Location Avernus
Suggest Level 1

Nautiloid is a location in Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3). On this page, you can find the information about the map, quests, enemies, notable items and other useful tips about Nautiloid.


Nautiloid Map


You will begin the game after escaping your pod during the commotion. Check the other Mind Flayer Pod and you realize that you are not the only survivor. On the second level, there are several cartilaginous chests that contain some Potions and other misc items.

When you explore this region, you can use jump Action to cross gaps and fires to loot bodies on the other side. If you caught fire and needs healing, interact with the Restoration to regain your health.

Moving forward, in the next room, you find more potions and scrolls on dead imps. Use Jump to reach high ground, there's a victim named Myrnath you can interact with. You can choose the free the Intellect Devourer, destroy it, or leave it be. (You need to pass skill check in order to further investigate, break the skull, or prise the brain out of the skull. A D20 die will be cast when you perform a skill check, if the result is higher than the target, the check is successful.) You can use StrengthDexterity, or Medicine (10) (if you succeed in the investigation) to help the intellect devourer get free.

If you passed a dexterity check of 15, you can cripple the intellect devourer without been noticed. 

The newborn intellect devourer can provide you some information about the situation, you are now trapped in Avernus, the first level of nine hells. Allow it to accompany you so you can have some help with this adventure. Without it, the coming battles will be much harder to deal with.

Keep venturing forth, use the Jump action to cross the gaps. You will meet Lae'zel on your way to the helm.  She is a female Githyanki Fighter and one of the potential Companions, join her to fight the imps in front.

Baldur's Gate 3 features a turn-based combat system, meaning you have to plan carefully at each encounter. (See Combat for more information)

This time, you need to face 3 imps. Try luring them out and take them one by one, and use the Intellect Devourer as the tank. Don't let your character been surrounded by these fiends or you may not have the chance to heal. If you are a mage, use familiar to help you in combat. Unlike BG1&2, the death of your familiar won't cause permanent decrease of Health. (Be careful, Imps move fast and has ranged attacks.)

Loot the items and heal yourself using the Restoration, then move forward to the deck.

The Dragons' attack and the fights between imps and thralls have lefts tons of bodies on deck, you can loot golds, potions, scrolls, and all sorts of items on them. Some of the thralls here are still alive and they are beyond saving.

On the upper deck, you defeat 2 imps and more thralls. once you are done looting, use the entrance on the opposite of the enthralled student to the interior.

Shadowheart, a Shar priest and a potential Companion, is in one of the Mind Flayer Pod in a chamber. She can be released after Patch 5, you need to find the key in the next chamer, on a dead slave, then  search the chest in this chamber. After that, use the panel near Shadowheart's pod to free her. (If you freed her, will later appear on ravaged beach and thank you for it.)

The other control panel in this chamer will release thralls that attack you. Unfortunately, killing them only grants you 1 exp, so no use for farming. 

In the next chamber, interact with the control panel will transform the woman inside the Mind Flayer Pod into a Mind Flayer, luckily it is trapped inside the pod and cant attack you. You can find a key on a dead body here, use it to open the elaborate chest.

Inside the helm, you will see the mind flayers fighting devils. Fight your way through the helm, you can focus on the imps and ignore Commander Zhalk, the later will focus on the mind flayer only. Once you reach the other side of the helm, more imps will appear. Once you clear the imps and connect the transponder, the Nautiloid will leave the Avernus.


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