Save the Refugees

Type Quest
Act Act 1
Chapter One
Location Druid Grove
Reward Lots of valuable equipemt
50 exp

Save the Refugees is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Save the Refugees can be acquired  during Chapter One of the first Act. Completing  Save the Refugees will progress the story forward.


Save the Refugees Objectives

  • Wyll wants to defeat the goblin leaders to give the Tieflings a chance once they're back on the road.
  • Kagha, leader of the Druids, wants to speak with us.
  • Kagha wants us to make the Tieflings leave - she fears the grove cannot support both of them and itself.


Save the Refugees Walkthrough

There are multiple ways to complete this quest:

  • After speaking with Kagha, speak with Zevlor and take on the task to kill Kagha. Go back and kill Kagha and a few druids. Rath and his wolf stay out of the fight. This fight is played out outside of the grove too, where the druids attack the Tiefling refugees, but are ultimately defeated.
  • After speaking with Kagha, open her chest (somewhat hidden at the back of one of the rooms) - it's a white chest, so you don't have to worry about stealing from it.
    enclave2 bg3 wiki guide
    You find a letter to Kagha, which adds a marker to your map, in the south-east corner of the Putrid Bog (south-east of the Teahouse). If you follow this pointer, you have a rather strong fight on your hands at the marked location (a group of level 4 beasts). After cleaning the area walk around to find a crevice with another message from Olodon to Khaga, which makes clear that Khaga wants to turn the Grove over to Shadow Druids.
    investigate khaga bg3 wiki guide
    After reading the message return to the Grove and confront Khaga (Persuasion checks 15 and 10, or religion checks). Depending on your rolls there are multiple outputs possible:
    • fight against Kagha, Olodon and a few side druids. You get help from Rath and his wolf and a few other druids.
    • with a few tough rolls you can make Khaga see her mistake - she joins you and Rath against Olodon and 3 druids
  • for the Goblin camp route, see below

Details below for the Goblin camp route:

  • Kagha, the leader of the Druids decide to close the grove and expel all the Tiefling refugees. 
  • If you saved the Goblin Sazza at makeshift prison (Quest Save the Goblin Sazza). The priestess wants you to help her open the gate of Druid Grove and slaughter all the refugees.
  • The Goblin camp lies to the northwest of Blighted Village. To infiltrate the goblin camp, you can have goblin Sazza to vouch for you. (Quest Save the Goblin Sazza) Use the passage on the right of the front gate. (Use jump to reach there). Or, you can try to persuade the goblin garrison, by using the Deception (15)/ Nature (10) / Intimidation (15) skills and obey the goblin's commands.
  • To enter the Shattered Sanctum peacefully, either uses the psionic power, or pass Deception (15) check.
  • defeat goblin bg3 wiki guide min
    If you want to fight the goblins in camp, there is a spot that allows you to shoot them without worrying about retaliation. You can reach there through Mountain Pass.
  • Halsin is imprisoned in Worg Pen, in the form of a bear. Defeat the goblins there to free him.
  • To defeat the goblins, you need to kill all the goblin leaders. (Dror Ragzlin, Priestess Gut, and the drow Minthara). Or, you can side with them and help them raid the Druid Grove.  When you fight the goblin leaders, try to use the high grounds to ambush them. (If you agree to let priestess Gut to heal you, she will move to an empty room alone. You can ambush her there.)
  • goblin camp boze bg3 wiki guide
    To defeat the goblins at camp, you can add poison to this Booze Tub. But be careful, if you got caught, you will have to toast before them.
  • If you decide to side with Goblins, talk to Minthara. (You can invite her to spend a night together at camp, after the quest is complete. Just like companions.) You need to reveal the location of Druid Grove to her, and open the gate for the raiders. (You can also steal the Druid artifact, so the Tieflings and Druids will fight each other. See Quest Steal the Sacred Idol)
  • After you killed all the goblin leaders, you can leave the area through Underdark, or fast travel.
  • You can find Absolute's Warboard (Uncommon Shield), Faithbreaker (Rare Martial hammer), Xyanyde (Rare melee weapon) on these goblin leaders.
  • After you killed all the Goblin leaders, return to Druid and claim your reward. Ruth will give you a Rune of the Wolf. Use it to open the secret room in enclave library.
    enclave library bg3 wiki guide

  • Place the Wolf Rune, then activate all the runes will open the entrance to Hidden Vault. There you can find Sorrow (Rare 2-handed Melee Weapon), Robe of Summer (Rare Clothing) and Wyvern Poison (Rare potion, coat weapon).
  • Rest at camp, join the celebration if you helped the Tieflings. You can invite a companion of yours to spend the night together. Talk to Halsin the next day to complete this quest.


 How to unlock Save the Refugees


Save the Refugees Rewards

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Save the Refugees Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      So I have the evidence against Khaga, my question is can I still go and save Haslin after I deal with her? Or should I save Haslin first?

      • Anonymous

        So I just finished the quest by saving the grove. I was taking my victory lap around the area talking to all the NPCs until I found Nadira (the lady tiefling who you save from the bugbear assassin) dead where she initially spawned. Did this happen to anybody else? Kinda hillarious high-fiving all the refugees only to get to her and find out they sent a 2nd assassin to finish the job, lol.

        • Anonymous

          Attacking Khaga has the Tieflings kill all the druids outside. Was Ruth, who has the Rune of the Wolf, there? Can I loot her body? If so I havent found it yet.

          • Anonymous

            managed to softlock this quest by sniping the goblin army outside the gates before triggering what i assume to be a cutscene that plays when confronting them. theyre all dead, but the quest wont complete. by all dead i mean all of them. i cleared both the army and the camp

            • Anonymous

              you can find out that kagha is helping the shadow druids and you can probably blackmail her , you can find letter that tells you this near the teahouse across broken wooden bridge in small crevice at the tree you find there

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