Injured Mind Flayer

Injured Mind Flayer
Location Ravaged Beach
Act Act 1
Quests Finding a Way to Remove the Parasite

Injured Mind Flayer is an NPC in Baldur's Gate 3. Injured Mind Flayer can be found at Ravaged Beach nearly to the Nautiloid wreckage, next to a group of people. Injured Mind Flayer is a dying monster asking for his life.


Injured Mind Flayer Information:

  • At first, you will speak with the Stranded Fishers nearly to the creature. You can offer to help and the man will tell you that he believes the monster to be his daughter. You can try to use a persuasion roll to convince them the Mind Flayer is clouding their minds. Depending on which path you choose, the spoilers are in the tag below.
  • After you finished speaking with Stranded Fishers, you can interact with the creature. The Injured Mind Flayer will try to manipulate your mind the same way it did with the others. This interaction leads you to choose between two different paths.
  • If the Injured Mind Player submitting your mind, you will immediately die, and starts a fight with the other companions.
  • If you are successful an intelligence and wisdom dices, will break its control over you. This makes it so you can kill it or leave it alone to die slowly.
  • Also there is a third option, that is more simple, just skip this interaction or attack it before interacting to execute it. 


Where to find Injured Mind Flayer

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Injured Mind Flayer Quests


Injured Mind Flayer Dialogue Options


Injured Mind Flayer Notes and Tips

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      Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if sparing the mind flayer in this scene saves you the trouble of being identified as his killer later in the game, when doing the "necromantic interrogation" with the Hobgoblin goblin boss?

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