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Location Shatttered Sanctum
Act Act 1
Quests N/A

Abdirak is an NPC in Baldur's Gate 3. Abdirak can be found at Shattered Sanctum. Abdirak is praying to Loviatar when first found.


Abdirak Information:

  • Abdirak is a follower of Loviatar, the goddess of pain. He likes pain, to suffer it and to inflict it.
  • Completing his dialogue for being hit 3 times grants you "Loviatar's Love". Which is a permanent buff "When below 30% health, you get a +2 to attacks and saving throws."


Where to find Abdirak

Can be found at:


Abdirak Quests

  • N/A


Abdirak Dialogue Options

Once you approach him. Abdirak is surprised to see someone else apart from the goblins. He asks you if you are there to assist with the prisoner. You can say the following:

  • Ask him what does he mean.
  • Tell him you are just passing through.
  • Ask about the prisoner. He tells you that is a man being held next door. Abdirak then states that pain without purpose is a terrible thing and asks if you agree with him.
    • tell him you find it appalling.
    • Ask him if he was invited by a goblin.
    • Ask him why is he beating himself.
    • State that you'd thought a follower of Loviatar would love pain. He is gladly surprised that you know about his Goddess. He explains how does the worshiping work and he offers you to participate.
      • Tell him you are curious. Telling Abdirak this, he tells you to face the wall and prepare to show him and Loviatar how you handle pain.  After his first hit you can:
        • Attempt a Constitution check to hold back your cries,
        • Attempt a Performance check to yelp loudly and dramatically beg for mercy.
        • Attempt an Intimidation check, telling Abdirak that a child can hit harder than that. Succeeding, the Loviatar Priest hits you again with his Mace.
          • Attempt a Performance check to yelp loudly and dramatically beg for mercy.
          • Attempt an Intimidation check, telling Abdirak that he looks tired. Passing the check, the priest hits you again, and congratulates you for enduring the pain as a true believer.
            • Thank him
            • Tell him it was an interesting experience.
            • State that he could had hit you harder. He says you start to sound like the goddess yourself and finishes the conversation thanking you for the opportunity.
            • Leave.
          • Attempt a Constitution check to hold back your cries,
          • Tell him to stop.
        • Tell him to stop.
      • Tell him you have no interest in the teaching of an evil goddess.
      • Threaten him to cut his hand if he touches you.
    • Leave.


Abdirak Notes and Tips

  • Notes & Tips


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    • Anonymous

      Bruh, if you bring Astarion and Shadowheart they have an interesting dialogue. And Intimidation check were 10,10, and 5 to get the blessing

      • Anonymous

        There's a unique effect for completing his dialogue for being hit 3 times, where you gain "Loviatar's Love" which is a permanent. It's something like "When below 30% health, you get a +2 to attacks and saving throws."

        I got it on my MC as of Patch 5.

        • Anonymous

          Is it even possible to complete the constitution check? I spent the last 2 hours re-rolling to meet at least 10/20 about 3 or 4 times but every time I failed. It seems nigh impossible to get this option even with my reasonably high constitution. They need to fix the dice rolls in this game.

          • Anonymous

            Personally after I successfully had a 'repentance' session with him, I was able to pick up the ritual dagger on the nearby table, even though it was in red like I was stealing.

            • Anonymous

              U can trade with him to get a ritual dagger (rare weapon that has loviatar's blessing and gives a d4 bonus die for 1 round on a successful hit)

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