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  Location   Underdark
  Act   Act 1
  Quests   Removing the Parasite
Help Omeluum Investigate the Parasite

Omeluum is an NPC in Baldur's Gate 3. Omeluum can be found in the Myconid Colony, in the Underdark. There is a massive amount of NPCs in Baldur's Gate 3, and their ideals, needs and way of living are strictly related to the actions they perform during the course of the game. Their attitude towards you and your party may be affected by the deeds and decisions you and your party have taken on.


Omeluum Information:

  • Omeluum is a Mind Flayer that broke free of its Elder Brain with its (scarcely found) arcane talents. If its associated quest is completed, it will sell you a ring that completely suppresses the wearer's tadpole.
  • It is part of a society dedicated to improving life in the Underdark. Omeluum's personal passion project appears to be developing a non-brain food for Mind Flayers to subsist on.
  • If asked, it confesses that it feeds on the brains of those who oppose its society's goals of bettering the Underdark and instead seek to cause suffering.


Where to find Omeluum

Can be found in the Myconid Colony, in the Underdark

  • Act 1, Underdark - Myconid Colony
  • Act 3, in the Iron Throne


Omeluum Quests


Omeluum Dialogue Options

You meet Omeluum in the Underdark while speaking with Blurg. Your interactions here will be recorded in your journals for Help Omeluum Investigate the Parasite.

  • Omeluum will ask that you open your mind to him, you can choose to allow it or refuse. If you allow it, you can further ask him to extract the tadpole, but he will not be able to because it is shielded with magic influence. 
  • You can acquire the Ring of Restorative Gravity from Omeluum, but he won't trade with you by default. First, you must finish the quest "Tell Omeluum about the Parasite."
  • There is always an option to attack Omeluum in the dialogue tree, so take care not to click through or even repeat conversations too quickly.


Dialogue Choices

a mind flayer, will come into the conversation as well asking if you would like to get your parasite removed. This will give you the following dialogue options.

  1. Yes. Absolutely.
  2. A mind flayer?! Die.
  3. An illithid is your friend? How is that possible?
  4. Sorry, Omeluum. I'd rather not.

Choosing dialogue 1 will have Omeluum ask to examine you. This will give you the following dialogue options.

  1. Relax and let Omeluum's mind search your own.
  2. Never mind. I'm done with mind flayers touching me.

Choosing dialogue 1 will have Omeluum examine your mind with his, reveals to you that your parasite is different and is infused with strange magic. This will give you the following dialogue options.

  1. Can you extract the tadpole?
  2. What happens if that stasis goes away?

Choosing dialogue 1 will reveal that Omeluum cannot take out the parasite without great damage and trauma. This will give you the following dialogue options.

  1. That doesn't sound ideal.
  2. Don't waste my time. Say what you mean.

Choosing dialogue 1 reveals that if Omeluum performed the extraction, you could die. But he is willing to perform another examination if you transform. This will give you the following dialogue options.

  1. Tell Omeluum about the strange mind flayer ship you were on.
  2. Thanks for the information.
  3. All that probing was useless in the end.

Choosing dialogue 1 intrigues Omeluum, he talks about his time at the war ships. This gives you the remaining dialogue options. Choosing dialogue 2 will have Omeluum mention his idea on bypassing the stasis on the on parasite. This will give you the following dialogue options.

  1. Bypass? What kind of alchemy are we talking about?
  2. Isn't the stasis why the tadpole hasn't killed me yet?
  3. No, I'm done with all this.

Choosing dialogue 1 will have Omeluum have you acquire a fresh tongue of madness and timmask spores for him, he explains that those items are rare and could be dangerous to acquire. This will give you the following dialogue options.

  1. Eating those doesn't sound like a great idea.
  2. Lovely. So where do I find these mushrooms?
  3. That's too risky of an experiment for me. Count me out.
  4. Leave.

Choosing dialogue 2 will have Blurg explain where you can find them, and who you can talk to for the items. This will give you the following dialogue options.

  1. Why would a cleric have a bunch of dangerous mushrooms?
  2. Where does this Lenore live?
  3. All right. I'll come back when I find the mushrooms.
  4. Good to know. I have other priorities right now.
  5. Leave.

Choosing dialogue 2 will have Blurg tell you she was last seen in the southwest but has a tendency to move. This will give you the following dialogue options.

  1. Why would a cleric have a bunch of dangerous mushrooms?
  2. All right. I'll come back when I find the mushrooms.
  3. Good to know. I have other priorities right now.
  4. Leave.

Choosing dialogue 2 will have Omeluum dismiss you. Head down to the southwest until you reach the Arcane Tower, once you reach there, there will be turrets you will have to destroy, you will have to destroy them with lightning magic. Once thats complete, head to the back of the tower. You will see some Susser flowers, pick them up and it will create an anti magic field. Go through the door at the back of the tower, you will see a generator.  Put the susser flowers into the generator and start it up, this will light up the tower. Head upstairs to explore and pick up the mushrooms along the way. After picking the mushrooms, head back to Blurg and Omeluum, and interact with Omeluum, This will give you the following dialogue options.

  1. How did you escape your colony?
  2. How do you survive? Don't you need... Brains?
  3. Refresh my memory - what do you need for the potion?
  4. I found those mushrooms you were looking for.
  5. There's no trusting a mind flayer. Attack.
  6. Leave.

Choosing dialogue 4 will have Omeluum examines and prepares the potion. He tells you to drink the potion. This will give you the following dialogue options.

  1. Drink the potion.
  2. What exactly is this going to do to me?
  3. I need some time to prepare.

Choosing dialogue 1 will have you drink the entire bottle, Omeluum praises you for this. He tells you the precautions after drinking the potion. This will give you the following dialogue options.

  1. [SAVING THROW] Draw on your willpower and resist.
  2. [SAVING THROW] Focus on the present, not the illusions.
  3. Stare into the swirling abyss

Choosing dialogue 3 makes you feel the parasite going deeper into your brain. This will give you the following dialogue options.

  1. [SAVING THROW] Drown out the tadpole by focusing on a tune.
  2. [SAVING THROW] Resist the panic from within.
  3. [SAVING THROW] Wall off your mind from the psionic seizure.
  4. Let the terror take you.

Choosing dialogue 4 will cause the parasite to grow in power, it affects Omeluum as well, making him feel unsettled. This will give you the following dialogue options.

  1. I felt it grow inside me. There's more power than ever.
  2. That potion of yours could have killed me. The tadpole almost did the same.
  3. You were supposed to make it weaker, not stronger!

Choosing dialogue 1 will reveal that Omeluum did not expect this outcome. This will give you the following dialogue options.

  1. So I went through all this and the tadpole's still lodged in my brain?
  2. What's next? Cutting off my own head?
  3. I supposed it's not all bad. More power is better than less.

Choosing dialogue 1 reveals that Omeluum has another solution, but a temporary one. He continues to explain the Ring of Shielding that will limit the influence of the parasite. He further explains that the ring was a priceless gift and asks what you have to offer him in exchange. This will give you the following dialogue options.

  1. Why didn't you mention the ring before this potion debacle?
  2. I have gold. Will that suit?
  3. No, I want this power. Keep your ring.
  4. How about I tell you more about the nautiloid? Every last detail.
  5. [INTIMIDATE] Either give me the ring, or I'll run you through.
  6. Leave.

You will need to pass the Intimidation Charisma Check of DC20, f you chose dialogue 5. If succeeded, Omeluum will give you the ring with nothing in exchange. This will gain the approval of Shadowheart. This ends Help Omeluum Investigate the Parasite.


Omeluum Notes and Tips


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    • Anonymous

      Clerics get an additional saving throw option when the first one has been passed after drinking the potion.
      It grants you advantage for being a Cleric and praying to your deity to support you, making the DC15 a literal cakewalk

      • Anonymous

        Githyanki and Duergar get the option to guilt Omeluum into giving them the Ring at the end of it all. Bard's get a persuasion check prior to the "I'll tell you about the Nautlioid..." response which is tantamount to the same as succeeding in those checks - Whether giving him exact details, telling a story, or just retelling the events from the initial Bard check all result in Omeluum being "Happy" to give you the ring. Omeluum may be a bro, but the reality is, he still sucks brains for petty reasons - even if the Emperor is kind of a bag, he still went after criminals. (Proven or not.) -- Honestly, I like Omeluum, and I would have loved even a mini scene where the two interact. Taking the ring from Omeluum has NO impact in Act 3 after you gather all the stones and the BBEG is free. Omeluum is still chillin' inside the Lodge as if nothin' is wrong - despite being "susceptible" to control without the ring. Giving either Egg; Owlbear or Gith to the Lodge, whether in Act 3 or 1.5(Mountain Pass) always results in the death of the entirety of the Lodge.

        • Anonymous

          Does anyone know if Omeluum is still around if you give the githyanki egg to lady Esther in act 1? In act 3, I found the society butchered by the grown gith boy but didn’t see the bodies of Omeluum and his goblin buddy. I hope they survived.

          • Anonymous

            Not sure if anyone else mentioned it but as a Dark Urge there is also more dialogue:

            That doesn't sound ideal.
            Don't waste my time. Say what you mean.
            "My Mind is all addled, can you tell why?"

            Leading to another option
            "Oh Gods, what do you mean?"
            "Damn it all, why can't I remember?"
            "I assumed as much..."

            • Anonymous

              Duergar get the option to guilt trip them by mentioning that mindflayers enslaved their race. Pretty cruel thing to say given they are pretty much the only good person out of all of em and it'd be unfair to press them out of anyone for this, but if the roll succeeds you recieve the ring and they actually make a pretty good point as to why it should be this way.

              • Anonymous

                If your character is a bard there is another dialogue option BARD PERFORMANCE- if you play for him the song makes him happy and he gives you the ring, no intimidation needed ;)

                • Anonymous

                  As I stated elsewhere this "guide" is pointless and I'm not sure it's even possible to get another outcome than the one at the end, and that INCLUDES Shadowheart approval (which is from GETTING the ring, not PICKING A DIALOGUE OPTION.)

                  It just irks me that this is one of extremely few "guides" at this point in time and when at first someone bothers to make one it's obvious they didn't do ANYTHING to check what actually does what or even if it's needed. So "thanks" but no thanks and sorry

                  • Anonymous

                    As a bard, I had an additional option for the last Ring of Shielding dialogue: [Bard][Performance] Perform the tale of your adventures so far: 'The Ballad of Brains, Brine Pools and Balderdash.'

                    • Anonymous

                      This squid almost broke my game.
                      After conversation i lost UI for all characters. ( helped quick load>remove everyone from squad> speak again)

                      • Anonymous

                        If you do enough burst damage and/or the psionic reaction to spellcasting then yo ucan kill him in the myconid colony before he teleports away. He drops an Uncommon staff and 2 Very Rare elixers of psychic resistance. I already did his quest for the ring so idk if he drops it.

                        • Anonymous

                          omeluum can also be found in act 3 at the under water prison. He is strapped to a chair... currently unsure whether or not he can be saved.

                          • Anonymous

                            Same happened to me that if i picked them up before i meet the questgiver it wouldnt work
                            The only way this quest works is if you first talk to Omeluum and then pick them up, else he will be stuck asking if you have got them or not

                            • Anonymous

                              I found the mushrooms he wants before I got the quest from him and turned them into their potion ingredients with the extract all button because I wasn’t aware that these are quest relevant items, now I can’t complete the quest anymore. This has to be a bug.

                              • Anonymous

                                "Omeluum is extremely handsome"
                                "A bug in the game where the player is not allowed to date Omeluum has not yet been patched"
                                WHO WROTE THESE FHJDGHDKFJHD

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