Short Rest is a mechanic in Baldur's Gate 3. Short Rest can be used when out of combat to recover hit points, some spells and other features that recharge on a Short Rest. This mechanic can normally only by used twice per day and players will need to take a Long Rest to reset the cooldown.

Short Rest in Baldur's Gate 3

  • Using a Short Rest is the best way to recover hit points and Spells to continue with your adventures and engage in new fights without needing to retreat from the area.
  • You can only use 2 Short Rests before using a Long Rest after which all uses of Short Rest will be restored. The Song of Rest feature allows Bards to add another Short Rest for a total of 3. When using a Short Rest, 15 minutes of in-game time will pass.
  • Perform a Short Rest by interacting with the Short Rest icon on the top right part of the screen, right of the minimap.

What is Recovered with Short Rest?




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    • Anonymous

      I keep getting a messages that says "it is not possible to take a short rest now" but I haven't used my allotted rests for the day yet. Does anyone know what I need to do?

      • Anonymous

        One short rest per long rest is just not enough for warlocks to be balanced.
        We need at least 2/LR and even better 3/LR.

        I love warlocks, but right now they are just eldritch blast machienes/ worse archers.

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