jaheira companion bg3 wiki guide
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Class ranger class icon baldursgate3 wiki guide 75pxDruid
Race High Half-Elf
Background Soldier
Initiative +2
Movement Speed 9m
Darkvision Range 12m
Type Humanoid
Size Medium
Weight 75kg
Carrying Capacity 140kg

Jaheira is a potential Companion in Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3). Companions assist the player by joining their party and have their own backstories and unique characteristics. They all have their own Classes and starting equipment. Some of the companions can also be selected in the Character Creation screen, allowing players to play from their point of view. Jaheira is not available as an Origin character, but rather as a party member.


This city is a blight on the landscape. Better to have let the land grow wild.

Where to find Jaheira in BG3

Jaheira can be found at Last Light Inn in Act 2. She will initially serve as an NPC but, depending on player choices, join the party as a companion. 

During the assault on Moonrise Towers, Jaheira will lead the Harper charge on the main building. Once the first floor is cleared, players can ask her to join them in the fight against Ketheric Thorm. She will help during the initial fight atop Moonrise Towers, and can be further persuaded to join the final confrontation against Thorm inside the nautiloid. Once the fighting is over, players can ask her to join them permanently as a companion. 


Jaheira's BG3 Starting Equipment

  • Leather Armour
  • Leather Gloves
  • Jaheira's Boots
  • Sylvan Scimitar
  • Scimitar +1
  • Jaheira's Respectable Clothes (Clothing)
  • Tasteful Boots (Clothing)
  • Jaheira's Underwear (Clothing)

BG3 Jaheira's Starting Skill Proficiencies

  • Athletics
  • Nature
  • Animal Handling
  • Intimidation


BG3 Jaheira Video Guide

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BG3 Jaheira Quest Walkthrough


Jaheira Romance Guide for BG3

Jaheira is one of the few Companions in the game who are not romanceable.


Jaheira Approval Guide in Baldur's Gate 3

If you are looking to befriend or romance Jaheira, you will have to get her approval up. Companions are not black and white in BG3, but they have some characteristics you can consider when forming your party and making game choices.

General Personality Tips

  • ??




Check out our Companion Guide for all compiled approval instances

Jaheira Approval UP
Jaheira Approval DOWN




Act 3


  • When finding the Protestors who dislike the refugees (Saer Grotpoll), Say his accent is Rivingtonian
  • Donate 500 Gold to Manip Nestor
  • Tell Gyldro Angleiron (Orin) "I would never hurt someone I care about"
  • Tell Yenna you don't know anything about her mother but give her some gold when you enter Rivington
  • Tell Fist Rowan that the people are innocent and you can't just kill them.
  • Tell Tinker Nayzeen that the way the refugees are treated is horrible.
  • Accept to help the monk break the curse during the conversation with Shirra Clarwen
  • Tell Sister Yannis you will investigate the murders.
  • During the final part of the Help the Cursed Monk quest where you can take on the curse, accept the curse and then win the 2nd wisdom check.
  • Succeed the persuasion DC about Scratch with Angry Mar'hyah
  • Succeed the deception check about Gortash not liking animal abuse
  • Respond to Wulbren with either "Get the bomb inside the Gondian facility, and - boom. Problem solved." or
    "[Rogue] Sneak in, place the bomb, sneak out - bang. Sounds simple enough"
  • Choose "Try and Help Him" with you encounter the Dying Stone Lord Thug
  • When Manip Falco orders you to bring Wulber's Head, refuse to do it.

Circus of the Last Days

  • When Dribbles the Clown asks his scarecrow question use the [BARD] option to answer.
  • When Dribbles the Clown asks you to come on stage choose Astarion instead.
  • When Dribbles the Clown asks you to come on stage choose Astarion instead and ask him to enter the stage a second time.
  • When Dribbles the Clown asks you to come on stage choose Halsin instead.
  • When Dribbles the Clown asks you to come on stage choose Halsin instead and ask him to enter the stage a second time. Ask Halsin to go on stage
  • Pick 'My strength of course' when Dribbles asks what makes you special. You have to Get onto the stage when Dribbles asks for volunteers for his magic trick.
  • Pick 'My courage' when Dribbles asks what makes you special. You have to Get onto the stage when Dribbles asks for volunteers for his magic trick.
  • Pick 'Kindness' when Dribbles asks what makes you special. You have to Get onto the stage when Dribbles asks for volunteers for his magic trick.

Wyrm's Rock

  • Tell the Guard on the bridge that Investigator Valeria needs you in the Lower City.
  • Convince (Deceit) Arkleia Oloril to offer up the goods for sale.
  • In the Fire First dorms, offer gold to Fist Reynash by saying "Will this get you home?". You have to Explore the hallways after the ceremony.
  • During the High Harper quest, let Jaheira take the lead

Open Hand Temple

  • When speaking with Sister Yannis select the dialogue option where you offer to investigate the murder yourself.
  • On the roof, if you have Gale in your party and Speak with Animals active, ask Gale to convince Tara to stop eating the Carrier Pigeons.

City Sewers

  • In the Guildhall, hen speaking with nine fingers, answer "Just exploring the local sewer life" or "I'm a friend of Jaheira's"
  • During Jaheira and Nine-Fingers Keene's confrontation regarding Minsc, tell Nine-Fingers Keene 'She's not alone- she has me.' or 'You really think that will stop her?'
  • Following the discussion with Nine Fingers, speak to JAheira and discuss the Stone Lord's petrification. Answer "You have to admit, that's a little funny."

Lower City

  • When speaking to Auntie Ethel in the quest Save Vanra, answer "No. Return the child immediately" (Possibly full party approval)
  • In the Guildhall, tell Nine-Fingers Keene that Jaheria is not alone
  • In the Guildhall, tell Nine-Fingers Keene that you're a friend of Jaheira's if you have her in your party.
  • Give Rags Deelarma some money
  • In Devil's Fee, while talking to Helsik, persuade her to get a free sample. Choose the Persuasion check and succeed the DC of 10.
  • Refuse Haarleep's Deal. Can be encountered via multiple quests. From getting the special hammer for the special ending to just killing Raphael to Null his deals

Grey Harbor Docks

  • Convince Captain Sleam to let the father aboard as well.

Lorroakan's Tower

  • Tell Lorroakan you'll send the Nightsong to rip him apart

Candulhallow’s Tombstones

  • If you bring Jaheira when you go and meet the Murder Tribunal/Sarevok. The old history between the ancient adversaries will raise the tensions. (Sarevok was the Antagonist of BG 1 and Jaheira fought against him with the Hero Bhaalspawn). Choose to side with Jaheira.

Camp/Companion/Event Interactions

  • When talking to Jaheira in Camp at Act 3.
    • Say "Please. You're only one of those things", after asking that she has fought the Dead Three before
    • Say "My mind is my own", when asking about what she knows about Illithids



Act 3

Circus of the Last Days

  • When Dribbles the Clown asks you to come on stage choose Jaheira instead and ask him to enter the stage a second time by saying "All hail the High Harper". You have to Ask Jaheira to go on stage


  • When finding the Protestors who dislike the refugees (Saer Grotpoll). Say "out with the refugees"

Lower City

  • When speaking to Auntie Ethel in the quest Save Vanra, answer "That's so evil, even I'm impressed" (Possibly full party approval)
  • Accept Haarleep's Deal. Can be encountered via multiple quests. From getting the special hammer for the special ending to just killing Raphael to Null his deals





Jaheira Tips and Notes

  • A returning character from BG1, BG2, and TOB. 
  • You can find her home in Lower City, Baldur's Gate.
  • Jaheira's gear is hidden in her basement.

    jaheira basement hideout pin final release bg3 wiki guide min

    (Insert Harp-Shaped Pin to reveal the entrance. The pin can be found on the 2nd floor of this building.)

    jaheira basement hideout key final release bg3 wiki guide min

    (Find the key under loose Planks)

    jaheira basement hideout key2 final release bg3 wiki guide min

    (Jaheira's gear is hidden behind the bookcase. Staff of the RamBelm and Khalid's Gift)


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    • Anonymous

      can someone add a spoiler tag? i can't find how to edit the page or even if i can as a guest.

      it needs one in the "Where to find Jaheira in BG3" near the top of the page, where it mentions the boss fight she is involved in by name.

      massive spoiler for me since i'm in act 1 at the moment and have been finding lore about the guy suggesting he's long gone

      • Anonymous

        larians are no tradition keepers, she was all games fighter-druid, but here they have her as pure druid, ye ye sure

        • Anonymous

          I like keeping her as a Druid of the Land but taking 1 level in Cleric as War Domain. You get 3 extra attacks per rest, heavy armor, and access to useful stuff like Bless and Command, it also feels lore-friendly as she's a wizened adventurer so having a wide array of abilities suits her.

          Is it a min-max style build, no. But it's very versatile, highly customizable, having access to lots of crowd control options thanks to stuff like Sleet Storm, Wall of Fire, Spike Growth, and buffs like Haste and Bless, you also get to use Wisdom for all of your spellcasting and your melee attacks.

          • Anonymous

            You can recruit her even if you are an evil character. I sided with the goblins, killed the grove. Went to moonrise with the escort then back to light's inn. Durge dialogue killed Isobel and marcus fled with the body. Told Jaheira I did nothing wrong and she joined my camp. Was able ot recruit her at the end of act 2. (Killed nightsong also).

            • Anonymous

              People, who are sad about their favourite character from previous parts of the game is non romanceable. I do understand you well, but it is still far better than the cruelty they did to poor Viconia… She didn’t deserve it

              • Anonymous

                Something is happend after she joined to me. i said her to stay in the camp. Now i don't find her in my camp. But her tent is in my camp. is it a bug or she just left?

                • Anonymous

                  The letter you find in her house from Khalid is so depressing. They really twist the knife when you find his amulet too

                  • Anonymous

                    There is a bug where if you betray the Druid Grove the Harper Ambush you were ment to run into at the Shadow Cursed Lands spawns at the Last Light Inn. This causes 5 Aggressive Harpers to roam around and when you bump into them they aggro you which causes EVERYONE to aggro you. I figured out if you go to the Sulune Cleric on the balcony and kill her this causes the Barrier to drop, you will be spawned in the center of the area where you will be aggro'd, BUT killing the cleric causes the barrier to drop. The Harpers will be shadow cursed and Jaheria will join you in the fight against the Harpers AND the Shadow Cursed Harpers. The downside of fighting ALL the enemies is tough, but this way you'll be able to recruit Jaheira without running into the problem of fighting all the Harpers. After you fight them all Jaheria will meet you at your camp if she isnt killed in the fight, good luck

                    • Anonymous

                      There is a "Scroll of Ageless Body" located in Jaheira's secret room, you can question her about it and her chat loops in circles where she says it's incomplete and dismisses it. I think this was obviously cut content, the original plan was to turn Jaheria into a young body after doing some kind of side quest to complete the scroll, and then the player could romance her.

                      • Anonymous

                        If you're playing as the Dark Urge and are accepting Bhaals offer after killing Orin, Jaheira will leave your party.

                        • Anonymous

                          So it seems ole Jaheira here was supposed to be a romance option - at least, judging from some unused dialogues and references dataminers have dug out since release. I'm guessing it got cut as part of general content trimming the last act received as they pushed for release.

                          For shame, Larian - I'd take her over that degenerate goober Halsin any day of the week.

                          • Anonymous

                            If you let Isobel be taken and keep Jaheira alive in the fight after, you can send her to your camp and she'll join your party even if you kill Nightsong. If Isobel is still in the village, killing Nightsong kills Jaheira.

                            • Anonymous

                              Her AI in the first floor assault had her cast ice storm, jump form the top of the staircase on to the ice sheet she just created, fall on her behind and get slaughtered by everyone around her.

                              • Anonymous

                                please let me smack that ole booty, Larian.

                                I'll crawl through the entire shadow-cursed lands with a moonlantern up my ass just to get a whiff of her mound.

                                • Anonymous

                                  (Act 2 spoilers) seems like no one really acknowledges if you kill her and everyone else at Last Night Inn if you choose the aggressive path when meeting her - including Isobel who ends up grabbed by that flying thing once her HP is zero'd (same as when you're attacked by Thorm's thralls despite them not being there at all); Aylin never mentions it and even when talking to Zevlor after rescuing him the dialogue choices are all the same (aka they 'saved themselves' and 'his people needing him' despite the fact that you've murdered them all yourself lol).

                                  I guess the devs don't really expect anyone to go on a murder rampage at the first settlement you encounter and survive - or maybe dialogue conditions are just bugged atm.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I think my game is just completely bugged out unfortunately, ive done like half of act 3 and the high harper quest never triggered... Ive exhausted every dialogue option and she never started her quest

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Man, almost 10 days after the game launched this wiki page is still empty
                                      While they are streaming overwatch 2 on the side ad
                                      what a fall from grace

                                      • Anonymous

                                        so how does a homie romance her anyway? I've no companions save for that bear dude who keeps trying to mate with me while Jaheira here won't even suggest letting me pet her geriatric beaver.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          She's a character from BG1 and 2.
                                          In BG1, she's a harper and a friend of Gorion (a poweful mage from Candlekeep who is protecting two of the Bhaalspawns acting as their adoptive father: the main character and his somewhat stepsister Imoen). At some point the MC has to go on a secret journey with Gorion, while imoen is meant to stay in the keep, but on the road they are attacked by yet another Bhaalspawn: Sarevok (the main antagonist). Gorion is killed and tells the MC to find two harpers at the Friendly Arm Inn in his dying breath. MC escapes Sarevok's party, and soon found by Imoen who was following them in secret. They both go to the Inn and meet with the harpers who are none other than Jaheira and her friend soon-to-be husband Khalid. The two then join MC's party to protect him as tasked by Gorion, if anything bad happened, and they stay until the end (unless you **** around with their tolerance or send them off of course).
                                          In BG2, she is with MC from the beginning (along with Imoen, Khalid, Minsc and Dynaheir). They are all captured by a malevolent wizard named Irenicus (main antagonist), who plans to experiment on the Bhaalspawn to use their innate powers. When the MC wakes up, he's prisoner in Irenicus' lair. Imoen somehow escaped her cell and frees him. The also find Jaheira and Minsc in nearby cells. Minsc tells you they killed Dynaheir, so he failed his pilgrimage but swears to stay at MC's side, and so does Jaheira, but Khalid is nowhere to be found, although the party later finds his corpse, tortured to death, and Jaheira is devastated. When they make their way out of the dungeon they realize they're in the middle of Athkatla, capital city of Amn. Irenicus shows up and attacks the party, and Imoen attempts to protect them with spell. The issue is magic use is thouroughly reglemented in the city, and so a party of Cowled wizards, sort of independent magic police, capture both Imoen and Irenicus and teleports them in their magic prison, the Spellhold, and this starts the big journey that is to free Imoen.
                                          In this game, she has personal quests like many other companions. The first is cure her from a curse thrown by a slaver baron made poor by Jaheira and a band of Harpers years ago, the curse is ultimately broken by killing the baron (from your own hands or by bribing his mage goons) and retrieving the lock of Jaheira's hair he had and used as a catalyser. The second involves the Harper chapter of Athkatla, who decided the MC as a Bhaalspawn was a far too big of a menace and set upon killing him. Jaheira who still wants to honor her oath to Gorion, and conscious that it would only further fulfill Alaundo's prophecy (when all the Bhaalspawns die, the last one will be a vessel for Bhaal, the evil god of murder, to reincarnate) opposed the decision fiercely and flee with the MC, and ultimately they are forced to kill the whole chapter and Jaheira decides to leave the Harpers.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            I killt her and burn her(sad i cant use revivfy on her corpse, i would kill her all day long) , grandma your time is over!!, make place for the next genaration!

                                            • Anonymous

                                              I finished her entire character questline, almost max opinion meter, and I'm very close to the end of the game, she doesn't seem to be romancable sadge :((.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Just why? Why would they add worst companion in 2nd game, ignoring Aerie and Jan? At least, Minsc is here too, makes you believe that dev doesn't gone completely mad yet and don't want to create most edgy companions known to universe

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