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Location Shatttered Sanctum
Act Act 1
Quests N/A

Abdirak is an NPC in Baldur's Gate 3. Abdirak can be found at Shattered Sanctum. Abdirak is praying to Loviatar when first found. There is a massive amount of NPCs in Baldur's Gate 3, and their ideals, needs and way of living are strictly related to the actions they perform during the course of the game. Their attitude towards you and your party may be affected by the deeds and decisions you and your party have taken on.


Abdirak Information:

  • Abdirak is a follower of Loviatar, the goddess of pain. He likes pain, to suffer it and to inflict it.
  • Completing his dialogue for being hit 3 times grants you "Loviatar's Love". Which is a permanent buff "When below 30% health, you get a +2 to attacks and saving throws." (You need to scream in the dialogue to be granted the buff)


Where to find Abdirak

Can be found at:


Abdirak Quests

  • N/A


Abdirak Dialogue Options

Once you approach him. Abdirak is surprised to see someone else apart from the goblins. He asks you if you are there to assist with the prisoner. Your experience here could Inspire Shadowheart. You can say the following:

  1. You mean the one they are torturing?
  2. What do you mean?
  3. I'm only passing through. 

If you mention the torturing he will call their practice primitive. Then he will say "Pain without purpose is a terrible thing, wouldn't you agree? 

  1. It's appalling. 
  2. Who invited you? A goblin?
  3. Then why are you beating yourself?
  4. I thought a follower of Loviatar would approve of pain.
  5. Leave. 

You will have the opportunity to ask him about a few additional things: 

  • Ask about the prisoner. He tells you that is a man being held next door. Abdirak then states that pain without purpose is a terrible thing and asks if you agree with him.
  • tell him you find it appalling.
  • Ask him if he was invited by a goblin.
  • Ask him why is he beating himself.

State that you'd thought a follower of Loviatar would love pain. He is gladly surprised that you know about his Goddess. He explains how the worshiping work and he offers you to participate. He will eventually offer to show you and if you have Lae'zel with you she will want to see what these skilled hands might get up to. 

  1. All right, why not?
  2. Touch me and you'll lose your hand. 
  3. Leave. 

Agree to this and both Shadowheart and Astarion will approve but Karlach will disapprove. When he begins you can deal with it with the following checks. 

  • Attempt a Constitution check to hold back your cries.
  • Attempt a Performance check to yelp loudly and dramatically beg for mercy.
  • Attempt an Intimidation check, telling Abdirak that a child can hit harder than that. Succeeding, the Loviatar Priest hits you again with his Mace.
  • Monk first blow, 'slow your breathing and to attain silence, inside and out'  the priest goads you into crying out second blow, [extended dialogue of Astarion and Shadowheart] 'slow your heart and sink deeper into stillness' the priest goads again, 'let the world recede. You neither hear the priest nor feel the blow' the priest will land a last blow. Then chastise you for not crying out. 

He will continue and you will have the same options and an additional option to ask him to stop. 

Attempt an Intimidation check, telling Abdirak that he looks tired. Passing the check, the priest hits you again, and congratulates you for enduring the pain as a true believer. After this you can tell him what you think

  1. Thank you. I enjoyed myself
  2. It was an ... interesting experience.
  3.  I asked you for mercy!
  4. Leave. 


State that he could have hit you harder. He says you start to sound like the goddess yourself and finishes the conversation thanking you for the opportunity. 


Abdirak Notes and Tips

  • Abdirak will not attack the player if you are clearing out the goblin camp after the defense of the grove. (or also maybe in general if you flat-out attack the lair). He will if talked to, say he the goblin has blood on their teeth, and will just leave. Not confirmed where or if he appears later. 


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    • Anonymous

      I was a ranger with the beast master subclass and abdirak wouldn't attack me unless my creature summon was out of the room. He was scared of it for some reason.

      • Anonymous

        sometimes gives players a weird "awakening" buff where they gain an increased interest in purchasing risque latex garments and being tied up.

        • Anonymous

          IF U Succes 3 intimidation check and tell him at the end "hit me harder" he will give u the the loviatar love blessing (+2 to hit and +2 to wisdom Saving throws when your health is below 30%)

          • Anonymous

            He just wont hit me?

            Like, I've agreed to it, he tells me to look at the wall, and then just nothing happens. If I talk to him again, he just tells me to look at the wall and stay still again.

            • Anonymous

              You only need to pass 3 of the same check [Performance] or [Intimidation] or a combination of 2 and 1 except [Constitution] . The Constitution rolls seem to "turn him off" and stop the third and final strike to get the buff from happening.

              Also, if you buy the mace from him before agreeing to the S&M and not choose another weapon from the "advanced techniques" option, he'll take the mace from whoever has it.

              • Anonymous

                Did only intimidation checks, got the buff, killed him and equipped his mace to shadowheart, didn't lose the buff after killing him.

                • Anonymous

                  Too bad I killed his arse along with everything else in a 2 mile radius instead of getting a permanent buff.

                  • Anonymous

                    Only did the intimidation checks, never cried out, got the buff on Lae'zel. Not sure if the above requirement to cry out is incorrect or if my experience was bugged.

                    • Anonymous

                      If you read the book on the table before talking to him, you get the option of him using the Mace, the Dagger or the Axe. Functionally they all act the same in terms of dialogue choices, and the second or third instance of him hitting you shows the Mace in the scene regardless of whether you chose the Axe or the Dagger. When it comes to gameplay mechanics, it alters the damage you take from his strikes. Further, if you remove ALL your equipment, even just having a weapon equipped seems to stop it, you get an additional bonus on the saves. provided you were standing in the blood. Bringing Astarion, and Shadowheart is recommended for this interaction as they not only have some... interesting... dialogue, but also receive approval gains. You'd think Lae'zel would be into it, but I think this one falls more into the case of, you are submitting, and are by extension, weak. You CAN get TWO copies of his mace as well. First you need to trade with him and buy it off him, then when you go through the "ritual", as long as you select the base version with the Mace, you then switch to another character, and use Disarming Strike on him, or Fear WHILE he is talking with one being beaten. Next, book it. As he will be temporarily hostile, and you will have two copies of his Mace, and once you get far enough, he won't be hostile when you go back, allowing you to go through the "ritual" again. This does NOT work with the Ritual Axe, or Ritual Dagger. Are any of the weapons worth the hassle? Not especially, but it can be done, if one chooses to Dual Wield or low-key RP as one of Loviatar's Clerics, or Paladin.

                      • Anonymous

                        For those that don't get companion approval when you first agree. Take the first hit, then tell him to stop. You can talk to him again and agree to continue, then both Astarion and Shadowheart approve. (If you tell him to stop 2nd time, Abdirak won't continue anymore at all so you can't farm approval)

                        • Anonymous

                          To comment here: I added in the monk bit. And apparently it glitches the player character out of the party?

                          • Noone mentioned that before, but you also can sneaky read his book to get an additional dialog options, and also you can get his axe and knife and choose with wich one he will beat you

                            • Anonymous

                              theres a ritual dagger in his room with a bonus action on it that grants you 1d4 to attack rolls and saving throws. the weapons themselves are pretty weak

                              • Anonymous

                                He immediately turned hostile when i started attacking the goblins on the other side of the fortress - maybe you need to have the buff on you for him to not attack you?

                                • Anonymous

                                  Love how unbothered he is when you start killing goblins and leave him alone. He just calmly walks out the sanctum like he's clocking out of the office.

                                  • If you take off your armor and stand in the blood it will give you a +4 bonus. Then if you go the Performance route and keep crying out, begging for mercy and the likes you will gain the "Loviathar's Love" effect and a very happy priest. The +4 bonus definitely helps with the checks.

                                    I put Karlach up against the wall; figuring she'd be accustomed to pain and sure enough it went swimmingly thanks to the Thaumaturgy bonuses plus the bonus you get from standing there without your armor. Looks like that blessing will be pretty beneficial for a raging berserker.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      The best order i seem to have found is Constitution check - Intimidation check - Performance check. I think as long as you pass the performance at the end he will be happy. To bad you can't worship Loviatar, and have a cup of tea well talking about pain with him after though.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        I let him play his little game, doing marvelous mocking performance to him and when he finished i slit his guts open

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Monks can focus on their breathing and meditate to not cry out without even having to roll, but you don't get anything for doing so besides a bit of flavour text and losing half your health bar.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            For the first two checks, there is bard option if you are one. Also he drops a necrotic mace if you kill him

                                            • Anonymous

                                              do it armorless and you will have another +4 bonus check lol. I actually found it by accident because my armor did a spike damage to him and I was just below half when he last beat me which I thought was a bug

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Bruh, if you bring Astarion and Shadowheart they have an interesting dialogue. And Intimidation check were 10,10, and 5 to get the blessing

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  There's a unique effect for completing his dialogue for being hit 3 times, where you gain "Loviatar's Love" which is a permanent. It's something like "When below 30% health, you get a +2 to attacks and saving throws."

                                                  I got it on my MC as of Patch 5.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Is it even possible to complete the constitution check? I spent the last 2 hours re-rolling to meet at least 10/20 about 3 or 4 times but every time I failed. It seems nigh impossible to get this option even with my reasonably high constitution. They need to fix the dice rolls in this game.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      Personally after I successfully had a 'repentance' session with him, I was able to pick up the ritual dagger on the nearby table, even though it was in red like I was stealing.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        U can trade with him to get a ritual dagger (rare weapon that has loviatar's blessing and gives a d4 bonus die for 1 round on a successful hit)

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