Infernal Iron

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The ridges in this metal glow faintly, drawing your gaze. The longer you watch its hellish pulsations, the harder it is to remember who and where you are.

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Infernal Iron (includes variants like Infernal Alloy, and Enriched Infernal Iron. ) is a Misc Item in Baldur's Gate 3. Some items can be consumed granting various effects like buffing the Character or restoring HP, while other can be used to interact with the environment or provide Lore about Baldur's Gate 3 world. 

Infernal Iron can also appear as Infernal Alloy and Infernal Metal.  The three seem interchangeable in terms of their use-case.

Used for Karlach's Infernal Engine Upgrades and can be used for "The Hellion's Heart" quest gained after talking to infernal mechanic Dammon located in the Last Light Inn. 


The ridges in this metal glow faintly, drawing your gaze. The longer you watch its hellish pulsations, the harder it is to remember who and where you are.


Infernal Iron Information

  • Weight: 1 Kg.
  • Value: 100 Gp.
  • Variants: Infernal Alloy, Enriched Infernal Iron
  • Used for Karlach' s Infernal Engine Upgrades. (Karlach's personal quest Our Fiery Friend)
    • Give one Infernal Iron to Dammon in the Druid Grove grants Karlach Heart of Iron passive.
    • In Act 2, give Dammon another Infernal Iron at Last Light Inn upgrades Karlach's bonus to Heart Ablaze.
  • Used for Dammon's forged Items:


Infernal Iron Location & Where to Find


Location 1

Can be found at Grymforge (X:661 Y:368).

Stonemason Kith requests your help. He asks you what you see in the rock and rubble in the surrounding area. There are three dialog options to choose from, each one tied to a different check that needs to be passed. They are History (DC: 10), Investigation (DC: 10), and Perception (DC: 10).

After passing all three checks, you are ready to report your observations. After Stonemason Kith's speech, he gives you Infernal Alloy.

This has the same icon as Infernal Iron, but it is a special version that lets you craft all three pieces of the Flawed Helldusk set, rather than just one. Use the "I found this metal in a place called Grymforge" option when you speak to Dammon in Act II, and he'll make the first piece, which takes the Alloy out of your inventory. Talk to him again and you'll be given the same option, despite no longer having the Alloy. Use that option two more times to get all three pieces of the set. DO NOT use the "I think I found a material you can work with" option, as that will consume any Infernal Iron you have in your inventory, instead of consuming the extra "charges" of Infernal Alloy.

Make sure you DON'T have the Infernal Alloy in your inventory when you speak with Dammon while accompanied by Karlach for the first time, as her story quest can consume this item, which prevents you from getting the triple gear reward. Make sure you approach Dammon with only an Internal Iron in your inventory.

Location 2

The right-side chest in the storeroom in Zhentarim Hideout (X:282. Y-167).

After clearing out the area peacefully or violently, there are two trapped and locked chests behind a metal door in the back of the hideout. The locked iron gate is a Slight of Hand DC 20 and the trap on the chest is a Slight of Hand DC 10, with the lock on the chest being a Slight of Hand DC 15. Stealing the item does not make the NPCs in this area hostile as long as they don't witness you doing it (stealth is your friend).

Location 3

Blighted Village - The Infernal Iron is located in the locked Blacksmith's room. The building is one of the first houses you encounter when you enter the Blighted Village, where you talk to the goblins. It has a distinct a pair of large double doors in its front and it is also where the goblin leader will address you, as they are situated on its roof when you first enter. Two easy ways to get inside: First is to burn the spider webs within as its roofs, allowing you to jump in. The other is to simply lockpick the two big double doors. 

Location 4

Goblin Camp, Shattered Sanctum, Treasure Room.

Behind Dror Ragzlin's throne room sits a treasure room with a giant pile of gold inside. The Infernal Alloy is in this area. Simply lockpick the door without being detected to retrieve the Infernal Iron without any fanfare or combat, as the door is entirely unguarded while Ragzlin gives his speech, and only lightly observed after it's over.


Location 1

Grand Mausoleum, Gauntlet of Shar (X:-821, Y:-750).

Orient yourself by standing at the entrance of the room, with the desecrated altar facing in front of you and the gauntlet stairs to your back.  On your right hand side will be a pair of large, locked wooden doors.  You'll need to succeed on a DC 30 Sleight of Hand check to unlock the treasure room.  Inside are three chests, the middle of which contains another Infernal Iron.  The chest on the right also has notable loot as well in the form of the Callous Glow Ring.

  • Quest: Find Ketheric Thorm's Relic


 Location 2

Grand Mausoleum, Gauntlet of Shar (X:-657, Y:-764)

Should you choose to kill Yurgir the Orthon he will invariably drop an Infernal Metal on his body/pile of ash.  At this time it is currently unknown whether or not he rewards you with any Infernal Metal should you choose to let him live or help him escape. 

  • Quest: The Pale Elf


Location 3

Masons Guild (X:-102, Y:20)

Right next to the door that leads into the Reithwin Masons Guild, on top of a table will be an Infernal Iron.



Location 1

Flymm's Cargo Basement (X:-1078, Y:-314)

Unmissable.  You will come across a piece of Infernal Iron sitting out in the open when passing through a hallway to the hangar.

  • Quest: Avenge the Drowned
  • Quest: Quest: The Blade of Frontiers
    • The Grand Duke
  • Quest: Baldur's Gate
    • Rescue the Grand Duke


Location 2

Iron Throne

Immediately available when you exit the submersible, sitting on a table next to a book called "Iron Throne - Windup and Shutdown."

  • Avenge the Downed
  • Quest: The Blade of Frontiers
    • The Grand Duke
  • Quest: Baldur's Gate
    • Rescue the Grand Duke


Infernal Iron Notes & Tips

  • Rarity: ??
  • Value: 100 Gp.
  • Weight: 1 Kg.
  • ID: ??


Infernal Iron Variants

infernal iron2 final release bg3 wiki guide min enriched infernal iron final release bg3 wiki guide min

infernal iron final release bg3 wiki guide min infernal alloy final release bg3 wiki guide min


Bowl  ♦  Candle  ♦  Cartilagious Chest  ♦  Clam Shell  ♦  Elaborate Reliquary  ♦  Fork  ♦  Glass Chalice  ♦  Idol of Selûne  ♦  Idol of Shar  ♦  Ink Pot  ♦  Mug  ♦  Oil Lamp  ♦  Plate  ♦  Shovel  ♦  Skull  ♦  Soul Coin  ♦  Spider Egg Sack  ♦  Stuffed Bear  ♦  Toy Chest


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    • Anonymous

      Don't see why its not posted here on the wiki but you can also use infernal iron to finish the quest finish the masterwork weapon

      • Anonymous

        Infernal Alloy makes the flawed helldusk stuff

        Infernal Iron makes Karlach happy

        This wiki is pretty mediocre considering the game's been out for over 3 months now.

        Luckily there are a lot of helpful comment-warriors out there.

        • I just updated the page to thoroughly describe the special "Infernal Alloy" that you get in Grymforge, and how it differs from the "Infernal Iron" item that it rather unfortunately shares an icon with. This icon duplication has led to much confusion in these comments, which is why I wanted to thoroughly experiment with it and describe the actual mechanics of the Alloy.

          • Anonymous

            Has anybody been having issues with this in Act 3? Dammon happily takes the iron to forge with it and then doesn't give me the armor.

            • Anonymous

              I thought Infernal Marble was also related, seems as though i was wrong. Think the marble is for the magic circle to create the portal to hell , not sure if its used for other purposes. Would be nice if Enriched Infernal iron was used for crafting something as well. Also Dammon dies early during evil play through so its tough to expirment with these things if you go that route.

              • Anonymous

                So what's the purpose beyond the gear craft in act2 and repairing karlach?
                steel watchers drop them constantly, do they do nothing?
                i feel like we could craft karlach 10 more heart replacements with all the infernal iron we get

                • Anonymous

                  This item is surprisingly buggy for getting the full flawed set. If you go by the grymforge route and somehow convince the stonemason to give you a special infernal iron, that one iron will be used to exchange for the full set via the dialogue "grymforge" option. Yet, this infernal item can also be used interchangeable to fix Karlach. So, in the event that you use the special iron to fix Karlach then save and quit your game. The game will "forget" about your "grymforge" option so you will lose it forever. In other words, to avoid such bug, go through both Karlach fixing and get the items then save.

                  • Kinda strange that they give so many ingots without actual use for them. I used 2 for Karlah, then gave Dammon the alloy, and he somehow crafted all 3 pieces of armor from it - it disappeared from inventory, but the options to craft items still were there. I haven't finished the second act yet, but already have 4 spare pieces.

                    • Anonymous

                      The "Flawed Helldusk Helmet" has these stats:
                      Flawed Helldusk Helmet
                      Magical Durability: The wielder has a +2 bonus to Saving Throws against spells
                      Constitution Saving Throws +1

                      As of time of commenting the link to the helmet and gloves page isnt working and while there is a wiki page for a "Hellgloom Helmet" with exactly the same stats and item description as the Flawed Helldusk one there is no page for the "Flawed Helldusk Helmet", they probably got mixed up.

                      • Anonymous

                        LOCATION 3 is wrong only one that i found in that area was in Maning Moon somewhere in the room where the recipe for poison is

                        • Anonymous

                          Hi, I just eddited the Wiki with a third location for Act 2. Right outside the Masons Guild there will be one just, on top of a table. Not sure if something makes it spawn or if its necessary to do anything. Its just out there in the world.

                          • Anonymous

                            It can also be used to make 3 pieces of armor after completing Karlach's quest by talking to Dammon again. He can make Flawed Helldusk Armor, Flawed Helldusk Helmet, and Flawed Helldusk Gloves. Figure it would be good to put a link to those items as well.

                            • This page should be deleted, as there is already page which duplicates everything here. On top of that, both metals can be used interchangeably for either Karlah quest, or making an armor.

                              • This page should be deleted, as there is already page which duplicates everything here. On top of that, both metals can be used interchangeably for either Karlah quest, or making an armor.

                                • Lots of people seem to be confused here. Infernal Alloy is only used to craft the Flawed Helldusk Armor / Helmet / Gloves. You need 1 Infernal Alloy to make each piece, OR you can use 3 Infernal Iron for each piece. Karlach only uses Infernal Iron for her quest, so wait until you finish her quest before using the Iron. I'm not positive but I'm sure there is more Infernal Iron in the game than you need to finish her quest. Would be pretty dumb if you can't finish it because you missed one iron somewhere...

                                  • Anonymous

                                    *** SPOILER ***

                                    There is also one on the corpse of Orchon Yurgil. I convinced him to kill himself, and found one on his corpse. Presumably, it'll be on his corpse if you kill him through combat, too.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      con ella se crea la armadura infernal, llevo 5 dos se las di a karlak, con las otras hice casco peco y guantes queda faltando una presiento que perdí una por que ya pase el acto tres y no puedo regresar

                                      • Anonymous

                                        theres a bit of infernal iron in blighted villege, in the basement where you find the plans for the sussur weapons

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