Rescue the survivors

Type Quest
Chapter 2
Reward --

Rescue the survivors is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Rescue the survivors can be acquired during chapter 2. Completing  Rescue the survivors will progress the story forward.


Rescue the survivors Objectives

  • Rescue the survivors
  • (Optional) Defeat the gnomes
  • (Optional) Defeat True Soul Nere


Rescue the survivors Walkthrough

  • You acquire the quest at Duergar Camp, there's a group of gnome, including Barcus Wroot (Rescue the gnome) trying to clear the rubble.
  • You can jump across the rubble, and talk to True Soul Nere. He will use the tadpole's psionic power to invade your mind. If you sided with Druids and killed the goblin leaders, Nere will find out, unless you pass the Wisdom Check (15) to block him.
  • Nere will then use psionic power to force you to kill the deep gnomes. Succeed in Wisdom Check (15) to resist his control and defeat him. (There is a very rare boot, Disintegrating Night Walkers, on him. )


 How to unlock Rescue the survivors


Rescue the survivors Rewards

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Rescue the survivors Notes & Tips

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