Location Shattered Sanctum
Druid Grove
Act Act 1
Quests Removing the parasite

Halsin is an NPC in Baldur's Gate 3. Halsin can be found at Shattered Sanctum. Halsin has gone missing after joining Aradin's band of adventurers.


Halsin Information:

  • Halsin is the Arch Druid of the Druid Grove. It is said he is a powerful healer capable of removing the tadpole in your brain.
  • Halsin is being held by the prisoners in the Worg Pens.


Where to find Halsin

Can be found at:

  • Act 1
  • Shattered Sanctum


Halsin Quests


Halsin Dialogue Options

If you raze the Goblin Camp and kill the three goblin leaders (True Soul Gut, Dror Ragzlin and Minthara) before talking to him at the Worg pens, you will find Halsin has left his cage and has returned to the Druid Grove by himself. After introducing himself, he thanks you for your actions and immediately senses you have a problem he can help you with.

  • Yes. I have a mind flayer parasite inside my head. I want your help removing it. After saying this. Halsin says he can sense it inside you. However, he says that there are more pressing matters to attend, so since ceremorphosis isn't running its natural course, Halsin will deal with the tadpole the next day. After this, you can say:
    • Enough delays. I want to be cured. Now. If you pick this option, Halsin tells you to be patient if you want his help.
    • The other druids are dead. They turned on us - we had to defend ourselves. He understands your actions and blames himself for not being at the Druid Grove offering his guidance to his fellows druids. You can say any of the other options and also adds:
      • I hope this grove of yours is worth the bloodshed.
    • What happens next? He tells you to rest, heal and prepare to celebrate or murn if you must. Come next morning, Halsin shall see into the parasite. 
    • Leave
  • I don't know what you mean.
  • Wait - How did you get here?


Halsin Notes and Tips

  • Notes & Tips


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