Location The Risen Road
Act Act 1
Quests Hunt the Devil

Karlach is an NPC in Baldur's Gate 3. Karlach can be found at The Risen Road. Karlach is a wounded Tiefling that's being hunted by adventurers.


Karlach Information:

  • Karlach is a Tiefling hunted by Anders' group of adventurers. He says she is a  murderer and wants you to put her down. When you first encounter Karlach, she is wounded and aims her crossbow at anyone who dares to get close to her.


Where to find Karlach

Can be found at:

  • Act 1
  • After doing a great jump over the river, on The Risen Road (X: 122; Y: 497)


Karlach Quests


Karlach Dialogue Options

At first, Karlach threatens you and aims at you with her crossbow. She asks you if you were looking for her.

  • No, but I see you are hurt - let me help. Karlach, doesn't mind she is hurt and tells you she won't miss her shot.
    • Attempt a Persuasion check, telling her you are hunting a fiend, and she fits the description. If you pass, she tells you that you were lied to. Also calls the adventurers who hired you devils.
      • Hold on - the people I spoke to were paladins, not devils. Karlach decides to tell you the whole story. She's a fugitive that escaped from the Hells, and the adventurers who hired you are trying to bring her back.
        • You were in hell? So was I, not so long ago.
        • I visited Avernus recently - seemed delightful. Thanks to the parasite, you can see that Karlach was in the frontline during the Blood War. You saw the conflict while the Nautiloid was passing through Avernus. She is shocked that you were inside her head.
          • It wasn't me - It's the parasites from the mind flayer ship. They connected us. She is surprised that you were on the Nautiloid. She thought no one else had survived.
            • I didn't see you aboard. Where were you?. Karlach boarded the Nautiloid in Avernus.
              • You were expecting the ship?
              • Stowing away aboard a mind flayer's nautiloid? Pretty stupid.
            • Not many did.
            • You must have got clear of the crash site in a hurry. She did get clear quickly because if she hadn't, cultists would have taken her back to Avernus.
              • What makes you so important to them? Karlach recounts that she was a prisoner, forced to fight in the Blood War. Turns out that she's got a knack for killing demons, and that makes her a valuable asset.
              • Why were you in hell in the first place?
              • They don't need to catch you - I already did. You're finished.
          • That was terrifying.
          • Hold up - you fought in the Blood War?
          • Yes, and I saw Hell. You really are a fiend.
        • That doesn't sound ideal.
        • You said yourself, devils are tricksters. I don't believe a word of this.
      • If you're not a fiend, what are you?
      • All right. I'm listening - what's really going on here?
      • They told me you'd slaughtered innocent families.
      • Not another word - I'm ending you.
    • Attempt an Intimidation check, telling her you were warned about her, but you are dangerous too.
    • None of your damn business.
    • Attack.
  • Yes I am - the people who are hunting you sent me.
  • I have no idea who you are.

 Once she reveals the story about the Blood War. you can:

  • Hard to believe you're a demon-slayer when you can't deal with a few cultists.
    • Karlach tells you that her commander make her powerful, but she no longer works for her so, now she just relies on herself.
  • So you want me to kill the people hunting you? She nods and asks if you can handle it.
    • Yes.
      • She tells you she'd go with you but her bleeding won't let her.
    • No. You're on your own.
    • What do I get in return?.
      • She tells you that you get a friend who spat in Baphomet's eye and lived to tell the tale.
  • Why don't you just run?
  • I'm done listening - I'm ending you.
  • How can I help?
  • I don't believe a word of this.


If you kill Anders and his group and return to Karlach, she asks if you killed them you can answer:

  • Yes - you're safe. 
    • Karlach thanks you, immediately you see a memory of her being carved on the chest by a winged devil.
      • Who was that? in your memory?. Karlach tells you it was Zariel. She imprisoned Karlach and also made her her champion. The paladins you killed were acting on her orders, she'll send more.
        • What will you do if she sends more?
        • Not many people survive an archdevil's fury.
      • I've never heard that language before.
      • What will you do now?
        • She will go to Baldur's Gate because she has a score to settle.
          • We should travel together. She rejects the offer for now, implying that with Zariel on her back, that'd only put a target on yours. She also advises you to stay away from the city.
          • Who are you looking for in the city?
          • Aren't you worried about what the parasite's doing to you?
  • I decided to help them instead. I'm taking your head.
  • Leave.

Karlach Notes and Tips

  • Notes & Tips


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