Colony Puzzle consists of four nodes to match the other end. Follow this order to complete the puzzle:

  • Emotion: The yellow node will connect from the outer left edge to reach the final Emotion Node on the other end.
  • Speech: The blue node will connect from the top, then go right, then forward to reach the Speech Node on the other end.
  • Memory: The green node begins from the right, then through the middle, and then back towards the left to reach the Memory node.
  • Reason: The pink node will connect the remaining nodes, all the way through to the other end. 

You can now walk to the stony statue at the back of the puzzle where a voice will finally speak. The Desecrated Relief tells you about The Grand Design and the words: order, perfection, and unity.  The Dream Visitor speaks to you again to tell you that the Grand Design is the restoration of the Mind Flayer empire, the dream of all Illithids. After this cutscene, look around in the ground and you will find the Blade of Oppressed Souls right next to the opening of the statue.

Continue exploring the path on your map and follow the guide to the 'Suspicious Sounds' that is highlighted in a yellow ring. At exactly (X:686 and Y:-13), you will see another Flesh-Wrought Door. This door will lead you to the Tadpoling Centre where you will find similar pods that were used to capture you in the Nautiloid ship.

You can interact with each of the consoles to find out about the prisoners that they once held. There's a Neural Apparatus next to it that you can interact with. You find out that there are Illithids, and the not yet infected ones that are desperate for release. It is your choice if you want to release or purge these creatures, together with the non-infected ones or let them be. 

If you choose to release them, Karlach will give you her approval, while Astarion will give his disapproval. Zevlor is inside one of the pods but freeing them means you will have to fight against the Mind Flayers that will be freed together with the rest of the prisoners. By doing so, the Intellect Devourer will also become hostile at the command of the Illithids. Defeat the enemies here and speak with Zevlor after. He is eager to find out what had become of his people, and you can respond to him with one of the following options:

  1. You abandoned them. Do you really think you have the right to ask?
  2. Some. Others ended up in a cell in Moonrise. That's on you.
  3. They found refuge but what the hells happened out there, Zevlor?
  4. I can't tell you. 

If you choose the third option, he tells you that they were ambushed by the cultists and that he has heard a voice of a woman who whispered promises in his mind. He realized that he was put under a charm, and it was too late for the ones that he was supposed to be protecting. He surrendered and even welcomed the Absolute, he said.

  1. If you wanted power, you never needed a god- only to live up to your ideal.
  2. 'For a moment'- until you realized your reward would be a tadpole.
  3. It sounds like you were being enthralled. It's not your fault.
  4. Your people didn't need a paladin- they saved themselves. 

After this, he is aware of the battle that lies ahead and will offer his help. He tells you that Ketheric is below and that he intends to look for other survivors and lead them out of the area. Now it's up to you if you want Zevlor to fight with you or save his people:

  1. I could use another blade in the fight to come.
  2. Find your own people. They need you.
  3. I don't care what you do- just get out of my sight.
  4. Fine. Good luck, Zevlor.

Continue exploring the yellow ring, and you will find Mizora at (X:682 Y:37) in front of Brine Pools. She speaks out loud that there are no more tadpoles and that it is an indicator that they are planning something big. She had been captured by the Illithids and you have gained an opportunity to free Wyll from his pact with her.

  1. [INTIMIDATION] Free Wyll, or I let the cult infect you. I bet you'd make a loyal thrall.
  2. [HISTORY] Remember all you can about devils and their contracts. 
  3. [PERFORMANCE] Say you know a pact-breaking charm and chant a series of pseudo-Infernal phrases.
  4. Poor thing. I'll let you out of there.
  5. Fine. Let's get on with it.

If you attempt the History check, you will need to pass a DC of 16. Then you will remember a chant that is used to void a devil's contract. You will now get the next choices:

  1. 'Abi diabole, et nunquam redi.'
  2. [HISTORY] Remember all you can about devils and their contracts. 
  3. [PERFORMANCE] Say you know a pact-breaking charm and chant a series of pseudo-Infernal phrases.
  4. Poor thing. I'll let you out of there.
  5. Fine. Let's get on with it.

Mizora will laugh at you and she will agree to free Wyll, but only after she's free from the pod. Now you will turn your attention to the controls next to Mizora's pod. The key here is the Right Device will free Mizora, while the Left Device will kill her. Note that Wyll's soul is still bound to her, so if Mizora dies, so does Wyll.

  1. [STRENGTH[ Gather your strength and smash your foot through the pod.
  2. Examine the device on the left.
  3. Examine the device on the right.
  4. Leave her there.

If you choose to free Mizora, she reveals that she will only release Wyll's soul after six months and calls you an Ignorang thing.

  1. To the Hells with your conditions. Sever Wyll's pact now, or I'll sever your head.
  2. A full half of a year? You've got to e kidding.
  3. Shrug. Six months isn't that long of a wait.
  4. That warlock of yours is turning out to be more trouble than he's worth. 

Mizora will now leave this area and you can continue exploring the Mind Flayer Colony at exactly (X:704 Y:24) you will find another Flesh-Wrought Door that will lead you into the Barracks. You will find a Kressa Bonedaughter in this area who suspects that you are part of the attackers. You can attempt the Deception check here, which requires you to pass a DC of  21, or simply attack her. 

We recommend using the Deception check first, and if that works, you can have one of your party do a sneak attack on her. The rest of the enemies will see what you have done, and you will have fewer enemies to fight. All that's left now is to eliminate Bonefighter, Maghtew Badj, and Hairy Henry. Continue the path behind this section and you will find a Restoration that looks like a mushroom. Interact with it to replenish your health. 


Defeat Ketheric Thorm

In the distance below, you will see a grand area that is separated from the Mind Flayer Colony which seems to be like a grand stage. There's a Neural Apparatus that serves as a lift that will take you to the bottom of the Mind Flayer Colony. Your party is moving closer to Ketheric Thorm and you can sense the Nautiloids stronger down here. At (X:812 Y:-25), you will find another Flesh-Wrought Door, as you interact with it, the Dream Visitor will speak to you, that you have found the location of The Absolute. If you are ready to take the fight, choose Ready, or if you need some time to prepare, go to Campsite and rest. 

You will see 3 people engaged in a conversation: Gortash, Orin, and Thorm. They are planning on taking back the Prism from you while they held the Nightsong captive. You hear them that they will proceed with their plans, and expect Ketheric with his army and weapon. All three of them command The Absolute and the colossal elder brain floats from the water below. 

They have infected Duke Ravengard with a tadpole and they leave at once to lead the march into the Baldur's Gate while leaving Ketheric behind. You will find Ketheric at the edge of the Chasm, proclaiming his worship for his Lord, and he will fall to it as Myrkul will rise from below. Apostle of Myrkul introduces himself as the Lord of Bones and you will now be fighting him. Remember that Ketheric remains invulnerable as long as he has the Nightsong captured. Your initial goal is to free Nightsong with the Help action, as she is trapped inside a soul cage by Ketheric.

When you bring his HP to 0, Ketheric refuses to die and he returns to deliver his speech and ask for his Master's help. He realizes that there is nothing but silence and that he has been forsaken. He calls out to Isobel before he dies and Dame Aylin swoops down to crush his head repeatedly as the rest of your party watches in horror. With Ketheric gone, you will retrieve Netherstone from him, the one they use to control the elder brain.

With that, The Dream Visitor comes to tell you what has happened. It's the three who were controlling the Elder Brain against its will, or what they call The Absolute. They continue to explain that the Netherstones are what's used to control the elder brain. In order to gain full control, you must collect the remaining Netherstones from Orin and Gortash. They continue to reveal that The Absolute is a front of the Dead Three called Bane, Bhaal, and Myrkul. Each of them has their own Chosen to take part in this attack on Baldur's Gate 3. You will now have these options to ask them:

  1. What do we do now?
  2. What hope do we have if the gods themselves are involved?
  3. I didn't come here to fight gods- I just want my parasite removed. 

If you choose the first one, they will tell you to prepare for the fight of your lives, to save the lives of everyone in Faerun. They tell you that the Army of the Absolute is marching towards Baldur's Gate and that the elder brain has the power to turn everyone into Mind Flayers. They tell you that you need to seize control of the elder brain and they will offer to be your shield but asks that you must be the sword. 


The Alternate Ending - Gale

NOTE: This is the alternate version of this walkthrough with the help of Gale, who will detonate the bomb to destroy the elder brain and those around him. Following this guide will complete The Wizard of Waterdeep quest in Baldur's Gate 3. A requirement for this is to have Gale as one of your companions upon entering the room in the deepest level of Mind Flayer Colony.

 As your party descends deeper into the Mind Flayer Colony, your party will stop at a Flesh-Wrought Door. Just as you open the door, the Dream Visitor speaks to you again that you have found the root of it all. As you and your party prepare for a fight, you sneak inside and see 3 figures in the middle of a conversation. 

As the Dream Visitor speaks about the Elder Brain being the cruelest and most powerful creature in existence, Gale, who is standing behind you is in awe of so much power before him and how he wishes to hold it. However, he stops himself and says that he can't and must obey as his goddess commands. You, as the main character will hear this and will be prompted with two options:

  1. Gale, you cannot do this. You can't condemn us to death.
  2. Go ahead. We stand no chance against such forces. Let's end this together.

If you choose the second option, he will then respond to you, "One last gust of Weave. One last gale to end them all". The Dream Visitor will disagree but Gale unleashes the bomb within him, the one that he's been keeping in check ever since your journey together began. The smoke begins to rise up from beneath the Moonrise Towers where the elder brain was destroyed.

The bomb took everything within its powerful radius, however, the remaining tadpoles that had survived will now consume the minds of their host and complete their transformations, now that the control of the Absolute is gone. Soon, Illithids will plague the lands and enslave all those they do not infect. The narrator continues, "It is an ending of sorts. Though not the one destiny had in store for you."



Baldur's Gate 3 Act 3 Game Progress Route Quick Navigation

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Wyrm's Landing & Astral Plane

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  1. Go to Bed
  2. Enter the portal to the Astral Plane
  3. Help Your Protector
  4. Embrace Your Potential


Heading down the road to Baldur's Gate from the Road to Baldur's Gate Waypoint west of the Moonrise Towers marks the beginning of Act III. There will be a series of cutscenes and when you get control back of your character, you will be at a campsite at the Wyrm's Landing. Head to bed when you're done and your sleep will be interrupted by a combat encounter with three Githyanki. This begins the Quest Help Your Protector. During this encounter, however, your goal isn't to defeat your three attackers, but to enter the portal ahead in three turns.

When you go through, you'll find yourself in the Astral Plane. Hop down to the platform below you and help the Intellect Devourers defeat the Githyanki warriors, then continue forward into the large skull. When you enter, you'll view a cutscene of a Mind Flayer fighting against several Githyanki. The Illithid will reveal that they were in fact your Dream Visitor and ask for help in defeating the Githyanki warriors. You'll have the following options when responding to it's request:

  1. What do you need me to do?
  2. Leave the githyanki alone!
  3. Prove to me that your are who you say.
  4. This is the battle you were fighting?
  5. I don't believe you. You're a mind flayer.
  6. Die, monster!

If you pick the fourth option, he will tell you that the warriors aim to free their master bound by chains and that you cannot let that happen. Agree, and you'll enter combat against four Githyanki warriors. After you defeat all four warriors the Mind Flayer, The Emperor, will thank you and explain that they are the reason you have not yet turned into a Mind Flayer yourself. You can learn more about them and the Astral Plane within the Artefact, after which they'll encourage you to embrace your illithid powers. You can respond with:

  1. I would like that.
  2. Why do you say that?
  3. I don't like what you're implying...
  4. I'm trying to avoid becoming a mind flayer - I thought you agreed to protect me.

Pick the second option and he offers to evolve the tadpole in your head to the next stage, enhancing your Illithid Powers in exchange for a slight change in appearance. You can freely ask him why he can't stop ceremorphosis, after which you'll have to agree or disagree to his offer. If you disagree, he understands and hopes you can defeat your foes without the need of enhanced Illithid abilities, but gives you the Astral-Touched Tadpole just in case you change your mind. This conversation will be noted in the Embrace Your Potential Personal Quest, and ends Help Your Protector.

After the conversation ends, you can explore the Astral Plane freely and go back to loot the bodies of the defeated Githyanki warriors. Some Items of note include the Boots of Uninhibited Kushigo on Prelate Lir'i'c and a rare Scroll of Disintegrate on a Dead Githyanki northeast of the exit portal. When you're done in the Astral Plane, use the portal to return to your campsite at Wyrm's Lookout. The Personal Quest Free Orpheus will begin when you leave. Go to bed, for real this time, and when you exit the campsite, you'll be on the road to Rivington.



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  1. Reach Rivington
  2. Explore the location
  3. Speak to Orin Disguised as a guard named Rowan at X:102 Y:-111
  4. Reach X:-140 Y:71 and speak with the Orin disguised as a wounded thug.
  5. Visit the Sword Coast Couriers
  6. Visit the Circus of the Last Days


Upon reaching Rivington at (X:-13 Y:-114), you'll witness an ongoing argument between Ben Golewits and other NPCs at (X:9 Y:-98). You can step in using the following dialogue options:

  1. Calm down and tell me what's going on.
  2. You certainly know how to make people feel welcome.
  3. Does no one we meet ever get along?
  4. The army of the absolute is mere days away and you're bickering over property ownership?

Opt for the first choice, and Arfur Gregorio will explain his desire to remove trespassers from his property. You can reply with:

  1. This is a pretty big house - are you sure you don't have a single spare room?
  2. It's always heartening to see a true philanthropist out in the wild.
  3. Squatters, is it? Maybe I'd be willing to lend a helping hand.
  4. [Detect Thoughts] Probe his thoughts.
  5. Leave.

Select the first option, and Ben Golewits will agree. However, Arfur's disagreement escalates into racial slurs. Karlach becomes angry, and Arfur threatens them to leave or face consequences. Respond with:

  1. In that case, perhaps I can help you out.
  2. [Intimidation] Let them stay or I'll make you leave and never come back.
  3. Well, good luck with that.

Choose the second option, and if your charisma is sufficient, you'll intimidate Arfur into allowing them to stay. Zenovia Dawg will then express skepticism, revealing her connection to a criminal group called the Guild. You can reply with:

  1. All right, I get it - how much do you want?
  2. Or what?
  3. Over my dead body.

Opt for the second choice, and Zenovia will reiterate her threat. Respond with:

  1. [Intimidation] I fought and killed an avatar of Myrkul recently. I think I can handle you.
  2. All right - how much do you want?
  3. [Melee Attack] Stand down.
  4. [Intimidation] I could give you that gold - but then I'd just take it back after I killed you.
  5. Let's find out shall we?

Choose the first option, and with enough charisma, you'll startle Zenovia. She abandons her intention to rob you and departs. Proceed to enter Arfur's mansion and speak to Ben. Thank him for standing up for them, and reply with:

  1. You're welcome.
  2. And you'd better be grateful for it.
  3. How did you end up here?
  4. Leave.

Select the first option, and Ben will express his gratitude as you become the first to support them. Exit the mansion, head a little North East, and observe Baldurians and Saer Grotpoll arguing with a guard named Fist Lochan. Saer addresses you as another visitor taking space. Respond with:

  1. [Baldurian] Baldur's Gate is the most diverse city in all of Faerun. We should take them in with pride.
  2. Refugees aren't strays. They are people, and they need help.
  3. [Baldurian] I'll have you know I was born and bred in Baldur's Gate.
  4. [Baldurian] Baldurian? Your accent's Rivingtonian - that hardly counts.
  5. I should be leaving.

Choose the fourth option, and Saer will be offended. At X:102 Y:-111, you'll encounter Rowan, a guard, who greets you and inquires if this is your first visit to Baldur's Gate. You can respond in the following ways:

  1. [Baldurian] No, I'm from Baldur's Gate, born and bred. It's great to be back.
  2. [Baldurian] Do I look like a tourist? I live here.
  3. My past is private.
  4. Do you get extra pay for being so cheerful?

Opt for the first choice, and Rowan recounts the city's history, once known for its welcoming nature but now strained due to recent events. Respond with:

  1. It's not surprising. Tensions seem high.
  2. I didn't come here seeking assistance. I can manage on my own.
  3. I know ways to encourage sharing.
  4. Is there a way to alleviate people's burden?
  5. It sounds like your problem, not mine.

Select the first choice, and Rowan explains the refugee situation's challenges. Respond with:

  1. People in this city have become self-centered. They need a reminder of true hardship.
  2. If refugees possess more than they require, it's only fair they contribute.
  3. Educating them could be beneficial, given their lack of understanding.
  4. Your duty is to maintain peace, not escalate conflicts.
  5. Your uniform should suffice to pacify them.

Choose the fourth option, and Rowan conveys his concern that if no action is taken, more casualties will accumulate. He believes refugees have taken advantage of the city for too long. He'll ask if you'd join him in eliminating the refugees. Respond with:

  1. They're innocent people. You can't simply kill them!
  2. Both sides could benefit from a lesson: Let's address the issue comprehensively.
  3. You're monstrous. I'll report you to your superiors.

Opt for the third choice, and Rowan issues violent threats. He then morphs into Orin, conveying a message for Gortash and asserting her vigilant presence before vanishing. This action propels the main quest "Get Orin's Netherstone." Proceed to a Windmill at X:47 Y:-29. Once there, unlock the door and enter. Approach the prone Mind Flayer inside and interact with it using different responses:

  1. Express skepticism about its fortune.
  2. [Great Old One] Establish a mental connection with this fledgling aberration - awaken it.
  3. Launch an attack on the creature before it regains consciousness.
  4. [Stealth] Quietly retreat.

Opt for the first choice, and you'll find that the Emperor's voice resonates in your mind, asserting that the situation is indeed fortunate. The Emperor clarifies that the Mind Flayer has recently undergone a transformation, rendering it weakened and ripe for potential harvesting. The Emperor tasks you with killing the creature and absorbing its power. In response, you can reply:

  1. [Great Old One] Establish a mental connection with this fledgling aberration - awaken it.
  2. Attack the creature before it wakes up.
  3. [Stealth] Slip away unnoticed.

Choose the second option, which results in the Mind Flayer abruptly awakening in a startled state. This sudden awakening triggers a fierce battle between you and the Mind Flayer. Following a victorious outcome in the battle, search the creature's body for valuable items, including the Mind Flayer Brain and a Windmill Key. With these newfound acquisitions, you're now able to depart from the Windmill, continuing your journey ahead. Head to X:-94 Y:109 to uncover a chest on a shattered ship, from which you can retrieve the Necklace of Elemental Augmentation. Proceed southwestward until reaching X:-140 Y:71, where two mortally wounded Stonelord Thugs await. Engage in conversation with one of them, under the mistaken belief that your presence signals the end of their journey. Your responses can include:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What led to your current state?
  3. Accusing innocent passers-by – an intriguing survival tactic.
  4. With pleasure.

Opt for the second choice, and the thug will acknowledge their unfortunate choice of conflict. He'll seek assistance for his injuries, prompting potential responses:

  1. Attempt to heal him.
  2. What task would you have me perform?
  3. You're beyond salvation. My apologies.
  4. Provoke his wound, assessing his pain.

Choosing the first option, the thug will prevent your aid, deeming it too late. He'll brandish a blade, requesting a swift end to his agony. Your responses here can be:

  1. I'll accompany you till the end, but I won't hasten your departure.
  2. I'll expedite the process – a painless passage.
  3. Inflict a grievous wound, inciting suffering and screams.
  4. No. I won't bear your blood on my hands.

Choose the second option to see your character swiftly end the thug's life. But a surprising twist occurs – the thug morphs into Orin. She discloses that Gortash expects you and advises vigilance against his manipulation. She vanishes once more, leaving you with a sense of her manipulative play. Afterward, venture along the coast to X:-199 Y:96. An argument brews between Cairos and Farlin, Stone Lord and Guild representatives. Farlin seeks your assistance, promising rewards. Your possible responses:

  1. The prospect of rewards appeals – I'm in.
  2. The Stone Lord seems a better choice.
  3. I'd rather abstain from this.
  4. I might just eliminate you both and claim the spoils.
  5. Can't we find common ground? Must conflict be the only recourse?

Opt for the first choice, prompting Cairos to mock your allegiance. Battle ensues, and afterward, you can converse with the fallen. Speak with Farlin if he falls:

  1. Who are you?
  2. Who were your adversaries?
  3. Their purpose for being here?
  4. Your reason for being here?

Select the third choice, and Farlin reveals they sought their share for Nine-Fingers. Inquire about the Stone Lord's identity, and Farlin portrays the Stone Lord as a perilous menace to all.

After exploring the coast around Rivington, there are a few places within the town itself you can visit to start, progress and complete several Side Quests before making your way towards Baldur's Gate. In the north part of the town, opposite to the Open Hand Temple, is the Sword Coast Couriers. During Act 1, if you found Scratch and Gomwick in the north part of the Forest, you can bring up Gomwick's demise to the person in charge. Speak to the man behind the counter, Danzo Arkwright, and you'll be able to give him the Personal Note and let him know about Gomwick. He'll then explain that with Gomwick gone, he's been attempting to send letters by pigeons, but these pigeons have been getting attacked as well. This will start the Find the Missing Letters Quest. If you found and confronted the Tressym on top of the Open Hand Temple earlier, you'll be rewarded immediately after the conversation ends.

On the desk Danzo is standing behind is one white poster that you will not get in trouble for reading - Gortash Coronation Poster. If you read it, you'll learn that Gortash is being named an Archduke and that the ceremony will take place at Wyrm's Rock. Get Gortash's Netherstone and Our Fiery Friend will be updated with this information.

Out the Double Doors to the right of the building are the courier's dog trainers and their several dogs in cages. Scratch was one of their courier dogs and you can mention him when speaking to the dogs' caretakers. During the conversation, you can choose whether to keep Scratch at Camp, or surrender him back to the Sword Coast Couriers. If you keep him, you can speak to him back at camp to learn that he's glad you kept him. Keeping Scratch at camp gives you the approval of both Wyll and Gale.

South of the Sword Coast Couriers and northwest of Artur's Mansion, you'll find a blacksmith, The Rivington General. If you head up the stairs and speak to Gyldro Angleiron the Smith, he's irritable and points you towards the store downstairs if you want to buy anything. You'll find the door to the store behind the blacksmith. Head downstairs to find the store's clerk, Exxvikyap. If you're a Dragonborn, you'll have some special dialogue choices with her. This merchant sells several weapons, pieces of armour and arrows.

Exit the blacksmith an in the western part of Rivington, south of the Open Hand Temple, is the Circus of the Last Days. You can approach Klaus at the entrance to gain passage to the circus. You'll be given a variety of checks you can choose from to gain access to the circus - PersuasionDeception, and Intimidation.

Straight ahead, you'll find two circus members - Zara the Mummy and Akabi. Zara is a Merchant who sells Dyes and face paint kits, but you'll have to do a DC 10 Insight Check first when speaking to her to understand that she's trying to sell you something. Akabi, on the other hand, will encourage you to try spinning the Wheel of Wonders next to him. Each try on the wheel costs 500 Gold.

Down the stairs to the right side of the circus. you'll find the dryad Zethino. If you're in a relationship with anyone, she'll ask if you're in love when you speak to her, to which you can answer yes and bring your love one to her. This will begin a love test of sorts, where you'll have to answer three questions about your loved one to gauge how well you truly know them. If you answer all three questions correctly, you'll have a brief but cute conversation with your loved one, and they will gain Inspiration.

In the southwestern tent of the Circus of the Last Days, you'll find Boney and Stoney. You can have a statue of yourself sent to Camp for a fee of 5000 Gold. Boney is also available as a merchant, selling you some Scrolls and a variety of Gems if you need them. Popper, another merchant, can be found in a tent right next to Stoney. He sells the Dark Displacement Gloves and Arrow of Arcane Interference, as well as several potions. Within his tent is the Clown's Severed Hand for the Find Dribbles the Clown Quest.

Head down the stairs and to the north, and you'll find Shadow-Whiskers trapped in a cage. If you cast Speak with Animals, you'll be able to understand her. Pass several checks and she'll reveal that she plans on slaughtering everyone within the circus for stealing her cubs and killing her mate. When you approach the nearby crowd she plans on slaughtering, you will get pulled into a cutscene with Dribbles the Clown

This cutscene can go several ways, but always ends in a combat encounter. After the fight, you can loot Fuum, previously Dribbles, for the Word from the Tribunal and Clown HammerLucretious will also approach the area from her tent. She'll be upset that Dribbles turned out to be a doppelganger and will ask you to help her find the real one. If you agree to help her, the Find Dribbles the Clown Quest will begin.


Wyrm's Crossing

  1. Reach Wyrm's Crossing
  2. Head to Sharess Caress
  3. Speak with Valeria
  4. Show Valeria the Murder list


In Wyrm's Crossing, go to the second floor in Sharess Caress (X:10 Y:82) and encounter Valeria the Investigator. She recognizes you from the Open Hand Temple and questions if Yannis has involved you in something. You can reply with:

  1. I'm just here to have a drink.
  2. Unfortunately, yes - I've discovered new evidence, Investigator.
  3. She asked me to uncover Lorgan's true murderer, given your apparent disinterest.
  4. Leave.

Choose the third option, prompting her to notice your expression and liken you to her associate, Devella. She inquires about your findings, and you can reveal your conclusion that Father Lorgan's death is linked to a larger plot involving Bhaal. Valeria is surprised, as Devella is investigating a similar Bhaal-related matter. Present your theory, the Murder Target List, which confirms your belief. Valeria suggests you meet Devella at the Elfsong Tavern, providing a pass for Lower City access. This advances the "Investigate the Murders" Main quest.


Wyrm's Rock

9 wyrms rock locations walkthrough baldurs gate 3 wiki guide

  1. Gain passage into Wyrm's Rock
  2. Accept Gortash's invitation to his inauguration
  3. Talk to Mizora in the Audience Hall
  4. Participate in the Ceremony
  5. Consider Gortash's Bargain
  6. Look for the lever in the audience hall and explore outside
  7. Find the entrance to prison through the crack in a wall
  8. Explore the Prison


As you head inside the fortress, you will immediately notice the stony structure and statues on the walls. There are guards stationed along the hallway and upon noticing your presence, a Steel Watcher will ask you to stop to tell you that Lord Gortash has been expecting you. After a short while, the watcher seems to pause and begins to speak with a different tone and poise. It is now speaking to you as 'Lord Enver Gortash'. He recognizes you as the Prism bearer and slayer of Ketheric Thorm. He welcomes you to Baldur's Gate and calls it 'his city' You will now get the following options to respond:

  1. This city will never be yours.
  2. A pleasure to meet you. Could we talk face-to-face?
  3. I'm going to find you, and I'm going to kill you.
  4. Attack.

If you choose the first one, he replies that it's already his but continues to invite you to go inside and see the city for yourself.  He formally invites you to his inauguration which will take place in the ceremonial hall. Now that you have a formal invite from Gortash, you shouldn't have more trouble with the guards. 

If you have Karlach as one of your companions, approach one of the steel watchers stationed along the hallway and you will find out that it recognizes her as one of them. The steel watcher continues to share that her 'unit' is a highly outdated model and will ask her to report to the Steel Watch Foundry. You will now get the following options to respond:

  1. It thinks you're one of them, Karlach. Why?
  2. Same thing Dammon said. Do you know how to fix this malfunctioning engine?
  3. Where is this Steel Watch Foundry?
  4. Leave.

The steel watcher will continue to tell you that the foundry is off-limits to visitors and though Karlach is not sure why it thinks she's one of them, she believes that what keeps them going may be similar to her tin can. When you are done with the conversation, enter the door to your left to reach the audience hall. A familiar face is seen here, Mizora, if you helped her escape in Mind Flayer Colony.

She tells you that Wyll is upstairs and ordaining Gortash as Archduke. Explore the Audience Hall and you will find that many of these people are busy and will not stop for a conversation. There is one lever found in a small corner at exactly (X:-40 Y:218) This lever will reveal a door that will lead outside to let you explore the side of the fortress to grab some plants and Dragon Egg mushrooms. You will also find a locked chest at (X:60 Y:214 pictured below, near the coast with an abandoned boat. To unlock this chest, you will need to do a Dexterity Check with a DC of 15

You can now continue to go around the fortress and it should take you to the opposite side. Climb up a wooden platform and you can interact with the Knotted Roots that will take you back to the fortress on a balcony. The door will require you to pass a Dexterity check with a DC of 20. As you reach the hallway, you will find 2 Double Doors that will lead to the ceremonial hall where Gortash will be inaugurated. 

As you get closer to the ceremony, a Steel Watcher will stop you from moving forward. You will get the next options to respond:

  1. Point taken. I'll keep things peaceful.
  2. I'm not taking orders from a piece of metal.
  3. Prepare for battle.

If you choose the first one, the steel watcher will thank you for your cooperation and Astarion will give you his approval. In a short moment, Gortash will notice what's happening and turn his attention to you. He will greet and congratulate you for defeating Ketheric Thorm and then mentions the Netherstone that you acquired from him. He continues that it has become more difficult to have the elder brain under control because of the Netherstone that you are holding. He is worried about what will become of Faerun, should the elder brain be free from the crown. He wants to restore authority over the brain and you will get the following options to respond:

  1. What kind of understanding do you suggest?
  2. I'm not interested in bargaining with the likes of you.
  3. Why is the crown failing?
  4. You're a dead man. I can't let you take over the city.

If you choose the first one, you find out that Orin has been planning something of her own. As Bhaal's chosen, she wants to control all Netherstones for her lord. Gortash disapproves of this and he tells you that he wants to lead the city to glory. Gortash expresses also that Orin is interested in obtaining his and your blood. You will now get the following options to respond:

  1. What do you propose?
  2. You want me to believe you mean no harm to the city?
  3. It's going to take a lot to make me trust you.

If you choose the second one, he will tell you that he wants to propose a pact, that no harm will be done to you by him, and him to you.  Then, he continues to tell you to retrieve Orin's Netherstone and bring it back to Gortash. The other stone is yours to keep, but the goal is to reunite all 3 stones. He offers to rule Faerun together as the Absolute. Your next set of choices will look like this:

  1. As allies, it seems none of you can be trusted. You, Orin, Ketheric.
  2. I will defeat Orin and we shall be allies. You have my oath.
  3. I'll think about it. No promises.
  4. To the hells with your pact.
  5. [INSIGHT] Examine Gortash's body language and expressions. Can you trust him?
  6. [DETECT THOUGHTS] Probe Gortash's mind.

Attempting the Insight check will require you to pass a DC of 15. It will be revealed that he has the full intention of sharing the kingdom with you. Then, you will have the following options to respond to Gortash:

  1. As allies, it seems none of you can be trusted. You, Orin, Ketheric.
  2. I will defeat Orin and we shall be allies. You have my oath.
  3. I'll think about it. No promises.
  4. To the hells with your pact.

If you choose the third one, Gortash will reveal that there is one faceless among your camp. Orin is known to change her form quickly and may prove to be difficult to manage. He offers to help investigate in order to reveal the faceless. Then, he invites you to witness as he makes history as the first Archduke of Baldur's Gate. You will get the following options to respond:

  1. All right.
  2. I wouldn't dream of missing it.
  3. Fine. Let's get it over with.
  4. I have no interest in this sham of a ceremony.
  5. This stops now Gortash. I'm taking you out.

If you choose the second one, Karlach will give you her disapproval while Astarion gives his approval. Then, Gortash kneels before Duke Ulder Ravengard and proceeds with the ceremony. After the Duke is done with his words, he will now ask the guests for consent and you will have the following options to respond:

  1. Say nothing.
  2. Nod.
  3. Prepare to object.

If you choose the first one, Gortash will now be appointed as the Archduke of Baldur's Gate. When the ceremony is over, Karlach will speak to you about how you let Gortash become Archduke, and will ask what you think of him:

  1. He seemed like an absolute fraud in a very nice coat.
  2. Frankly, I'm impressed. He's wormed his way into the most powerful position in Baldur's Gate.
  3. I can't wait to flatten him.

If you choose the first one, Karlach will give you her approval and agrees that he has always had an expensive taste. She continues to ask how anyone in the hall could fall for this charade:

  1. Evidently not.
  2. When people are scared, they'll do whatever it takes to feel safe.
  3. People are mostly fools.

Choosing the second here will anger Karlach even further and wished that people knew the truth about the Dead Three being behind all of this. She wants the people to know that Gortash isn't their salvation but the very monster at the gate. The rest of the audience leaves the hall but Duke Ulder Ravengard remains and gives you a chance at a conversation. If you tell this man that he is infected with an Illithid parasite, Astarion will approve of this.

Ravengard appears to be fighting the parasite but the control over him is strong. You get the option to use your Illithid powers to explore his uncertainty. If you attempt the Wisdom check, you will need to pass a DC of 2. Then, you can now look around the fortress. You will find Mizora on the first floor back in the Audience Hall. She has more things to tell you about the condition of Ravengard. She reveals that he has been relocated and will only tell you in camp, once you have Wyll in your party. This will update Rescue the Grand Duke quest.



To explore the Prison, return to the door that will take you outside. There's a crack in the wall that you can interact with at exactly (X:58 Y:189). Once inside, jump over the ledge to reach the walls of the prison. Destroy this wall with one of your attacks to gain entry to one of the storage rooms. There's a chest inside so make sure to take a look before unlocking the door. Unlocking the door will require you to do a Dexterity Check with a DC of 15.

Be careful when opening the door because a Prison Guard is likely to spot you. When this happens, you can attempt a Deception check or attack. Doing the former will require passing a DC of 15. If you're successful, there's no need to attack the guard as he will simply let you through. Continue on the path the guard is facing to reach the Prison Entrance Door. Since you don't have the key, you will need to unlock this door by lockpicking by doing a Dexterity Check which requires a DC of 20. You may also choose to fight the guards and obtain the key from them.

You will find a guard sleeping to your left upon unlocking the door. Try not to make any sound to avoid waking them up, or put them under a spell to guarantee that they will stay asleep. This passage will lead you back to the Fortress where the others are waiting. 


Lower City

lower city art final release bg3 wiki guide

  1. Get to Elfsong Tavern at X:54 Y:-25
  2. Speak with Chef Roveer
  3. Warn Chef Roveer about the Murder List
  4. Head to the City Sewer through Elfsong Tavern
  5. Speak with a bloodied Gale
  6. Speak with Orin
  7. Objective 7
  8. Explore Devil's Fee
  9. Go to Jannath's Estate
  10. Rescue Volo once again
  11. Explore Water Queen's Docks and help them to avenge
  12. Investigate the death of the waveservant by asking folks in Grey Harbour Docks
  13. Explore Flymm Cargo
  14. Fight Redhammer the Deviser
  15. Explore the Abandoned Cistern
  16. Solve the Sluice Valve/Gate Puzzle in the Abandoned Cistern
  17. Look for the entrance to the Ancient Lair
  18. Discover the secret of Mystic Carrion
  19. Explore Sewers City and Reach Entrance to the Guildhall
  20. Speak to Nine-Fingers Keene and  take Jaheira with you


Proceed northward to the Elfsong Tavern at X:54 Y:-25. Engage in a conversation with Chef Roveer regarding his presence on the murder list. He'll claim he can manage the murderers while tasking you with dealing with the rats. This will update the main quest "Investigate the Murders" under the "Get Orin's Netherstone" section, as well as a side quest titled "Kill the Rats." Proceed to the Elfsong Tavern Basement, where you'll encounter numerous rats to eliminate. After exterminating them, both the "Roveer's Storehouse" and "Visit the Emperor's Old Hideout" quests will receive updates. Enter the secret Wine Passage in the basement to reach the old Hideput of the emperor. 

From the Emperor's Hideout, access the Lower City Sewers through the hatch. There, you'll encounter a bloodied Gale who warns you to distance yourself from a particular "monster." Reply with:

  1. What monster are you referring to?
  2. Gale, you're injured. What happened to you?
  3. Why are you here in the sewers?
  4. Whatever you're running from, it poses no threat to me.

Select the first option to learn that Gale was abducted by Orin the Red and held captive in her Bhaalist temple. He reveals the temple is situated within the sewers and that Orin subjected him to terrible experiences. Gale urges you to run since Orin is formidable. Respond with:

  1. Very well, we'll turn back and figure out how to deal with her. Thank you for warning us.
  2. I'm not leaving you behind.
  3. You won't face her alone. We'll confront her together.
  4. Gale, what did she do to you exactly?

Opt for the fourth option, which reveals Gale's peculiar reaction and leads to his transformation into Orin herself. Confronted by Orin, she questions your presence in the sewers and assumes you're after her Netherstone. She also mocks your concern for Gale. Respond with:

  1. What happened to Gale?
  2. You're welcome to him; I could use some peace and quiet.
  3. Gortash warned me that you might try something like this.
  4. You'll pay for this, monster.
  5. Prepare to defend yourself.

Choose the third option, and Orin will mention Gortash, hinting at her knowledge of him. She refers to your interaction with him and claims that the Murder Lord also desires you. Reply with:

  1. Why does the Murder Lord want me? What's his motive?
  2. If you come for me, you'll meet your god soon enough.
  3. The voice you hear isn't divine; it's a product of your twisted mind.
  4. It seems everyone wants a piece of me. He'll have to wait his turn.

Select the first option, and Orin will mention Ketheric's Killer. She indicates that before you can challenge her, you need to sharpen your skills against a different foe—the Tyrant's Throat. Orin then shifts into Gortash's form, claiming to see his whispers and promises in your thoughts. She explains his desire for the Crown of Karsus, wanting it for himself. Orin expresses her urge to eliminate Gortash but reveals she can't touch him since he bound her blade during their initial encounter. She proposes you kill Gortash, retrieve the Netherstone from his body, and bring it to her temple. After reverting to her true form, she offers to bring her assassins under control if you agree; otherwise, she threatens harm to Gale. Respond with:

  1. So you're betraying your ally? Or are you asking me to?
  2. Very well. I'll kill Gortash. Gale will live. After that, we settle things for the final Netherstone.
  3. Gortash can wait. First, I'm confronting you, monster.
  4. I'll comply. Just promise not to harm Gale.

Choose the first option, leading Orin to explain that they aren't allies, just two forces in balance. Then inquire about Gortash's whispers, and she'll confirm that she sees them. She adds that Bhaal's age is drawing near and insinuates that you could be part of it—an idol of flesh to welcome the coming dawn of his bloody reign. Orin warns not to underestimate the Steel Watch and threatens to harm Gale if she sees you in her domain while Gortash remains alive. Then, she disappears. This conversation updates the quests "Disable the Steel Watch", "Get Orin's Netherstone", and "Rescue Orin's Victim".

 After your conversation with Orin, return to the Elfsong Tavern and proceed to the staircase leading to the tavern's second floor. Ascend the stairs and enter the door ahead. A cutscene will unfold, showing Devella at the crime scene. While she's frustrated someone let you through, she asks why you're interrupting her. Reply with:

  1. Are you Devella? Valeria sent me to assist.
  2. I'm just a curious adventurer, interested in the scene.
  3. I'm no one important, just passing through.
  4. Your anger is quite palpable. I'll leave you be.
  5. I seem lost. I'll find my way out.

Select the first option. Devella will reluctantly confirm her identity. She'll express that if you lack helpful information, you should leave her to her work, as she's investigating Duke Stelmane's murder. Reply with:

  1. Share about the murder target list you found.
  2. Is it possible the murderer was tied to the Bhaal cult?
  3. With Bhaal's involvement, more is at stake than Stelmane's death.
  4. Best of luck with your investigation.

Opt for the first choice. Devella will be intrigued by your information, updating the Main Quest "Investigate the Murders." She'll elaborate that her assignment led her in the same direction, but she hadn't expected these developments. She explains that a century ago, Sarevok Anchev, Bhaal's son, ruled the Iron Throne, which masked a dark arms-dealing network. Sarevok aimed to ascend to godhood by amassing an army, leading to the revival of Bhaal's temple and cult. Although the temple was destroyed, the cult's remnants persisted, ultimately evidenced by the murder list. Devella concludes that the Bhaal cult has resurfaced, and someone is continuing Sarevok's sinister legacy. Respond with:

  1. Why don't you think it's Sarevok himself?
  2. Do you have any suspicions about who might be behind this?
  3. But Sarevok led the cultists a century ago; he can't still be alive, can he?
  4. I share your concerns. I've noticed an uptick in Bhaalist activity myself.
  5. You should inform your superiors about this immediately.

Opt for the first option. Devella is skeptical that Sarevok is involved, noting differences in the recent murders that suggest they're acts of worship. She explains she tried informing her superiors, but they dismissed it as conspiracy. She turns her attention to you, hoping for assistance. Reply with:

  1. Can't you provide any assistance?
  2. What will you do while I investigate?
  3. How about the other individuals on the list who are still alive?
  4. I'll do my best to uncover the truth.
  5. I've got more important matters to attend to than a cult investigation.

Select the first two options. Devella states she needs to alert Upper City residents and asks you to warn those on the list in the Lower City. After Upper City, she'll head to Basilisk Gate to push her superiors for action. She invites you to meet her there once you have any relevant information to report. This conversation advances the "Investigate the Murders" quest.

After conversing with Devella, descend to the tavern's second floor and exit. Make your way westward until you arrive at the Wine Festival located at X:25 Y:-38. There, you'll encounter Cora Highberry, who's enjoying the wine tasting. She invites you to join her and her friend Roger Highberry. However, Meztli interrupts, offering a solo tasting to Cora. She declines, preferring company. You sense the poison in Meztli's offered wine. Choose:

  1. Cora, that wine is poisonous. This man wants to harm you.
  2. I'll gladly take a glass, Master Meztli.
  3. I'll have to pass, but enjoy your wine.
  4. Let Master Meztli try the wine first, or should I say Dolor?
  5. Attack the poisoner.

Opt for the first choice. Meztli speaks briefly and threatens you before a battle ensues. Afterward, the Main Quest "Investigate the Murders" will be updated. Enter the Highberry's Home nearby to speak with Cora. She'll express gratitude for your intervention and disbelief at the assassination attempt.

Having conversed with Cora and received a reward, head southwest until you arrive at Facemaker's Boutique at X:-182 Y:-32. As you enter, a cutscene unfolds, depicting Dolor attacking Devella and her superior, leaving them immobilized. Overhearing Dolor mention a gift for Lord Bhaal, you can react with:

  1. Halt!
  2. Step back. That's my target.
  3. [Stealth] Remain concealed as the dwarf is distracted.

Choose the first option (Astarion Disapproves), prompting Dolor to acknowledge a challenger and triggering another battle. After defeating Dolor, the quest "Investigate the Murders" is updated. Once the enemies are vanquished, Devella expresses gratitude for your rescue. She explains that Doppelgangers ambushed them, paralyzing them before they could retaliate. Respond with:

  1. Weren't you responsible for safeguarding the patriarchs in the upper city?
  2. These doppelgangers appear to be monitoring his advancement. This one seems to be gaining prominence among Bhaalists.
  3. Fortunately, I was here to assist.
  4. It's regrettable. I assume you're swamped with paperwork. I'll leave you to it.

Select the first option, and Devella elaborates that she heard a disturbance while en route to the upper city. She believes these killings are part of a trial, detailing that the document you shared outlines the test. Victims are paralyzed, offered to Bhaal, and framed as the work of the Cult of Absolute. This provides access to a "Tribunal," an initiation for aspiring cultists to demonstrate their dedication. This initiation occurs beneath 'Canduhallow's Tombstones'. However, due to her constraints, she defers the investigation to you. Reply with:

  1. I should probably seek out a hand, then.
  2. Can you pinpoint the location of 'Candulhallow's Tombstones'?
  3. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate. I'll handle this.
  4. I'll look into it.

Choose the fourth option. Devella plans to head to the upper city, meeting you at Basilisk Gate later. Lastly, loot Dolor's body and acquire the "Hand Bag," updating the Main Quest "Impress the Murder Tribunal."


Devil's Fee

Return to the Graveyard when you are done exploring the Mausoleum by interacting with the door that you came through and head to the Devil's Fee at (X:-35 Y:-11). You will see a tall building surrounded by a wrought iron fence with flowers crawling over it. Head inside the building and you will notice the floor is decorated with red carpets, bookshelves lining the walls, and a wide range of monster skulls are proudly displayed both on tables and on the walls. Interact with these items that you see and upon closer examination, it appears that these items are genuine infernal collections.

In the middle of the building, there's a trader called Helsik. Speak with her and she will show you her items like dyes, oils, and other items. However, she has more items to sell to you but first, you need to explore and take a closer look at the building. You will see there's a floor above the trader and you can access this by going through the stairs on the right of the trader. Be careful as you reach the top of the stairs as there is a trap waiting for trespassers.

For now, return to the lobby and examine the decorations that you will see. Return to Helsik once more and compliment her collection of items. She will appreciate this and will now show you her rare collection including Gemini Gloves, Cloak of the Weave, Shapeshifter Hat, and others. She claims that this is her more curated collection and she's willing to sell it to you.

Speak with Halsik once more to ask her if she can grant us access to Raphael's House of Hope. She welcomes you back to her store and you will get the following options to respond:

  1. Curious don't interest me. I'm interested in the hells themselves- a place called the House of Hope in particular.
  2. Did you help Lord Gortash retrieve some hellish curious by any chance?
  3. Show me your wares. The good stuff.
  4. Leave.

If you choose the second one, she will suspect that you are familiar with the Archduke to know a private matter such as that. You will get the next choices:

  1. I happened upon some of his correspondence that mentioned your dealings with him.
  2. We're old colleagues.
  3. We were lovers. It was all very steamy,
  4. I'm asking the questions here.

If you choose the second one, she will respond that she likes to deal with remarkable people. She will now ask for an offer to help you with the answers you seek. She servers Lord Mammon and he is asking for coin. 

NOTE: Some choices may be different depending on your character's class, race, and other specifics.

  1. Toss a coin to the diabolist.
  2. Here's 100 gold.
  3. How about 1000 gold?
  4. Actually, I'll just take a look at your usual wares, if you don't mind.
  5. [WARLOCK][PERSUASION] I'm also of the pact-bound persuasion- don't suppose I can have a free sample?

If you choose the 5th one, she will happily oblige to give you info for free. Attempting the Persuasion check will require you to pass a DC of 10. Astarion will also give you his approval. She tells you that she's known as the Latchkeeper of the Nine Hells and she can break people into the Hells and also shares that she opened a portal for Lord Gortash. Your next set of choices will look like this:

  1. Where in the hells did the portal go?
  2. What business did Gortash have in the Hells?
  3. Raphael told me the Crown of Karsus was stolen from Mephistopheles- were you involved with that?

If you choose the 3rd one she will ask for more coin for information. She acknowledges that the Crown of Karsus has left the vault, and an opportunity opened for a devil named Raphael. He also collects a great deal of treasures in his House of Hope and the crown is what he's lacking. Now, you will get the next choices:

  1. Can you help me break into the House of Hope?
  2. Well, that was interesting but I'd just like to see your wares.
  3. That information wasn't worth what I paid.
  4. Leave.

If you choose the first one, she tells you that it is a ludicrous task and will require a substantial donation to Lord Mammon's coffers amounting to 20,000, you can try to bargain with her by attempting a Persuasion check to lower the price to 10,000. This will require you to pass a DC of  25. You can agree to pay her or come back when you are ready to pay the fee.

Before moving to your next destination, make sure to drop by Bonecloak's Apothecary. If you helped Derryth and her husband in the Underdark, their store will still be running, thanks to you. She sells elixirs and some equipment. When you're done, head to the Lodge which can be found at (X:-217 Y:78), and interact with the double doors to go inside. 

Help Omeluum Quest

Use the stairs on the right of the building where you will find Blurg in one of the rooms. Blurg is a friend of Omeluum, whom you met while on your journey in the Underdark. Blurg appears to be worried about Omeluum since he hasn't heard from him, who went on an investigation about your tadpole's condition. Remember to ask Blurg if he has anything to trade, as he also sells items in Lower City. Agreeing to help Blurg will give you a new quest: Retrieve Omeluum.

Your current quest will lead you to investigate the basement of Jannath's Estate. Upon reaching the entrance of her estate, a butler will greet you to tell you that she is not able to welcome any guests at the moment. This will prompt you to look for other entrances through the Gardener's Basement at (X:-251 Y:-86) this is found just below where you talked to the Butler named Tarhun Mnemonis. The door says 'Keep Out' but it is not locked at all so you can just walk inside.

Next, look at the corners of the room and you will notice a plate with a rectangular shape on the floor and an arch on the wall. Have two of your party members stand on each plate to reveal the door in the middle of the room. You will also need to move the wooden crates to pass through, be careful as you go inside because there is a trap just by the door that will explode if you can't disarm it. Next, interact with the Ornate Wooden Hatch to reach the Abandoned Cistern, a sub-area in the City Sewers.

Beware of this area as you will find many Bhaalists down here and they are hostile on contact. The good thing here is that upon arriving at the location, you will stand on a tall platform which gives you an advantage over your enemies. When you are done fighting them, make sure to look around and retrieve items from the chests and the bodies of your enemies before proceeding to the next location.

Grey Harbour Docks and Water Queen's Docks

Next, leave this area to continue your search for Omeluum and return to the Lower City. In Grey Harbour Docks at exactly (X:-226 Y:-147), you will find a familiar face that needs rescuing. Volo is seen captured by bandits led by Churg Elvek. They are calling Volo a fearmonger, an agent of chaos. Astarion speaks up to get him out of distress and you will get the following options to respond:

  1. Volo has done nothing wrong- you, on the other hand, serve the Absolute.
  2. Ready your weapon.
  3. What crime is this man guilty of? If he is guilty, where's the evidence? Where's the trial? This isn't justice- this is mob madness!
  4. Well, go on then. Do whatever it is you're planning to do to him.

If you choose the first option, Churg Elvek will claim that your mind has been clouded by the disruptor's lies and will engage your party in a battle. You will be outnumbered in this location as there are 7 enemies, but not to worry, if your party is well-equipped and if you plan your moves right, you will come out of this battle victorious. Volo is still tied on crates along the rails so make sure to reach him quickly and use 'Help' to free him. Volo will thank you once again for helping him and this event will inspire Astarion 'Saving a Fellow Tale-Spinner'.

Continue exploring South of Grey Harbour Docks to reach the Water Queen's Docks. One of their members will greet you at the entrance to carry a certain 'Holli' to her final rest in the Deep Wilds. However, she notices your confusion and asks if you are visiting for the Waveservant Holli's funeral. Now, you will get the following options to respond:

  1. Is that what that singing is for?
  2. Am I interrupting the funeral?
  3. Thank you.
  4. Leave.  

If you choose the first one, she will take it kindly and tells you that you are most welcome and that they have much to be thankful for. Inside the Water Queen's House, you will find a scenic landscape and ponds that trail in the middle leading to the fountain. One of the captains reveals that they believe in offering coin to Queen Umberlee to gain blessings during their travels in the sea.

Continue walking down the path and towards the back of the fountain, to the Main Chamber. You will hear a voice praising the Glorious Wavemother and celebrating the passing of one of her daughters. Flood Tide Allandra Grey, the one who's leading the service notices your presence and asks you what tribute you have to honor the Wavemother's fallen daughter. You will get the following options to respond:

  1. I've brought gold. (500)
  2. I've brought a prayer.
  3. I've brought my weapon to help avenge her death.
  4. Haven't brought any tribute, really.

If you choose the 3rd one, she acknowledges this and tells you that blood must be shed to avenge her. Your tribute is well-received and your next set of choices will look like this:

  1. Did this person drown?
  2. Who's the deceased?
  3. This is one of the more upbeat funerals I've attended.
  4. Nice corpse. What are we celebrating?

If you choose the first one, she will reply with "Yes, thank the Wavemother." They are praising the Wavemother for sparing her an ignoble death, however, she explains further that it was a beast that took her life. She describes the monster as a rusting pollutant that bleeds black blood, destroying  Umberlee's pristine waters, she said. 

  1. How did Umberlee 'spare her an ignoble death'?
  2. I'm good at slaying beasts- maybe I could help you.
  3. I'm not getting involved in this.

 She replies that the queen is generous to those who serve her. She will then ask you to find the master of the beast and slay him, then she will bestow you with one of her most precious gifts. Then you will get the next set of choices:

  1. Where can I find the beast's master?
  2. All right- I'll see what I can do.
  3. Sorry, I don't have time for this.

She will describe how Holli was found by some fishermen. She was last seen swimming in Grey Harbour. She tells you honestly that they haven't found the lair of the beast and were hoping you can find it during its slumber. Agreeing to help them will give you a new quest: Avenge the Drowned. This event will inspire Shadowheart: 'Offerings to the Waves'.

To begin your investigation, one of the things you can do is use Speak with the Dead on the corpse. The corpse known as Holli Daylord will tell you that they were swimming and were attacked in the waters. You will now get the following questions to ask:

  1. Who are you?
  2. Do you remember what happened before you were attacked?
  3. What killed you?
  4. Where were you attacked?
  5. Leave.

If you choose the second one, the corpse reveals that they remember black blood surrounding them and described the beast as a Metal Monster. The spell's power wanes, and forbids you from asking any more questions. Now, you will return to Grey Harbour Docks where you just rescued Volo to continue your investigation on Holli's attacker.

Return to the docks where you first found Volo then walk over to a group of people gathered near a boat. Captain Sleam is not allowing any freeloaders and a father will not be able to get on board the boat with his family. You will get the following options:

  1. Excuse the interruption, Captain, but can I pay for the father's berth? (1000 gp)
  2. [PERSUASION] Captain... Sleam, is it? It would be a shame to split up the family, don't you think? Let the father go with them.
  3. [INTIMIDATION] I have news for you, Captain: you're going to accept for the price of three and take the father aboard, or I'll pitch you into the harbor. Got it?
  4. Leave.

If you choose to do the Persuasion check, you will need to pass a DC of 15. The father named Dharin Brislen will thank you and you can now continue investigating Holli's attacker. Unlock the waypoint at (X:-214 Y:-262 and speak with the fishermen attending to their boat next to it. The man named Gowlan will ask you if you have any experience getting oil out of sealed wood, and you will get the following options to respond:

  1. Oil? This isn't black blood?
  2. Have you tried vinegar?
  3. I'm sure it'll come out eventually.
  4. Where did all this stuff come from anyway?
  5. Leave.

If you choose the first one, he will assume that you have been talking to the people from Water Queen's House. Your next set of choices will look like this:

  1. I'm looking into the death of a waveservant- do you know anything about it?
  2. Where did all this stuff come from anyway?
  3. Why are there so many dead fish floating in the harbor?
  4. Is your boat all right?
  5. Leave.

If you choose the first one, he will tell you that they were the ones who found her. He goes on to tell you that they tried to help her when they fished her out of the water but she was already dead. Your next set of choices will look like this:

  1. What happened to her body?
  2. Did you see anything else unusual?
  3. Why are there so many dead fish floating in the harbor?
  4. Is your boat all right?
  5. Leave.

Then he will tell you that the other waveservants took her body back to the temple. Then he will describe that they saw a sort of wave moving toward the docks when they picked her up even though there weren't any boats around leading them to suspect that it might be something big moving underwater toward Flynn's Cargo, so this is the next area that you will be investigating.

Flymm Cargo

You will find Flymm Cargo located south of The Blushing Mermaid. The fastest way to get there is to pass through the lodge and around the docks. Use the stairs to get to the lower levels and reach the level below. After a few sets of stairs, you can now see Flymm's Cargo in the distance. Go to the roof of the building by accessing the balcony at (X:-147 Y:-152), rotate your screen facing the North of your map to see a balcony with a door leading to the inside of the building. Jump down and have one of your characters unlock the door by attempting a Dexterity check, this will require you to pass a DC of 15.

As you head inside, you will find beasts guarding the cargo but no sign of the Metal Beast as described by the waveservants. Luckily, your party is at an advantage because of your positioning which lets you attack the enemies from a safe distance. Eliminate the beasts so you can continue investigating the building. There is a chest below the platform that you are standing on so make sure to check that. Next, you have to reveal a hatch beneath the wooden crates gathered at (X:-161 Y:-140). Move around the crates to reveal the hatch to the basement.

Down in the basement, you will see a door that leads to a larger pathway. Walk to the right of the path and you will see a crack in the wall with the description 'A greasy, smelly climb down...' Take note of this location in the meantime and then return from the path where you came from and interact with the door. Next, you will reach a small room with a 'Subacquatic Dock' door at the end of it. This room reveals a much bigger area and you can now see the water down here.

At the center, you will see Redhammer the Deviser examining something in the water. Walk over to him and then he will tell you that you're not supposed to be down in the basement. Then you will notice the metal contraption in the water and get the following options:

  1. That submersible- why is it here? What is this place?
  2. [DECEPTION] Boss sent me to check up on the situation down here.
  3. [INTIMIDATION] I have questions. You have answers.
  4. You killed one of those servants of Umberlee. Now they want you dead.
  5. Sorry, I just got turned around.

If you choose the first one, he will reply that it's the only port that matters in the whole city. Then, he will ask you if Gortash sent you. Your next set of choices will look like this:

  1. [DECEPTION] Boss sent me to check up on the situation down here.
  2. [INTIMIDATION] I have questions. You have answers.
  3. You killed one of those servants of Umberlee. Now they want you dead.
  4. Sorry, I just got turned around.

If you choose the 3rd one, he will ask if you will make good on that, and tell him that you just want to know what happens in the port to get more information out of him. He will continue to tell you that he uses the port as commanded by Gortash, and he transports whoever he needs to be taken to the Iron Throne. He describes it as an underwater prison and the most secure in the Realms. You will also find out that Gortash keeps Gondians in prison as collateral to keep the Steel Watch Foundry under control.

  1.  I'll make you a deal- take me to the Iron Throne, and I'll protect you from Umberlee's servants.
  2. You're going to take me to the Iron Throne- I'm getting the prisoners out.
  3. You're as guilty as the people who imprisoned the Gondians.
  4. You killed someone. You need to face justice.
  5. Leave.

If you choose the 3rd one, then you will now begin the battle against Redhammer the Deviser. When you are done fighting him, go to the other end of the hall to find a locked Metal Trunk. The submersible in the water can be used to take you to the Iron Throne, but for now, you must leave this area and return to the path that will take you to the sewers. Later on, you will need to return to Water Queen's House to complete the quest: 'Avenge the Drowned'.


Abandoned Cistern

The entrance to the Sewers from Flymm Cargo is located at (X:-1095 Y:337). Interact with the crack in the wall with the description "A greasy, smelly climb down..." and this will take you directly to a trapped path with locked chests in the area. You can also pick up a map with an X mark on it, but you will need to tread carefully. If you have Astarion with you, switch to turn-based and have him look around to scout for traps and pick the locks on the chests. These chests can be unlocked either by passing a Dexterity or Strength check DC of 20.

When you're done going through the chests, take a dip in the sewer water and follow its flow, but there are enemies waiting for you on the other side so make sure that you are prepared to fight them. Eliminate the enemies perched on the tower and then carefully make your way to the top to surround them. When you're done fighting them, your next task is to solve the Sluice Gate Puzzle.

How to Solve Sluice Valve Puzzle in Abandoned Cistern 

 In order to solve this sluice gate puzzle, you will need to balance the heat and the amount of water flowing. There are 2 valves that you can interact with- The Water Valve on the left and the Heat Valve on the Right. This puzzle is dependent on the timing of the valves so do the following:

  1. Interact with the Water Valve on the let
  2. Ready your other character in the other valve and as soon as the Water Valve status teacher the 'Perfect Water' level, interact with the Heat Valve.
  3. If you got the timing correctly, then the Sluice Gate will automatically open.

Take note that if you miss the timing, the valves will cause an explosion that can do fire damage and set the surroundings on fire. You can reset the puzzle by interacting with the valve at the far right, then begin following the solution again. After the fight and solving the puzzle, your next goal is to find Minsc, and before proceeding decide if you will be helping this Human ranger or not.

You will find a door at (X:-164 Y:879), directly in front of you, There's a loose stone that can be detected if you pass the Perception check. Walk towards it and take the Painted Key from it. Behind the pillar, from where you picked up the key, there's a chest that you can interact with. Open it and take the items. You will find more loose stones here if you pass the Persuasion check, during our playthrough, we found at least 3 of them. To the right of the corridor, you can open the door that will take you to the other side of the sewers. However, you would want to go to the other end of that hallway to reach the Undercity Ruins.

You can reach the Undercity Ruins by walking the opposite way from the door you just opened. Make sure to move close to the Waypoint so you can unlock it and then, at the foot of the stairs, you will find a trader by the name of Bareki, a Voiceless Penitent. You can try to communicate with him, but he is sworn to silence. Make sure to take the time to look at his items for sale before you proceed. You will find a Passageway of Penitence behind the trader but go to the left of the NPC, and this other Passageway will take you to the Ancient Lair.

Ancient Lai

When you get to the Ancient Lair, you will be faced with two options: Kill Thrumbo and bring his body back to Philgrave's Mansion, or betray Mystic Carrion which will progress the quest 'Find Mystic Carrion's Servant'. Take note that you will receive two very different outcomes and different rewards.

  • If you help Thrumbo and betray Mystic Carrion, he will reveal the secret chamber underneath Philgrave's mansion.
  • If you choose to help Mystic Carrion, you will have to fight Thrumbo and receive the Torch of Revocation reward from Mystic Carrion.

Upon entering, you will dead bodies of humans, and as soon as you loot one of the opened chests, the Undead Foes will get ready to attack you. You can make use of fire spells to effectively fight them off, or use any Radiant spell, as the Undead are vulnerable to these kinds of attacks. This battle will prove to be a long and tedious fight because of their number, so make sure you have healing spells and potions available to you, so you can keep your party alive. 

When you're done fighting your enemies, you can now return to exploring the Ancient Lair. You will discover chests that you can loot gold and valuable items from. Some Gilded and Opulent chests will have traps on them, so be careful as you work on them. Inside the lair, you will see a Stone Wall marking, and you can use any of your abilities to destroy it. Once the wall is down, enter the new area.

This new area is a chamber that contains a book, which reveals that Mystic Carrion's heart is contained in Thrumbo's chest. This will update your quest 'Defeat Mystic Carrion', then, look around you inside the chamber to see a jar that you need to destroy, then head back to speak with Thrumbo, should you decide to help him. You may refer to the Quests page for more info. Your next objective is to return to the Lower City Sewers and continue exploring the other side.


Lower City Sewers

Return to the door where you first encountered the Penitent Trader and then proceed to the other end of the hall that will lead you back to Lower City Sewers. There's a big door blocking your path so you can either have Astarion attempt a Dexterity check here or go around the other path to encounter NPCs and discover a ladder that will lead to Szarr Palace, Lady Jannath's Estate, and Lorroakan's Portals.

Continue exploring the depths of the Sewers from this path and you will encounter Aelis Siryasius, who has a profound fear or hate, or both for Absolutists and plans on turning you into kindling for a funeral pyre. You can try and convince him that you're not with the Absolute, then Aelis will continue blabbering about how he and his group were the best thieves in Baldur's Gate and they have stashed their loot in the Sewers where they are currently safe, while the Absolutists search for them. 

However, the rest of his group had joined the cult, as Aelis believes, and he killed them. So now he wants to conduct the funeral rites, for Sarin's final resting place. This will allow Aelis to leave you alone and will not attack you for now. However, if you take him out, you will be able to gain access to his treasure and will solve the Sarin's Skeleton puzzle.

There is a door right next to where you encounter Aelis. Have Astarion lockpick this and attempt a Dexterity check. To pass, he will need a DC of 10. This will reveal a path to the raft in the sewers, and use it to move forward. This will take you to a path closer to the Lord of Murder's domain. As you jump off, switch into turn-based mode as there are traps set here that will explode on contact.

Upon opening the doors, the Night Blades will immediately become hostile as soon as they see your party enter the room. Eliminate all the enemies that you see here and continue exploring the Sewers until you reach a room filled with Noxious Fumes. On the right side of the wall, look for the lever that will dispel the fumes. Continue to work your way on the right side and dispel the traps that you see by attempting Dexterity Checks

Then, jump on the crack on the wall, right on top of the lever that you just deactivated. You will see a breakable wall here and destroy that with Eldritch  Blast or other spellcasting abilities to reveal a ladder out of the Sewers.

Entrance to Guildhall from Lower City Sewers

Continue exploring the depths of the Sewers and once you reach the Guild Hall at (X:-12 Y:774), you will see a door with the description "No Entry - No Exit". You can attempt a Dexterity check but you will need to pass a DC of 20. This will give you access to the Guildhall Bar. Directly to your right, you will see Lady Ague who will threaten to kill you, should you cross Nine-Fingers. There are other members of the guild gathered here as well as Merchants and other NPCs who offer their services.

In this section, you will find yourself in the middle of an uprising that was started by the Zhentarim Leader, Roah, and the Guildhall Leader Nine-Fingers Keene. If you choose to side with Keene, you need to inform Roah about your decision, but this will make all of the Zhentarim hostile, and the Guildhall will be on your side. Then, Keene will be grateful for your help, and they will offer to aid you in your fight against the Absolute later on. Otherwise, if you agree to take Zhentarim's side, the fight against the members of the Guildhall will begin and then Roah will become the new leader of the Guildhall and will reward you for your help by joining you in the fight against the Absolute later on.

Continue exploring the Guildhall and you will meet a man named 'The Professor' who will ask which crew you are affiliated with. You will have the following options to respond:

  1. [DECEPTION] Neither. I run a crew called the Wormskulls.
  2. Consider me an independent operator.
  3. I'm not with any crew. Why?
  4. Leave.

Choose the 2nd one so the Professor will leave you alone. He will also warn you to not get involved with Zhentarim. Then you can continue to look around and interact with the other NPCs. Follow the guide in your mini-map and interact with the door to meet Nine-Fingers Keene, who is in the middle of a discussion with Uktar who is trying to persuade her to withdraw protection from those who failed to pay tribute but Nine-Fingers is firm with her decision and welcomes you into the room as soon as they notice you.

Nine-Fingers Keene will tell you that she plans on burning the Absolute from the city, and if you want to help, she will welcome it. Now, you will get the following options to respond:

  1. What can I do to help you?
  2. Why do I need to help the Guild? I've been doing well enough without you so far.
  3. You can help a companion of mine who needs information- Jaheira.
  4. I need information.
  5. I ran into some of your thugs- the Rivington Rats?
  6. Leave.

If you mention Jaheira by choosing the 3rd option, she will start asking questions about your purpose and your identity. Then, you will get the following options to respond:

  1. Well, you already know I'm a friend of Jaheira's.
  2. A passer-by. I heard you serve good food down here.
  3. Just exploring the local sewer life.
  4. Let Jaheira do the talking.

If you choose the first one, Jaheira will give you her approval. Then, she will ask Keene about a man named Minsc. Keene will respond that they're about to bring him in, but can't promise anything about his condition. Keene believes that Minsc has found a new name and believes that he is none other than Stone Lord who has been stealing her own territory for his own cult. She claims that she knows where the next attack is going to take place and plans on attacking there.

Jaheira will try to convince Nine-Fingers to call off the ambush and let your party handle it. If you support Jaheira and respond to Nine-Fingers by saying 'She's not alone- she has me.', Jaheira will give you her approval. However, Nine-Fingers is very stubborn and will not call off the ambush, so instead, you can look around in the Guildhall to search for leads. This will also update The High Harper quest.

Return to The Surface, Lower City

As soon as you're done with getting intel, you can return to the surface and complete the quest in Water Queen's House. If you offered to help the Wave Servant, which meant that you would fight Redhammer the Deviser, then make use of the Waypoint in the docks, then walk to the Water Queen's House to complete the Avenge The Drowned. Make your way to the back of the building where the Waveservants are gathered. They will ask you if it's done, and if you killed Redhammer, then you tell them that the beastmaster is dead.

Flood Tide Allandra Grey will thank you for your service and she will reward you with the Wavemother's Robe, a very rare clothing that provides Watery Rejuvenation and Temperature adjustment. Make sure to check out the Armour page for more info.

The Counting House

Following the events that took place after Jaheir and Nine-Fingers Keene's meeting, you will now continue to look for Minsc. Your next destination is The Counting House, where you will solve the Vault Puzzle and meet Minsc for the first time. You will find this building on the Southern side of the Lower City at exactly (X:-98 Y:-148).

As soon as you enter the building, you will find yourself in a Grand Hall, fitted with a tall ceiling and bright fixtures. Speak with the Head Clerk Meadhoney at the front desk who seems to be worried about something.  You will get the following options to respond:

  1. Remind me again where Head Banker Glitterbeard is?
  2. Who is this Stone Lord that has you worried?
  3. I'm not a customer. I'm here because Nine-Fingers is planning something in your vault.
  4. I need access to your vaults.
  5. I would like to open an account.
  6. Leave.

Choose the second option that will prompt Meadhoney to reveal that a man named Stone Lord has taken the Head Banker below. He didn't say where specifically so you'll get the next options to respond:

  1. [PERSUASION] Let me help. I'll go and check on your Head Banker.
  2. Tell me more about this large fellow.
  3. It sounds like a robbery to me.
  4. I want to open an account.
  5. Leave.

If you choose to attempt the Persuasion check, you will need to pass a DC of 18. If you succeed, the Head Clerk will say that it is unusual but will agree nevertheless. He will hand you a temporary vault pass that will give access to the lower part of The Counting House. Interact with the Iron Fence next to the Head Clerk's table, then a guard will approach asking for your pass. Hand it over, and then the gate will be opened to your party.

There are locked chests here that you can lockpick to loot their gold and some others that are already opened. Take a look around here to get valuable items including gold. Then, interact with The Double Door at the end of the hall where you will see guards stationed at the gate. Before you can go, they will ask you again for your pass. So show it, and then you will be allowed access. Continue following the stairs that will lead to The Vault Door.

Solve the Vault Puzzle in The Counting House

 To solve the puzzle in The Counting House, you will need to step on the correct tile in the right order. Doing this will light up the indicators on top of the Vault Door. To do this, you need to ungroup your party first and then move them to the correct tile without stepping on another tile.

You can do this with just one character, or have your entire party stand on each plate. So as you are facing the light indicator step on the following tiles:

  1. Top Left Corner Tile
  2. Top Right Corner Tile
  3. Center Tile
  4. Middle Row, Right Tile

If you do the puzzle correctly, the Vault Door will be opened automatically. Then, follow the stairs going down. As soon as you reach the door, a cutscene will play showing Minsc and the Bhaal Cultists. Minsc was kept inside a mimic, a monster chest but he would break free from the inside. Then, a clone Jaheira will show herself and claim to be working with The Absolute. She claims that Nine-Fingers Keene set a poor trap for Minsc, and she will ask the Stone Lord to leave, and then they will retreat to the Sewers.

You will be left to fight with the remaining Bhaal Cultists here if you don't have Jaheira in your party.  You are now free to speak with the Head Banker who was caught in the middle of this trap. He will ask for your help to get the coin that was stolen from The Counting House. He will invite you to look around and investigate the area, then he will leave. 

Lower City Sewers

As Minsc believes that he is working with the real Jaheira, he has retreated into the dark with the clone. You will now follow their trace into the Lower City Sewers. You can make use of the Waypoint and travel to the Undercity Ruins, which is the closest one to the Lower City Sewers. Make your way back to The Sluice Gate to reach Minsc and Clone Jaheira's hiding place.

Go through the pipes and a cutscene will play where Roah Moonglow and Minsc are seen talking. They are talking about their plans and that they serve only The Absolute. Roah speaks about returning to The Guildhall to do their bidding. However, Minsc will spot your party from a distance. Roah will try to run away and the battle against Minsc and his party will begin.  Attack the fake Jaheira first, and then knock out Minsc.

NOTE: If you want to keep Minsc alive, make sure to switch to a non-lethal attack. This will result in Minsc getting knocked out.

Then, using your Illithid powers, you can see the image of Jaheira in Minsc's mind. He thinks that you have killed the real one, but you can counter this with your thoughts. Minsc will continue to run away deeper into the Sewers. Follow his lead as he destroys the crumbling wall. This will take you to a small room where Minsc warns you to not show fear and to trust in him. Then, you will get the following choices:

  1. I do trust you. I think.
  2. If this is a trap, you die first.
  3. Can we just get on with... whatever this is?

Minsc will fall to his knees and appear to speak to a tiny creature. He will introduce you to Boo, a hamster. He calls it a Miniature Giant Space Hamster, and that you will be able to learn the difference in time. Minsc and Boo will join your party, and cleanse Baldur's Gate of Evil together. Invite Minsc to your camp if you have a full party, and he will give you his approval. This will also complete The High Harper quest.


Return to the Guildhall once more by traveling to the Revealed Entrace at Lower City (X:57 Y:-96),  to settle the matter with Nine-Fingers Keene. At the entrance, you will find Roah Moonglow who has something to tell you after she escaped the Sewers last time. She offers her, and the Zhentarim's alliance with you to purge the Guildhall of Nine-Fingers Keene's loyal servants. She will try to convince you that Keene's guild is undisciplined and broken, but Roah's is still strong.

NOTE: If you choose to side with Keene, then you will have to fight Roah and the Zhentarim. Then, Keene will be grateful for your help, and they will offer to aid you in your fight against the Absolute later on. Otherwise, if you agree to take Zhentarim's side, the fight against the members of the Guildhall will begin and then Roah will become the new leader of the Guildhall and will reward you for your help by joining you in the fight against the Absolute later on.

Settling this matter will result in a bloody Guildhall, and you will be left to loot the bodies of the Zhentarim. Next, seek out the bloodied Keene who's seated at her desk. She will now offer to help you in the fight against the Absolute. You can also ask her about how she knew Jaheira and what happened to her Guild. The Aid the Underduke quest will also be completed upon defeating the Zhentarim.

After that, you can now return to The Counting House and return the gold that was stolen. This will complete Return Rakath's Gold, and you will be rewarded handsomely, together with a Counting House Vault 9 Key. You will find this Vault inside the large vault on the walls. You will get Elegant Studded Leather, a very rare light amour.

Return to the Streets of Lower City

Now that you were able to settle the uprising in the Guildhall, you will now return to the street of Lower City where you will continue your quest related to Mystic Carrion and his servant. Move to (X:-10 Y:-158) and you'll discover a hidden stone wall. Have Astarion unlock this door by attempting a Dexterity Check, but you will need to pass a DC of 25. This will take you to Philgrave's Mansion.

A mummy Mystic Carrion will see you right away, and he tells you that you do not have an appointment. He recognizes that you are familiar with the Necromancy of Thay. He will ask you about your thoughts of its contents. You will get two options to respond:

  1. You're familiar with the subject matter?
  2. Oh yes, I loved it. Especially the part about the unicorns.

If you choose the first one, he will suspect that you are not familiar with it and will try to turn you away and will suggest that you return to the domain of the living. You will get the next choices:

  1. Is there anything I can do for you?
  2. Have you anything to trade?
  3. Leave.

If you choose the first one, Mystic Carrion will consider getting your help for a task. He tells you about his servant by the name of Thrumbo who ran away. He is asking you to return the body to him, and you will be rewarded. Then, you will get the following options to respond:

  1. First, tell me why he ran.
  2. His body? It sounds like you want him killed.
  3. Baldur's Gate is a big city/ A name's not much to go on.
  4. i might be able to help. For a fee, of course.
  5. I'll think about it.
  6. You've got a deal.

If you choose the 3rd one, Mystic Carrion will tell you that he has accopmplices, and has led many others astray. If you agree to help Mystic Carrion, he tells you that spirits bore witness to the agreement, and they will follow your progress too, just like him. You will have a new quest "Find Mystic Carrion's Servant." Before leaving this room, make sure to trade with him and take a look at his very rare items for sell that might be suitable for yourself, or your companions. 

Due to the lack of information from Mystic Carrion, you will go around searching the docks and looking for anything related to Thrumbo and his servants. You will find a Strange Beggar Lumbar on the streets of the Lower City at (X:124 Y:-30), just outside the mansion. As soon as you mention the name Carrion to him, he will become hostile. You will get the following options to respond:

  1. [DECEPTION] Carrion means Thrumbo no harm. He sent me with provisions for his journey.
  2. [INTIMIDATION] Either you tell me where Thrumbo is, or I drive my fist through your skull.
  3. [PERSUASION] Tell me where Thrumbo is, and it'll be like we never met.
  4. Leave.

If you choose the first one, you will need to pass a DC of 18. Lumbar tells you that he last heard from Thrumbo that he's going to get them a boat, but haven't heard from him since and he suspects that he must be somewhere near the water.

You will be able to locate Thrumbo inside Vonayn's Home near the shore in the Lower City. It's close to where Philgrave's Mansion is, and if you have explored this area before, this is where you fought Sea Monsters or Sahuagin enemies that jumped out of the water to attack you. If it's your first time, it will be an interesting encounter. Then, go inside the house next to the pier, use the stairs and you will find Thrumbo hiding in the wardrobe to your right.

NOTE: You can either choose to help Thrumbo or Mystic Carrion. This will reap you two different rewards and  2 different outcomes for this quest as well. However, you will be able to loot more from Mystic Carrion if you kill him, and you can take the Torch of Revocation from the chest inside Mystic Carrion's room if you kill him.

  • If you help Thrumbo, this will involve destroying the parts of Mystic Carrion that keep him alive. You will have to travel to the sewers, in the Undercity Ruins and smash the jars containing Mystic Carrion's brain, and liver. Then, you will discover that Mystic Carrion's heart is inside Thrumbo, and he will have to vomit it so you can destroy it. Then, you must return to Philgrave Mansion and kill Mystic Carrion to get the Crypt Lord Ring from Thrumbo.
  • If you choose to help Mystic Carrion, all you have to do is take Mystic Carrion's heart from Thrumbo and bring it back to Philgrave's Mansion. He will reward you with Torch of Revocation.






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  2. Objective 2
  3. Objective 3
  4. Objective 4
  5. Objective 5


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        Putting the gauntlet of shar walkthrough after the grand mausoleum and before the moonrise tower makes you get locked out of talking to EVERYONE in a friendly way. If you follow the guide how its written and do gauntlet of shar first then go to last light inn or moonrise, its just an all out fight now with not chance to talk to any of the absolute in the tower.

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