Sorcerous Sundries

ACT Act 3
Location Baldur's Gate (Lower City)
Suggest Level 10-12

Sorcerous Sundries is a location at Baldur's Gate 3, Lower CIty. On this page, you can find information about the map, quests, enemies, notable items and other useful tips about Sorcerous Sundries.


Sorcerous Sundries Map

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Notes & Tips

  • [You can give information on the Nightsong here to the head wizard. Killing her leads to nothing. Does saving her?]
  • In the quest 'The Wizard of Waterdeep' leading to 'Control the Elder Brain,' entering the vault through Tolna's office leads to a set of doors. The doors' paths are as follows:
    • Silverhand -> Evocation -> Wish -> Unlock Elminster Vault
    • Silverhand -> Abjuration -> Silver -> Unlock Karsus Vault
    • Additionally, destroying the Illusion door will get you a Hellfire Greataxe.
    • The doors can also be opened with Knock
  • Separately in the vault, if trapped in the Djinni Lamp past an illusory wall, you can free yourself by summoning Scratch, a Ranger's Companion (Ranger), or Conjure Elemental (Mage) - while inside. There is also a Summon Quasit scroll in one of the gilded chests, which can also be used. Summoning anything will release you. 
  • One Tadpole specimen can be found on the ground level of Sorcerous Sundries.






Notable NPCs:

  • Rolan





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