The Risen Road

Suggest Level 3-4

The Risen Road is a location in Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3). On this page, you can find the information about the map, quests, enemies, notable items and other useful tips about The Risen Road.


The Risen Road Map



Notes & Tips

  • The Hyenas on the road carry Gnolls. You can kill them before the gnolls spawn.
  • In the Tollhouse, the are a group of self-claimed Tyr's paladins. If you cast the Speak with Dead spell on the dead refugee. You will learn that they are actually servants of Zariel. (Quest Hunt the Devil)
  • There are quests in Waukeen's Rest, Rescue the Grand Duke, and Rescue the Trapped Man. You need to break the door and get inside the burning building to find the survivors. Unfortunately, the Grand Duke is already been taken by Drow raiders. However, you can still manage to save Benryn.
  • trapped_man-bg3-wiki-guide
    Benryn's wife Miri is in the bottom left building of the inn. You can jump inside from the window, Miri's body is at second floor.
  • Cast Speak with Dead spell on Miri and learn what happened. She will ask you to find her sister's dowry.
  • trapped_man2-bg3-wiki-guide
    The dowry ring is hidden in the barn.
  • To make him believe Miri is really dead, you may need to throw her body right in front of him.
  • If you persuade Salazon, the guy hidden the winery, he will let you enter his hideout (through the hatch, Quest Find the Missing Shipment. Note if the persuasion check is failed the barn will explode.  Use the wardrobe within to find Zarys). If you have the Detect Thoughts spell, you can learn the correct password from his mind.
  • Between the Tollhouse and Waukeen's Rest, there are 2 people trapped inside a cave, surrounded by a horde of gnolls. (Note: you can reach them from another side of the cave, just neet to dodge the boulder and move the barrels.)
  • find_the_missing_shipment-bg3-wiki-guide
    In order to defeat the gnolls. Place your characters on the nearby high grounds, you can also use the tadpole's psionic power to turn the gnoll warlord against the pack. (And force her to devour herself after the fight)
  • The men you saved invited you to their hideout. Give the unopened chest to Zarys in the Zhentarim Hideout to receive gold for your efforts and honesty. (If you kill these 2 people and open the chest, it will summon a Spectator)
  • defeat_goblin-bg3-wiki-guide-min
    If you want to fight the goblins in their camp, there is a spot that allows you to shoot them without worrying about retaliation. You can reach there through Mountain Pass.
  • The Githyanki patrols will attack you even if you have Lae'zel in the team, get ready when you reach there. (Note: If you place enough explosives in that area, you can actually kill that dragon and its raider. Simply place one of your teammates on nearby high grounds, switch to him/her during the conversation, and ignite the explosives. Sadly, the dragon doesn't have any loots.)




Notable NPCs:

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    • 08 May 2021 11:06  

      The area shown to the southeast of the dragon drawn on the map itself seems inaccessible. I think it may only be there as a place for the dragon to spawn to begin with, as directly north of that is where you find the scratches. I have tried using feather fall to get down there, but the character instantly dies anyway. I think even existing down there results in instant death. Does anyone know if there's a legitimate way to explore that area? If not, then they really shouldn't have it outlined on the map as passable terrain.

      • Anonymous

        25 Feb 2021 18:51  

        From what I've seen the dragon and rider of the Githyanki patrol don't die, they just disappear, no matter what you do. Possibly it's tied to the cut scene where he flies away after ordering his squad to kill laezel. May change after full release, who knows.

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