minsc companion bg3 wiki guide
12 17 13 8 15 10
Class ranger class icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxRanger
Race Human
Background Folk Hero
Initiative +3
Movement Speed 9m
Darkvision Range 2m
Type Humanoid
Size Medium
Weight 75kg
Carrying Capacity 200kg
Human, Humanoid, Ranger, Minsc

Minsc is a Companion in Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3). Companions assist the player by joining their party and have their own backstories and unique characteristics. They all have their own Classes and starting equipment.


Minsc was a kind-hearted—but rather addled— Rashemaar warrior that enjoyed many adventures across the Sword Coast and beyond. He joined many adventuring parties throughout the 14th and 15th centuries DR, including the Heroes of Baldur's Gate. Minsc was famously known for his habit of talking to a hamster called Boo, whom he believed was a miniature giant space hamster, despite no one else ever witnessing any evidence of this.

Where to find Minsc in BG3


You can only meet Minsc in Act 3, where he is also known as the Stonelord. To recruit him, you need to complete the quest Aid the Underduke. (also connects with quest Return Rakath's Gold and Jaheira's personal quest The High Harper.)


BG3 Minsc's Starting Equipment

  • Leather Armour
  • Leather Gloves
  • Leather Boots
  • Minsc's Fantastical Relaxation Garb (cosmetic)
  • Tasteful Boots (cosmetic)
  • Minsc's Underwear (cosmetic)

BG3 Minsc's Starting Skill Proficiencies

  • To be added


BG3 Minsc Video Guide

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Minsc BG3 Quest Walkthrough

To complete Minsc's Questline, you must first meet him in Counting House - Vault

First, bring Jaheira to Nine-Fingers' office in Guildhall. You can find the entrance at Lower City of Baldur's Gate. (X61, Y-99)
guildhall entrance final release bg3 wiki guide min

You will learn that Nine-Fingers has laid a trap to deal with him, but won't tell you the details. Luckily 2 drunken guild members let slip that Nine-Fingers plans to ambush Minsc at City's Counting House.

aid the underduke1 final release bg3 wiki guide min

Travel to the Counting House, and ask Head Clerk Meadhoney to give you permission to enter the vault.

aid the underduke2 final release bg3 wiki guide min

There is plenty of loot in the Counting House Vault, you can use Dimensional door/Fly/Jump to get them. When you reach the end of the Vault, use Water + Lightning to disable the gate to the lower level.

aid the underduke5 final release bg3 wiki guide min

You find Minsc robbing the vault along with some Bhaalist Shapeshifters, on one of the Bhaalists, you will find the note mentioning Minsc's hideout is in the Sewers. (Succeed in perception checks and you can find the muddy footprints in the Vault, which also leads to the sewer.)

Now head to the city sewer, you can find Minsc and many Bhaalists in Abandoned Cistern (X-254, Y875). Kill everyone but Minsc (crowd control effects can help) - when this is done, unequip your weapons, activate Toggle Non-Lethal Attacks (passive option available in the Passives tab of the hotbars) and beat him down - you only need to deal to finishing blow with a Non-Lethal unarmed attack to trigger the cutscene. After this, you can choose to let Minsc live, or finish him. (Your Dream Visitor wants him dead, but Jaheira will be very upset.)


This will begin his quest:

  • ??


Minsc Romance Guide for BG3

Minsc is one of the few Companions in the game who are not romanceable.


Minsc Approval Guide in Baldur's Gate 3

If you are looking to befriend or romance Minsc, you will have to get his approval up. Companions are not black and white in BG3, but they have some characteristics you can consider when forming your party and making game choices.

General Personality Tips

  • ??




Check out our Companion Guide for all compiled approval instances

Minsc Approval UP
Minsc Approval DOWN



  • In the Lower City Sewers, he will offer to help you cleanse Baldur's Gate of evil. Accept his offer, and welcome him to camp.



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Minsc Tips and Notes

  • Minsc will not be a origin character.
  • A returning character from BG1, BG2, and TOB. Minsc was turning into a statue (along with Boo) shortly after his adventure with Child of Bhaal. Minsc is saved via wild mage during the first issue of his comic series.
  • Before retrieving his miniature giant space hamster, Minsc's Wisdom will be 6 instead of 15.


minsc bg2 protrait bg3 wiki guide

Minsc in BG2

minsc saved bg3 wiki guide

"Minsc" saved by wild magic

minsc teaser bg3 wiki guide

Minsc in BG3 Teaser



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    • Anonymous

      For anyone like me who keeps killing him even though you have non-lethal on, here's what eventually worked for me. Please note I'm not saying you need ALL of these conditions, just that this was what they were when I finally got it to work:

      - Non-lethal toggled on obviously
      - Left Minsc as the last enemy standing
      - Used Hold Person on him to remove Bardic Inspiration and allowed the halfling to escape
      - No additional damage effects (burning, poison, etc)
      - Had my Tav and Jaheira both next to him (the first time I failed, my Tav had teleported to the upper ledge and was technically out of combat range when it ended, Minsc immediately got back up despite being knocked out and bugged the quest, so be within his line of sight when he is KO'd)
      - Minsc saw the fake Jaheira die and reacted to it

      I'm not sure what the EXACT triggers are that causes it to bug out, but following all of these was what worked for me.

      Also just some tips, have someone with Sleet Storm enter the room first, target all the enemies to the left up the stairs, then move someone in and cast Hunger of Hadar on the same area, you will completely lock down that area and most of the time the enemies will keep getting stuck and just die, allowing you to mop up the stragglers and shrug off Minsc's attacks until you are ready to KO him

      • Anonymous

        I knocked him out. But after defeating the other opponents he gets up with 1 HP and starts attacking again. And I can't knock him out again. Even with non-lethal attackes on no matter what attack I use. He dies.

        Anyone else face this issue?

        • Anonymous

          One of the weakest, and worst companions. Despite being a great one from way back. The simple fact of the matter is you get him WAY too late to be effective or helpful. You've likely already made your group dynamic by the time you get access, AND by the time you recruit him, which is likely half-way into Act 3, you're already 80 to 90% through the game. Worse still, the only people that appreciate Minsc and Boo, are the people that know OF Minsc and Boo, which means so much of what he has to say, assuming they can decipher it without knowing his speech habits, will simply be lost on them. He joins you way too late, under conditions way too stringent. Jaheira at least has a plausible chance. Whether you recruit her for nostalgia, or just because, when you get her, you get her at the end of Act 2, AFTER having gotten to know her a little. They really shot Minsc in the foot, and then some. I... actually wish they didn't add either Jaheira or Minsc as companions, and simply made them cameo's, and potential allies for the end game. That's what truly pains me about Minsc, Boo and Jaheira. They feel, so... shoehorned in.

          • Anonymous

            asking minsc for more information about him in one of his dialogues he mentions a certain keldorn, probably referring to keldorn firecam who is a companion in the old baldur's gate who has many dialogues and interactions with minsc

            • Anonymous

              Seems you can't recruit him if Jaheira isn't alive from Act 2. She gets replaced by a Doppelganger in his group, which then dies even if you have non-lethal turned on, so he goes nuts and won't join you.

              • Anonymous

                I'll put it as a full comment since people might not see my reply, in regards to why his stats are the way they are, ALL the companions have the default stats for their race/class. You just have to check character creation to see the that Ranger Tav has the same stats as Minsc. It's also why Astarion and Shadowheart have Firebolt as their racial Cantrip. I don't agree with Larian taking this route since it makes the companions feel uninspired but they probably did it to keep it simple for new players.

                • Anonymous

                  As someone else said, if you want his stats to be lore accurate just respec 17/16/14/8/8/10, you can swap Dex and Con if you want. Also feel free to take a level in Barbarian if you really want to emulate his Rage.

                  • Anonymous

                    all comments here talking about his stats, try clicking on him when you meet him in battle and he is at 20str. his stats change when he coms into the party for some reason but you can just respec

                    • Anonymous

                      Wow, that's QUITE a downgrade from his 18/93 strength in BG2! Apparently being turned to stone wrecks your strength and constitution, but also makes you more agile and...RIDICULOUSLY more wise (He went from 6 wisdom to 15!) I know, I know, edition changes and all that, but still...

                      • Anonymous

                        BG2 Ability Scores
                        Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
                        93 15 15 8 6 9

                        BG3 Ability Scores
                        12 17 13 8 15 10

                        The hell happened here?

                        • Anonymous

                          This game has been out for some time and there have been almost ZERO edits here.

                          The only thing that changed are the hundreds of ads.

                          This site was great once…

                          • Anonymous

                            Dude opens up and chucks a mimic across the room with his bear hands in his intro cutscene ....12 Strength,....Okay sure!

                            • Anonymous

                              Seems like you cant avoid killing him if you do the quest out of order (I didnt know about him until the bank heist)...

                              • Anonymous

                                Looks like the devs tried to shoehorn Minsc and Jaheira into D&D 5 rules (ignoring, or ignorant of, Baldur's Gate, Shadows of Amn, and especially Throne of Bhaal) - and failed. Pseudo-Minsc and Pseudo-Jaheira are seriously nerfed: a low-level druid (not even a druid/fighter) and a weakling ranger. STR 12 and WIS 15? Those stats fit Boo, not Minsc.

                                • Anonymous

                                  you can find this goofy goober by going to the bank place, gaining access to the big vault area, watch him kill a mimic, kill the shadow people, talk to rich man, follow thiefs into the sewers, beat him and the shadow people up, and then follow him to his hamster

                                  The quest also gives you a choice to either rob the rich guy of 10k or give back the 10k

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Would like to know when/where you meet him. Hoping I didn't miss him in Act 1/2, and that he's in Baldur's Gate.

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