The Wizard of Waterdeep

Type Companion Quest
Act Act 1
Chapter One
Companion Gale
Reward __reward__

The Wizard of Waterdeep is a Companion Quest in Baldur's Gate 3. The Wizard of Waterdeep can be acquired from Gale during Chapter One of the first Act. Completing  The Wizard of Waterdeep will progress Gale story forward.


The Wizard of Waterdeep Objectives

  • Continue travelling with Gale
    A wizard named Gale joined the party. He claims to have been on the Nautiloid - which means he's infected too.

  • Find magic items for Gale.
    Gale has told us he needed to consume the Weave of powerful magic items - or a great catastrophe would occur.
    Gale told us about his romance with the goddess Mystra - and the destructive Netherese orb inside him. Only powerful magic items will keep it stable.

    The Idol of Silvanus contains enough Weave for Gale to use.
    The strange book we found -'The Necromancy of Thay' - has enough Weave to interest Gale.
    The Sword of Justice has enough Weave for Gale to consume.
    There's enough Weave in the Iron Flask to interest Gale.
    The Staff of Crones is powerful - there's enough Weave in it to interest Gale. 
    The Shadow of Menzoberranzan - found at Myconid Colony

    We gave Gale an artefact to absorb, but he still needs more.

  • Continue travelling with Gale.
    We gave another artefact to Gale. He says that should be enough - for now.

The Wizard of Waterdeep Walkthrough




 How to unlock The Wizard of Waterdeep

  • Gale


The Wizard of Waterdeep Rewards

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The Wizard of Waterdeep Notes & Tips

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