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The Dark Urge is an Origin in Baldur's Gate 3, it's only for custom characters and not related to any companions. Origins grant your character particular interactions and adventures during your journey.

You remember nothing of your past besides that you walked a path paved with blood. As you venture on, you find yourself inescapably drawn towards unimaginable cruelties. Where do these thoughts come from?

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The Dark Urge Tips and Notes

  • The Dark Urge has an impulse to maim and kill, and sometimes you can't control it.
  • You gain "Split-Splatter" advantage when lobotomising Us.
  • During your first interaction with Gale, Dark Urge can cut off his hand by selecting the "Fantasize about hacking off the hand." dialogue option.
  • If you talk to the squirrel near the Druid Grove elevator, you will just kill it.
  • If you inspired Alfira and let her stay at your camp, she will be dead at night. Scleritas Fel will appear after Alfira's death, and starts Dark Urge's personal quest The Urge.
  • The Dark Urge can take advantage of Pandirna being secluded and paralyzed to murder her.
  • The Dark Urge can choose to torture the bird that Nettie is curing.
  • If siding with goblins and romancing Minthara, you can snap her neck after your character sleeps with her.
  • When you find a Moon Lantern to keep yourself protected in the Shadow Cursed Lands, you'll realize that there's a pixie trapped inside. You can decide to crush her after she's freed.
  • If you unleash your urge and kill Isobel the Cleric, the ward that protects Last Light Inn will fail. Killing everyone there and fail lots of quests.
  • If you allow Shadowheart to kill Nightsong, the ward will also fail and kill Jaheira and Isobel the Cleric off-screen. This will count to satisfy the urge.
  • If you fail to control your Slayer Form, you may kill your Lover.
  • Other notes, tips, and trivia for The Dark Urge go here.


The Dark Urge FAQs

What is the Dark Urge in Baldur's Gate 3?

During the Panel from Hell showcase, it was revealed that The Dark Urge is the additional origin character that players can select in the Character Creation section of the game. Unlike other Origin Characters, The Dark Urge is a fully customizable Origin avatar where players can play as whichever Race, Class, appearance, gender and overall build that they would like while maintaining the origin story of The Dark Urge. The Dark Urge origin is also not associated with any Companions in Baldur's Gate 3.

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Customized "The Dark Urge" avatar selected by chat during the Panel of Hell showcase.

The Dark Urge is quite unique in Baldur's Gate 3 since the sequences and interactions that are featured are unexpected and it challenges your perception of how to tackle different situations. As you choose to play the origin of The Dark Urge its history is unknown but you awaken to be someone who has dark thoughts that plague your mind and ultimately push you to commit atrocious acts throughout the journey. The choice is completely yours — will you fight what is twisting your mind to be good or will you succumb to madness and wreak chaos?


Can I Recruit the Dark Urge in BG3?

The Origin character of "The Dark Urge" cannot be recruited as a Companion. It is exclusively selected during the Character Creation section of Baldur's Gate 3 where players customize the origin avatar and experience the path of The Dark Urge. Players can change their class, race and gender to whatever they want.


Are there Other Dark Urge Characters?

Yes, you can run into a character in the game that is The Dark Urge where you can interact with but as mentioned, this NPC that you'll eventually bump into cannot be recruited as a Companion.


What is the Gameplay of the Dark Urge?

Upon starting your journey with the origin of The Dark Urge, the story will include a sinister voice of a narrator that speaks of the different impulses that are going on in your character's mind. Guiding the Dark Urge in their time of need is Sceleritas Fel. A vile and loyal servant, Fel lives only to see the Dark Urge return to their rightful, bloodstained path and urges them to commit some of the most lurid acts of violence.

This unique feature alone changes the many ways of interactions, as well as cutscenes that you haven't seen and dialogues for you to choose from, exclusive items, and at length, its origin story that unfolds. As The Dark Urge, we highly recommend that players enjoy every cutscene and dialogue there is available to it.


Can I Resist Evil Choices as The Dark Urge?

Yes, the choice is completely yours if you play the origin of The Dark Urge. Unlike any other characters or even the player's customized avatar, the Dark Urge will have its own unique cutscenes and dialogue options for different scenarios, and whatever you choose will result in different outcomes. One example that was featured during the Panel from Hell showcase was: during the exploration of a crash site with Shadowheart, the player starts to loot the bodies of goblins and a cutscene triggers where the Narrator reminds you of how the sight of blood and violence gives you pleasure. You then choose if you try to push the smile away, to let that grin fall across your face, or with enough Intelligence, you try to remember the last time you stood above a corpse.

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Another example is when Gale reaches his hand out from a portal and asks for help, you are given unique choices such as fantasizing about cutting off the hand, and by doing so, your urges have led you to hacking off his hand. With this, you acquire Gale's severed hand which is a new branching point of interaction and scenarios that are unique and exclusive to The Dark Urge origin. As you dive into its origin, you'll learn what causes these twisted thoughts and experience the dark counterpoint of the game's main storyline.

The Benefit of Playing as The Dark Urge in BG3

The Dark Urge opens up with unique additional cutscenes, interactions, dialogues, and results to the actions that you choose. And with The Dark Urge, you'll be thrown with evil thoughts and sinister actions that question your judgment or simply if you want to explore your darkest thoughts. Some people may find this unappealing since they prefer to project their personality and beliefs towards the character they've created but if you do play as The Dark Urge, it is possible to use these ominous actions to your advantage.

The possibilities are endless here with the different situations and interactions you'll encounter. If you find yourself in a difficult scene, who knows, the urges and thoughts of "The Dark Urge" can save you and your team or even turn the tides in your favor or if a terrible NPC is being difficult to deal with, you have the option to be bad in return. If you are choosing this origin, it's best to analyze the different affairs and weigh the consequences that can occur.



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    • Anonymous

      fun fact: there's a cut epilogue scene where if you embraced the urge *but* refused to take control of the elder brain for your father, he ends up punishing you by turning you into a sex slave and forcing you to breed with gnolls (50 times per day apparently).

      there's an entire script for this in game data files along with recorded narrator lines - it's obscenely detailed and gruesome even for Dark Urge standards, so look it up at your own discretion.

      • Anonymous

        The best way to describe the Dark Urge, is that it's a throwback to the first two games a continuation of a century old story and that's happening at the same time as the normal questline. In comparison to Tav who has no unique background, Durge gives you special scenes, items and abilites you wouldn't have access to otherwise.

        To really enjoy Dark Urge, it's best not to read up. It's better to experience it without any knowledge beforehand. Enjoy the mystery and surprises that pop up along the way. But hey, if you know about it already the next best thing is to talk your friends into a multiplayer game and sell them on why they should play Dark Urge... then watch their reactions.

        • Anonymous

          I'm unsure of how many people know this. I don't see this listed in benefits or anything for bring Dark Urge. You can eat pieces of roasted dwarf found in the goblin camp. This heals you for 4D4. It also provides inspiration. Go forth, fellow cannibals.

          • Anonymous

            Don't think of DU as "unclean slate". It's more of a "condition" u'll be dealing with, like covid or flu. So no worries u'll still be the unique you.

            • Anonymous

              The true protagonist of Baldur's Gate 3, if you want a true Baldur's Gate experience. If you're DnD type where you must have your own character, Durge is not for you. But know this, he and most of story context dies for the sake of your self insert.

              • Anonymous


                If you don't play as the Dark Urge, you can find the fallen bhaalspawn body lying in a circle of blood in act 3 on the floor in Bhaal's Temple (x102 y1005)
                But if you play as the Dark Urge, you won't see the body.


                • Anonymous

                  Is that the complete unique options for Dark Urge? I want to skip all the side quests that doesn't affect a Dark Urge character.

                  • The Dark Urge is responsible for a bad attitude from Steelclaw's side, if you try to remember you will - Steelclaw was a Black Cat who crossed the Dark Urge's path once - now she is a bald cat, and you will kill her in the cutscene

                    • Anonymous

                      *yuge SPOILERS ahead* some fun facts about Dark Urge you might miss:

                      -if you consume the noblestalk, you'll see yourself engaging in cannibalism.
                      -reacting positively to Alfira's murder will prompt Fel to reveal that you used to be a necrophiliac.
                      -casting lvl 6 heal on yourself reveals that you had foster parents and they ended up becoming your first victims.
                      -when talking to Orin (your sister) after she drops the Zethino disguise (the circus dryad), she implies that you used to be lovers.

                      there might be some more stuff out there and apparently the noblestalk and heal flashbacks will change depending on whether you've met Fel and Orin respectively.

                      • It's my second Character

                        I recommend you STOP PLAY YOUR CHARACTER and become Dark Urge

                        The Urge is the real MC in this story. You can find a lot of additional interactions, and quests are going to be deeper with every act. I still haven't ended Act 3, but it looks like playing twice as the Urge with different decisions will be the best experience in BG3

                        Don't listen to the Liar Sven - he just wanted to protect his game from criticism. The Urge is your ONLY and BEST option, spare or not is up to you, but the game will change from DND comedy to Dostoevsky's drama

                        • Anonymous

                          Have you ever wanted to play as a freaking serial killer?
                          Do you watch American Psycho and think "man I wish I could do that."
                          If so, get help.
                          Until then try the Dark Urge background.

                          • Anonymous

                            So the slayer form DID change my intelligence(to 10), wisdom(to 10) and charisma(to 8) although the ingame description states otherwise. Is this a bug or was this changed and the description is wrong?

                            • Anonymous

                              Alfira gives u a pretty good robe as a reward in act 2, what happens to that item if u kill Alfira? can u get it some other way?

                              • Anonymous

                                his unique ending is... criminally underwhelming. same as Minthara's death, both in act 1 and act 2 (break her mind? really? I want to ****ing dismember that *****), like I even reloaded and saved her, that is how bad it is. Gale dies completely off screen, pixie dies off screen. after killing pixie your urges.. just stop?!? there is not a single "dark urge" choice in act 3 (not counting endings and Bhaal's trial), I guess you can roleplay it, because there are bad quest choices that are available to everyone, but still. all-in-all your options are very, very limited and the amount of unique content that you get is absolutely not worth killing half of available origins and all available companions.

                                • Anonymous

                                  From what i've heard you don't have the compulsion to kill your lover if you do what the urge wants you to in act 2, but do you still have the option to do so anyway for shits and giggles? I want to turn my DUrge into a solo run midway through in a way that feels 'natural'

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Nothing happens when I visit Pandirna. The Narrator just says "In a secluded place, all alone... it would be too easy to do away with her. Far beneath your talents.*

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I knocked out Alfira. I let Quill stay and killed my dark urge. The next day Quill was dead inside some kind of ritual blood circle. I revived my dark urge and took another long rest. The butler said I missed my opportunity to kill her. So it wasn't I that killed her apparently. Didn't get any reward either.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        does anyone know where isobel goes if you let marcus kidnap her? i want to kill her for the quest but im going insane searching for her after i sided with marcus

                                        • Anonymous

                                          If you have Animal Speak available you can avoid killing the squirrel. Tested on an Oath of Ancients Paladin.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            What's y'all's murderhobo class? After my resist run I plan on doing an indulge run, can't decide between gloomstalker, oathbreaker or void monk though.

                                            • are there any "rewards" for playing urge ? i only know about the Slayer form, anything else ? some uniqe items or other abilities that you can get only as dark urge ?

                                              • are there any "rewards" for playing urge ? i only know about the Slayer form, anything else ? some uniqe items or other abilities that you can get only as dark urge ?

                                                • *Spoilers....Kinda. ...I mean if you read this thead,'t spoilers*

                                                  Can prevent Alfira's death for anothers that's another NPC that doesn't show up elsewhere, so less...guilt about it.

                                                  (I hope you quicksave a lot)

                                                  If you get the event that has Alfira show up at camp, reload your last save and go to the location Alfira sings at.

                                                  Turn on Non lethal damage and whack her until she's unconscious. Just make sure she's not dead.

                                                  Go to camp and have a long rest.

                                                  A different NPC will show up at camp instead and goes through the Dark Urge storyline where you kill them instead in your sleep. You have never met this NPC before.

                                                  Wake back up and Alfira is still alive and well, even still talks to you.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    as someone who loves playing comically evil characters for sh*t and giggles at least once, this whole origin is like a dream come true lol

                                                    • Anonymous


                                                      Does anyone know in Act 3 whether you can successfully resist the Dark Urge if you have given into it during miscellaneous events prior in the game? Gamespot says two key events are killing the cleric in Act 2 and killing your lover, both of which can be resisted (unlike killing the Tiefling bard, which is unavoidable apparently). However, if you've tortured the bird in the grove, things like that, can you still get the "resist" ending in Act 3?

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        The Dark Urge eventually lets you turn into slayer form but you have to kill off an entire village of useful NPCs / quests to get it. Pretty sure it has a significant impact on the story after act 2 but slayer form is actually sick

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Could Shadowheart be the dark urge? There is a scene at the selunite statue in the blighted village where she wigs out and says she had an urge to kill you, but suppressed it.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            Does anybody know that, as the Dark Urge is a "semi-custom" character, can you change the name? i'd like to play a dark urge character, but I don't wanna be stuck with the dark urge name the whole game through. Like how custom lets you go with Tav or whatever you want.

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              I wonder if playing as „the dark urge“ and trying to play them as good, will still lead to a more interesting character in comparison to a non-origin one.

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