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Class druid class icon 1 baldursgate3 wiki guide 75px Druid
Race Wood Elf
Background Outlander
Initiative +2
Movement Speed 11m
Darkvision Range 12m
Type Humanoid
Size Medium
Weight 75kg
Carrying Capacity 140kg

Baldurian, Wood Elf, Elf, Humanoid, Halsin, Druid

Halsin is an NPC and Potential Companion in Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3). Halsin can be found as a prisoner at the Worg Pens, deep within the Shattered Sanctum. Halsin is the first Druid of the Druid Grove, but has been missing since he left with Aradin's expetidition.

There is a massive amount of NPCs in Baldur's Gate 3, and their ideals, needs and way of living are strictly related to the actions they perform during the course of the game. Their attitude towards you and your party may be affected by the deeds and decisions you and your party taken on.


Where to find Halsin in BG3

 Halsin can first be met in the Worg Pens at the Shattered Sanctum , Goblin Camp.

In order to recruit him, you must complete the druid's grove/Save the refugees questline. In which you need to defeat the three leaders of the Goblin Camp.  

However, Halsin won't be available as a playable companion until players have rescued Thaniel and Oliver inside the shadow-cursed lands in Act 2. Once that issue has been resolved, players will be able to ask Halsin to join them permanently.

Halsin's BG3 Starting Equipment



BG3 Halsin's Starting Skill Proficiencies



BG3 Halsin Video Guide

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Halsin BG3 Quest Walkthrough

You learn about Halsin for the first time at the Druid Grove. He has gone with Aradin's expedition to the Goblin Camp, but he never managed to return because he was captured. He can be found at the Worg Pens. 

If you free him, he offers to join you during the raid of the goblin camp. If you accept, he will fight at your side, but every NPC that crosses your path will automatically be hostile.

If you raze the Goblin Camp and kill the three goblin leaders (True Soul GutDror Ragzlin and Minthara) before talking to him at the Worg pens, you will find Halsin has left his cage and has returned to the Druid Grove by himself. After introducing himself, he thanks you for your actions and immediately senses you have a problem that he can help you with.

After the events at the Shattered SanctumHalsin will then return to the Druid Grove. If you have exposed Kagha, he will be having a word with her. Once the Tiefling party is over, he will tell you about Moonrise Towers.




How to Romance Halsin in BG3

In this Halsin Romance Guide, we explore the general path toward gaining Halsin's approval and what opportunities you have to share some moments with him. This will be updated as more is revealed throughout the game.

Halsin becomes available for romance when a certain point of approval has been reached. Halsin is different compared to other companions as he cannot be recruited as a party member until Act II, though you are able to flirt with him after you first meet him in Act I during the Quest Save the Refugees or Find the Druid. This means his romance progresses straight from companion to "partnered" in Act III, and skips the "dating" status that players may have with up to three companions in Act I.

BG3 Halsin Romance Guide Act I

As mentioned above, Halsin can be first met at the Goblin Camp, having been captured by goblins during Aradin's expedition. If you want to recruit and romance Halsin, you will have to defeat the three goblin leaders (True Soul Gut, Dror Ragzlin  and Minthara)  and the goblins in the camp. If you free Halsin before defeating the goblin leaders, he can optionally aid in raiding the camp, at which point all the goblins in the camp will be hostile. If you defeat the goblin leaders before freeing him, he returns to the Druid Grove before you reach the Worg pens and can then be first met there.

After clearing the events in the Shattered Sanctum, Halsin returns to the Druid Grove and may confront Kagha. If you want to recruit and romance Halsin, you'll need to save both the Druids and the Tieflings in the grove. Afterwards, Halsin will offer his help as he has information about the Moonrise Towers. While he travels with you in your camp from this point on, Halsin will not yet join your ranks as a Companion and cannot venture out in your party. Options to flirt with him still arise and you may even attempt to spend time with him on the night of celebrations after you finish the aforementioned Quests. He will turn you down, but not straight up reject you.


BG3 Halsin Romance Guide Act II

As you go through Act II, you'll eventually make it to the Last Light Inn. Certain situations may trigger the devastation of the inn, especially if you chose to play as The Dark Urge, so make sure to choose the options that will preserve everything and everyone  as much as possible. If the inn remains intact, you will encounter a bandaged man on a bed within called the "sleeping man", attended to by a Flaming Fist. Interacting with the man prompts a Quest from Halsin to find Thaniel, a child Halsin knows as nature itself. This Quest will eventually entail protecting Halsin by safeguarding a portal he ventured through to retrieve Thaniel from the Shadowfell. This can be a difficult fight, as you'll have to keep him alive against waves of enemies for several turns until he finishes his task (though some players have reported quick success by placing a cleric  near the portal and casting the spell Spirit Guardians). Successfully clearing the quest will allow you to officially recruit Halsin as a Companion, and thus make him available for romance. Make sure to keep clearing out any other Quests surrounding Halsin as you build approval with him.


BG3 Halsin Romance Guide Act III

When you get your approval with Halsin enough as an official Companion, an exclamation point will appear over his head while at camp, with dialogue potentially leading to his intimate scene. Follow the conversation with affirming dialogue options until he mentions having many previous lovers. Ask him what exactly he means by this to get his direct confession. If you were holding out all this time for Halsin, you'll simply need to assure him that you reciprocate his feelings. Otherwise, you'll have to be honest about it and say that you're interested but you're already with somebody else. Halsin will explain that he does not mind sharing you, as he sees romance and partnership as a fluid system like nature, but he will require the consent of your existing partner for anything to happen between you.

As a good partner who respects their lover, you'll have to go and have a talk with your current partner and see how they feel about polyamory. Astarion, Karlach, and Shadowheart have been confirmed as consenting to the polyamory. Naturally, if your partner does mind or if you want to, you can choose to break it off with them and exclusively be with Halsin.

Afterwards, head back promptly to Halsin and let him know, then take a long rest to initiate the famous love scene. When he loses control and turns into a bear then back again, you'll have the option to choose whether or not you'd like him to continue the deed as a bear ("1. Don't apologise. I like it.") or in human form ("2. I'm flattered I have that effect on you. Now come here.") . No one will judge you, as long as you both are happy.


Halsin Approval Guide in Baldur's Gate 3

If you are looking to befriend or romance Halsin, you will have to get his approval up. Companions are not black and white in BG3, but they have some characteristics you can consider when forming your party and making game choices.

General Personality Tips

  • ??


Check out our Companion Guide for all compiled approval instances

Halsin Approval UP
Halsin Approval DOWN



Act 2

Ruined Battlefield

  • When trying to convince Oliver to rejoin with Thaniel, tell Halsin to talk to him.
  • Convince Oliver to rejoin with Thaniel.


Last Light Inn

  • Tell Isobel that Flaming Fist Marcus is trying to kidnap her.


Reithwin Masons' Guild

  • Drink or mime drinking with Thisobald Thorm
  • Tell Thisobald Thorm a story from your adventures
  • Drink or mime drinking with Thisobald Thorm for a second round
  • Tell Thisobald Thorm another story from your adventures
  • Drink or mime drinking with Thisobald Thorm for a third round.
  • Persuade/deceive Gerringothe Thorm that her asking for gold is just a trick.
  • Defeat Gerringothe Thorm without killing her in battle.
  • Intimidate Gerringothe Thorm to defeat her without killing her in battle.


 Gauntlet of Shar

  • Talk to Yurgir about the Displacer Beast then telling him that it's wrong to manipulate the beast in such a way
  • Tell Balthazar that; <Wizard> "The Nightsong's a person. Balthazar, this is an affront to the Weave itself". This will lead to a battle with Balthazar
  • Tell Balthazar that;<Cleric> "You will torture this angel-born no longer". This will lead to a battle with Balthazar
  • Tell the Rat that; "All right. Your lives for this treasure"


Moonrise Towers

  • When speaking to both Barnabus and Linsella; pick "[Wisdom] Sever her control once and for all". This will kill Linsella
  • Convince Ketheric Thorm to surrender
  • After you defeat Ketheric Throm, talk to Thaniel while in Moonrise Tower


Mind Flayer Colony

  • Free the prisoners and Mind Flayers from the pods.


Camp/Companion/Event Interactions for Act 2

  • Tell Halsin you wished he had joined earlier.
  • Ask Halsin about something about him "one wouldn't think to ask" and tell him "thank you for sharing"
  • Tell Halsin you're afraid of Kraken
  • After you ask Halsin about his family, friends and lovers tell him "sorry for your loss"
  • Tell Arabella she is being strong with her parents gone.
  • When Vlaakith shows up in the Camp to ask for Lae'zel's help. Let Lae'zel Choose


Act 3


  • When finding the Protestors who dislike the refugees (Saer Grotpoll)
  • Donate 500 Gold to Manip Nestor
  • Tell Gyldro Angleiron (Orin) "I would never hurt someone I care about"
  • Tell Yenna you don't know anything about her mother but give her some gold
  • Tell Biscoti he's a good boy.
  • Tell Fist Rowan that the people are innocent and you can't just kill them.
  • Tell Tinker Nayzeen that the way the refugees are treated is horrible.
  • Accept to help the monk break the curse during the conversation with Shirra Clarwen
  • Tell Sister Yannis you will investigate the murders.
  • Tell them their god would be proud of Father Lorgan
  • In the Open Hand Temple when talking to Ilmater, telling Tara to stop eating the pigeons
  • Succeed the persuasion DC about Scratch with Angry Mar'hyah
  • Succeed the deception check about Gortash not liking animal abuse
  •  Refuse the bomb plan with Wulbren but instead choose to Convince the Gondians
  • When Manip Falco orders you to bring Wulber's Head, refuse to do it.

Circus of the Last Days

  • When speaking to Shadow-Whiskers (Big Black Cat in a Cage) exhaust conversation until Halsin speaks about the inhumanity. Then "Break the lock, ensuring the cage can't be opened"
  • When Dribbles the Clown asks his scarecrow question use the [BARD] option to answer.
  • When Dribbles the Clown asks you to come on stage choose Astarion instead.
  • When Dribbles the Clown asks you to come on stage choose Jaheira instead.
  • When Dribbles the Clown asks you to come on stage choose Jaheira instead and ask him to enter the stage a second time by saying "All hail the High Harper".
  • When Dribbles the Clown asks you to come on stage choose Jaheira instead and ask him to enter the stage a second time by saying "Get on with it".
  • When Dribbles the Clown asks you to come on stage choose Halsin instead and ask him to enter the stage a second time.
  • Pick 'My strength of course' when Dribbles asks what makes you special
  • Pick 'My courage' when Dribbles asks what makes you special
  • Pick 'Kindness' when Dribbles asks what makes you special
  • During Zethino's Trial of Love with Halsin. Choose either the Bear Form, Protecting the Grove and the Shadow Grow Curse Dialouges.

Wyrm's Rock

  • Tell the Guard on the bridge that Investigator Valeria needs you in the Lower City.
  • Convince (Deceit) Arkleia Oloril to offer up the goods for sale.
  • In the Fire First dorms, offer gold to Fist Reynash by saying "Will this get you home?"

Lorroakan's Tower

  • Tell Lorroakan you'll send the Nightsong to rip him apart


Act 2

Last Light Inn

  • In the Last Light Inn, after saving the Gnomes in Moonrise Tower and in the Underdark, when Wulbren and Barcus are reuniting, picking option "3. Prick."

 Moonrise Towers

  • Show mercy on the goblins by setting them free.
  • After you defeat Ketheric Throm, talk to Art Cullagh in Moonrise Towers and say "I just killed Kethric and this is all you have to say?"

Mind Flayer Colony

  • Agree to take on the knowledge of the Waking Mind.

Act 3


  • When finding the Protestors who dislike the refugees (Saer Grotpoll)
  • Respond to Wulbren with either "Get the bomb inside the Gondian facility, and - boom. Problem solved." or
    "[Rogue] Sneak in, place the bomb, sneak out - bang. Sounds simple enough"


Halsin Inspiration Guide

All characters can gain Inspiration based on their Background when your party completes content in a specific way. Halsin is of ?? background, so her inspiration boosts are:



Halsin Notes and Tips

  • Notes & Tips


Astarion  ♦  Gale  ♦  Jaheira  ♦  Karlach  ♦  Lae'zel  ♦  Minsc  ♦  Minthara  ♦  Shadowheart  ♦  Wyll

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    • Anonymous

      I just entered the lower city with him and for some reason he just dissapeared out of my party and camp and left a backpack, can someone explain?

      • Anonymous

        Head your own advice and suit yourself are both flagged as romance options at the party that you have to explain away the next morning. So just speaking to him there sets his flag, and they said Gale was bad

        • Anonymous

          For those who in honor mode aggroed him in bearshape via dialog - kill all goblins and just leave the room while forcing him in place with command or such

          • Anonymous

            If you recruit him, he has 5 spells that you can cast not limited to short/long rest, but they take the appropriate spell slots:
            - Healing word
            - Thunderwave
            - Misty Step
            - Call lightning
            - Wild shape: cave bear (shapeshift, 36hp scales every 2 levels, multiattack, uses bonus action and wildshape charge)
            You'll have them and not be able to use them if you are, say, a full thief rogue - but you can do things like have healing word on your EK, or call lightning on your Light cleric, and can still have a bonus action shapeshift as land/spore druid if you find yourself needing the HP buffer after spending your action.
            Not having a tadpole, he is not able to learn any illithid powers.

            • Anonymous

              If you're playing with a friend then the approval just goes to whoever is closest at the end of the fight with the kid. I was trying to romance him, but my brother got +50 approval just because he was closest to the kid at the end and went into the dialog first.

              • Anonymous

                There's another path you can take. First tell Minthara the location of the grove, long rest, then break Halsin out, make sure the goblin kids don't escape and then when you talk to him he'll say the goblin horde is already marching and tasks you to return to the grove and aid them.

                • Anonymous

                  Not sure what's going on but after recruiting him in Act 2 stuff seems to disappear from his inventory when you fast travel or go to and from camp. So far it was just some dyes but may be worth keeping an eye on in case you give him valuables. I've also noticed that if he's your lead the dialogue with merchants is wonky, sometimes dialogue options for skill checks you've already passed will show up again, and other times it will randomly close the menu while you're trying to buy/sell

                  • Anonymous

                    I had a weird glitch where I went into the mountain pass (a differet region) before long resting for the tiefling party and Halsin didn't appear in my camp. He did have the same dialogue as if he was in my camp though so I did the I could solve that by going to the house of healing and getting art's lute from the doctor to have Halsin join art in last light in.

                    • Anonymous

                      He broke out of his cell by hinself after only killing priestess gut..and then ambushing the goblin raid and killing minthara..he showed up right after the battle..

                      • Anonymous

                        Thanks in advance to those who will/will be able to answer me. I'm stuck with 2 bailouts before entering the nocturnal singing pools. In the first I didn't go to the lunar towers, while in the second I saved the Teflings and the gnome from the prisons of the aforementioned towers. Every time I try to enter the pool and the video ends with the attached dialogue with Balthazar, new missions are unlocked but Halsin's mission closes with the message: "you have decided to continue without Halsin being able to try to help you". Now, could you tell me what I forgot to do since I've done everything there was to do with Halsin and with the request, both from him and Thaniel, to kill Ketheric.

                        • Anonymous

                          Halsin can die in his prison cell, im unsure what exactly triggers his death flag, the only mayor thing I did different this playthrough is that i entered the goblin camp early for the merchants and i went to the mountain pass before saving him to make good use of the owlbear egg.
                          After reloading before changing areas he was still alive therefore i assume leaving for the mountain pass triggers the deathflag in his cell, not sure if visiting the goblin camp is required.

                          • Anonymous

                            This dude is infuriatingly horny. Tries to **** my male character constantly even though I have told him to **** off at least 4 times now.

                            • Anonymous

                              I think he has tried to have sex my male MC at least 4 times by now even though I have told him off every time. I guess having his ass sit in the camp makes him horny or something, but the next time he tries he will get free flying lessons off the wall.

                              • Anonymous

                                His stats get reset to the Druid default after he joins so if you want him to be more lore accurate respec to 14/10/14/10/16/12. Best you can do since at camp before he joins you they are 16/11/14/10/17/13. If you want to really commit then you could raise his STR to 16 at level 4. It's not a "good" build but it fits what he is supposed to be. Otherwise to go full Wis at 4 and 8.

                                • Anonymous

                                  While talking about yourself to Halsinyou can say that you have a deep fear of krakens

                                  I wonder if this is a DOS2 reference

                                  • Anonymous

                                    (act 3 spoiler) fun fact: if you have a foursome with those twins at the whorehouse in Baldur's Gate, he'll reveal that he was kept as a sex slave by drow and apparently enjoyed it too lol (seriously, this guy is written like a shitty Skyrim waifu companion mod)

                                    • Playing with Halsin in my party, gonna try to enter in approvals up/down as I come across them. If you're looking for inspiration for him, as he's an Outlander he'll get inspired by the same things as Karlach - bar of course that he can only join your party a while into Act 2, so if you're inspo hunting you will probably need to cross-reference a bit.

                                      This is by no means an extensive list, just the ones I've come across and how, starting from late act 2.


                                      Shadowcursed lands
                                      - When speaking to Oliver, tell him you know who he is and that he needs to go back to Thaniel.
                                      - With the Nightsong, tell Balthazar he's not taking her to Ketheric
                                      - Agree to free the Nightsong
                                      - Persuade Ketheric to surrender, specifically when you tell him 'I can help you, Ketheric - if you let me'
                                      - After said persuasion: When you tell Nightsong Ketheric has surrendered

                                      Mind flayer colony
                                      - Releasing the people and flayers from the pods

                                      After that whole debacle
                                      - Talking to Thaniel, tell him "I'm glad I could help"

                                      Those were the ones I found in Act 2. Sure there are heaps more, though. I'll keep going as I play on. Would love if more people add their ups/downs (of which I've had none, at least that I've seen so far) in replies as they come across them, so we can get a good wiki list going for the brave souls editing these pages :)

                                      Based on these and my lack of disapprovals, I'd say just being a nice guy trying to help out seems to be a good way there. Wyll isn't in my party, but I think they may be pretty aligned; Astarion has had multiple disapprovals, too, so I think Halsin is just. Good-aligned in general.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        He died in the goblin camp fight - he got forced blown into a chasm - I cannot resurrect him - will it hurt my later stories?

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Odd choice to have two potential druid companions. Especially for my druid run...

                                          I'mma make him a monk, he looks built for the job.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            I love how this dude goes 'I'd like to join your camp, *if* you'd allow me' and then the game presents you with 4 dialogue choices with all of them leading to him joining you anyway lol

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Not sure why, but my approval is max with him in Act 3 and i just never got the prompt over his head... Maybe you need to be in another relationship with someone or something....

                                              • Anonymous

                                                I entered the prison where he was and was in neutral mode with the goblins, there were some children bothering Halsin in his bear form, he came out of his cell as an enemy and I had to kill the entire room (including children) to see if he would stay. calmed, but I had to kill him at the end, lmao this game

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  good morning I write from Italy with the translator. I ran into this bug too, killed the three goblins and started the party. After that, however, nothing happens and the diary is blocked saying that I have to get the reward from Zevlor and wait until the morning after the party to talk to Halsin about what to do. What do you think I should do? restart the game or can i continue? help

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    He needs more romance content--compared to the others his romance is seriously lacking. Not surprising given his romance's late addition to the game, but still.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      to get him to join your party you must follow his quest in act 2

                                                      1. you need to go to the lost light inn and go talk to the sleepy guy on the first floor where you find funny druid lady
                                                      2. Go talk to druid daddy
                                                      3. go back to sleepy man
                                                      4. go to the house of hope
                                                      5. get instrument from doctor guy (you can make him kill himself to avoid boss fight)
                                                      6. go back to buff daddy and get info from no longer sleepy guy
                                                      7. follow druid sexy and then defend a portal (recommend you drop to lowest difficulty or you will suffer)
                                                      8. you now have halsin but if you keep going you can finish his quest and purify the whole area
                                                      9. go to a random house in the middle of nowhere
                                                      10. talk to child
                                                      11. say nuh uh and follow him into his portal where you beat up his mom and dad
                                                      12. have halsin talk to child
                                                      13. now go kill the funny undead guy who for some reason has a daughter who ****s a literally god

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        Hes bugged out for me and wont show up at camp. He doesnt hate me and seemed understanding when i said i defended myself and the druids were killed. Quest journal says he will be at camp hes obviously not though no matter what i do.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Bear daddy had consumed all my thoughts. Astarion, who? That 94 stat total has me wild, and READY. My knees are weak at the very thought.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            i long rested before i found him at the goblin camp and had to google the probkenm turned out after i wiped the goblin camp he went back home and i had to travel there to talk to him, i havent had the option of recruiting him to my crew yet but i assume its because im only lvl 4

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              Finished the missions with goblins and saved the Grove. Now Halsin has joined my camp but I still can’t find a line of dialogue to make him enter in my party. Might be a gate at lvl 5 (I am lvl 4). I don’t know.

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                i was left the room where he was supposed to be found cuz i had no hp and ran away. came back like 1 camp later and the dialogue said it died, the mission says his research may be of use now that he's gone but the research aint doing anything

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  he died for me in the fight where i wanted to rescue him, and now the quest says "he died before he could help us, maybe we find out another way to find out what he knew." How do i do this?

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