Location Druid Grove
Act Act 1
Quests Removing the parasite
Find the Nightsong

Aradin is an NPC in Baldur's Gate 3. Aradin can be found at Druid Grove. Aradin alongside his companions - Remira  and Barth  are encountered while they are fighting off a group of Goblins that have followed them to the Druid Grove's gate.

After the fight, Aradin  with his companions move inside Druid Grove's walls.

Aradin Information:

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Where to find Aradin

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Aradin Quests


Aradin Dialogue Options

After the fight at the entrance of the Druid Grove, you find Aradin arguing with Zevlor about the adventurer's decision to come to the Grove even knowing that he was being followed by goblins and also, the loss of the Druid. To which Aradin replies that they've lost the Druid at the ruins. After Zevlor accusses Aradin of being a coward, you have three choices.

  • If you succeed the Intimidation check, you threaten both Aradin and Zevlor, urging them to stop arguing.
  • If you succeed the Persuasion check, you try to reason with them, telling them that violence won't solve the goblin problem.
  • If you fail, Aradin punches Zevlor and after a short speech, leaves.

You can stand and watch and simply do nothing and see how the situation unfolds.

  • Later on, you can find Aradin and his group in the forest, around a bunch of dead bodies, adventurers and goblins alike. He was leading his crew to fulfil a contract, but it wasn't specified that there were goblins involved. 
  • If you ask about what job was that, he tells you that a Wizard in Baldur's Gate pays a lot for a relic buried near their location. This starts the Find the Nightsong Quest. He gives you the Stamped Handhill.
  • You can also ask about Halsin. Aradin tells you that Halsin joined them when he found out about the group was trying to recover Nightsong. After the goblin's attack, they lost Halsin.


Aradin Notes and Tips

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