Deities in Baldur's Gate 3 are strictly related to the Cleric Class.  When you create a Cleric you are allowed to choose one of 20 available Deities to worship.  Deities have their own story and reputation within the world of Baldur's Gate 3.

Following a specific God may affect your relationship with certain NPCs, how your character is seen by them, and provide additional or alternative dialogue options during interactions.

The following list is broken down alphabetically and by morality alignment, with descriptions pulled directly from character creation in the live game.  Some deities have been added, altered, or removed altogether from the game at launch when compared with early access (EA).  EA gods will still be included in the list but will be marked accordingly to avoid any confusion.

Lawful Good. (LG) creatures can be counted on to do the right thing as expected by society. Gold dragons and paladins are typically lawful good.

Neutral Good. (NG) folk do the best they can to help others according to their needs. Many celestials are neutral good.

Chaotic Good. (CG) creatures act as their conscience directs, with little regard for what others expect. Copper dragons and unicorns are typically chaotic good.

Lawful Neutral. (LN) individuals act in accordance with law, tradition, or personal codes. Modrons and many wizards and monks are lawful neutral.

Neutral. (N) is the alignment of those who prefer to steer clear of moral questions and don’t take sides, doing what seems best at the time. Druids are traditionally neutral, as are typical townsfolk.

Chaotic Neutral. (CN) creatures follow their whims, holding their personal freedom above all else. Many rogues and bards are chaotic neutral.

Lawful Evil. (LE) creatures methodically take what they want, within the limits of a code of tradition, loyalty, or order. Devils and blue dragons are typically lawful evil.

Neutral Evil. (NE) is the alignment of those who do whatever they can get away with, without compassion or qualms. Yugoloths are typically neutral evil.

Chaotic Evil. (CE) creatures act with arbitrary violence, spurred by their greed, hatred, or bloodlust. Demons and red dragons are typically chaotic evil.

All Deities in Baldur's Gate 3


The Lady of Silver presides over the moon, stars, and navigation. Her power over the heavens is constantly challenged by her sister Shar, who seeks to plunge the world into eternal shadow.


The Angel of the Seven Heavens is the dragon god of justice. His ideals of mercy and just authority keep him locked in an inexorable rivalry with his sister, Tiamat.


Tempus is the Lord of Battles, overseeing war and its soldiers. He is the embodiment of honourable combat, and condemns needless bloodlust.


The Blind God rules over law and justice, encouraging valiant acts from his followers and relentlessly pursuing oathbreakers.



The Watcher is an eternal sentry among the gods, representing guardians across the planes. After more than a century of fading worship, Helm's power was restored with the Second Sundering.


The Crying God protects the oppressed and persecuted. His clergy is sworn to alleviate suffering, even if that means taking on that pain personally.


As the mother of all magic, Mystra oversees the Weave and spreads arcane knowledge to mortal spellcasters. Her clerics preserve ancient lore and protect bastions of magical energy.


Oghma is the god of inspiration and invention, sharing knowledge with the world through his Bards and Clerics. Unlike many other Deities, Oghma accepts all moral alignments into his clergy.



Fair but distant, Kelemvor guides the dead to their appropriate plane in the afterlife. His clergy provides last rites across Faerun, but also destroy undead that have escaped Kelemvor's judgement.


The All-Hammer is a dwarven god worshipped by smiths, artisans and miners alike. He and Laduguer are constantly at odds.

corellonCorellon Larethian

Creator of the ElvesCorellon Larethian oversees the elven pantheon as a whole, providing blessings to those who study art, magic, and nature.

garlGarl Glittergold

The Watchful Protector is the king of gnomish gods - a deity of humour, gem-cutting, protection, and trickery.



As the mother of the Halfling pantheon, Yondalla is known for her kindness and open mind, encouraging her followers to protect the home, hearth, and nature.


The much-reviled matriarch of the Drow pantheon, Lolth holds sway over spiders, the Underdark, and the infernal creatures of the Demonweb Pits. Her primary goal is to corrupt all Drow, transforming them into heartless cultists.


The One-Eye is the orcs' patron deity - a god of war, conquest, and victory at all costs. He has held an ancient and immutable grudge against the elven pantheon since Corellon Larethian took his eye.


Tiamat the Many-Mawed is a roiling mass of avarice and hate currently trapped within the Nine Hells. The dragon god of greed eternally plots her escape, as do her many fanatics in world of Toril.



Eilistraee is the goddess of good-aligned drow, beauty, song, and freedom. The Dark Maiden desires balance between all races, and struggles against her mother Lolth's corrupt aims.


The Morninglord is the god of the dawn and spring, of birth and beginnings. He is invoked to Christen both new ventures and new life. His followers embrace growth and renewal, and despise the undead.


Talos represents the uncaring and destructive force of nature. His followers see life as a set of random effects in a sea of chaos, and take what they can - for who can say when Talos will strike next?


Tymora is the bright-faced goddess of fortune, who favours those who gamble - and set out on adventure - with the utmost skill and daring.



Mielikki is the goddess of forests and the creatures that live within them. She is a remote and spiritual deity, often spoken of in but the quietest of forests.


Bane is a dark paragon of hate, fear, and tyranny. He ascended to godhood alongside Bhaal and Myrkul, but loathes them both for taking power he believes is rightfully his.


Bhaal is the notorious god of murder, reborn after each of his descendants were viciously slain. He has a tenuous alliance with Myrkul and Bane, the three having attained divinity in a bargain with the fallen god Jergal


The Exile is the tyrannical patron of the duergar. His Clerics are the unquestioned rulers of duergar society, enforcing cold and callous behavior among his worshippers.



A member of the Dead Three with Bhaal and BaneMyrkul is a cruel necromancer turned god, inspiring the fear of death in mortals. He often clashes with Kelemvor, the even-handed judge of fallen souls.


As the greater deity of darkness, Shar is feared for her power over the night, secrets, and loss. She is locked in eternal conflict with her twin sister Selune, goddess of the moon. 


The Lich Queen is the sole respected leader of the Githyanki. She encourages their worship and unquestioning devotion, essentially acting as a Deity.




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    • Anonymous

      They made Necromancy Wizards yet removed the option to splash one level into Cleric to make a Myrkul's Chosen
      Can't even thematically side with [Spoiler]Kethric[Spoiler]

      Nor can we not ascend as [Spoiler]Bhaal's Unholy Assassin[Spoiler] as a Bhaalite Cleric

      And we cannot even reinforce Lord Gortash as a like minded Cleric of Bane

      What a weird decision to cut those options out from EA

      • Anonymous

        of all the class features in the game this is one of the most useless and cosmetic so i really don't get why it's so restrictive. i get that there's a weird racial component to divinity in dnd sometimes, but it really sucks that race restricts certain god choices. would love to be able to make characters like lolth-sworn drow that reject lolth, etc.

        • Anonymous

          It's probably because I installed some mods (although none of them should have affected this) but when I made a Fighter, the game let me pick a Deity.
          So far I haven't been able to pick any 'Follower of Selûne' dialogue (I wanted to see how it would affect my interractions with Shadowheart) but I WAS able to open the chest of offering to Selûne in the Owlbear's Cave.

          • Anonymous

            Githyanki clerics can select Vlaakith, and only Duerger for Laduguer. While other races can select Lolth, Lolth-sworn drow are locked to choosing ONLY Lolth exclusively, while and Seldarine drow are locked to *not* choosing Lolth. There are other deities "associated" with certain races but are NOT locked to them (Eilistraee is the goddess of Drow that are good-aligned or exciled, Corellon Larethian is associated with Elves, Yondalla with Halflings, Moradin with Dwarves, Garl Glittergold with Gnomes, Gruumsh with Orcs/Half-Orcs, and Bahamut's association with good dragons *could* be appealing to Dragonborn (though cleric Dragonborn seems to be a little more complicated as they are described as typically "do not want to be beholden to anyone, not even the gods." note that Tiamat, bane of Bahamut, is associated with dragons, not dragonborn - perhaps some interesting flavour for an evil Dragonborn though?). Each seem to have domains they're more likely associated with, too (such as Mystra with knowledge, Ilmater with Life, etc).

            BG3 is my first introduction to D&D so I apologise if anything here isn't right, I'm just regurgitating some of what I've been reading about them! Please add any corrections/added information in the replies! :)

            • Anonymous

              Heres hoping that some modders add back in the cut god choices. I don't care if they just have the god name just overwrite some other god dialogue, the flavor would be enough for me. Also on that note well it might break actual in world lore, I wouldn't mind adding in some of the "dead" gods like Velsharoon.

              • Anonymous

                What are you guys who would've went for the likes of Myrkul going to go for now? Kinda ruining the flavour of a few builds. I'm not seeing good backup options.

                • Anonymous

                  I had so much fun in EA as a cleric of myrkul that I even made them a character for my DnD game.
                  Knowing it's just gone now is upsetting :'(

                  • Anonymous

                    Shar and Bane is not in the final game, an a couple of others, this list is not updated. Larian much worried to change the initial armour than add Deiditys to one class. A shame.

                    • Anonymous

                      Not all gods are in here , and it would look much nicer if there was effort to put aligment table - dividing gods to respective tables of aligment starting with Good, Good Neutral, Good Evil, Neutral good, neutral, neutral evil, evil good, evil neutral and evil evil

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