Investigate the Beach

Type Quest
Act 1
Location Secluded Cove
Reward A story about your bravery written by tiefling kid.

Investigate the Beach is a Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. Investigate the Beach can be acquired during the chapter 1. Completing  Investigate the Beach will progress the story forward.


Investigate the Beach Objectives


Investigate the Beach Walkthrough

  • When you approach the beach, there's Entranced Child (a Tiefling boy) lured by the song of Harpy. 
  • Defeat the harpies, and talk to the boy. He'd like you to find a child named Doni.
  • Follow the coastal path, you can find the harpy's nest and some treasures.
  • nvestigate_the_beach-bg3-wiki-guide
    Doni can be found on the way to the Hollow.
  • The hatch to Tiefling Hideout is right behind Doni. Get in there and talk to the kids to complete the quest. If you have done enough good to the Tieflings (Save Arabella), their leader Mol will give you another quest Steal the Sacred Idol.


 How to unlock Investigate the Beach


Investigate the Beach Rewards

  • A story about your bravery written by tiefling kid.


Investigate the Beach Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      12 Nov 2020 19:28  

      There's 2 additional chests. one on the path down, bit of a jumping puzzle and the other is behind the rock formation the harpies are on.

      • Anonymous

        16 Oct 2020 01:14  

        Careful with finishing another questline before saving the child, might lock you out from finding Mol & Doni.

        • Anonymous

          15 Oct 2020 03:03  

          Pain in the ass encounter. Tried to pre-position party on cliff to get harpies flying across. Cutscene forces entire party down at the water. Try to run up and lure just brings party back down. Range from ground up sucks. The *****es fly down, hit, fly back. Mage died and left necrotic gas cloud and killed party near him. Could not target to revive him after harpies died. Was stuck..... Could not help party member one step up on a rock, said too far away even standing on his body. The whole encounter is frustrating at best. Better to try at higher level than 4. Harpies have around 24 HPs.

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